Aduda: Players make their name at Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia CEO Omondi Aduda is certain that Clifton Miheso will shine at Gor Mahia.

“He will realise his potential at Gor Mahia, and he knows the same. We have seen many players come to Gor Mahia and make their name, and it will be the same case with Miheso.” said Aduda to

Aduda gave examples of other players who made a name for themselves at Kogalo:

“When Michael [Olunga] joined Gor Mahia, he was just an ordinary player playing for both Thika United and Tusker, but after a few seasons later every team was salivating for his signature.

“It was the same case with Godfrey [Walusimbi) when we signed him from DR Congo. The team he was playing for thought he was not a good player but when he joined Gor Mahia, he won the hearts of many and even got a call up to the Uganda national team.

“Another good example is Rwandan striker Jacques [Tuyisenge) whom fans cried out we had wasted Sh4million to acquire his services. Tuyisenge came and scored as many goals and helped Gor Mahia to win three consecutive titles, and the rest remains history.

“One thing is for sure, Clifton [Miheso] will pick up at Gor Mahia and will be the darling of the fans soon.”

Philemon Otieno goes to France for treatment

Defender Philemon Otieno who tore his anterior cruciate ligament during the CHAN match against Tanzania will be out of football for 3 months. He has traveled to France where he will undergo surgery and rehab treatment. The trip is being arranged by FKF.


12 thoughts on “Aduda: Players make their name at Gor Mahia

  1. Good for the players but is gormahia gaining the exposure that it gives to these players. In other words, are we doing business as a club.
    Wish you well Philemon

  2. Miheso is a real talent…Philemon isn’t going to France for treatment apparently FKF is broke they are just playing delaying tactics …with the France hullabaloo Rachier should step in and help Him he has torn ACL which is an extremely bad injury…thank me later… From reliable sources

    1. @Jonny From what you have said, I think that it should be treated with urgency. With the request for Rachier to step in, the first thing I would that he does is to call a fund raiser immediately and all the supporters and friends be part of it. Philemon is a player we love and have a lot of hopes.

  3. In other words Players value appreciate. You are very right.
    Big question Mr Aduda. What financial benefits did Gor get from the names you have mentioned. Waluwalu transfer was shrouded with secrecy. You may recall Tuyisenge’s value of two months ago can you share. Does Gor get anything from Olunga’s subsequent transfers? What about Erick “macelo”, Kahata, David Owino, Musa.

  4. Since joining Gor Mahia back in 2017, Joash Onyango has played under a number of coaches but reveals that he highly rates Ze Maria ahead of Dylan Kerr and Hassan Oktay.

    After signing him from Stima, Joash revealed Ze Maria is the best coach he has played under, “I will always give credit to Ze Maria for scouting me from Western Stima, he is the best coach I’ve played under, unfortunately I did not last long with him because Dylan Kerr came but he too was a good coach together with Hassan Oktay and his assistant Zedekiah Zico Otieno, I thank them all.

    That is what I have always known. Thank you Joash.

    1. Oktay said the same thing when he joined. Something like ‘GorMahia did not progress tactically or technically after ZeMaria left’. I have always have my doubts of Kerr as a coach (Rayon game still rings to mind, couldnt mastermind a draw). i think Kerr was a great motivator but never great coach. Ze Maria was more like Bielsa (taught players), Oktay more like Mourihno (never failed us in big games until admin fucked us up). still think we would have at least reached CAFCC final.

  5. The elephant in the room…Oliech? Can’t Zico take him along to Wazito the matongolo guys in the league? We wouldn’t miss him a bit.

  6. Players make their name at Gor mahia that’s very true Mr Aduda but what do you make from the same players?

  7. E-ticketing is very healthy and will help when it comes to accountability but will it help in changing the mindset of the diehard gatekeepers who take as little as 50 shillings to allow people into the stadium or the purpoted fans who will come in large numbers drumming so loudly then moving into a corner collecting some little money for bribing the gatekeepers then allowed in. A lot must change for e-ticketing to be effective.

  8. K’Ogalo family, though belated, I am sometimes perturbed when one uses an offensive word to express an opinion whether of disappointment or overwhelming joy especially in this forum. Looking at the regular contributors, my thought is that we are very few and more should be joining the stage. One way of attraction is to display thoughts on the screen that anyone can read without fear of what the next line might just contain. The bottom line is that we live in a world of shared information and as such, we can be part of the many good influences that people are yawning for. I love our wall because we talk about the K’Ogalo family affairs. Imagine a scenario where when a family sits to talk, all they do is to spew venom. For sure there will be nothing to emulate but only saliva to spit. In the meantime, Operation Jaza Stadium iendelee……..


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