Coach Nuttall recalls a difficult season

Coach Frank Nuttall admits it was not easy keeping the team together during the 2015 season. Though the team put on a splendid and united display each time they stepped on the field, things were not always rosy behind the scenes. Among other things, the players often boycotted training to protest unpaid salaries.

“We played under very difficult circumstances. Sometimes, I used to plead with the players to resume training after boycotting. I contemplated throwing in the towel in support of my players but considered many factors and had to tone down considering the club had no sponsor. I had no particular person to blame since I saw how the executive played a great role of striving to get money to sustain the team,” said Nuttall after the match.

Indeed Chairman Rachier must be given a lot of credit for keeping the team afloat.

Nuttall further praised Kogalo fans aka the green army for supporting the team both financially and on the terraces.

“In life nothing good comes on a silver platter. You have to struggle to realise your ambition or target. It was not easy sailing considering we had no sponsor. We kept on extending our begging bowl to everyone for help and I’m happy our fans gave us massive support. The green army came out in full support and that extra shilling they gave us pushed us to where we are now. Personally, I feel touched by their massive support that took us to another level,” said Nuttall to

Whereas Nuttall has praised the players and the club officials, he probably deserves a lot more praise. Under Nuttall, the team has shown a creativity and variety in their play that has befuddled and confused opposing teams who simply had no answer. Gone is the “patia Sserunkuma” tactic that was prevalent in 2014. The Gor Mahia of 2015 was unpredictable and could attack teams in a variety of ways. It comes as no surprise that Kogalo have scored an incredible 54 goals with four matches left and have two players among the top four scorers in the league. Nuttall was able to identify each players strengths and harness those strengths to the maximum.


5 thoughts on “Coach Nuttall recalls a difficult season

  1. Sweet.

    Champion are made of;

    leadership (Nuttal, Musa – captain, Racheir), determination (Gat – Gatuso, Wafula, Olunga, Meddie), resilience (Aucho), confidence (Boniface Oluoch, Walu Walu), sacrifice (Meddie), discipline (Karim,Abouba), focused (Olunga), patient (Boniface).

    RESPONSILITY – Green Army (they go everywhere the team goes, knowing that the team is their team)

  2. First , Kudos to Nutall ..This Man’s success rate of over 85% will take several years to be broken. You can be sure about that !

    Second, Ambrose Rachier…This guy never gives up, he has the interest of the club at heart.

    Third, Kogallo defence force…Those guys who sacrifice their pockets, hearts and soul for this great club, you are all heroes.

    Lastly, the players…amid financial constraints, you understood the cause and have only lost less than 5 competitive matches over a period of 12 months. Just wow !! simply amazing !! You all go down the history book.

  3. We need to ink that deal,sign better contracts with the players and add more talent so that next year,CAF group stages is marwa.


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