Congratulations to Joash Onyango 2019 MVP

Centre Back Joash Onyango has been voted the 2019  2019 Sports Journalists Association of Kenya (SJAK) Player of the Year. He beat the other contenders: Francis Kahata and Enosh Ochieng to the title.

Its an incredible achievement for Onyango to win ahead of Ochieng who finished as the league’s top scorer with 20 goals and Kahata who was the league’s best playmaker.

Onyango has been solid in the backline and also won the defender of the year title. He took home Ksh 1 million in prize money.

Full Results

Golden Glove; 1.Faruk Shikalo (Bandari), 2. Justine Ndikumana (Sofapaka), 3.Samuel Odhiambo (Western Stima);

Defender, 1.Joash Onyango (Gor Mahia), Kelvin Wesonga (Sony Sugar), Brian Otieno (Bandari FC).

Midfielder; 1.Francis Kahata (Gor Mahia), Abdalla Hassan (Bandari FC), Cliff Nyakeya (Mathare United);

Golden Boot:1.Enosh Ochieng 20 goals (Ulinzi Stars), Allan Wanga 18 goals (Kakamega Homeboyz), Umaru Kasumba 17 goals (Sofapaka).

New Young Player, 1.David Majaka (Tusker FC), Jackson Dwang (Nzoia FC), Daniel Sakari (Kakamega Homeboyz), Coach of the year; 1.Hassan Oktay (Gor Mahia), Bernard Mwalala (Bandari FC), John Baraza (Sofapaka).

27 thoughts on “Congratulations to Joash Onyango 2019 MVP

  1. Congratulations to Joash,Kahata and Oktay.Hardwork pays Mr Joash.You ignored the naysayers,most of them Gor fans,worked your socks and now you are the best of the best.
    Pass my regards to Mr Wendo,your teammate.Tell him not to read too much into the comments by the negative energy fans on this site.Ask him to believe he is a winner and that he will come good.Tell Oluoch Boniface that he is still my keeper.He has committed many a howler,yes,but he has also made Match winning saves for Kogalo.Remind him that what is being said about him now by the negative energy branch were said about Jerry.Am told Jerry was called “jajuuok”.Whatever that means in Luo.Remind all your team mates about the virtue of hard.We ,Gor fans forget very fast.Any mistake you make in a single match will erase all the previous great sacrifices and service to the team.Blessings

    1. Your speaking trash… A footballer has to leave with constructive criticism..even Messi or Christiano gets lots of criticism…is up-to you to use it to propel urself or style out…u don’t expect Bonny to concede a simple goal then we start praising him..we aren’t anybody’s sycophants…congratulations Joash

  2. Congrats Joash Onyango “workhorse”. I remember the negative energy squad shouted themselves hoarse hauling all sorts of abuses but you soldiered on. You have earned it fair and square. Hard work pays.
    Amor, Joash Mor, Kogallo Mor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

    1. Even Salah was one’s a nobody….when he was at Chelsea…when Joash came to kogalo he was Raw…but he has developed to be a classy player…so criticism is neccesary to motivate players fans ain’t anybody’s sycophant..

  3. At the beginning when everyone was condemning joash and saying he was a calamity waiting to happen, I remember one oswozo moziek who stood by him and said that Gor needed an old school and rugged defender like joash and with time he will be our main man at the back and for the national team and that has come to pass. Congratulations joash. Sometimes it pays to give someone the benefit of doubt

  4. God has been so good to Gor Mahia despite … We have been united to come this far lets keep it up family. Congrats Josh…keep up humility and hard work. When Jesus say yes…nobody can say no. We here should consider having a thanksgiving service and prayer for tbe new season. Mna onaje.

  5. Congratulations are in order. Joash is a leader. You can be remember in our last game against Bandai, he called Tobias and cautioned him gently when Tobias seemed to court danger by being casual with the ball near the box. That’s how you teach young boys… U don’t shout at them and shame them.
    On my pet subject of e-membership…. Am very sure we can raise a standing full fledged fan base of subscription paying 300,000 in our club..

    A-that will give the club a 450 million annually.

    B-Any bank we rope in with such a number of new depositors Must be prevailed on to offer insurance cover for all our players and staff.

    C-Any club with that money will be able to to attract any additional sponsorship, under our own terms..

    The office should listen to this. My 2000 is kept ready for any announcement to that effect. I must say that be the first 100 to e-register.

    1. am with you, i have been waiting for this e-registration for more than 3 years and it seems it will never happen under Rachier and Aduda. Maybe the new office shall see sense and let us fans SPONSOR our beloved club. Gor passed the age of begging long time ago. Even in Europe, clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Ajax Amsterdam, Real Madrid and Barcelona are fans owned and can negotiate with sponsors on their terms due to stability provided by the fan base. Despite the aggressive commercialisation of Manchester United, traditional fan-based clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona have become the wealthiest and most successful clubs in Europe. Food for thought

  6. Congrats Joash.

    However I am still very much concern and disturbed mentally by action of Judith Nyangi on Sunday match and official presentations of medals and trophy to players and club officials.

    Why should Gor Mahia club official Judith Nyangi be allowed to wear Simba SC’s replica jersey during the official Super-Cup trophy presentation after Gor Mahia 1-0 won over Bandari at Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos????

    Why was this allowed to happen and where are the security staffs of the club??? In any modern world, an official of the club should not be allowed to wear other competitors’ replica jersey as this will be construed as marketing brands of other rival competitors in Gor Mahia official functions. It is not morally correct as the action is unethical to torment any creature for entertainment of our Gor Mahia brand.

    The action of Judith Nyangi as an official of Gor Mahia must be condemned by all Gor Mahia fans and supporters. Her intended action is immoral, amoral, unprincipled, unscrupulous, dishonourable, wrong, dishonest, deceitful, disreputable, unconscionable, fraudulent, dirty, unfair, underhand, devious, slippery, bad, wicked, evil, iniquitous, corrupt, depraved, villainous, unprofessional, improper, unseemly, unworthy, negligent and in this regard it is unethical to market a brand of other clubs in official function as such action has harmed our fans and supporters.

    It is my opinion that Judith Nyangi should be forced to quit Gor Mahia official duties now so that she can have more time to market other club’s merchandises elsewhere. Why should this be allowed to happen in the full view and glare of the media? Where are lawyers to institute legal action against this wayward official? This is conflicted selfish interest that must be condemned.

  7. Congratulations to Joash. Watching him play makes one think that he has springs under his boots.

    I agree with those who have opined that if anyone thinks Tobias Otieno did not play a good game, then it is the TV they were viewing that was defective.

    Tobias Otieno is in the class of Luka Modric. When Luka Modric plays in the midfield, Tobias Otieno plays in the midfield. When Modric gets a red card, Tobias gets 2 yellows. When Modric gets sent off in the 65th minute, Tobias gets sent off in the 65th minute. When Modric’s Real Madrid wins with 10 men, Tobias’s Gor Mahia wins with 10 men. When Modric’s Real Madrid wins away from Madrid, Tobias’s Gor Mahia wins away from Nairobi. When Luka Modric wins the Ballon Dior, Tobias Otieno will win CAF’s MVP.

    Wakihesabu tunahesabu. Wakisokota tunasokota. Wakirusha, tunarusha.

  8. Hehe@BB well summarized. This boy impressed me from the time I saw him playing the friendly VS police. He is what we call a budding young talent!!

    1. Congratulations to Joash for being the best defender and most valuable player keep it up and ensure in GOR we win trophies

  9. Congratulations to the entire team and those who have been singled out for exceptional input. The bottom line is, it is all teamwork. For me one thing is clear, Gor is a place of hard word and this has come at the right time for the new players. Joash is a player who always gives his best in every game. He is an epitome of a solid defender. He exhibits the spirit of playing for the team and not for a person out there. In this way, he is not limited and curtailed by divided attention. In fact this approach releases to play and give his best. I hope that we have learnt a few things. Those that may have criticized him for the sake of it and not for critique purposes can now realize that in the game of football or any other game, it is not about the bad day in the office but it is about the overall object reached after hard work, discipline and determination. The same goes for Oktay his work was recognized and acknowledged on the podium. By the way come to think of this
    It is never too easy to win these things especially for the guys coming from Gor. That means they did undeniably well and non could skirt around it. However, operation jazza Stadium iendelee….

  10. GLORY to GOD and congratulations to Gor Mahia for producing 1 MVP and best defender Joash Onyango, Best Midfielder Francis Kagata and Best Coach Hassan Oktay.

    Congratulations to Joash Onyango, Hassan Oktay and Francis Kahata.
    GOD’S PRESENCE ENGULF you and propel you to greater heights in your professional pursuits

  11. @Odiedo Sam and the rest of the Gor fraternity I hope the EC are taking note of the fact that we need e-registration which will culminate in a permanent e-ticketing solution. Imagine a registered member getting a Gor loyalty/membership card which we only need to load with cash thro’ Mpesa or any other process to get access to the stadium. That card can even be extended to be a debit card for us to purchase items, either at the supermarkets, fuel stations or anywhere else.
    Being a proud people/team everyone of us will want to be identified with it. Still waiting for one of the 15 EC members to run away with this instead of attending a Gor match in a Simba SC jersey

  12. God work from Joash and the entire team plus the TB and the COACH this should make the other team members and the current coach to go extra mile so that next year the team can retain the MVP trophy, defender of the year, golden boots award and golden gloves award. It possible and lastly Joash kiki icham kendi ndusne jowadu matin to modong ihadhi.

  13. Congrats Joash. Remember this far its through hard work. Don’t relax, either ask ua collegues to build passion for hardwork. It is the surest step in any career.

  14. Congratulations Joash maintain the same class…every player gets criticism at some point but u have become a man now…but please don’t let it get into your head let it be a stepping stone you will get far..

  15. Keep Judith nyangi out your squabbles , if anything she is the incoming chairlady of Gor and for that she must be respected . she always means well….

    As for joash..keep the fire burning, i think are the first defender in history to receive such award. But as for Oktay, his snubbing of the presentation speaks volume about his attitude, though i trust and wish his so called ‘parents’ have healed.

    1. Asii! To refer to someone’s parents as “his so called parents” suggests that either
      1. we were never born, but were only created or
      2. are not parents ourselves or worse still that
      3. we have or had parents who we totally neglected.

      Guys what goes round comes around.

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