Congratulations to Ze Maria: Coach of the month

Gor Mahia coach Jose Marcelo ‘Ze Maria’ Ferreira was voted Kenya Premier League’s coach of the Month for October. He was selected ahead of Tusker’s Paul Nkata and Sofapaka’s John Baraza.

Gor Mahia had a good run in the month of October, reviving their KPL title aspirations by beating Mathare United and arch rivals AFC Leopards 2-0.

This was after a run of poor results that saw Gor Mahia record numerous draws with teams like Sofapaka that put paid to their league title hopes.

Ze Maria had been under harsh criticism from many quarters who wanted him out at the end of the year with many clamouring that if a new Chairman is elected, his first task should be to bring back coach Frank Nuttall. But the  late run may has assuaged many fans. Indeed he may have won the league had it not been for 3 points being deducted for hooliganism. As a result, Ze Maria will likely be back in 2017.


26 thoughts on “Congratulations to Ze Maria: Coach of the month

  1. As Kogallo politics take center stage , i hope Ze Maria consults the likes of Ja asego Kanyada of prospective signings for the next season. Our rivals are leaving nothing to chance and are very active in th market. We will play to the same tune again come February and recruit players who are ineligible to platy one way or another from the start of the league. Ja asego look for Ze Maria and help the club.

      1. Jamriambo & A Person all signings worth note in GM have always had Ja’sego’s hand actively involved moving strings ableit for the past mid-season when i faced resistance from some quarters and we all have lived to see the unfortunate consequences of Mediocre signings. I have said and will repeat, Ze Maria will have my advise and input in players i believe fit in his style of play and he will decide if they fit the bill at camp toyoyo.I am very cordial with him so getting players to try out will not pose a problem whatsoever

  2. @jamriambo…why should ze Maria consult jasego on which players to recruit? The last time I checked I thought that was solely the prerogative of the TB….unless jasego is a member,which of course he is not!!

    1. This is the same kind of old school reasoning that was used by some bloggers here on the pretext of “the coach knows everything” It was until it became rather obvious that the coach needed to field Gatusso and improve on the way he did his subs. Moreover who says that only the TB members are authorities in matters football? We need seriousness this time around. We are not interested in personal attacks. So far, this Ze Maria has not brought any silverware in our cabinetr. Therefore as far as I am concerned, his name cannot be such an authority here.

      1. Not to shout but who do you think made Ze Maria drop his hardline stance that never in his reign will Gattuso ever wear the white & green of GM?I reminded him over 10 times during those endless draws that a wise man changes his mind but a fool never,and try as he may Wendo would never stabilize that midfield no matter how many chances he got to play.An unfit Gattuso due to lack of match-fitness still brought us the stability we required and with Walusimbi’s role being re-hatted we gave a last minute Title Push almost getting it too had peace & wise counsel been employed much earlier.

        1. Personally I have dropped my hard stance against Zimaria coz there was a lot of improvement in his last game. If he gets a wise counsel like J’Asego and others, I believe he can fit into the Kenyan system and know how to deal with Kenyan Coaches. That way, he will not be able to concede a goal in the last minute of the match. Keep it up Jasego. You people should help this man. He is not that bad.

  3. @ja asego if ua that close to the coach, is he aware that in almost all our matches 30-43% of ball possession is in our half,can he second that to youth team if he is a real coach all he does ni kupanga cones 2 ndio kazi. What is the coach’s opinion of odula. Jack plays as winger in Rwanda national team why not try that with medie at the center. I beg to disagree with you on wendo, he is gud only lacks confidence at times.what of those 2 keepers who have failed to give mzee wa kazi Jeri a run for his money,I think they not gud enaf & ottamax shuld offload them.the brazillian tiago is so average I think we can do better.why not try and bring akumu back

  4. Personally I don’t think highly of ze Maria ! If he is at kogallo next season , it won’t matter whom we sign we shall not win the league

    1. @JB, It’s not only coaches who win leagues but the whole group, TB, EC, Fans and players. Why are Pep and Mourinho struggling in EPL? Who knew Enrique before he came to Barca?
      I still believe Ze Maria will win us the league so long as we all pull in the same direction. Even if we get Mourinho and Pep is there a guarantee that with the current squad we will win the league? No one can tell that, except God.

  5. Am not a fan of ze maria and his imposing belief that what works in Brazil will work in Africa, somebody should tell him what zesco and mamelodi sundowns has achieved without tiki taka. Not every thing that comes from Brazil is gold…

    Anyway, let’s give him one more year at kogallo though if there is no trophy by march 2017, would be glad to kick him out.

  6. There is a reason why someone,not a group, is appointed the headcoach and consequently is handsomely reward for his services/results. (Ze Maria more than 1.5 times than the immediate Zesco headcoach) Unlike the Great Frank Nutall,Ze Maria has had a season free of any adminstrative woes but has failed to deliver even a single trophy let alone qualify us for the now more lucrative and expanded CAF tournaments. Ze Maria is not like legend Sianga who had only young/inexperienced players at his disposal.He had a chance to recruit players who would deliver but chose unfit Thiagos/Odulas.CECAFA,should it be held, is a chance to redeem himself otherwise it should be “adieos amigo(s)” Luis Van Gaal style(who won something). The immediate buck stops with Ze Maria, not Ja’Asego or EC (ultimately buck stops with them) and coach of the month does not in anyway soothe the disappointment of his failing to guide Gor Mahia to win the league or GoTv or anything so far. FOOTBALL IS ABOUT WINNING TITLES

  7. If I may ask of Gor Mahia , what is its recruitment and offloading policy ? , hope its not like that of Afc Leopards .
    As to the few who are begrudging Ja’Asego as to his involvement in whatever way he does , I think rather than criticise him we should give him the thumbs up for going beyond posting on this site and playing his part like all of as should and am glad he talked to the coach about Gattusso but me thinks the person who really needs to be talked to and counselled is Gattusso so that he understands that no matter how
    good he believes he is , indiscipline can never be tolerated.
    Going off topic abit , somebody sent me an audio of Chris Omondi being interviewed on Ramogi fm and I admit that despite my hitherto reservations about him , I was very impressed with his non populist and pragamatic vision of where this club needs to go.
    His take the sponsorship money aside is that AR and his group have completely failed to harness the massive goodwill this club enjoys.
    He claims that to avoid pilferages at the gate he proposed a deal with DTB to have members purchase swipe cards who upon swiping the proceeds go straight to the club’s account but that idea was frustrated by people within for obvious reasons.
    He was very dismissive of this stadium issue as a priority bcoz for the next 8yrs or so we simply can’t afford it , maybe our own training ground with a club house would do.
    His take was the role of the club branches should clearly be defined and on this I beg to add that these branches could come in handy as the first line in the fight against hooliganism , may I add that hooliganism cost this club close to Sh30m per year.
    His take on the bloated Ec was that this club needs to have only 2elected officials , the chairman and his running mate who would appoint through a open competitive process a CEO , Marketing , Finance , Communication/PR and Media liason Officers but with set targets.
    On the issue of club membership his take was there be a Gold Standard Sh 250k , Silver Standard and Bronze at Sh Sh 2k and was dismissive of the Sh 100 registration and that makes me suspect that he was not part of last week’s demo .
    Then it was his opinion that above everything else this club needs a new constitution to align it to the modern trends of all club managements.
    Am sorry I have had to go outside the day’s topic but its coz I genuinely believe that as much as we talk of the coach , which players to recruit/offload , the fans or even elections , if we dont remedy this structural and systemic problems from the top even recruiting Pep Gaurdiolla would not help and even though am not as yet endorsing Chris , his presentation laid bare AR ‘s limitations .

  8. @Teddy Sofaset branch Entebbe, picking a point from your additional contribution on matters branches to be on the first line in curbing hooliganism. How I wish this came out clearly, because I think that as you have said that it is costing the club ksh.30m a year, it is a serious matter. Did he also say how the role of the branches should be defined in other words, did he define it? I have not asked this with any ulterior motive but just that it is clear in my mind. The benefit of this could just be that others may appreciate his vision with clarity.

    1. @Jaupanda Chris Omondi only stated that the role of the branches should clearly be defined , as to how they can help in curbing hooliganism that was my opinion and I was coming from the point of view that hooliganism can be fought based on some form of organisation and one form of such that we have are the branches , they sit with the multitude from where the fracas normally come from , secondly the
      Stewards who are the second line of my approach should definetly not the ones we currently have , we can do much better , on the issue of my figure of Sh 30 million , its based on the fact that there are more people who dont come to the stadium than those who come because
      of hooliganism..
      As things stand currently who can confidently come to the stadium with his grandmother or even his family.
      All the contenders should come up with achievable solutions to the many problems this club faces but not populist irrelevancies like building stadiums ,it sounds good but its all hot air , personally I too would wish for a stadium but I have to be realistic

      1. This an issue that must be addressed soberly, Can i ask you a quick question? Does GM own guns?, horses? tear gas? any intelligence service? we are tax payers, after paying the security money to the relevant authority and they authorize a match what the hell can GM do ?It was there in all the cameras, why has the security personal not arraigned the man to court? There is a law enforcement agency in Kenya, GM, is not one of them . we only pay the tax. These people sit with us in the stadia and do nothing. In any society they are people bound to go against the law, and that is why we have law enforcement …..and that is what they should be Law enforcement guys.

        1. You are so right,mimi hiyo mambo na deduction of those 3 points has watered down the value of this league,that’s why i say the EC deliberately & clandestainly sold the league to avoid CAF licensing requirements.If you can’t get the audio the refer to the archives for 1) Chris Omondi’s manifesto on 26&27/10/16.Very practical & achieveable,in my view,even the basis for player & TB recruitment are stated. I would be happier if he set minimum targets & signed a performance contract. 2)Dan Oketch has his,to me brief & vague,”Barcelona Model” manifesto on 5/11/2016.3) So far nothing from AR “promisor” of building not only a stadium but also apartments in the last TWO elections.Lastly,was the sponsorship because a new company SP wanted to penetrate/capture the market by using the Gor Mahia brand or because of AR(would have a Rachier FC been sponsored?).Why did SP opt for afc with all their problems & poor performance & not homeboyz,muhoroni youth.Were’nt the “numerous fans” of GM & afc the key?

        2. @jamiriambo , firstly I agree with u that the issue of hooliganism is to be discussed soberly and yes Gor Mahia doesn’t own Guns , Tear gas and even intelligence services and its true that we are tax payers and I true the person who instigated the chaos was clearly caught on camera while at the same time there were law enforcement agencies armed with all that you claimed that Gor Mahia doesn’t own
          I.e the guns , tear gas etc but in Gor’s existence of 49years all these factors have abounded and I can’t remember any hooligan arrested , arraigned in court and jailed and hence if you read my post I clearly stated that an organised formation in this case the branches be the FAST LINE in helping minimise such occurences , the club stewards being the SECOND LINE .
          This has to be a multi faceted approach that will also include the security agencies who I reluctantly include here because they according to me are also part of the problem but in general we as supporters of this great club there is much we can do and that’s any suggestion on top of mine or contrary
          to mine can only enrich the discussion because the situation is as it is and so the question is what do we do as fans to
          stop this situation from damaging our brand.
          Lastly the worst hooligans some decades ago were in England , how did they manage it ?

          1. Just to answer you hooliganism in England or elsewhere is punished by law, the teams pay the law enforcers their entitled tax/fee and they act on it accordingly.Perpetrators are tracked by law enforcers to their holes. This puts the scare in perpetrators… this world three are things you cannot do with put government support. If the government clamps ion this people it will be history. Here Gor hooligans are used to drive political points home, Did you see how some people were beaten like burukenge the other day for hooliganism in DP’s meeting? Can ‘t they act the same way with unruly fans?

    1. Okew Kanango osiepa.ilal manade tinde…Ting Bul Nyayo ngeso warodh jokong’o gi adek kwom nono mondo kik gipar ni kawapango neggi line ukaguzi ni gilowa e opira…Wan Mayienga Koko?//??

  9. @jamiriambo , I dont think I disagree with you that its the role of the security agencies to enforce law and order but a careful reading of my post will show that I mentioned them albeit reluctantly because they are part of the problem , my reason being that they are part of a systematic narrative by the powers that be to ensure that hooliganism is and continues to be a associated with Gor for reasons that are bigger than the club , take a closer look at how the cops act and how the media picks it up.
    With all that in mind and reading my post in context you will notice that on matters such as this , for now we are on our own.
    Lastly sometimes we stay in neighbourhoods where for one reason or another their is a security gap and what we do is to organise ourselves to remedy the situation , its not that we dont pay taxes but that we have accepted the situation as it is and decided to do something about it


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