Da Silva targeting 15 goals

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Gor Mahia’s Brazilian striker Thiago Lima Da Silva is eager to make his presence felt in the Kenya Premier League. Da Silva who played for CD Monte Carlo in the Macau league, is promising to score at least 15 goals during the second leg of the KPL season.

“In 10 months while at Monte Carlo, I scored 24 goals, now in five months with Gor Mahia, I want to score at least 15. I know I can make it although I don’t know much about the Kenyan league,” Da Silva told Capital Sport.

So far Da Silva has appeared in one friendly match (against Naivas) where he came on as a second half substitute. He says he is happy with the welcome he received in Kenya as well as the weather.

“So far, I feel happy with the club. Everybody has welcomed me well and the weather is good just like Brazil. I’ve heard so much about the club, the fans and how they love the team and I look forward to the experience,” he added.

Da Silva is currently awaiting an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) before he can turn out for Kogalo.

There are currently doubts about Da Silva. But the club chairman has insisted that they trust Ze Maria’s. And team captain Musa Mohamed concurs.
“He (Marcelo) has brought a lot of confidence into the team because he is a coach who trusts in the players. We have grown as a team, playing more with the ball. He has brought good change to us,” Mohammed said to Capital FM.

Oguda discredits Tusker Protest

Tusker FC on Tuseday filed a formal protest against Gor Mahia asking to have Gor Mahia disqualified from the KPL Top 8 because Gor Mahia fielded Baron Okech Jobita whom Tusker claims is ineligible.
“We are hereby launching a complaint over Gor Mahia fielding an ineligible player; Baron Oketch during our KPL Top 8 match against them on the 12th of June 2016 at Nyayo Stadium. Subject to this, we are requesting to be awarded the match as the rules were not duly followed,” the letter, signed by Tusker CEO Charles Obiny, said.

Tusker forwarded their protest letter to both FKF and the IDCC

However KPL chair Jack Oguda stated that Jobita was duly registered by the club and thus eligible to play on Sunday.
“They sent a protest and we responded this morning. The player is duly registered and documentation has already been sent to FKF for the issuing of his license,” Oguda said.


16 thoughts on “Da Silva targeting 15 goals

  1. Go “Thigo” , go get them. That is the kind of self belief that should drive a player. Anyone with information is this guy going to sign and if so, in whose place?

    On the appeal by Tusker, it would be a big disappointment if all the Kogalo officials did not follow the rules, which I doubt. Is there something else that Tusker knows that the whole of Kogalo family did not know? I doubt. Jasego, please dive deep inside this and inform us.

  2. Why always tusker, the other day they made us lose six points, today they want gor to be disqualified after being squarely beaten, oketch came in after jowi and jausenge did their stuff, i am smelling something with these brewkenges, it cannot be always them and i repeat it cannot be always them… Football is played on the pitch not boardrooms

  3. It is a big shame to tusker and Obiny, since they did not know what they meant. KPL has ashamed them! They ought to have focused on the return leg instead of baseless claims.

  4. Frankly speaking am not surprised. Kenyan football has evolved to being played in the boardrooms, no wonder Harambee Stars cannot qualify for any major tournament. Players and coaches give a lot of excuses whenever they loose. A TEAM IS AS GOOD AS IT’S COACH.

  5. I long to see this this go due Silva, on the pitch.For Tusker, I think we were better than them all round.

  6. if brewkenge has fear factor then gor donate to them the two goals we have then we beat them 3-0 on sunday. i know we will bit dem

  7. Ja Thur Gi Ji leave these Drunk Men alone,there claim is both baseless and mediocre to say the least.It is a Non-Issue which we are not giving time of day,treat it with utter contempt,a trend is now unfolding whereby Tusker FC together with Ruaraka based team change think the league or cup competitions can be won on boardrooms but that will not happen.They should patiently wait for more goals in the return tie then finally second leg of the league we storm and run away with it as they keep filing non-existent pleas…

    1. on sunday lets jaza stadi.this brewkenge guys need kichapo from the 12 players.i will jeer there every move and cheer our every move.did you know that gor does not have a weak bench. now you know.

  8. Da Silva has set goals. This is a quality that players should always have because then when ever one gets an opportunity to play, some thing will drive you. It also looks like he is not destructed with the delay of his ITC. Thirdly he is also learning more about the playing style in Kenya. As to the brewers, if they continue that way, blaming every thing and everybody for anything, they will soon start peddling backwards. It also qualifies Oketch as a good player. How I wish that they just stood up go fight again than pegging results on board room cases. After all they should learn it from K’Ogalo.

  9. Am worried about the dwindling levels of competition in the Kenyan soccer scene. That, a team of Tusker’s stature, could file a petition to justify that they were beaten due to the introduction of Oketch, who barely touched the ball within the five minutes that he played.
    Nkata is loosing faith in his squad and to this effect, our worthy rivals will be no more. Even Kabuoch United would have beaten them at Ruaraka. When the 16th and the 17th games of KPL are played, Nkata should resume his comfortable role of being fifth on the log.

    1. Setting targets is commendable. Will cheer him “K’ogalo way” as he nets the goals. Now that the appeal by Tusker has been dispensed with, what about the DOCKED points. Anyone with info?

    2. The problem of declining performance in KPL is due to the followings facts:-
      1. Poor coaching techniques as most coaches are focusing on parking the bus and waiting for counter attack football.
      2. Lack of financial motivation as most clubs are struggling to meet their daily obligations.
      3. Focus on only Gor Mahia matches with most coaches thinking that beating Gor Mahia can lead them to winning the league.
      4. Poor officiating is a very big problem in the Kenyan football currently.
      5. Poor scouting mechanism as most technical bench members are focusing on friends, relatives and those that can share with them allowances. This leads to corruption and fielding of players based on the highlighted weaknesses.
      6. Lack of youth set up systems
      7. Poor training facilities
      8. Poor playing grounds
      9. Lack of fan base to most clubs where there is totally no match attendance or you can count a handful of fans.


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