Dirkir Glay ready for comeback

Gor Mahia defending Dirkir Glay is rearing to make a comeback after having been sidelined by a shoulder injury. Glay is dissapointed at being away from the playing field but he is happy to be back training.

“I feel bad for being out for this long; it is something no player can enjoy. My shoulder injury took time to heal, but I am good right now. I have been training and I hope to be back soonest, it is football,” Glay told goal.com on Tuesday.

Glay knows that regaining a spot in the starting line-up given the fact that the team is playing very well currently especially on the defensive end of the field

“My target is to get back and help Gor Mahia that is what I am aiming. Good thing is that the team is performing better and the main challenge will be getting my place back since everybody is performing better. It is all about working harder in training and make sure my form is back, and grab the opportunity with both hands.

Glay who was signed from Gor Mahia this season is happy with his current club.

“It is a good experience at K’ogalo, I like everything here, it is a major step in my life which I want to make use of. I want to help the club so much and prove my worth especially after being out for so long.”

Glay’s return is good news as it gives coach Nuttall additional options as the club prepares to play Thika United which is Glay’s former club.

In addition to Glay, Gor Mahia will likely welcome back Godfrey Walusimbi whom reports suggest had gone missing from training due to unresolved salary issues. The issues have been resolved and reports suggest he joined the team in Kisumu last weekend.

Thika coach warns Gor Mahia

Thika United coach Tim Bryett wants his team to take advantage of their underdog status to end Gor Mahia’s unbeaten run.

We have no pressure on us for this game. We are not the league champions, and don’t have the unbeaten record so we go into the game as underdogs, but dangerous underdogs!” He said to futaa.com

However Bryett will be dissapointed because this Gor Mahia team has been conditioned to be relaxed without being overconfident and fans are not putting any undue pressure on the team to stay unbeaten.

Bryett who took over as head coach this season, also said he expects a certain level of intimidation..

“We expect intimidation that has already started but I take it as motivation and I am not surprised at it because it is because they fear us” he continued.

One thing Bryett can expect is that despite his team being the home team, Gor Mahia fans will be at Thika stadium in large numbers to cheer their team.


24 thoughts on “Dirkir Glay ready for comeback

  1. Admin, please dont just copy-paste without going through the article first. How can you write that ‘reports suggest that Walusimbi joined the team in Kisumu yet we all know he was there and played a full 90 minutes? About Bryett warning Gor Mahia, i was at first pissed at coaches and players warning Gor Mahia before a game then getting beaten on the pitch. If it is not Saleh, it is Osama or Okidi or Matano. Then i realised its their only way of making the news and i became proud of being part of the brand everyone hates but want to own. To Bryett’s credit ,though he has made Thika a good outfit and i expect a tough battle at their backyard this Sunday

  2. before game they give gor mahia warning”tishio baridi” after game there words are proved wrong by the outcome after 90+min(results) are not on there favour and have lame excuze using referee as there scap goat that they r bias or favour gor mahia- so Mr.Bryett before you start yapping hash wordz to GOR MAHIA ask the likes of ur fellow coaches -muhoroni,chemelil,sofapaka,ulinzi, etc……so come slowly with your words because they can betray you that day

  3. Let Coach Bryett, knows that neverever warn Gor Mahia K’Ogalo Mayienga Mayiengo Piny Gor Hono, aaaah!, To my Fellow Fans as the said goes in Luo Land that “YIE THO KACHIEGNI GOWO” ( Meaning the Ship sink when aproach the docking point). For that matter why can’t we do something for our belove Players for the remaining two Matches,to mativate them. Mr. Tony Anelka, blow the Trampet Bwana for Fans to do something!!!

  4. Thika wasechopo n thr4 dont put ur things on the road then claim hooliganism in Gor when we r coming all of us n claims hatutaki badaye.

  5. just seen what happened to Imbalambala of Igwe. His family was kicked out of the house.

    Remember, even as he boys do you good in the field. and Thika twasija – we must treasure and support our players and pray for them.

    As some of us sit in offices to be able to provide for the family, the players do the same to provide for their family, educate their children, support their old parent, house their children.

    Please pray and support the players

  6. To all the fans, we can volunteer to pay players winning allowances thru a kity, This will ease the burden on EC plus players and the technicle bench will be assured of their allowances. Wat say u?

    1. @Ochieng, that’s a good suggestion. We can assist give the players and TB a push for these two games. This will endear them to the team knowing that as fans we value them more even when the team is not very stable financially. Tony Anelka, do the needful. Just like we did last time


    I want to challenge you….Kogallo is playing spectacularly and scoring some fantastic goals. I have been watching this club for close to 30 years and never have I seen such beauties .

    so far Gor has scored 27 goals in 13 games , at this rate we may set KPLall time record……. I want to motivate the boys and challenge all the bloggers this season so that Kogallo can set the record for the number of goals scored in KPL .. Here is my idea !!

    There is already fans player of the month and KPL player of the month…….ADMIN Can you introduce section on this blogging site such that all bloggers can vote for Kogallo goal of the month award…..which will eventually culminate into kOGALLO goal of the season award .

    ADMIN, let the bloggers vote on Kogallo’s goal of choice, you aggregate the tally and give us the winner !!!! Personally , I would like to see all bloggers rally together and donate a cash token for bloggers choice club goal of the month award and may be in the future a cash token for bloggers choice club goal of the season award.

    Other than reading about the club , lets us also do something different …..Your views to make us more interactive with this ADMIN and this site is highly welcomed.

    I welcome comments.

    1. @Jakoyo
      I support the idea of making this site more interactive. I have been thinking of various ideas to enable fans to contribute more towards the club. One issue I have been thinking of is to add a message board so that fans can discuss ideas on an ongoing basis.

      With regard to rewarding players for goals scored, I would suggest to be careful. It is true that Gor Mahia have scored 27 goals. But it is also true that they are winning because they have only conceded 6 goals. So defenders , goalkeepers and defensive midfielders also deserve a cash token. We cant reward strikers and forget defenders.

      I do however support your proposal to make the site interactive so that fans can contribute more to the club. The whole purpose of this blog has always been to bring fans together for the benefit of the club. And I would welcome specific ideas. We can continue this discussion in the next thread.

  8. I support the initiative for a kitty to support our heroes, the boys who gallantly carry the K’Ogalo flag and make us proud !!

    Anelka please do the needful. Senti zangu ziko tiyari kutoka hapa ukiingoni mwa Mto Nile.


    1. I have been a ko’galo fan but behind the carten,can any willing member give me steps to follow so that i become a full supporter and a member of the sacco.

  9. Mayooh! man ingwe tinde dakwuoyegaah? they thnk wen we drew wid western fc it wz asoft team? hehee.timno tek.mathare fc to emoroh kendo! kogalo damu

  10. If realy Fans want to motivate the Players, let us do it to all players,not Indivitual like Goal scorerer, a team is compossed of Eleven Players plus Five on the Sub. Bench. I think the best thing to do if we realy love our players,we contribute money like Winning Allowances that will boost their moral very badly.Hey!!! Mr. Tonny, you haven’t spoke about this development of the remaining two Matches CONTRIBUTIONS, please tell us your stand on this matter.We trust you that’s why we need your involvement in thi gesture?????


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