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  • OJomondi

    Mr Kerr (meaning Elder)


    One question.


  • Jamigori

    Congrats the entire team.

    We need overhaul of the team with the following proposals:-
    1. Goal-keeping Department: We need recruit another goal-keeper and release one of the keepers. I would prefer the goal-keeper of either Sony or Bandari,
    2. Defence Department: We should sign at least two more defenders and release the non-performing and politician cum trade unionist. I am really missing Jerry Ja-goal that had great leadership.
    3. Mid-field Department: We need 1 experienced defensive midfielder and 1 experienced attacking/offensive midfielder,
    4. Attacking Department: We need at least 1 or 2 lethal strikers.

    Overhaul should also be targeted to the Executive committee as we do not need to have this bloated office with very many busy-bodies with no roles at all but to rock the boat from within in the name of exposing malpractice in the club.

  • Congrats Sir Kerr, the entire TB and most importantly the playing unit.

    Bloggers at times it is better to apply a little foresight in retrospect. A wise saying from ancient roman and greek philosophers says “A great civilisation cannot be conquered from outside until it has destroyed itself from within”

    GM has enjoyed steady success albeit with our recurrent problems that we have been trying to fix. Now to forget that and advocate support for officials inciting players to an extent that Judith Nyangi once told Kahata that “ukipata deal ya Simba kaa ngumu chairman akuache uende” since GM has it’s share of problems.

    Again and again she tells playing unit to down tools and not go for training while that has an adverse effect on their fitness as witnessed now when they cant win anything against any team in KPL due to being unfit.

    Finally in no world or parallel universe can it be Wise to remove AR and replace him with Judith Nyangi or Ben Omondi as that will be the end of GM success in Kenya and a return to Mediocrity of yesteryears that Afc is stuck in.

    An EC fighting against itself and roping in the playing unit while frustrating the Coach is exactly what happens at Afc Leopards year in year out and the results are there for all to see.

    When Secretary General Chris Omondi elected overwhelmingly found working with Chairman AR untenable he resigned in peace instead of breaking the club from within by instigating player revolt.

    We must advocate transparency and look to a post Rachier era when better managers can be elected who can move Brand GM to the next level but not elevate pseudo failed politicians masquerading as trade unionists while having no fixed abodes into leadership at GM.

    • Jamigori

      @Jasego, I am 110% of your postings and observations in this site. You have continued to expose the rot caused by the so-called elected busybodies. We have very thickheaded officials led by Judith Nyangi and Ben Omondi that are misers and trigger happy with wrong things at the club. They are happy when we are losing and running up and down like jilted lovers to look for solace and cheap publicity in the name of helping players to pay their rent. The busybodies have gone ahead to incite players and led revolt not to attend the team training. Where is the spirit of collective responsibility in the administration of the club? Rachier has been too soft and lenient to these busybodies and I would immediately suggest their suspensions awaiting for ratification by members at the AGM for their full expulsion from the club.

      @Jasego, allow me to quote these statement..”….officials inciting players to an extent that Judith Nyangi once told Kahata that “ukipata deal ya Simba kaa ngumu chairman akuache uende” since GM has it’s share of problems.” No wonder we lost our home CAF match against a Rwandese team on a match that we should have won easily and squarely.

      EC must be discipline as our performance is jointly and severally linked to how the behave in the office. Randy officials should be shown the door and I do not understand why our team leader Ambrose Rachier never disciplined such randy officials.

      We all do enjoy when our glamour club is winning and we are suffering of losses due to busybodies.

      • Useless Diversions, Ok Noyienu Gi Rachier U No. Ngat Ma Oroiwore Gi Gi Jakuo En Jakuo. Simple.

        • JamriAmbo

          Better the devil we know.

  • Dan Kisumu

    i salute jamigori and jasego for always speaking the truth.is it posible to impeach this mediocure os by the name judith nyangi? she is not fit to lead a club like gormahia fc.i wish the chaiman would call a special meeting to discuss her conduct.jasego can you confirm whether muguna and butabezi have joined Gormahia Fc.

    • Jasego

      We have finished contractual negotiations and agreed personal terms with both of them. What remains is to wait for the transfer window to officially open and they sign contracts. But judith nyangi and ben omondi in their fight against AR don’t want them signed and i wonder what their reasons for objections are?

  • @Jasegowhy are you always running up n down getting players for gor? Do you do it for free? If not how much are you paid n by who? Lastly do you get players pinpointed by the tb or you just act on your own? You castigate aduda here for imposing players on the tb but so do you. You n i know that the problem with gor is the thief called rachier but suddenly you are now hammer n tongs on nyangi n omondi. What has changed? Have you eaten? Ask rachier to tell us what happened with walusimbi n stop these useless diversionery tirades against nyangi. We are not fools. We can smell a $ember of the gor cartel from as far as Tok Komwanda.

    • Oswozo Moziek

      Waaaaa…shots fired!!!

  • @Akira i will answer you once only for altercating with bloggers is not my cup of tea. I have been bringing players to GM both foreign and domestic since we envisaged a resurgence with the Late James Siang’a and built the backbone of what is now referred to as GM glory days from the doldrums that was an 18 year hiatus full of mediocrity,heartaches & pains coupled with gnashing of teeth. In that programme came Blackberry…Kevin Ade…David Calabar Owino…Musa Mohammed…Anthony Akumu Agay…Rama Salim…Dan Sserunkuma…Edwin Lavatsa et al to mention but a few. Siang’a saw it fit to utilize my vast knowledge of world footballing systems that saw me Feted for being a key resource person and the only African in the panel that reconstructed the Dutch Professional League aka Eredivisie in Netherlands to join the top leagues by Uefa accreditation. Therefore Mr Akira…I being a KNVB trained Uefa Pro B License holder makes me qualified as any other foreign coach to handle GM in any capacity. The same license was held by Messrs: Zdravko Logarusic…Bobby Williamson…Frank Nuttal and Dylan Kerr…Only Ze Maria had a higher qualification of Uefa Pro A the highest and which makes him eligible to handle National Teams of class A status. Now be as it may whose permission do i need to bring players i very well know will add value to GM? I shared pointers with all the above mentioned coaches before i brought players and success…success and more success has been achieved at Mayienga. I need not permission for i even advise those coaches on systems and formations to use and as such will be lobbying for Technical Directors post to be created in GM at the annual AGM so i can fill it appropriately and help GM achieve continental glory.

    • JamriAmbo

      Any questions Mr. Akira?. Oduoki mowinjoree.

  • Ja Thur gi ji

    Eiish jasego yawa jakanyada jaluo, we need to unveil you at the right time. Keep on keeping on my friend. But Akira asked whether you do “eat” or have”eaten” for a man eateth where he works.

    • ” he worketh…..” hehehe

      • Hehe osiepena JTGJ and Musymo even Akira SGR is my comrade aonge kode gi wach…I Have Not and Do Not Eateth kickback or brokerage money or commission for bringing players to GM. My only interest has always been for GM to have the best playing unit. I always fight tooth and nail to retain them at GM too as i did with Kagere and Walusimbi but to No Avail. The real Gor Cartel that is being mentioned on the contrary waits for Jasego to bring good players but once their profile rises they are brokered and sold for huge profits that i have Never tasteth even a single cent. What i do though and some might not like is act with speed when conditions allow to bring players who the coach might not at first really think are necessary but whom like a giraffe i see far and don’t budge but tell Coaches use them you’ll thank me later. Case in Point is when i entered an agreement with Jacob ‘ghost’ Mulee Founder of Liberty Academy to bring a young Michael Olunga from Thika United where he had gone on loan from Tusker FC Frank Nuttall hit the roof and stormed the office telling AR why does Jasego bring him players he didn’t identify and look lazy and are not clinical? He went ahead to tell off Olunga many a times in training and after a few games how he lacked qualities of a lethal forward. Well i told Olunga prove him wrong i know your ability and can anyone here now say that wasn’t a striker per excellence i unveiled? Later Nuttall apologised to me and Olunga profusely. The brokerage cartel in GM is led by none other that former SG George Bwana and his cronies currently planning to ship Shakava to Zambia’s Power or Lusaka Dynamos not Jasego Kanyaga Osiep Jamriambo…

        • For clarity too when Olunga was sold Ghost Mulee gave me a very substancial token of appreciation for unveiling his prodigy and giving him the stepping stone to go pro. That is the only time i have Eateth where i Worketh…

          • OJomondi

            You have eaten…..you deserve it.

            Who is the next Olunga then Mr Asego. Be consistent

  • Muguna: I have to work hard for a new chapter at Gor
    2 OCT 2018
    The 2016 Kenyan Premier League (KPL) Most Valuable Player Kenneth Muguna is calm ahead of his looming return to champions Gor Mahia, after uninspiring Albania sojourn where he featured for FK Tirana.

    Muguna, who was signed to the Eastern Europe club by former Gor coach Jose Marcelo ‘Ze Maria’ Ferreira soon after the Brazilian had parted ways with K’Ogalo midway 2017, has agreed in principle to rejoin his former club after his services with the 2018-2019 season just two months away.

    Although he has not penned down the contract officially after agreeing the terms last week, Muguna, who made his name at the National Super League (NSL) side Western Stima) and is calmly looking forward to a new venture at Gor.

    “The Gor officials had a very busy week ahead of Sunday’s coronation in Kisumu, that’s why I delayed in signing. It will be a fresh start, a fresh challenge and experience.

    “What I gave before I left for Tirana is a past tense, I have to work hard and write a new story at the club,” Muguna told Citizen Digital.

    The talented tall, slender midfield sensation will be joining a formidable Gor mid unit that has a super-creative Francis Kahata, evergreen Humphrey Mieno, ambitious Samuel Onyango and hard fighting Boniface Omondi among others, says he is ready for the first team challenge.

    “I cannot focus on competition now, what I simply know I’m signing to play. It is healthy for a club to have a variety, to allow the coaches to choose the best as showcased in training,” offered the soft spoken Muguna.

    Having been in the cold for close to three months since leaving Tirana, Muguna concedes he has a demanding task to regain his sharpness.

    “I have been training at Buruburu and maintained athlete discipline but being out of competitive football for over a month means I have to work hard to be in top form again.

    “By the time the new season kicks-off I should be in my real self,” he added.

    Though he didn’t sparkle at Tirana forcing him to terminate his contract prematurely, Muguna says the experience in the Albania top league side is invaluable.

    “I learnt a lot, the lessons go beyond my football life. That is a different set up by all standards, including culture and style of playing. Being away from home teaches you lessons that you cannot get locally with all due respect to local clubs.

    “I hope the experiences make me a better person and player as I return home,” he noted.

    Congratulating Gor for the 2018 KPL title, Muguna observed their competitors in the league aught to up their game to make the league more exciting.

    “It is the problem of other clubs if one team wins the league with several matches in hand despite a very busy season in other competitions. It can be more exciting if the title chase goes down to the wire, but that calls for all clubs to bridge the gap that exists in terns of standards.”

    Muguna hopes to shine in the continental stage, agreeing dominating the local stage needs more icing with glory beyond the Kenyan boarders.

    “Gor performed well in the CAF Confederation Cup this season, but the group stage performance can be bettered. I can’t wait to contribute to a better record next season,” he offered, with the CAF Champions League being the club’s biggest agenda in 2019.

    He will however certainly miss the structures clubs in Albania have laid down, noting more investment needs to made by African clubs to take football to the next level.

    “It is not the players who are very different from ours here in Africa, it is the investment for the sport all round. For example, most clubs there have their own stadia and training grounds. They have hotels for their teams and proper kitting, some of the things that ease the aspect of playing and training,” he compared.

    Muguna is just one of the at least three players Gor is set to sign ahead of the new season, with Ugandan left-back ace Shafiq Batambuze reported to have been roped in already.


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