Gor Mahia fundraiser raises Ksh 300,000

Guest of honor Mike Sonko was a no show at the Gor Mahia fundraiser on Wednesday. The total amount raised was Ksh 300,000. This according to Kahawatungu blog. The fundraiser also raised Ksh 1 million in pledges.

The  pledges were from Homabay County Governor Cyprian Awiti pledged Kshs150,000, Siaya Governor Amoth Rasanga Kshs250,000, Member of Parliament George Aladwa Kshs50,000 according to Kahawatungu.

Aside from Sonko, the club EC was expecting Messrs Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. None of them showed up.

The fundraiser is meant to raise funds for the Algeria trip.


28 thoughts on “Gor Mahia fundraiser raises Ksh 300,000

  1. What happened?. So will the club withdraw from the Sunday match?. Kshs. 300,000.00 is a big joke. Is there time really for pledges?.

  2. Now you see with your eyes what the club goes through. When all is said and done it still falls on AR…Victor Kidiwa and Jasego to find a way for the team to travel and this is where we act as guarantors to banks and KQ using personal property that is most often never recovered and when done from Caf money it is a raucous of how big men are pilfering the club. Everyone here to ask themselves what they contributed via pay bill 350100 instead others hurl abuses left and right asking irrelevant questions based on pseudonyms while they are neither registered members or goodwill ambassadors of the club. I am seeking audience with PS Kaberia but rest assured GM will travel…

  3. Four types of people I hate:
    1.Critics without proposal for improvements
    2. Supposed supporters who bribe their ways in to Gor’s matches
    3. Those who have not registered as members yet criticize everything
    4. Those who shout themselves hoarse but contribute nil even through playbill number.

    But all should be well as Jasego says.

  4. @Jasego , I dont wish to delve into this issue of your real identity or whether though unelected ,you wield power in Gor Mahia coz I consider such sideshows petty , misplaced , unwarranted and Juvenile because anybody who made prudent use of their school fees must possess the capacity to appreciate the fact that even in structured systems , we have the deep state , kitchen cabinets , Mr/Mrs Fixits etc etc , e.g Lionel Messi is a very powerful , unelected , non EC member of team Barcelona , Be that as it may , we must accept that a lot , not all , of the problems we witness in Gor Mahia are self inflicted and are a result of non maximisation by the EC of the full potential that this club posseses .
    It is because of this reason , and in cognisance of your position as the second in command , coupled with the fact that you mean well , that I beseech you to go beyond just updating this wall with the latest vybes and instigate in whatever way , a paradigm shift from how we conduct business , This in appreciation of Dan Original’s earlier post , that a task such as this cannot be left to broke scoundrels in the EC , who are living from hand to mouth and instead of coming , to quote Mariga , “To give back ” , have come to take and also eat the players lunch .
    Otherwise keep up the good job , I know you are in good company when you mention Victor Kidiwa , who I know very well , a very upright guy and who is allergic to drama and would rather work quietly far far in the background away from the crowd , Social media mandarins may not understand but we
    cant take away their right to look for somebody to vent their self inflicted life frustration on , they have a right to their pettyness under the 2010 constitution .

    1. Thanks Teddy it really takes heart to work for GMFC brother. This is a plenary in which someone who really shouldn’t be worth mentioning some names abuse those who put money where their is no surety of getting anything back. Anyway its encouraging some appreciate but on the professionalizing operations at GM I can only say it is like the Kenyan Govt that cannot be cleaned without radical structural surgery and mass member sensitization to enable the club unlock it’s potential goodwill and financial Prudence. Still we try one step at a time

  5. So minus Jasego’s 100k only 200k was raised!
    Anyway I believe that the 14m Tuyisenge transfer windfall can now be used even if it is disguised as ADOR/EC contribution. Please remember the negative effects of lack of sponsorship are yet to be felt and anyway SP maybe back soon.
    Admin perhaps you could pull out various posts by bloggers on how the GM can be financially self sustaining to jog the memories of those to lazy to peruse the archives.

  6. NIB4IZ9TLW Confirmed. Ksh…….. sent to GOR MAHIA for account Gor trip to Algeria on 11/9/19 at 9:18 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh…….. Transaction cost, Ksh23.00

    Kindly let us send whatever we have to Paybill 350100

  7. NI90HGHPAU Confirmed. Ksh……sent to GOR MAHIA for account Gor Mahia on 9/9/19 at 9:13 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh……… Transaction cost, Ksh23.00.

  8. NIB2J0WFL0 Confirmed. Ksh******* sent to GOR MAHIA for account ******** on 11/9/19 at 11:08 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh***********. Transaction cost, Ksh******.

  9. Badoer: Wazito FC boss mocks Gor Mahia after fundraiser fails

    The league newcomers boss took to his Twitter account to taunt K’Ogalo after they failed to raise enough money for their trip to Algeria

    “Sh300,000 is a good start. Football world I am sure is impressed once more by how well the Mighty Gor Mahia are handling the hard times! We are all behind you!!!!” wrote Badoer.

  10. NIA5HYTADR Confirmed.Ksh *** sent to GOR MAHIA for account **** on 10/9/19 at 5.00 PM. New M-PESA balance is Ksh****.Transaction cost,Ksh****

  11. If Gor Mahia can get only 5,000 committed members contributing 1,000/- each every month, that will translate to 5,000,000 per month and 60 million in a year.Sportspesa has been sponsoring Gor Mahia at the tune of 65 million per year. Do your Mathematics and you realise that all that is needed is commitment from fans.

  12. After all this drama I hope the 4 active members and second in command can embrace other officials to move Gor forward. It will never be possible to do it alone and isolating others. Elected Officials have the mandate to run the club, they can seek for advice which should be provided without the feeling of entitlement. I know a lot of people are working hard behind the scene to honor the fixture this eleventh hour and if there is a breakthrough GREAT though there might be no result to show for it or to reward the efforts. The players might not even be in the right state of mind by Sunday. You failed to plan therefore planned to fail. These are the ripe fruits This to me is just tip of the iceberg. Am at peace with myself even if Gor miss the match. This is not how do to things. Chest thumping, masquerading, postponing elections are all sideshows we have swallowed as baits as things got worse. Time to restore sanity in Gor hierarchy. even the opportunistic politicians did not see an opportunity to turn up for the fundraising even though they have NO better things to do. Things are thick. The officials indifference to changing the club is soon squeezing thee out. It starts here

  13. @Jagem Oremo , the suggestion you have made is a good one but an overiding fact is that it is just one amongst tens of thousands of similar ssuggestion that have been over the years and are gathering dust on this blog and the casual manner the ones who are mandated to drive this suggestion I.e the EC is reflected in the casual manner they organised the harambee .
    Whatever money we have , have competing interests fighting for its piece and its only the interests that are constantly in our face that will get our attention , what I mean is that this office must use money to get money , have a budget to market and package our brand ,and what a powerful brand we have ,” Gor Mahia is not just a football team , it is a lifestyle ” , even at the basic level , if somepeople can take advantage of our games by selling e.g drinks , why for example cant we have a Gor Mahia Membership Registration desk during our games and that is whether we are home or away , how about exploiting the almost free power of the social media , we were doing well on this front with over 300000 followers , only to later discover that it was actually not an official club wall but that one of the members of the bloated EC I.e the sijui second sijui third assistant deputy secretary general had illegally registered the site as his own personal property and when confronted about it and challenged to hand it over for the benefit of the club , he opted to sell it to some dating company for hundreds of thousands of shillings , the club got NOTHING .
    So @Jagem Oremo , all these suggestions we make are all and well known to the EC , unfortunately the EC is made up of Financially struggling Hyenas who never came to the club to give but rather to Take , for a long time we have cried out about e ticketing , then what did they do , they gave us e ticketing but creating a loophole back channel .
    Finally I wish to thank those who contributed but wish to make it clear that I DID NOT CONTRIBUTE , My wife contributed , she did because she loved the club and hence sympathised , I didnt because I dont have time for Misplaced feelings and I dont like being taken for granted , seems how I feel was shared by the guests who failed to turn up , if you want my money , you have to earn it , I do it even for my family , so why should Gor Mahia assume they should be an exception .

  14. Even this Harambee figure does not make sense.
    If Jasego contributed 100k together with the mpesas from JGOremo, BFB, Teddy’s wife it means the rest including the ADORs/EC and Kidiwas combined contributed less than 200k.
    Later on we will or rather are already being told that they are using their own resources to run the club hence have a right to claim a refund from sponsorship or CCC money.
    Has the July 14m Tuyisenge’s transfer windfall been exhausted and on what?
    Let it and other siphoned funds been redirected back to the club as EC’s loan to the club. EC and Co. can refund themselves later.

    1. Point of correction, my great comrade. I only sent my contribution last night….after the day of the funds drive. I wish we could all continue sending some good money to 350100.

  15. After all the Hullabaloos, the right phone calls to the right places by the right people have been made. the funds have been availed this morning and the team is leaving tonight and possibly, some may leave tomorrow morning holding other factors constant .

    Since we have 8 defenders in the travelling contingent ( 50 % of the team) , Best of wishes in defending in Algeria .

  16. Raila should step aside as the club patron…this guy doesn’t love football and he’s too selfish to be a club patron…we should consider the likes of babu owino,Kidero…with handshake we can’t even get tickets…yawa ngato ongeyoman and fwadho Ogudu e stadium….nkt

  17. The sudden and haphazardly organised fundraiser has left gors chairman with a rotten egg on his face as a wake up call. The patron and a number of invited guests have grown weary and tired of gors ‘pet project’ which is a begging bowl. So has the ministry of sports. And year in year out, we run round in circles chasing our tails like circus animals. Poor leadership and mismanagement is hallmark. A kind of leadership that blows hot and cold. A leadership that takes advantage of weak structures to entrench its own selfish intrests. They blind us with league trophies but what happens behind those trophies is horrible. What they have done is good the problem is they are stagnant and stuck where they were five seasons ago. Empty financial coffers. No ambition or progressive ideas and a non inspiring leadership. It is high time this team had a rest. It high time we moved from good to better, sleeping to focused, stagnant to progressive, memberless to fan base membership, opaque to transparent, village to proff club


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