Gor Mahia go down to Azam in CECAFA semi-final

Gor Mahia have yet to solve the riddle of beating Azam in Tanzania. Just as was the case, in 2015, they went down again by a score of 2-0. This time both goals came in extra time after the first 90 minutes were scoreless.

Additional Reporting from Capital FM

Azam FC edged out Kenyan champions 2-0 on Wednesday 11th July at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam to storm into the final of the CECAFA Kagame Cup.

The Tanzanian money bags beat Gor Mahia by the same score line to win the tournament back in 2015 and the Kenyan champions were out to for a revenge. However, this was never to be as extra time goals by Ditriam Nchimbi and Bruce Kangwa ensured Azam sail through to the final.

Azam were clearly the best side from the onset but were undone by poor finishing and good goalkeeping by Boniface Oluoch. First half ended goalless with Azam enjoying more possession, 60% to Gor’s 40%.


Gor Mahia introduced Joash Onyango for the ineffective Ephreim Guikan after the breather and later pulled out Bernard Ondiek for Lawrence Juma. However, the changes bore no fruit as Azam continued to threaten more but failed to score. The match ended 0-0 in regulation time and went into extra time.


Gor Mahia were caught on the counter moments after the 1st half of extra time started. Ditriam Nchimbi beat Boniface Oluoch with low drive and Bruce Kangwa drove the final nail in the coffin with a perfect strike after going past Charles Momanyi in the 100th minute to ensure Azam storm into the final with a 2-0 win, the same scoreline they inflicted on Gor Mahia in the 2015 final.


“Our target was to win the tournament and we give it our best shot. However Azam made use of the two chances they got in extra time and that made the difference. We now shift our focus to the CAF Confederations Cup and the Kenyan Premier League.” – Gor Mahia striker, Jacques Tuyisenge

“It was a very tough match but we are very happy we won and are in the final. We lost so many chances in the first half and second but made ammends in extra time. What really matters is the fact that we are in the final. We are the defending champions and we want to win it again.” – Azam FC forward, Ditriam Nchimbi

Azam will now meet either Simba or JKU who are currently battling in the second semifinal match at the same venue.


38 thoughts on “Gor Mahia go down to Azam in CECAFA semi-final

  1. Congratulations for getting this far in the tournament amidst adversity.

    Why win CECAFA to keep some people salaried elsewhere. Now, come back home and fight your wars here……….. it aint over till the EC fully pays their dues

  2. Very sad but it’s football.
    There is always next time.
    Thanks to the boys and technical bench. You have done your part and it’s not a must that we must win.
    Let Janam keep off with his comments.

    1. Congrats for reaching semi finals. Now come back home and concentrate on the league. We hope EC will resolve the off pitch manenos soonest possible

  3. You had put your best foot forward and you deserve commendation. Welcome home and plan your next assignment. This tournament has also disapproved some rappers who say Tanzanian league is weak. Azam eliminated Gor and Rayon who are in CCC. That is why football sometimes defy mathematical theories. For now focus on the league and strategize for conquering CAF. You also have a chance to prove to all and sundry that your exit from CECAFA had nothing to do with the strength of Azan by reaching confederations semi final
    Yes you can.

  4. What was the rationale of the match being played from 2pm yet quarter final was played even at night. Who informed that decision. If cecafa kagame cup is the preserve of the Tanzania’s to decide when the match should be played then they should be left to host and play among themselves. Or they realized that Gor mahia fc cannot withstand the heat of dar and it will be easy to eliminate them. Since the tournament started, no match was started at 2pm.why was this one decided to be played at 2pm.

  5. Useless tournament not in FIFA calendar.We have more important competitions to honour worth millions of shillings. Yanga comes next week on 18/7.Anyway even the likes of Lukaku, Hazard, Debruyne,Fellaini and Cortouis were beaten by Frnc that’s football tukubali yaishe.

  6. Me I congratulate team, well done, we didn’t expect even coming out of the group, so heads up let’s focus on the next more important assignment, up up team Kogalo

  7. Congratulations to the players, TB and the fans. You made us proud despite the challenges you went through
    God bless K’ogalo

  8. Gor mahia sani okethore koyala kendo biro buogou…….

    Their fall was emminent CECAFA and were lucky to have reached Semis.

    The worse is ahead……

    Will be nocked out of CAF competition,top 8 , and might even loose the league.

    Ubiro yie……

    1. You are an idiot and useless as your name portrays. so what will you gain even if they are knocked out from CAF.

  9. Kudos team. I believe the experience you got there will be valuable when you come back. Use the few days to relax and regain the morale. For the third place game give a chance to those who never featured march in the tourney.
    You actually exceeded our expectations

    1. Thanks players…youvdid well beyond expectation…despite tiredness you fought…aGod blessvthe tbbn players most abundantly….may Godvrefreshvyou too for the matches ahead…keep your eyesbon the crown..

  10. I regreat reading @janam post, the dude is a GM hater. From now on, I’ll just scroll over his post( not that it matters to him), but ni ile 2 I don’t want to spoil my moods, appetite.HEKO kogalo players , Azam won but I believe they met the toughest opponent in the that tournament. Cheers!!.Let’s all humble ourselves from the coach , players, officials to fans & support the team and give thanks to the good run we are currently enjoying.

  11. For once, I am happy with the attitude of majority of bloggers here apart from one Janan. Janan is a renown Shemeji follower and should be ignored. He deserves no attention. The team did well, played their hearts out. They deserve a pat on their backs. I believe it was a good tournament and helped keep the team together ahead on next weeks CCC. Kudos team.

    Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende mor. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

    1. Nothing negative said about the team should move any of us even 1 inch.

      As it is,Gor has achieved so much in the past 5 or so years that other teams can only dream of.

      We have reached heights that will take generations to reach.We are at the pinnacle of Kenyan football and indeed the region.

      Infact we are the envy of so many people now who are trying to punch holes into our semi final loss to Azam but we are unshaken and we shall move on to other challenges like the kings of football that we are now!!!no team can match up to the great and mighty Gor!!!!

      1. What is annoying is players like Karim have been paid for the whole year, now that he has recovered He wants to leave

  12. Karim knows very well that he cannot bench Philemon who is also a utility player. So he has to choose either to warm the bench or leave.

  13. BREAKING …..Tanzania Football Federation have ratified their rules to allow the signing by clubs of 10 foreign players and that all of them can play at the same time.

    1. This will totally decimate local talent there…Very wrong move…Might help in Caf and such but eventually Tanzanian football will suffer immensely

    1. Can you drop that name Mr and revert to your kins name Nyongesa or Simiyu and go blog in useless Afc wall…Ibaro wiwa gi weche team ngech maonge maana Kenya kae..Ifuo ka dau

  14. Ee Gori Eeee Wedeo..
    To Tii Iloyo Adi??
    Team Ber. Tanzxanians Can Go Hanfg With Thier Witchcraft.
    How Does One Schedule A Game In Dar At 2 Pm?
    Cecafa Is Plain Idiocy.

  15. Admin can you spare us takataka ghasia comments molil from fake supporters like Janam masquerading here while his real name is more of Nyongesa or Simiyu.Afc can start their sorry blog for him to contribute freely there as here we are allergic to chieth…Moderate his comments permanently

  16. While i was away Jasego, AZAM inflicted unbearing pain to my Kogallo, Third place play off is of no value to me. Let fringe players go to the pack and formally sign off. Wedneseay tuta lipa deni ya watanzania -Tanzanian giants Yanga SC in a CAF Confederations Cup tie in Nairobi on Wednesday 18 July.

  17. I usually tell God to protect my team kogalo coz apart from entertaining me, brings about culture with rich history of my great community and country …. since days when tom mboya helped make the team we are not where his ambition was for us to reach….lack off discipline in the house and for this i say we’ve already started building the walls of the house we must realise what is good for the team and the bagde…an excellent coach a very good team we now need to choose the lane which will lead us home finally Wednesday is a day. Match day we win this and we most likely have best chance to qualify for 1/4s army ur voice is needed …we forge forward as a team and army to greater heights

  18. The team is currently ravaged with injuries to Joash, Kahata. BB, Wendo and Shakava. Hope they will have recovered for aYanga and, then ingwe


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