Gor Mahia go down to Vihiga 2-0

Gor Mahia succumbed to their third straight loss, going down to relegation threatened Vihiga United 2-0. Fans who thought there would be an improved performance now that the outstanding player salaries have been settled were left disappointed.

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Vihiga United shocked Gor Mahia 2-0 in a SportPesa Premier League match at the Mumias Complex on Wednesday.

The result was enough to pull the hosts clear of the relegation zone and they are now almost assured of a place in the top-flight next season.

They are now 37 points, five ahead of 16th placed Chemelil Sugar who visit already relegated Thika United Thursday afternoon.

Goals in each half from left winger Amos Kigadi and forward Stephen Wakanya were enough to hand K’Ogalo their fourth defeat of the season

Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr brushed aside reporters who wanted to interview him after the match.

“Go away! What do you want?”, yelled Kerr, who looked agitated as he slowly followed his players to their bus.

Vihiga United tactician Mike Mururi said they only require a draw in Sunday’s match against Kariobangi Sharks at the same venue to avoid the chop.

“I honestly thank the players for putting up a brave show. They were focused throughout the match which eventually brought us the victory,” he said.

Gor Mahia started off brightly with strikers Bernard Ondiek, Jacques Tuyisenge and Boniface Omondi proving to be a menace to their opponents’ defence led by Bernard Ochieng.

The hosts took time to settle as and it came as a surprise when Chris Masinza put though Kigadi, who rounded up defender Shakava to hit the top of the net for the opening goal in the 32nd minute.

Champions Gor went in search of an equaliser and Tuyisenge came agonisingly close after hitting the cross bar on the stroke of half time.

After the breather, Vihiga proved stronger than their opponents, who found the going tough in rain soaked field that made their movement difficult, in the encounter that was watched by a capacity crowd.

A lapse in the Gor defence cost them dearly and Wakanya capitalised to power home the second goal in the 64th minute.

Whistler Hosea Omondi was forced to flash a yellow card to Vihiga goalkeeper Geoffrey Oputi, who held the ball, rolled it, before picking it again

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21 thoughts on “Gor Mahia go down to Vihiga 2-0

  • What is ailing gor is fast mutating to cancer.
    It’s metastatic manifestation is now all over.

    Jothurwa ka ok Wang’iye maber, Wang’ni to omuomowa

  • Jakoyo

    pseudo failed politician akia demagogues akia ang’owa ?…….Change is coming in the next AGM

  • Odhis Muga

    There was a time for Lugarusic atime for Nutall, a time for Zemaria and now a time for Kerr. Maybe time has come for a time for somebody else. We cannot stomach these losses anymore, players like mustafa are not worth playing for Gor mahia,that’s the bitter truth.Gor needs quality players and not any dick tom and hurry who can chase the ball aimlessly like headless chicken

    • Jasego

      Haha Odhis these are things Jasego said and fought tooth and nail against but corruption prevailed. Aduda goes and brings us an unknown entity released for free by SC Kiyovu without any resistance. What does that say about his qualities?It is like us releasing Lokuwam to join Orlando Pirates who come calling for his services. I mean we’d be perplexed and surprised but would gladly let him go try his luck since he is not a stalwart or cog in out set up. Such is the Mustafa scenario. Maka oknyal replace Kagere even in a million years

      • JamriAmbo

        Jasego there is a lot of catwalk and Kizungu mingi .Lakini goals tunabebe kwa gunia

    • dinga

      Does anyone else notice the resemblance between what is happening to Gor Mahia and what is happening to the country?
      Corruption works in the same way whichever the arena. The patterns of stealing are the same, the proganda machine works the same way. The Gor NYS “read Walusimbi” saga has the same patterns. Claims and counter claims. The main crooks turn into whistle blowers. Meanwhile the “country” continues to suffer as it’s “citizens” are asked to be partriotic to their contracts… ofcourse on empty stomachs. The “cabinet” makes wild claims as they raise millions for “rent mbuzi harambees”. The “opposition” go thru’ insults as they are named as people simply dancing to their “donor’s” tunes.
      I sympathise with Mr Rachier, pls make correct this situation at Gor and make history as of it’s greatest chairmen before it’s too late.

    • Sylvester Aluoch

      Probably this reaction is expected from a fan who ALWAYS expect maximum results and optimum performance, but my opinion is that leave the coach and players out of this and go for management of the club. The management is not a team but units with potential of dividing players and fans. Watch this space and if you have an influence in going-ons in the affairs of Gor Mahia then turn your guns to face elsewhere.

  • jagem oremo

    Francis Mustapha is no replacement for Meddie Kagere. Kagere is sevetal miles ahead of Mustapha. Let Gor Mahia recruit quality players.

    • Francis Akwar Dyang-Mwola. Gor Mahia, Kampala Branch

      The idea of recruiting quality players is good but not in a shambolic environment like the present Gor Mahia camp! Something is terribly wrong in there!

      A player worth his salt will not stay there! There’s need to clean house first! If you think, this is Far-fetched, ask yourself why all the good players are running away?!!!

  • Ngesto

    Sevilla 3 Madrid 0, Leganes 2 Barça 1, even big teams lose, Kogalo is full of plastic fans who suffer from verbal Diarrhoea every time GM loses a match, win some lose some, siasa achieni kina handshake and we look forward to 2019 season

    • Albert Kosero - Sofaset Branch Kampala

      @Ngesto, you have hit the nail on the head. The team we are busy hurling insults at is the one that won the league almost 2 months ago. Defended it successfully. There is actually nothing to play or die for. They are taking it easy. I see no problems. Plastic fans indeed.

      Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  • Ja Thur gi ji

    Ngesto that’s right, very right. That aside I saw the facility that Vipers FC has put up in Uganda and isn’t it wonderful. Very soon no players worth anything will be willing to join pretenders like GM and co. Soon, very soon.

  • Am suprised that some bloggers are geting concern just right now. I and Odour12 saw and raised serious issues in as far as good structure and sound management in GM is concerned some years ago. We are always being duped to believe that so as long as the team wins marches, everything is cool.

    The jerganaut in whic the AR has unleashed insults, pour vitriol and issuing false statement about player sale against people percieved to be his enemies is alarming to say the least. Now the Kings abode has been invaded, the remains of GM’s carcases he has been feasting on has been ripped open by some of his own staff……Knives have sharpened , so guys be aware.

  • Cale Cale

    I think it is unfair to blame the coach for the recent losses. My opinion is that we are loosing because of the following reasons;

    1. This is football any team can loose to any team. There is no team that is unbeatable in the world.

    2. The off field issues have affected both the players and the coach. They are disgruntled and hence morale is down.

    3. There is no longer any motivation to win. We have won the league, We are out of shield cup. Our unbeaten run was already disrupted. Right now whether we win or loose is inconsequential. The poor run is as a result of the psychological effect of this phenomenon. The players may not be even be aware of it themselves.

    So we should not blame the coach or players. Let’s just prepare for the new season.

    • nyarkopolo

      It’s just time for change. Ambrose has served his time. Its time for someone who can take gor to the next level. The press session was empty to say the list.

  • Jasego

    Shaffique Batambuze on his way like i proposed to EC…Another Foreigner we are negotiating with from Mali and Senegal…We will sign what GM needs regardless…Muguna Kenneth also signing as soon as transfer window opens…Gor cannot sink as we watch ati kungoja watu waamue…Wakelo the best period

    • JamriAmbo

      To Guikan ni osiepa? ochacho wiya jakanyada.

      • Jasego

        Oko winjree gi Kerr koro akiya ni dhi bedo nade maybe we release him otem kumoro nono nikech that foreign quota is important to fill with exceptional talent…

  • Jasego

    Gor Mahia Officials Demand To Know Details Of SportPesa Sponsorship

    Disgruntled Gor Mahia officials led by organizing secretary Judith “Nyangi” Anyango and Secretary General Ben Omondi are demanding to know details of the club’s sponsorship deal with gaming giants SportPesa.

    The duo, who came into office two years ago when the deal was already in place, are alleging that it is shrouded in mystery and only known to a few officials.

    Nonetheless, their intended purpose is unclear as SportPesa has kept their end of the bargain to-date according to Gor’s chairman Ambrose Rachier.

    The amount which SportPesa pays to Gor which stands at about Ksh 65million is also public knowledge.

    “I would like to state clearly that I have no issues with our sponsor SportPesa. In fact, I support and appreciate the sponsorship to Gor Mahia.

    However, in the spirit of transparency, I am appealing to them to make the content of the contract to all EC members of our club,” Nyangi said after meeting with SportPesa Tuesday.

    The meeting was intended to discuss Saturday’s coronation of Gor Mahia as the 2018 KPL champions in Kisumu.

    “I am happy they were concerned about the ongoing especially the late payment of players and they even considered making payments of players directly.

    I and the SG (Ben Omondi) finally a short telephone conversation with the CEO Cpt. Karauri, who confirmed we shall have another review meeting in a view to finding a lasting solution to the concerns raised.”

    On Monday Rachier “unreservedly and profusely” apologized to SportPesa “for the threats directed to them by goons.”

    The strong statement came days after a person called “Bryan” was branded “a cartel” by the organizing secretary, who alleged he pockets part of the sponsorship money while players go hungry.

    According to insider information sources, Bryan was the agent who brought SportPesa to the negotiating table and is entitled to agency fee.

  • Odhis Muga

    Even though Nyangi has her shortcomings as any other human being,on this issue of transparency she very right. Surely what crime will have been committed by Rachier and his cronies if he reveals the deal details of the sponsorship? Judith Nyangi and Ben Omondi continue keeping them on toes.If that can breathe life into Gor mahia again so be it.

  • George

    Gor vs mathare is it Sunday or Saturday we are confused plz help we want to attend however our run is poor


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