Gor Mahia set camp in Dar ahead of Everton Clash

Gor Mahia may be overawed as they prepare to face Everton but they are putting on a brave face.

Coach Zico who played against FC IKast of Denmark in 1991, is confident that the players will rise to the occassion.

“In football, it is 11 vs 11 being Rooney or not. Our young players have an opportunity to showcase their talent and play in a big stage. Our players will be motivated and up to the task”

Harun Shakava had the misfortune of scoring an own goal when Sportpesa All Stars played Hull City Youth in January. He will be looking to acquit himself as he seeks to contain Wayne Rooney.

“For me I am motivated to play Rooney as he is a player we watch on TV often. We know he is a great player. We are happy for this opportunity and we thank sponsors.

The video also announced that match will be televised live by KTN.

Field closed for refurbishment

Gor Mahia players upon arrival in Dar
Image courtesy of Maxwell Oloo

The national stadium in Dar es Salaam had been closed in order to refurbish the playing surface. This was at the behest of the sponsors Sportpesa.

On arrival, Kogalo players marveled at the amazing status of the playing surface.

“Now this is a football pitch!” assistant coach Zedekiah Otieno marveled as he laid out cones on the pitch ready for the session.” Said coach Zico to Capital sport.

Team manager Jolawi Obondo thinks the field will suit Kogalo perfectly.

“The field is amazing and we should have a great game here. This is what a football field should look like. It is very even and well maintained,” Obondo said.

Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr, who spent 15 months in Tanzania with Simba SC whose home matches were at the same pitch, was equally marveled with the new look.

“I mean I kept telling them every day to cut down the grass but they never did so. You could hit a pass, go out and have a McDonald’s and return to the pitch before the pass got to the next player. The grass was too thick!” Kerr joked on the sides as Gor prepared for training.


16 thoughts on “Gor Mahia set camp in Dar ahead of Everton Clash

  1. Good to know that. Hata wakiokota Kimi, there is no big deal. Zico is a gor mahia legend. These true legends put kogallo in the world map. Wacha na wao wapate riziki. Tibim tibim tialala.

    1. You are correct
      . He was a legend, as a player. Not as a coach. He is quite an embarrassment as a coach. Nuks mbaya Sana

  2. Whichever team they bring on, I can see them twice retrieving twice from inside the net…so go go go boys, show them

  3. A win or at the very least a draw for K’Ogalo. A Person/ Jakoyo, that is why i have no apologies for pointing out the truth “ever complaining to some”. In the days gone by, when the starting point was quality recruitment that brought in the Kamogas (a penalty saving expert), Bassangas, Makamus, Oriekos, Fundis, Zangis, Jogoos i.e LEGENDS we never had butterflies in our stomach when approahing teams like the “Toffees”. A toffee was a sweet to be sucked & swallowed. You fielded a weak team at your peril. (How long) Must we wait another 25 years to be GREAT AGAIN? Kingdom guards/ i/uolowa branch, please answer me so that I complaining? The players (just like wine) became better with the next/each coach. How many coaches has Messi & Co/Barcelona or CR7 & Co/R.Madrid had? Player quality in my view overrides the head coach. Caveat am not a scout lest i be commanded to “apply” just expressing my opinion aka (hehehe)comp…

    1. Boni, Musa, Wafula, Walusimbi, Shakava, Kagere, Bberry, Karim, Kahata (i.e 9 members) plus should bring out/apply the best (winning strategies) of the good practices of Nutall, Ze Maria/ Zico and now Ker tactics. These players should have matured and developed into an exciting mix of soccer talent and teamwork, seamlessly interchanging between tiki taka when necessary and reverting to direct approach when called for. l remember many a previous great taking a difficult game by the cuff and delivering a win. That’s why Bobby “Stood Tall”, Orieko “Knew every trick in the book”, Janabi “was spoiler” etc etc.Allow me to put my “coaching” hat on and humbly suggest that “Ker” studies the footage of Nutall and Ze maria eras and comes up with an lethal mix. The EC technical committee should avail the match videos to “Ker”.

    1. Dan and Musymo, thanks for encouraging the boys. Wachana na haobwenye machungu. What did Zico do to youjakoyo and an Idiot going by the name Jamriambo? For so ya mama yenu! Tafuteni team nyingine kama hamtosheki na klabu yetu. Sisi, ndani,ndani,ndani yote!

  4. A footballing masterpiece, regardless of the scoreline. We should just go and enjoy ourselves and the whipping wont be as painful. Will enjoy this historic, once in a lifetime game to the fullest!!!!

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Everton seem to be playing in second gear but even if they were to engage gear 1 they will still get as much as they are getting. Boniface Omondi is a little isolated on the right and we need to bring him into the game because we know how lethal he can be!!! I am happy for Tuyisenge. I hope this will trigger a confidence boost!!!


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