Gor Mahia sink Ushuru to keep quadruple hopes alive

Tow goal hero Kagere in action against Ushuru

Gor Mahia showed that despite having won the league, they have not lost their sharpness nor their hunger. They beat a hard fighting Ushuru side 3-2 at Nyayo stadium on Sunday. A brace from Rwandese marksman Meddie Kagere plus a rare goal from Collins Okoth “Gattuso” gave Gor Mahia a well deserved win of Ushuru in a GoTV shield round of 32 encounter.

It was defensive midfielder “Gattuso” who opened the scoring as early as the 5th minute when he deflected a cross from hardworking Innocent Wafula. The taxmen leveled matters in the 8th minute via Mohamed Hassan who scored from close range. Gor Mahia then dominated the proceedings with the lion’s share of possession. The taxmen defended doggedly. That is until Karim Nizigiyimana sent one of his inch perfect crosses exactly to where Kagere wanted it. Kagere made no mistake heading home. Those two have connected several times for a goal and it came as no surprise this time. Gor Mahia went into the breather leading 2-1.

Gor Mahia started the second half as they had finished the first , keeping the Ushuru defence busy. Michael Olunga in particular was a constant thorn in Ushuru’s flesh. However it was Ushuru who scored. And once again it was Mohamed Hassan who evaded the Gor Mahia defence to score.

The winner for Gor Mahia came when Geoffrey Walusimbi sent a left wing cross which Ushuru goalkeeper Samuel Odhiambo mishandled. The always alert Kagere was on hand to pick up the gift and score, giving Gor Mahia a well deserved 3-2 win

Gor Mahia Jerry Onyango – Musa Mohammed – Karim Nizigiyimana – Collins Okoth(70’ Enock Agwanda ) – George Odhiambo (58’ Ali Abondo) – Innocent Wafula – Harun Shakava – Meddie Kagere – Godfrey Walusimbi – Michael Olunga – Khalid Aucho

Unused subs : David Juma – Ronald Omino – Bernard – Ernest Wendo – Timothy Otieno

Ushuru: Samuel Odhiambo – Philemon Otieno ( 87 Evans Kiwanuka) – Joseph Shikokoti – Rodgers – David Otieno – Kanamuli Kapilima – Nelson Marasowe Roosevelt Balty (62’ Allan Kateregga) – Moses Arita – Edwin Misiko – Mohammed Hassan

Unused subs: Kevin Otieno [GK] – Charles Okwemba – Moses Odhiambo – Davies Ikocheli – Obadiah Ndege


17 thoughts on “Gor Mahia sink Ushuru to keep quadruple hopes alive

  1. Ref Ogweyo from Kisumu gives Shikokoti to dubious yellow cards sending him out of the game and then Gor scores the winner. What else do I need to say

    1. Say something about the 28 point difference between Gor and AFC. see table below.

      Say something on the reasons AFC should honor the remaining matches yet the league has the winners and there is not cup to compete for. Gor has kept it for life.

      Say something about AFC Office

      There is so much to say……..say something

        1. I thought teachers were on strike…..what do you mean out of topic.

          Talk about how AFC abandoned the derby.
          Talk about how Ulinzi will whip AFC in GoTV draw.
          say something @ingo

    2. @Ingo, also tell us how ingwe came to sign all players who were offloaded by Gor.
      And how ingwe was not punished despite fielding six foreign players against Sofapaka.
      Tell us why Shiko should not get a second yellow in a game of soccer

      1. It is OK for Shiko to get a second yellow only and only if it is warranted. I will not comment on your other points as they are out of topic. We are talking about Gor vs Ushuru here

  2. Ushuru proved a tough nut to crack but This Kogalo team is capable of winning games which in the past would have gone the other way.

  3. Ushuru did not pause any challenge to Gor in this match. What I saw was a relaxed or laid back Gor with Olunga seemingly disinterested. The Ushuru coach shud not hoodwink the public that he could have won this match. As I said before more coaches will resort to using the Matano-Wesgate fc. Kenyatta just as Matano both tend to use hacthet men while playing Gor Mahia. With Matano, he uses as many as three players the most notable being Hassan. Kenyatta’s hacthet man was Shikokoti. Basically what the hatchet men do is to disrupt any Gor attack with fouls. The fouls are so many that the referee is expected to ignore most or he is deemed as ‘biased’. In Nakuru the referee probably fearing the Matano insults ingnored most of these fouls, the end results is that Gor attacks became sabdued as players became fearful of playing against such criminal acts. When Kagere scored the third (disallowed) goal Shikokoti had already done his job. He had a yellow card already for his previous efforts. So Ushuru were at pain on which to support, allow the goal or let Shikokoti go. It’s so unfortunate that coaches like Matano et Kenyatta resort to use such underhand tactics when faced with opponents they fear. They both then resort to blaming the referees when these fouls are called… something Kenyatta (on record) describes as ‘ignorable fouls’.
    I however commend Olunga et Kagere who have maintained their cool despite such career ending tackles.

  4. @Omondi…excuse my ignorance. ..there is a team called AFC?
    Sorry…am only aware of one team..and it’s the mighty Gor Mahia.if there are others,they are just there to make the numbers!!
    Congrats to the team,we have already achieved and superceded our expectations. ..from here on everything else is a bonus!!

    1. hahaha… one day Afc fans will realise that the only way their club can do better is by correcting the mess the club is in. Most AFc fans think that their club can perform better simply by hating Gor . Ironically, unless Raila comes in to save this club, nxt season Afc is surely getting kicked out of KPL. After watching their so called performance against Wazito, I almost cried with pitty. I thnk it’s high time Afc let go and joined the lower divisions, the myth that Gor needs Afc to give it competition does not hold water anymore. Meanwhile lets welcome all the Gor haters to this site so that we can have a open discussion on the GOR MAHIA AFRICA CAMPAIGN 2016. But do we say… and yeeees bring in the ref theories too.

  5. I thought Efusi have their forum where idlers like Ingo can air their desperate views. Accept and move on Mr. for Kogalo has been miles ahead of Efusi for more than a decade now

  6. I thought Efusi have their forum where idlers like Ingo can air their desperate views. Accept and move on Mr. for Kogalo has been miles ahead of Efusi for more than a decade now. While Efusi is grappling with take over upon take over by nonentities, Kogalo is busy sourcing for club sponsorship. Wake up Ingo or you will continue mourning about favoritism where non exist. Look at Matano and Kimanzi now, they have been shut up forever by Kogalo.

    1. Warwanga, the soccer supreme court is chaired by Oguda what else do I need to say…..by the way, warwanga, are you at war with Wanga?

  7. I was suprised to read what Lefty wrote on Sunday Nation that ” Foregners took Champion,2015″. Lefty should know that Foregners moved AFC Leopards to third round, it’s only Ulinzi Stars doesn’t have THE SO CALLED FOREGN PLAYERS, it depends with what kind of Foregn Players you are recruiting, like AFC Leopards are recruiting the REJECTS of K’Ogalo.On Ushuru Game, Jerry should pull up his socks, such Gaols I am very sure can’t go passed Boni. Otherwise KUDOS to our Players and FANS SHOULD DO SOMETHING FOR THE PLAYERS HONESTLY FOR MOTIVATIONS!! AND AS K’OGALO ON TOP THE SUMMIT OF KPL LEAQUE, SUMMIT LARGER IS ALSO ON TOP OF OTHER BEERS IN KENYANYAN’S PUBS? Good day JOK’OGALO.


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