Gor Mahia, Sofapaka in crucial encounter

League matches rarely come with such heightened importance as the one this Sunday between defending champions Gor Mahia and Sofapaka. These are the two teams at the top of the league and are seperated by only four points with three matches left.

Tusker awarded points

The KPL has inexplicably awarded Tusker all three points in their disputed match against Muhoroni. While the decision is shocking, it is not surprising when coming from Jack Oguda and KPL. Last year he SoNy caused the abandonment of their match against Gor Mahia yet instead of immediately awarding Gor Mahia the match, he dilly dallied and waited. He even went as far as disregarding a FKF directive.  It was only after Gor Mahia had basically won the league that he eventually decided to award the match to Gor Mahia. And earlier this year, Tusker escaped sanctions after their players and officials accosted and manhandled a referee.

Three Horse Race

With Tusker now back in the hunt, all three teams have a mathematical chance of winning the title. A win for Gor Mahia will knock Sofapaka out of contention. But Tusker will still be in contention whereas Gor Mahia will now need only a point from their last two matches. A draw will benefit Tusker as it will leave them with a chance to move level with Sofapaka and within four points of Gor Mahia. And of course a loss for Gor Mahia will complicate matters as all teams could now move within three points of each other.


Gor Mahia must therefore be hyper-focused and vigilant as they have been over the past few matches. Aside from the match against Tusker, Gor Mahia have been rock solid. And they will need to be even more solid against Sofapaka who are in good form. They have recently beaten KRA 3-2 before recording an impressive 2-0 win over AFC Leopards.

Coach Frank Nuttall summed up their expectations after Sunday’s victory:”We played well to stop United and are looking forward to a similar performance against Sofapaka. The boys were amazing and we hope to maintain the same spirit in our coming fixture.”

Recent Matches

Last season Gor Mahia met Sofapaka in a crucial league encounter at the end of the season. On that occasion it was Dan Sserunkuma who sunk Sofapaka with a well taken goal following a flick from Patrick Oboya.

Indeed Gor Mahia has had the upper hand over Sofapaka in recent matches. During the first leg match of 2013, Gor Mahia won 1-0 thanks to  a well taken goal by Kiongera following a superb run by Lavatsa on the left flank.
And in May of this season, Gor Mahia beat Sofapaka 2-1 with goals by Sserunkuma and Rama Salim who had a whale of a game, giving the Sofapaka defence nightmares.
Gor Mahia fans will be hoping that they their side continue their recent form against Sofapaka. Sserunkuma re-iterated the importance of taking the match seriously
“Sofapaka are a good side who are also keen on winning the KPL title. We expect a tough match against them on Sunday and for this reason, we must all be at our best. It will not be an easy match and we need to maintain our focus all through.

Fans are the Key but they must behave

The 12th man has carried Gor Mahia on several occasions. They must show up in large numbers for this match that is tentatively scheduled for Machakos. They must lift the team but remain peaceful while keeping in mind the harsh sanctions that have been levied against AFC Leopards. Fans remember that whatever happens on Sunday, Gor Mahia will still be leading the league with two matches left. So get behind the team but remain peaceful.


31 thoughts on “Gor Mahia, Sofapaka in crucial encounter

  1. Title decider if you ask, sofapaka are going for a record ” the double” so they will come with all guns blazing and will fight to the wire. Three things to watch out for….

    1. Word around macha streets, Goons masquerading as kogallo die hards will definitely be hired to come and disrupt this match with a view to postponing the match or awarding sofapaka the match thru the back door of KFF/ FKF or infamous disciplinary committee. Where is kogallo vigilant squad ?

    2. Word from Efusi camp, The referee should not be from western Kenya nor is the assistant referee or the 4th official. This will be a recipe for disaster in a tribal fueled society that we live in. I hope the people responsible for organizing this match are aware of last weeks incidence. Where is the planning team ?

    3. Word from the area police commander, This is a high stakes match therefore it should be played earlier or early kick off to give security team ample time to deal with any post match eventualities . Where is the security input ?

    I expect a rough game though but if you ask me who will win the game ? I remain ” realistic” as ever.

    Have a ” realistic ” day bloggers.

  2. I expected Jakoyo to be the first to comment. Today I think he has good points for us as Kogalo supporters to ponder. This indeed is a high stakes match, lets watch out for spoilers who may not even be our supporters. Anything can happen in such situation, hooligans could be hired to spoil,along the way to Machakos,in Machakos town, during the match or after,to even out what happened during the Efusi match.Remember all this season we have not had any ugly incidents and this must be making a lot of people uncomfortable,if you know what I mean.

    Lets not give the opposition something to talk about,lets shame them by behaving well,lets disappoint the evil wishers. Lets travel peacefully without inconveniencing other road users, cheer peacefully and accept whatever result gracefully.

    If I had the ability I would put in place proper Marshals on the route and all around the stadium on the day. Security intelligence in and around Machakos must get down to serious work.

    I shall be there and wish our boys good game, three points and you will be seven points ahead and who can bwogo us.

  3. Kogallo will win in the name of God. I shall be there if God wishes and i shall volunteer myself to the anti-hoologanism squad… woe unto you if you think you’ll spoil the good name of Gor Mahia.. if you have been paid to cause havoc, please take the money and disappear becoz if we catch you…. even the angels will cry…”gini pod marwa”

  4. jakoyo you have apoint here lets check spoilers coming sunday coz they know our fans have behaved well sana so this is the time we must check on them throwing bottles kwa ground bad .game would be aired live so let us look good us we do kila siku .mimi sato pap . am praying amen .HAYA REMB ALL GUYZ FROM NAIROBI THE ROAD WOULD BE CLOSED COZ OF MARATHON UNTIL 1CLOCK ON SUNDAY .MOMBASA ROAD HOPE TO REMIND FANS WOTE WETU WA GOR .

  5. Kangundo Road Jahkoremo, use Kangundo Road. I agree with comments above.As champions we need to display all decorum, lets not appear ugly in any aspects. Kibalka, pleace take charge. Above all lets cheer,sing our heart out gracefully whatever the outcome.Lets show love and respect to everyone on the roads,in the town, during and after the match. I would like us to carry peace banners on white sheets, any sponsor?

  6. Peace above all must prevail. I concur with all the above writers and it is so important that we be the march marshalls and deter hoologanism. Kogalo e marwa. Ma e girwa modong otuonwa te let us protect it. Mayienga.

    Regards, op you people are enjoying yourselves at kogalo? personally, you people have made my stay at kogalo sweeter than ever before. NOW, without any doubt sofapaka will come at us guns blazing, its my humble and laymans opinion that we let them come, more and more and somehow absorb the presure, the more they come at us the more vulnerable they will be at the back. the rest can be anybodys guess. we have no pressure watsoever, we can even afford to lose but sofapaka cant, so go out and enjoy yourselves for you are in the brink of making history that will stand un-equaled for many generations to come. all the best.

  8. Anyone who expected any other ruling other than awarding the 3 points to Tusker is naive. In this match, clearly it was a referee error. Referees make mistakes week in week out including giving or allowing dubious goals and penalties or even sending off players mistakenly and that is not a reason to walk off the pitch or throw stones at the referee. Whoever advised Muhoroni players to walk off the pitch was foolish because it is not the first time a referee is making a mistake.

    While I agree that a Gor win will knock out Sofapaka but Tusker will be in contention, the margin is so small because Tusker will be in it only on goal difference and therefore any draw afterwords knocks them out. It is therefore true that the league will not be won this weekend.

    It is a pity I will be unable to watch this match in Machakos but should watch it live only if shown on supersport 9. Channel 211 will not be viewable by me due to the broadcasting rights in place. Otherwise travel safely and make sure you behave well even if it is a loss with the referee perceived as biased. I don’t subscribe to Jakoyo’s views that referee should not be from Western. All referees should be given a fair chance to officiate this match irrespective of their sir names!! It should be based on their ability to perform. Don’t always look at things from a tribal or political angle all the time. Who told you Gor is for a particular community only.

  9. All the best K’Ogalo. Make Monday a K’Ogalo day all over as we engage each others in debates over the Sunday match.

  10. Ai Pmawego bwana, calm down. Jakoyo is just a true peace advocate who has seen it necessary to forewarn us based on the evil he has overheard being planned by advocates of anarchy. Please re-read Jackie’s comment.

    Your take on Brewkenge being awarded 3 points is quite informed and logical. However, personally and even from what I gather others say in the media that decision is, to say the least, immoral.

  11. As said by all bloggers let’s all reach to our fellow fans and discourage any that thinks of breaching the peace. Let’s also keep politics out of it. Some of our fans with their political and ethnic-oriented songs are not doing Gor any favour.
    On hired goons, I have my reservations whether that will happen but I stand to be corrected and hope nothing of the sort happens.
    Let’s not worry about where the ref comes from since soccer rules are clear. After all from most of the matches we have won the refs are ‘percieved’ to be from the opposing camp. Let’s leave such talks to ingwe who believe all Os will be against them even forgetting that some Os are from Busia and KK. When our clear goal was disallowed against Bandari wasn’t an O the ref?
    So let’s cheer our team with all our might like it’s the last game on earth. Their rock defender Felly Mulumba will be serving a suspension but that should not be something to excite us.
    I can assure our fans that Tusker will draw today and we will win the Trophy on Sunday

  12. I support the assertion that GM K’ogalo will still be in position one regardless of Sofapaka triumph (God forbid) and therefore there should never be any chaos whatsoever.

    Looking at Sofa’s mode of play against efusi, they presented speed and maturity but were vulnerable especially on the counter attacks hence we have a more than 50% chance of beating them and coupled with the determination from the players and tech bench we are good to go.

    I somehow disagree that goons will be hired from elsewhere to disrupt our match..let us not create a loophole for hooligans amongst us to do their thing, if anything they’ve been doing it in small scale and may have been deterred by the positive results posted by the team of late, if possible let us police ourselves on the match day and handover the trouble makers to the authorities because GM cannot afford to play on empty stadia with the level of financial difficulties the team is undergoing.

  13. Bloggers seems to be giving in for Sofapaka. Why are you speculating on the wrong things? Who will cause havoc in Machakos? Our past league records on Sofapaka speak volumes.

    @Jakoyo do not be like the group of Israelites that were sent out by Moses to go and spy on the promised land of Canaan but returned back with bad news that the Israelites were like grasshoppers and the land that eat up the inhabitants thereof and the people they saw were men of great stature (land of giants Anakites). It was only Caleb and Joshua that had the good report (Numbers 13: 17-33).

    In this regard, we are going to Machakos to overcome Sofapaka and we will come back with good results.

    The Almighty God has already given us victory over Sofapaka in the mighty name of Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Every arrows be it witches, sorcery, occultism, stones etc directed towards us will neither succeed nor see light of the day. The arrows will return back to the senders and they will be tormented in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  14. All our Gor Mahia fans that are travelling to Machakos must be on the look out for all trouble makers or hired goons both in and outside of the stadium. Please have them arrested and hand them over to police. They might be wearing Gor Mahia replicas but they remain hired goons.

    Fellow bloggers, it has now official that KPL Secretariat led by Oguda and Tusker FC officials led by Kimanzi are playing some funny underground deals and games behind the scene. FKL should reign on KPL officials.

    However, these sideshows and manipulations should not deter Gor Mahia from beating Sofapaka come the d-day.

  15. Fellow bloggers, it is now official that KPL Secretariat led by Oguda and Tusker FC officials led by Kimanzi are playing some funny underground deals and games behind the scene. FKL should reign on KPL officials.

    The hired goons will be wearing Gor Mahia replicas to affirm that they are Gor Mahia fans.

    This job is being down by Oguda of KPL and Tusker top echelons and Kimanzi. KPL should be investigated further by being unethical and condoning corruption as this scheme is being funded by Tusker.

    Since Gor Mahia has been at the top, the KPL prize money has not been disclosed todate despite the league almost being concluded. Can you bloggers read some sinister motives behind this silence.

  16. Guys, there will be no hired goons contrary to how @Jamigori puts it. If you have that info please pass it over to the Masaku government or the Police. @Mwakio has helped to rubbish that thought. At times our own fans misbehave and we support them in doing that. Just look at what the Ingwe leadership is saying about their fans who smashed their bus, Situma’s car etc etc. Who actually had money to waste on hiring that bunch? Likewise in Gor we have the same problem of wishing away problems.
    I can assure everyone that just like we have done the whole season we will have a peacefull and victorious trip to and from Machakos. Let’s behave well and respect the locals as well as the fellow motorists.

    On another note congrats to the U19 team who have qualified for the final of the NBi County league and hence the Provicial league next year. I wish them success in tomorrow’s final and let the Senior team emulate the juniors in terms of grinding in the results

  17. Hapo hapo Kasisi Mwakio na ndugu yangu Kibalka. Let us maintain that prayerful mood. Jahkoremo wakati wa kuomba ni sasa; si Sato! na kama si sasa ni sasa hivi. Ndugu Mwakio hiyo injili imeniguza roho kwa kina sana sana. Atukuzwe mwenye enzi baba, Mungu wetu na Jina Takatifu la Bwana Yesu Kristo Mnazareti lisifiwe milele na milele AMINA. God bless team Gor Mahia and reward the boys for their focus, selflessness and dedication. AMEN.

  18. It ain’t called the TPL for nothing.
    That said K’galo is winning it and beating Sofapaka at such a crucial stage will raise the stature of one Frank Nutall.
    There is an exuberance this man has brought into the K’galo family that was lacking. Kudos.
    At Pmawego I noted your points regards the Sacco vs company model but will engage you after the Sofapaka match coz for now I join my fellow bloggers in confident prayers for a K’galo victory.

  19. I heard on Radio Trottoir that Mombasa road is to be closed on Sunday morning until 2pm. Can someone confirm?

    Fans watafikaje Machakos? You may need to travel on Saturday.

  20. Remember uru ni gini pod oken marwa nikech paka nyalo madho chak adek mane jo Tuzo oweyo nwa magibed kod 53 then wadong marach…above all, jerim ogochona ni onge ball madhikale kata achiel thn odhiambo nd serenkuma nyaka loo 1 goal each to mitnaa kaka gini pod marwaaa yawa.peace prevail

  21. @owenga, can you translate what you have posted above since I am not a Luo and other bloggers that are like me but are great fans of Gor Mahia?

  22. mombasa road will be closed until around 1.30pm.however,enterprise road will be open and we can access mombasa road from General motors!
    Good luck to the team!!!!

  23. Wuod Nyasakwa Gudboy is simply saying that either Jerim or Odhis Blackberry or Sserunkuma is going to score a very sweet (“mitna”) goal in the 53rd minute and that this will be among the 3 (“adek”) goals that will propel us (“marwa”) against Sofapaka (“paka”). He is emphatic that Sofapaka will not have much to offer because they will be busy thinking of how to get Tuzo sponsorship and drink Tuzo milk (“nyalo madho chak”). Finally, Gudboy is just thanking God for making us very peaceful this season.

  24. Thanks Barefoot Bandit for the translation. Otherwise we are going to Mackakos for victory and may the Almighty God grant us victory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ….Amen

  25. Congrats U19 for being the Nairobi county champs. That was a good comeback against an older Naivas . Now we expect similar result from the Senior team tomorrow


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