Gor Mahia take on Vihiga United at Bukhungu

Gor Mahia, still flying high after their surprise 4-2 win over Zamalek will take on Vihiga United at Bukhungu on Wednesday.

Coach Oktay will need to get the players to forget about the Zamalek match and focus on the local scene again. If players get carried away, they might lose focus. However coach Oktay believes the result against Zamalek will only bolster the team.

“Last week we were under a lot of pressure but the victory has helped us to calm down. The boys are now more confident and I don’t expect any more poor results. The only problem is that we have a tough schedule but we shall cope.” he told the Nation.

Vihiga for their part are aiming for improvement. They are only two points above the relagation zone and have scored the second fewest number of goals.

“That is a respected opponent for sure, but we want to give our best. We are aiming at three points. We have a problem in front of the goal but we are working to rectify that”. said assistant coach Francis Xavier to the Nation.

Vihiga United are experts at forcing draws. They have drawn 7 matches out of the 11 that they have played. They will likely deploy an ultra defensive line-up against Gor Mahia even though coach Mururi claims they are going for three points.

“Yes, Gor Mahia is a good side, we respect them but to me, its football and it won’t be easy for them. We are prepared to collect maximum points here,” said Mururi to futaa.com

Indeed last season Gor Mahia did not fair well against Vihiga United. After struggling to win the first leg 1-0, they lost to Vihiga 2-0 in the second leg.

The match kicks off at 3pm Wednesday at Bukhungu


21 thoughts on “Gor Mahia take on Vihiga United at Bukhungu

  1. Give chance to players with the fighting spirit and winning mentality. Those who have reached ‘menopause’ must be benched for us to get the three point.The mouthy muiruri will be out to spoil the zamalek triumph party in order to get cheap publicity. Let’s silence him as we always did when he was at chemelil. Good luck boys.

  2. This games are coming in unrelenting speesd so squad rotation is a Must to avoid injuries and get to understand different player partnerships. Let me today try partnering Shakava and Momanyi at the back and see how they fare together just as an option to the Joachim/Momanyi centre back pairing. If they display good footing and complenent each other well we should expect no less than a clean sheet.

    1. Muguna will partner Wendo in midfield as we require Muguna to play many games and get back into full fitness. Tuyisenge/Kipkirui partnership also need more playtime we see growth of better combination from them….

      1. @Akira GM squad selection and tactics/formations are directly under my portfolio so any match day team selection is done completely under my supervision as i attend training too. I do not dictate but help the coach find winning formulae’s. He himself of his own volition won’t name a squad before consulting me so where is the problem is glory is achieved….

  3. All the best. I am not even asking for 2nil. ONE will do. Move up…
    CafCL and CafCC. Hiyo tuu.
    If Vihiga forces a draw the coach will brag for a whole week. It will be about how he used Brazilian tactics to stop Gor. How he told his boys this and that. How Gor can be stopped and so on and so on… it will not stop.
    Pls Oktay save us…

  4. Inferiority complex is such a bad thing! Why would anybody think that it is a surprise Gor Mahia beat ‘mighty’ Zamalek?

    On the field of play what counts is the statistics and if am not mistaken, we were better in all department! Hence the win! Surprises don’t happen in football. Pedigree might count for history’s sake but in the beautiful game, you are as good as your current status and mental out put!

    Wama ne mweyongere byemukola; Teri e’kijabalemesa! (Keep doing what you are doing and nothing will stand on your path!)

  5. @Jasego , as concerning the issue of funds to travel to Angola due to the fact that the 27m has not been wired into the kogalo account , it is my understandingthat entities are able to acquire loans from financial Institutions on the basis of proof of capacity to pay and proof in this case is the guaranteed caf 27m , or is there something am missing , if at all , then I wish to be enlightened , I say this because one of the most eminent bankers in this country is a member of the
    Gor council of elders and he is very capable of advising on this matter , otherwise if am wrong on this then I wish all the best of luck with the ministry of sports and the talked about second shirt sponsor .
    Best of luck against Vihiga utd .

    1. @Teddy i believe you are right and quite in order regarding the sentiments above. On the flipside i would rather advise against such borrowing owing to interest rates the loan will attract. Secondly the Caf money is distributed in batches with the second instalment patricularly having many deductibles before being disbursed. It would therefore be tricky attaching the Caf money as collateral in any credit transaction. If Ministry can guarantee tickets then we can be okay handling other logistical issues such as hotel and board inclusive of meals plus player motivation initiatives with the Caf money. Disclaimer: I am no financial expert and therefore stand to be corrected if necessary (to the Jasego bashers ofcourse)…

      1. The problem in Gor Mahia is tax evasion by Mugabe & Co. The kes.129m tax liability means that KRA has a caveat on all funds transferred into GM bank accounts be it CAF/SP. That’s the main reason why AR operates opaquely for he can’t justify the KRA mess.

  6. Marketing, marketing, marketing. A photo of the Zamalek goalie sprawled and his last man literally seated on the grass while Oliech is towering over them with the ball on it’s way to the net, is bound to be very enticing.

    J’Asego I would rather try pairing Momanyi with Joash than with Shakava. As you ponder future signings, please take a look at Bandari’s jersey No. 24, Ugandan William Wadri. That is an AM per excellence. Meanwhile see towards giving Godfrey Ochieng’ some play time.

    1. @BB yeah i know William Wadri very well and he is a good player definitely. I just wonder why he has no national team call ups to date? Abdalla Hassan though tops my wish list from Bandari. Shakava okasa okaywee let him play today we see him rejuvenate himself then we will see other combinations moving forward…

  7. I would rather have J’Asego “insurbodinating’ the coach, but we get good results than give the coach a free hand and end up with the team losing even to minnows like KCB. S“I have told my players to put more effort to look for the maximum three points having in mind we will be playing at home. Gor is just like any other team which can be beaten,” Mururi said.

    Soldier on J’Asego. Ignore the detractors who have never appreciated anything done out of the box. The line has turned out to be as you had suggested earlier and we are now leading 0 -1 at HT.


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