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Gor Mahia team of the decade : 1980-1989

1. David Ochieng: Solid no drama keeper who starred for both club and country.
2. Tobias Ocholla: Reliable and created several goals with his long throw ins
3. Peter Otieno “Bassanga”: Industrious left back
4. Bobby Ogolla: The best defensive stopper this country has ever seen
5. Austin Oduor: The most succesful team captain in Kenya’s history
6. Charles Otieno: The Engine of the team
7. Abbas Magongo: Tireless, skillful and covered every inch of the field
8. Sammy Owino: Immensely talented midfielder who scored brilliant inidvidual goals
9. George Onyango: Schemer par supreme
10. Peter Dawo: Known for his goal-scoring spree in 1987. Was voted Among Africa’s 10 best players in 1987
11. Nahashon Oluoch: Brilliant dribbler who also scored superb individual goals. Also voted among Africa’s 10 best


Tirus Omondi: An acrobatic goalkeeper and full of drama
Swaleh Ochieng: Powerfully built left back who shut down opposing players with robust tackles
John Okello Zangi: Enigmatic, tireless, and very dexterious on the ball
Sammy Onyango: Superb crosser, corner taker and penalty taker. Two footed
Hezborn Omollo: Scored over 50 league goals between 1983 and 1985

Honorable Mention

George Odembo “Nyangi”, George Otieno “Vigo”, George Otieno “Solo”, Isaiah Omondi “Janabi”, Ben Oloo “Breakdance”, Gideon Hamisi “Aziki”, Enock Obwaka, Hamisi Shamba, Abdallah Shebe, William Obwaka, Goro Oronge, Jaffar Mwidau, Ignatius Khaduli, Hezron Osuka, John Chore, Anthony Ndolo, Mike Adede, Abbey Nassur, Peter Ochieng “Pierre”,

3 thoughts on “Gor Mahia team of the decade : 1980-1989


    Thanks for sharing. This team was a power house; all units we’re just excellent to watch them play.

  • best period so far in Gor history!
    watched this team train in South B(RTI) and South C(MOW) growing up.at the time Dawo was a student RTI,Onyango Jogoo family live South B and he worked for Posta,Fundi worked for KPA and lived Mombasa Road near near Our Lady of Mercy Girls,
    Anthony Ndolo lived South B;David Ochieng’ worked Kenya Power;ETC,ETC.
    and their Guest House was near South B shopping center before their matches.We got free rides straight into Stadium in their white,blue and green mini-van;Wherever you are,Thanks Odhis for hooking us up back then.
    Memories especially in 1987 when they beat Dragons of Benin enroute to Mandela Cup final.Moi was a big fan and was ecstatic back then politics aside.All newspaper titles were “MIGHTY GOR TO FACE ESPERANCE IN MANDELA CUP FINAL”.

  • Real moments in Kenyan football, best ever…These players wherever they r both alive or not may spirits live on forever…they earn little but loved passionately what they did…playing soccer!!


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