Gor Mahia travel and arrival in Sudan (Photos)

Images courtesy of Judith Nyangi

Collins Okoth Gattuso[/caption]

Francis Kahata
Musa Mohamed
Amos Nondi
Judith Nyangi
Kahata, Wendo, Odhoji
Timothy Otieno

8 thoughts on “Gor Mahia travel and arrival in Sudan (Photos)

  1. Judith nyangi good job madam, you are setting a good example !

    Kindly also update us on the match photos and scoreline after the match.

  2. Nyangi has been very active giving us updates and I have to say personally I am impressed by her. I hope she does not run out of steam midway. The other official giving info to the media is Ngala and while I have no problems with that since all I need is information, just makes me wonder where our Sec. Gen. is. Since Election Day nothing from him yet I thought he is the club spokesman. And that Select jersey they are donning is very orgasmic. Though Nyangi clarified it is just for this trip and not necessarily for next season, I have to say kudos to whoever is in charge of kitting through the last few seasons. You never disappoint!!!!

  3. The team looks cool in those kitting buh gor needs to brand it’s self better . Some times i wonder how we run our affairs. Teams around this globe are trying to market themselves interms of how they dress n this appeals to eyes of future partners and sponsors. How much does it cost for full kitting for the first team n juniors .we need to go with one supplier n build a culture with it

  4. Is it also possible to post the photos of part of the team that was left behind as they arrived and also as the team practices?

  5. Amazing Kit Yawa! Just a thought though…..how about a revisit of the legendary Adidas Kit similar to the one Gor used when taking the Africa Cup in 1987……. It could spur some beautiful moments ……might even give the boys the spur needed to emulate the class of 1987! Its just a thought…..


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