Gor Mahia unveils new coach and 17 new signings

New Kogalo coach Steven Polack was officially unveiled at a ceremony on Thursday.

The enthusiastic Polack promised results.

“I always strive to be number one. And this is a new challenge, a big one. We will have to get it right and the first impression is we will.” he said according to the Nation.

New signings List

Caleb Omondi, Alphonce Ombija, Lloyd Khavuchi, Godfrey Ombijo, Richdonald Bolo, Samuel Osok, (promoted from the club’s youth team), Abdalla Shira and Tobias Otieno (from Sony Sugar), Elvis Ronack (Nzoia Sugar), Maurice Ojwang (Western Stima), Robert Mapigano (Singida United, Tanzania), Dickson Ambundo (Alliance, Tanzania), Curtis Wekesa, Dennis Oalo (Nairobi Stima), Francis Afiriye (Ivory Coast), Gieslin Gikpe (Ghana)

Tobias Otieno
Kennedy Otieno “Agogo”

Mieno and Blackberry join Tusker

Long time Gor Mahia attacker George Odhiambo “Blackberry” who has been training with Tusker has officially joined the side alongside former Gor Mahia midfielder Humphrey Mieno who left St George of Ethiopia after an unhappy sojourn there where he spent most of the time on the bench.


19 thoughts on “Gor Mahia unveils new coach and 17 new signings

  1. 17 new signings is an all time club record…..hope everything is well with sportpesa and salaries / bonusses etc have been paid.

  2. 17 new signings, that’s too much incase if that is what was proposal of the coach Has an then I stand to support it but if not from the former coach then that is a total falasy.All stable teams do have a solid recruitment policies plan but this one kogallo this time is laughable.

    1. There is no problem as we lost 9 players that include Shakava, Tuyisenge, Kahata, Odhonji, Blackberry, Okeyo, Mustafa, Seikisamu, Ogweno,

  3. It is great that Gor Mahia promoted 6 players from the youth team. This will go along way in motivating other youngsters to work harder and aim to join the main team.

    The new signings are 11 new players and released around 7 players.

  4. I support. Let’s move on, somebody has not explained why the two West Africans are not eligible for CAF competitions, unless it was a hoax.

  5. We actually released/sold ten players if you add Hashim Sempala who for all intentions and purpose looks to be on his way out of the club. We (my technical team and I) will be able to run the rules over the new/incoming players before the league kicks off. In brief, I believe Gor did a good job bringing in the young, hungry and motivated players instead of the ageing stars that some people were craving for. Watch us over achieve this season. Good luck Gor Mahia and may God grant us success this coming season.

    1. @Le Pastre maybe your memory fails you ut this is not the first time Gor is bringing ‘young, hungry and motivated players’. We always recruit them every window and they never get to play and are released in the next window. Even in January we bought Castro Ogendo, Asudi( from Gor Youth), Eric Ombija, Stephen Okiro etc. All combined never played 100 minutes of competitive football. Did their hunger,youth and motivation amount to anything? In previous years we have had the Lokuwams, Osoks, Alpha Onyangos, the Bataros among others who come warm the bench or are told to train with the junior team or are loaned out then released in the next window and another clueless, ‘young, hungry and motivated lot are signed and taken through the same game of football chairs(if that phrase even exists). So this bunch making noise about young, and whatever just needs to acquaint themselves with Gor Mahia recent history and avoid ignorant postings here.

  6. 1.with the evolving soccer tactics, I wonder why GM scouts would sign one dimension striker(Fran), no offence, the guy walks around waiting for an opportunity to score, no runs, no involvement in build up of moves or even pressing.
    2.Kudos for Agogo’s signing, good runs always looking to participate in build ups, if every thing is done on merit bila mapendeleo I expect the dude to be in 1st 11.
    3.Kudos to Jeri jagoal & Co.for nurturing such talent, if the coach believes in youth I think they can excel.
    4.Promising keeper, wonderful signings Tobias & tz midfielder, the defenders signed are of top quality at least in terms of composure & distribution of balls ,an upgrade from shaks aimless long balls.l hope they won’t buckle due GM fans pressure.
    5.guys from stima I think are gud squad players, kudos.
    6.the tall striker, haven’t seen him in action/training bt I think the dude is over excited in donning GM jerseys(which is gud),reminds me of my “mono” days in high didn’t feel like removing our uniform even after school hrs. I can bet the dude anashindaga na GM training uniform kwa ploti, bt I hope he is good , better than Francis
    7.Unfortunately I think bena should have been released or loaned to some team, wonderful talent bt I think he has a similar problem like the one of Kevin(Daddy), lack of seriousness or ambition he is just happy to be a squad player or ‘ustar” is in his head .The young Gor youth players should take his players if I were to decide.
    8.Hata hivyo hayo yote ni maoni yangu, So majamaa msikonde ama mu’ katch ma feelings.

  7. we can field a first eleven of Bonny, Philemon, Joash, Momanyi, Batambuze, Wendo, Muguna, Juma, Omondi, Kipkirui and Samuel from last season and win KPL with five games to go. This shows the team is very stable and we are not under any pressure to integrate new signings until they are ready.

  8. Yawa 17 is too much… I think this funny signings are one of the reason’s Oktay ran away…but lets give them benefit of doubt

    1. @Jonny, is the team bloated? Are we approximately 30 players, which is the average for a soccer team? Didn’t we lose/release approximately same number? True 17 seems much but remember the current rules allow 5 academy players to be able to play in the main team when need arises.
      What is funny about the signings?
      By the end of this season we will be the champs again, 19 times, all things being constant. So long as Sportpesa holds on we are assured of good tidings snce we now have basically the best technical team around

      1. Foreigners who don’t have ICT certificates …what did they come here to do?they can’t help us against Burundian …we don’t have a single exciting signing..we used to sign players like baba kizito..aucho..kahata.. Olunga..mieno..walusimbi…fans were itching to see them but this time round…i watched cecafa I wasn’t impressed by any of the signings…as a die hard gor fun..i don’t expect much from this squad…

  9. Someone at the club is playing the coaches role. Imagine a coach ends up with new players whom he had not requested to be signed!!……So the club is not professionally managed.

    That explains why we are in transition every new season. We could find ourselves again in the same position next season.

  10. @Dif Madara…….. lately Bonny is loosing concentration. Not a good bet for the position. Peter Odhiambo would be i deal.

  11. My congratulatory voice to the incoming Coach and players is in order. Listening to the acceptance speeches from the Coach, One thing stood out for me. He is a man who fears God and Fatherly. He gives every son an opportunity and room to work hard and improve. But he is also firm, you play according to his philosophy or ship out. The other factor that was well said by the NTV sports reporter was that The perennial Leaders are in the process of rebuilding. A fact that the Coach mentioned. Gor did well Last season and that the team has set the standards by winning the league. I think that this is a standard that will help him to work upwards and not downwards.His way forward is only to make a few tweaks, not much and the team is ready to roll. He did not allow himself to be carried by emotions but instead chose to be very wise in approaching the game in Burundi. At least a draw. Where does this place you and I?, To give unwavering support and accept these facts. We shall win, draw or loose some matches on the way to the top.


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