Gor Mahia’s 2016 Africa cup campaign

Former Harambee stars and Tusker coach, Jacob Ghost Mulee has said that instead of spending money to play in the Champions league, Gor Mahia would be better off spending that money on building the club. He also thinks that given Kenya’s poor track record in the tournament, clubs should not bother with this tournament.

“Kenya has had a bad run in continental assignments of late, bowing out in the first or second round. Looking at the expenses incurred in honoring those matches, I think we should prioritize other things. Sh10 million in honoring those matches is not a joke, meaning if you qualify for round two that is double that amount,” said Mulee to goal.com

Mulee also stated that given Gor Mahia’s poor preparations, they will once again likely be bounced in the second round.

“What is the point of participating when you have not planned and prepared enough for the tournament? Preparation is always mediocre as compared to our opponents. So instead, of wasting all that cash and later players threatening to boycott matches because they have not been paid, why not pull out of the tournament and stabilize the team first?” continued Mulee

Should Gor Mahia overcome CNAPS, they are slated to face Moroccan giants Wydad Casablanca which is a team that has a strong record in the African champions league. They have won the Africa Champions league twice (last in 2011).

Team Captain Jerim Onyango has also re-iterated the need for better preparations this time around.

“It was a good draw but we expect that after the 2015 meeting, it will be tougher in 2016. They know more about us and we also know about them which will make this tie a tricky one.”

“Maybe they will be eyeing revenge in the tie but I expect that we will advance though it will not be easy; we have to prepare well and also put our house in order for us to go further that we did in previous years,” said Jerim to supersport.com

Jerim is indeed echoing the concerns of fans who have voiced their opinion on this forum and on other forums that the club may be leaving their planning and recruiting to the last minute which will hinder progress as it did last time.


13 thoughts on “Gor Mahia’s 2016 Africa cup campaign

  1. I beg to differ with Ghost. Tough we are financially poor we have the numbers and will to support the team to participate in this CAF tourney. How else do we compare ourselves with the best? If we can aim for the group stages then we can recoup the finances.
    What we need is some elements in the office to assist AR so that we can achieve that.
    Our run in the continental games as well as CECAFA is what gave us the belief to continuously beat the local teams

  2. I am surprised, this is coming from Ghost Mulei. So fellow Kenyans we toil through the league to just sit back and “prepare” for the future? Future about what, for what? Ghost and others like him is such privileged positions had better be giving positive ideas on how the Gor Mahia and can raise money and participate effectively in these competitions. And not just money, but also how preparations should be done in such situations. This is us Kenyans and such a competition is for Kenya, the team is just a representation of the country. Let us please be positive.

  3. Hi Guys have read an article in goal.com about oliech n am disturbed

    Please can for office Just talk to oliech so as he can join gormahia even for six months so as he can continue looking for a club before he looses it in life since now he is desperate

    Please gormahia office assist oliech by recruiting him me dont want him to call to grass. So as he can fix his life coz life is a circle

    Jakoyo.dan original.ogango trailer.dinga.n others please talk to for Ec to recruit oliech

    1. Gor doesn’t sign out of sympathy, Kogallo signs because of quality and ability.Otherwise we would first have sympathy for Julias Owino who sacrificed his whole life st Gor mahis and is now living in poverty

  4. After winning KPL Premier League in 2013, 2014 and 2015, it is only fair that Gor Mahia goes for continental glory as financial issues are sorted out simultaneously

  5. Rachier may wait until 2 weeks before the Madagascar game to tell fans that there is no money to go to Madagascar. Why not start fund raising now?

  6. Just read somewhere that Musa Mohammed and Godfrey Walusimbi have renewed their contracts for two years. I believe the ec is doing their deals covertly which is good.

  7. Ghost unfortunately has become a fatalist.We need to conquer new lands;take this club to the next level.Anyone;Anima Ferari is on Twitter. Does she offer any insight on transfers? Since Ambrose has no online footprint

  8. People like Ghost Mulee, has ren out of ideas in Football management. Teams sruggled to be Champion then you come up with such ideas? Gor must go out and compete with the rest of Africa.This is avenue where we can market our Players. ME I DISLIKE THE IDEA WITH IT’S TOTALITY.

  9. ghost mulee has been a coach of the national team,such a comment from him is unjustified.instead,he should give gormahia a technical advice being a coach.i do think that gor mahia should just have a good preparation and beef up their squad.am praying that gor mahia gets a sponsor.mulee believe me,gor had the best season n squad.


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