Gor Mahia’s new Brazilian coach and striker arrive

Silva and Aurelio with Jolawi Image courtesy of Olweya Vechies

After hiring Brazilian coach Jose Marcelo Ferreira, Gor Mahia have imported two more  Brazilians: , striker Thiago Da Silva and Marco Aurelio who will be the club’s assistant coach jetted in Nairobi on Friday to join the team ahead of the second leg of the season.

The duo were met at JKIA by team manager Jolawi Obondo and club official Naima Aketch.

“I’m happy to be in Kenya, a new place. I expect to score many goals. I have been in China and scored 23 goals in the last 10 months. I was the second top scorer,” Thiago, who was struggling to express himself in English told Citizen Digital upon arrival.

Silva was asked about his familiarity with the Kenyan football scene and Gor Mahia in particular.

“I have been watching Gor on TV and Internet,”  he said.

Aurelio, the assistant coach, was signed from Monte Carlo FC that plays in the Macau first division.

Gor Mahia officials have no information about the player nor the coach. But they are certain that he will not end up being another Giovanni Rodriguez Bissolli.

“We as officials have no background information of the player but we have confidence in the coach’s choice. How can a coach recommend a substandard player? He needs to perform more than anyone else,” club secretary, Ronald Ngala said to Citizen sports.

Bisolli was recomended by a local agent to the club in 2013 but could not measure up to the Standards needed by the club and reported to the team while several kilograms overweight.

Image courtesy of Ochieng Otieno
Image courtesy of Mesh Joseph

16 thoughts on “Gor Mahia’s new Brazilian coach and striker arrive

  1. the coach doesn’t have to see Kagere play in a live match. he must have watched his videos for him to opt to bring in the Brazilian instead of Kagere. good luck to da Silva.

  2. I have no concerns about the Brazilians Ze Maria is bringing in or any other players for that matter. Hence this matter of him not seeing Lwanda Magere play is neither here or there, he prefers “Thigo” (hasn’t Lwanda Magere been training with the team? What of video clips?) All this goes to show that Ze Maria has final say on players and I wish him all the best coz by now he knows Gor fans and our bloated Ec. Its telling that he’s even brought in another assistant, Good Sasa Ni Matokeo Ndio Tunangoja.

    1. no.you stated a fact.if he doesnt perform then whats the point of retaining him.perfom you stay dont perform you but for now lets wait and see how thigo performs.aucho and jausenge scored,i wish other gor alumni to do wel with harambee koroboi.

        1. both goals came from oluoch direct kick to first timbe then the second goal to wanyama to joana ,thanks jagool wa for reading the game well.

  3. you will agree with my opinion that these foreigners have some impacts to our local players, in 2012 Dan sserunkuma end Rama salim, in 2015 Middie kagere and michael olunga it s kagere end sserunkuma that made olunga end rama to be lithal upfront

  4. i have alwya been for the good sighning but i think in this one we are now over exergerating ourselves and we might be caught on the wrong side. Plz AR let us stop exergeration.


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