Government to fund Gor Mahia trip

Gor Mahia will after all travel Algeria after an eventful week in which the clubs travel plans were thrown into disarray.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Gor Mahia are set depart for Algeria on Friday for the first leg of their Caf Champions League first round match against USM Algier, club chairman Ambrose Rachier said on Thursday.

Rachier told Nation Sport that club patron and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga had intervened and the government has promised to give them return air ticket so that they can honour the away fixture set for Sunday.

According to Rachier, the team couldn’t leave the country on Thursday as earlier planned due to financial constraints, though still they are not sure about the time they shall leave on Friday because that depends on the airline and flight which they will be booked in by the government.

“We shall be leaving on Friday but I can’t tell the time, because we are not sure when the tickets we have been promised will be ready. We intend to reach Algeria on Saturday in readiness for the Sunday match. As at now we still don’t have money, things have been hard and we are relying on the government’s promise,” Rachier told Nation Sport on Thursday.

“We are sure they won’t let us down,” he added.

He acknowledged that the club has not been able to raise enough money to fund the trip and thanked the fans who are still continuing to support the team financially through the club’s pay bill number.

The encounter between the two teams is slated for Sunday at 10.25 pm and K’Ogalo will have less than 24 hours to train before the match kick off after arriving in Algeria.

Despite the financial troubles that has surrounded the teams traveling plans, Rachier exuded confidence that the players are well prepared and they shall go for a win then finish the job in a fortnight at home during the return leg.

The club on Wednesday released a list of 26 people including players, match officials and technical bench who are expected to depart for Algeria.

Traveling party

Boniface Oluoch, David Mapigano, Wellington Ochieng’, Tobias Otieno, Nicholas Kipkirui, Kenneth Muguna, Boniface Omondi, Joash Onyango, Joachim Oluoch, Samuel Onyango, Dickson Ambudo, Earnest Wendo, Lawrence Juma, Charles Momanyi, Maurice Ojwang’ and Geoffrey Ochieng’

Technical bench: Steven Polack, Patrick Odhiambo, Jolawi Obondo, Willis Ochieng’, Fredrick Otieno, George Omondi.

Officials: Ronald Ngala, Judith Nyangi, David Kilo and FKF official Joseph Andere.


70 thoughts on “Government to fund Gor Mahia trip

  1. When ‘fans’ and politicians abandon you at the hour of need, The right phone call by the right person in the right places is what we needed…So we are officially a fanless club, God help us !

  2. So the chairman is aware that fans are “continuing to support the team financially”! He should then whip the EC to begin a conversation with those fans through their phone contacts towards
    1. having them register as members
    2. expanding financially beneficial grassroots support
    3. stabilizing and strengthening the branches.

  3. e-registration will enable members in remote areas like Turkana and Samburu to register. Meanwhile let us continue to support the club in whatever small way we can through Pay bill No.350100.

  4. I think Gor should concentrate on the local games i.e KPL , the shield, Sportpesa and CECAFA club championship. The others like CAF should be left for teams like Tusker, Bandari and other institutional clubs. As it is the headache of organising travel outside of East Africa is proving to be a real chaallenge even if the team ids given 6 months to plan. The previous info was that the team was to leave last nite , the current is that the Patron is lobbying the govt for funds as of last nite. Was nobody aware that the team was to travel? Serious teams like Zesco are already in Tz from two days ago. For us we have to do it at the last minute. Psychologically this affects a player and the only result is a humiliating lose. AR and Co never seem to learn

    1. @Dan Original, your statement is against the spirit of competition. We need to have a foresight plan in ensuring that we have the resources and we are well prepared.

      I term this argument as defeatist attitude that has got no space in modern world of football. Sometimes teams do have difficult times in meeting their financial obligations.

    2. Actually the solution is privatization of the club to ensure that the management is involved in matters finance and leave football matters to the coach. It is time Gor becomes a company and should have shareholders. This issue of community club is no longer beneficial in the 21st century.

  5. We have officially activated Auto Begging Mode: No money to travel – right door knocked – right door open and money fly out – players are bundled in the plane – game played a few hours after arrival – Team come back – Stage go slow – play second leg – they Gor through to the next round – No Money – right doors knocked and the story continue.

  6. But these guys have been buying players last case being of Makwata snub. How will they pay them?…. If they are struggling to honour a match in Algeria, the very reason why they are signed. We need accredited office to manage the club. Not proxies who will pride while we are failing.

  7. I have heard people say Kizungu mingi Tuwache…Lakini I have been so astonished with the executive .Veery astonished. Did they not know we werw traveling. I refuse to send my Mpesa to such a poor organisation. Obedi Obedi. Kama mbaya mbaya. Jasego when will we jipanga? I supported Rachier Lakini I think he ia overwhelmed. He should leave even if itvis you Jasego, take over. We need some change. We need watu wa kujipanga mapema.

  8. Guys let us be fair to Rachier and the his Excom. It is very easy to yap from outside. Running this club is not easy. What makes some of us think that they are better than Rachier and if so where are they? Rachier is not perfect but I don’t think he has just been sitting waiting for last minute. I am certain that he has approached hundreds of corporate organizations. The corporate who are Gor Mahia potential sponsors are either hard hit by unfavorable economic situation in Kenya or do not see the value for sponsoring Gor Mahia. Hooligans have not made it any better for the club.Violence and free entry during match days is their hallmark. Somebody tell me where Rachier is supposed to get money to fly the team to Algeria.The only willing sponsor Sportpesa is also being harassed by the Government. What is Rachier supposed to do. Somebody return me please.
    An gi geno, Piny nigi geno, Ongeye gima osekethore. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo.

    1. @Albert Kosero, we have very many useless and bootless bloggers with empty brains in this site. These are the same noisemakers that have formed the habit of getting into the stadium without paying the requisite match entry fee. These are mere bloggers that are not real fans and members of the club. Their job descriptions is to attack Ambrose Rachier 24/7 with untenable proposals.

      These bloggers are bootless, nugatory, hopeless, unusable, ineffectual, inefficacious and instead of joining the club as members they are busy bad-mouthing the chairman. Chairman Ambrose Rachier deserves maximum respect as at some difficult times has been financing the club with his own resources. Some of these dimwit and nincompoop bloggers have been busy writing and posting nonsensical comments that reflects their blockheads and their characters.

  9. Gor Mahia need to grow and that cannot happen by concentrating in the FKF premier league and CECAFA club championship. Hence the need to participate in CAF tournaments. Ambrose Rachier has done his best since he took over the chairmanship of the club. The days Gor Mahia used to be in the middle of FKF premier league table. EC is composed of human beings with weaknesses and strengths. Nobody is a 100% perfect. Let is focus on the positive. This is not the right time to focus on the negatives in light of the crucial match we have aead of us on Sunday against USM Algiers. Meanwhile, let us focus in helping the club in our own small way by sending our voluntary contributions to Paybill No.350100.

  10. Gor Mahia need to grow and that cannot happen by concentrating in the FKF premier league and CECAFA club championship. Hence the need to participate in CAF tournaments. Ambrose Rachier has done his best since he took over the chairmanship of the club. The days Gor Mahia used to be in the middle of FKF premier league table. EC is composed of human beings with weaknesses and strengths. Nobody is a 100% perfect. Let us focus on the positive. This is not the right time to focus on the negatives in light of the crucial match we have ahead of us on Sunday against USM Algiers. Meanwhile, let us focus in helping the club in our own small way by sending our voluntary contributions to Paybill No.350100.

    1. @Musymo this is history as the team will be travelling. We need to play our parts if we truthfully mean well for this great club. We need to register in large numbers and at the same time as fans we should make some monthly financial commitment such as Kshs.50, Kshs.100, Kshs.500, Kshs.500, Kshs.1,000, Kshs.5.000, Kshs.10,000 etc on monthly basis that can be wired directly to the club official bank account.

  11. Let us not panic. Our God is with us. The God which enabled Israelites to cross the Red sea will ensure Gor Mahia lands in Algiers. I trust and believe the trip to Algeria is on. Let us send whatever little amount we have to Paybill No. 350100. Every coin counts. No amount of money is too little.

  12. NIDIJZB5ZB confirmed kshs xxx xxx sent to GOR MAHIA for account xxxx on 13/9/2019 at 11.18AM. New M-PESA balance is Kshs xxxxxx . Transaction cost khs. xxxx. Let’s give whatever little we have before the departure time.

  13. Ningependa ku ti @Jasego’s pendekezo la punguza kizungu mingi kwa kuzungumza luga mbadala , ile wafwasi wa Gor Mahia wanajaribu kusema hapa ni kwamba baada ya miaka hamsini na upuzi juu yake , Gor Mahia sio mtoto tena , Gor Mahia ni mtu mzima sasa , na wakati mtu amefika umri yenye Gor imefika , haistahili kila siku ana lia apatiwe samaki , inastahili afunzwe kuvua samaki , na samaki kwa ziwa ya Gor Mahia imezidi millioni 3 (wafwasi ) , na sio kazi ya samaki kukuonea huruma eti una hisi njaa atoke ziwani hau mtoni hakuje kwako umkule , ni kazi yako kuenda ziwani na mpango ya kuvua na uspoenda basi ni shauri yako sababu ziwa sio mama ya mutu .
    Mtu ama watu wakijitokeza na kusema wangependa kuendesha gurudumu la Gor Mahia , basi iendeshe , usikuje tena ku lalama eti wenye wana sema uyaendeshi vizuri waaje waiendeshe , sababu sio hawo ndio walijipendekeza .
    Kama wewe ni kichwa cha nyumba alafu ushindwe kuleta imani
    Ku lea familia yako , usi kuje tena kwa jami kulia vile ku lea familia ni ngumu .
    Mimi binafsi , na heshimu ile ADOR amefanya kutufikisha hapa lakini kuna mingi yenye aki weka mguu chini na acharaze wenzake wakorofi wenye wana didimisha kazi yake , yenye inaweza fanyika , sasa leo tu ADOR anatuambiya kitu moja , na Nyangi anatuambia kitu tofauti .
    Niko na mengi la kusema lakini Kiswahili yangu imefika kikomo-asanteni

  14. Source African Sports Today
    Gor Mahia FC have secured air tickets through the ministry of Sports after the intervention of Kenyan prime minister and Gor Mahia patron Hon Eng. Raila Odinga.

    The team is expected to hit the run-way today evening after short training to Algeria for their CAF Champions League match (USM Alger versus Gor Mahia) which is scheduled for Sunday, 15th September as from 10.45pm EAT

  15. Well yesterday I left JKIA at 1am having secured confirmation 8 Air Tickets which was very disappointing as I had targeted atleast 17 for all players and head coach. The remaining were proving difficult as the airline is not interested in sureties or post dated cheques since they are also facing serious financial difficulties at this time. The onus after exhausting cash avenues was Chairman to reach out to Patron to intervene which he did and the team awaits confirmation of the remaining 18 tickets. We really pray they come through even as we explore a back up RTGS bank transaction using securities like vehicular logbooks and title deeds should worse come to the worst. It is really hard but that is the reality of our team situation…

  16. Hiding your mpesa balance is ok but why is everyone blanking out the amount sent to GM. Does the paybill number indicate the total raised so far, I remember S. Nasio’s paybill indicated the total amount raised. All amounts sent and the contributors are appreciated but showing the amount contributed will enhance accountability. Unfortunately I will not contribute until EC introduces e-membership (i.e registration and voting) and dissemination/publication of GM financial statements. For the last 2 years the Gov’t/taxpayers have funded GM’s air tickets. Lastly are you contributing so that GM flies to Algiers or that the team arrives in Algiers in good time rested and ready to give their best in the match. If 25k fans mpesaed 200bob each GM would have their 5m but will EC account for the money or will our players still sleep on airport floors and suffer unpaid allowances while Makwattas and Oliech and the Westies reap from their teammates’ sweat and blood. Wishing GM a victory in Algiers.

  17. Misemo yafuatayo yafafanua hali yetu kwa sasa.

    Mmegee paka, wewe mkono huna
    Ukilima pantosha, utavuna pankwisha.
    Mpenda cha bure, hufa kidole mdomoni.
    Mpewa chakula na watu hana uso
    Nitafanya, nitafanya, ni uzembe

    Tafakari haya.
    Kwa wachezaji, baada ya kupandishwa ndege kwa dharura kuwaelekeza Algeria, nawaombea neema ili mpate nguvu, na mustamihili hali ngumu itakayo wakumba safarini na hata uwanjani.

  18. @Oduor12, Blanking or not blanking money sent to GM is a personal decision. After all, giving is a matter between the giver and God. Though I support blanking because somebody with a small amount like 100/= may not give due to inferiority complex but remember that 100/= is enough to buy drinking water for a player. What do you think that? No money is little. Every coin counts. Meanwhile let us send our little contributions to Paybill No.350100.

    1. Good Idea. Why not just start a campaign to “buy Gor Player water” to use during matches per month. Then this giving too little embarrassment will go. We will achieve the Kshs 6m per month @JandisibutSigama
      Even the guyz who take beer as the players sweat it out can buy their players a drink.

    2. When/if 25,000 stakeholders blank 100bob that means kes 2.5m will have been received but will the EC account for it?
      Even 50bob is appreciated, if you read my post keenly, but I do agree that to blank or not to blank (just as to give or not to give) is a personal decision so perhaps it’s best for EC to upgrade the paybill to always indicate the total raised after each transaction. That will boost transparency and encourage more givers(ing).

  19. Hey fans we should support this club of ours GM is just a fantastic club to watch its soccer, if every fan can manage to contribute at least sh100 every month to the club pay bill 350100 and because am very sure we (fans)can’t be less than 60000 in number every month we will be sure of 6m which the club can even use to pay players live alone travelling.

    1. This is similar to the strategy used by Luo Thrift Trading Co and later Kisumu Molasses Co. Mobilizing millions from the masses in the form of 50bob or 100bob for a popular cause but at the end of the day no accountability, and if you care to ask yourself who benefits and assumes the ownership of these ventures/assets, only a select few.
      By accountability in GM I mean the cash must first pay salaries and allowances of players who give their blood and sweat in training and matches rather than dashing out kes.1m cheques with a single signature to sign a player who has not been assessed by the TB/ our medics and may turn out to be another Oliech, Odula or the Westies.

  20. has indicated the team will fly out at 8:00pm. Let us never panic but be optimistic.@Jandisibut Sigama, Good idea up there.

  21. I appreciate all the good ideas. It is true we can raise more than 5M in a month but where is the organization of the fans. This is what some of us are complaining about. We need that we can buy something branded Gor Mahia like buying water every match day. Kuingia pitch sare pia watu waache. Lets book online. Let the officials work on fan registration, I think it will be a big boost. My take!!

  22. It has come out from even those who are criticising those who are criticising or critiquing the shambolic nature that is the EC , that they too appreciate there is a problem that urgently needs to be sorted , non other than ADOR in an interview with KTN alluded to the same , and even @Jasego has voiced his frustrations in this forum , latest being how one Bolo who is the treasurer lost the club vast sums of money with the e ticketing , a blunder that cost the club the equivalent , if not more of the amount we have unleashed the begging bowl for , if the ones who have unleashed a torrent of insults on the ones who have validly questioned the ineptness of what the head of the club has admitted cant appreciate the concern of those pointing that out and calling for accountability and Leadership , then we have a bigger problem .
    But even as we point fingers at the EC , lets also accept as fans that we are also a problem , because as inept as we claim the EC is , we cant be the same ones who go to matches with 50bob or force ourselves into the stadium , make the club lose a lot of money and then ask why the club has no money .
    This club is going through a lot of problems , one of them being the lack of convenient stadias in the city that hitherto were available , be that as it may , an EC/Fanbase progressively and structurally moving positively in one direction is the antidote , but it is the EC to provide leadership and direction .
    An example to what we are witnessing and why we are where we are suffices when we look back at the entertainment industry in kenya and how it has evolved , we used to have a group of comedians in a show called Vioja Mahakamani , it is uncontested that this show had the funniest and most talented comic crew in kenya , but these guys spent all their lifetime crying to Government for handouts , they died miserably in abject poverty , then came the Nyambanes , the Churchills , the Jalangos and even our very own Jaro Soldier , they changed the concept , branded and packaged their products , the sponsors came and the rest is history , to buttress my point , one can compare Jaro Soldier and that Afc fan from Nakuru whose name I cant even remember , the one who comes to the stadium with sisal reeds , he is the equivalent of Vioja Mahakamani and the equivalent of Gor Mahia , its ok to work hard but dont forget to work smart .

  23. The GM office is dead and malfunctioning. AR is running Gor Mahia with harambee mentality, remniscent of the KANU regime. Football is a big Industry and a club of Gor mahia stature can only get better with proper management.

    Proper planning is necessary even in your own Kitchen. The Analogue Chairman has outlived his time at Gor Mahia. We need a revolutionary and digital professionals to take over and soccer will be very exciting game to invest in here in Kenya just as it is in the Europe.

    The briefcase handmen and proxies are only making the work of the bonafide officials difficult. Gor Mahia need a proper structural system. They should generate their own revenues and such monies properly accounted for etc.

    1. @Kenneth, how do you want Gor Mahia to be run? Have you registered as Gor Mahia member? If not then stop yapping like dimwit.

  24. To all those yapping here , if at all you have not registered as a member to fight from inside to effect those changes you eloquently yap about here and on other social medias , then you are THE MOST USELESS Person ever to walk the surface of this earth In the name of being a Gor Supporter .
    Who by the way are you expecting to turn up on your behalf e.g during elections to elect those kind of transparent and accountable officials you gnash and wail that you need as you sit back cowardly behind a keyboard to issue stale third hand useless suggestions on how Gor should be run or not be run ? .
    The fewer the registered members are , and the more , guys who genuinely love Gor but continously jump on to any convenient excuse not to be members , and for whatever reason , the easier it is for the sharks who might have the money but contest for reasons that have nothing to do with any advancement of the club to afford their way into the club leadership .
    Wouldnt it be helpful if you can be in the room where decisions are made and with your numbers prevail on how the club should be run or if not that , please educate the rest of us how you intend to effect your change .
    A majority of Gor Mahia followers genuinely love the club but the problem is that they are easily excitable by generated negativity , say anything negative about the club and you awaken their demons and in big numbers , but say something positive about Gor Mahia and before you finish , they will be drowsing or calling you kingdom guards , an opportunity the opportunists like he of the “His almighty ADOR ” fame have identified and are exploiting with a wish that ADOR’S downfall is there route to Gor’s Leadership , even if the club suffers as a result .
    As much as we may assail this office , one fact we cant run away from is that this office has done a lot of good things and were it not for other factors e.g a divided office , they would have done more , one of the reasons being some of the men and women we , the “fans” were bribed and ferried from as far as kiambu to elect or our not being members enabled their elections .
    All said and done , as much as I have no doubt that ADOR is analogue , his heart is in the right place but he has constantly and for whatever reason chosen a secretariat that is equally analogue , all of his trusted leughtenants like Ngala and Aduda are remnants of the industrial age operating in the information age and that is just not feasible , in a world approaching the age of Artificial Intelligence , there is absolutely no way people reasoning manually and phisically are gonna get you results and this Is an area I wish @Jasego could bring up with Rachier .

  25. Teddy and all bloggers the team departs at 00.35 aboard Qatar Airways and lands in Doha at 06.50 then switch planes and depart Doha at 7.45 to arrive in Algiers at 12.25 midday…Return Flight begins on Monday at 15.30..Like I said we will honour the fixture no matter what. I must thank God foremost and everyone else who contributed something no matter how small. As for me and Ador we await the usual abuses on how briefcase proxies are sidelining sijui elected officials as if we stepped aside and left the likes of John Pesa… SG Ben Omondi…Sally Bolo…KGM Odhiambo…Beryl Nyarae and Bunguu…since these are the purpoted sidelined officials then the team would have made this trip? Walking with Gor requires hali na mali the 8 return tickets cost almost 1 Million that we paid despite harambee raising only 300,000. Govt bought 18 return tickets. Food and accommodation for the whole contingent there for 2 days is on ADOR, Victor Kidiwa and Jasego and will cost another 1.5 million that I am wiring tomorrow to TM. So can i kindly ask the ones abusing us daily here if they could have under written Kshs 2.5 Million with those useless officials they keep mentioning here or do you think having elected them can make them able to use personal money that they don’t have to help Gor Mahia.

  26. @Jasego, thanks for your sacrifices. Most of us here focus on the negatives and blame game. Kindly let us focus more on the positives which will take the team to the next level.

  27. I have said one thing about our new coach and that is his Professional approach to his job in comparison to how some , Infact most of his predecessors used to , most important is the appreciation of the fact that a little effort will give you videos/intel of opponents you are confronting .
    I have just read an interview of the same from him talking about how videos of USM Alger have enabled him to know the strengths and weakneses of them , hence allowing him to specifically plan for them .
    Hiring this guy is one of the many good decisions this EC has made but which doesnt get much mention by “The fans” .
    One thing we must not fail to mention is the decision to appoint Keneth Muguna the captain plus how he has managed unlike some other one , to keep the playing unit calm and disciplined despite the furore we have undergone , in our past life , we would have been having acres of space in newspapers quoting our very own about go slows , players not reporting for training while at the same time plotting on how to embarass us with useless selfies lying on airport floors , by the way , not so long ago , I came across Prophet Owuor lying on the floor in an airport while waiting for a flight connection (it wasnt for lack of money ), but that is a sideshow just for emphasis to the Machakos airport adherents .
    Wishing them all the best .

  28. We are well informed. We point out facts. Knowing very well that Gor Mahia leadership also read this page. It is for the betterment of our club.

    I don’t have a problem with the role Jasego is playing only if it is official. I am a strong believer in systems because systems work best. Any other way is a gamble. How i wish that the leadership could structure a system that would work for the club.

  29. @Teddy, Muguna is a leader, experienced and enjoying his trade. Those who came before him were unschooled and couldn’t even express themselves. That’s why they made little impact. You can only compare him( Muguna) to Olunga.

    Even the captaincy of Oliech, Mariga and Wanyama were lucking leadership.

  30. @Keneth , @Jasego is a registered member of Gor Mahia and as such is morally obligated to , if he so desires , go the extra mile to be part of the solution if he so desires , the same should appropriately apply to you if you so desire , assuming you are a member because intelligent application of your desire can only be fruitful if you become a member of one of the systems already in place I.e club registration or in your opinion what alternative do you profer beyond the soundbytes .
    A few months ago , members were called upon to come forward to present their views on the club’s new constitution , a very fundamental journey to create those systems everybody agrees is needed in the club , and I want to finish my piece by letting you into a universally accepted advice by JF Kennedy I .e “Ask not what your country has done for you but rather what you have done for your country ” after all is not a fact that it is your club and not the ECs .
    Multi faceted issues require multi dimensional thoughts .

  31. Congratulations to His Excellency Hon. Raila who is also the Patron for intervening and also to the government for listening and buying the tickets. It must not have been easy. Away from the Office, I think that the fan base is letting the Club down. Firstly, there are some that have stuck to the position that the office is incompetent. Secondly, some have always adopted the fence sitting strategy.Thirdly, there are those who are convinced that every coin is being mismanaged.
    To build my case. Recently, the first game of the league For played in Kisumu which is supposed to be the bedrock of support. The amount collected reflected a different picture. We can never run away from money obligations. A findraiser was called for this same trip, surely was that the best that we could do. To me it boils down to hypocritical support. Must we wait for the office to do everything, I think differently. We are falling into the same situation that some of us have accustomed them of, not being proactive. It is a time for us to not always wait for the office and design ways that can raise a true fan base on population that is also committed in giving financial support.


    The heavens flood gates opened on Algiers, Algeria on Thursday 12th September forcing USM Alger to abandon training as some sections of the city experienced floods.

    USM Alger are set to host Gor Mahia in the First Round of the CAF Champions League at the Mustapha Tchaker Stadium on Sunday 15th September in a 10:45 PM (EAT) kick-off. The Algerian outfit has had their fair share of woes in the build-up to the clash with their players downing their tools due to salary arrears.

    Alger had previously admitted that they could be forced to forfeit their return leg against Gor Mahia due to the harsh economic times at the club. Everything seems to be against the 2015 Champions League finalists as they were forced to abandon training due to the heavy rains that pounded Algiers on Thursday evening.

    1. I blame the USM Alger EC for the heavy downpour , like our own EC , we expect them to be in control of everything , including the Whether , the EC should have provided the players with umbrellas and gumboots so that training is not interrupted –
      This message is from USM Alger fans , Gor Mahia branch , Algiers , Algeria .

  33. Wishing Kogalo all the best in Algeria. If Bandari did it in Tunisia we can also do it in Algeria. I watched Wazito fc against Western stima fc and I wondered if that’s the team with all the big names all the former powerhouse names like Nzigymana, Sibomana, Abondo were shadow of their former selves actually they were lucky to manage a draw just because stima strikers were clueless. GOR MAHIA PLAYERS DO YOUR BEST WITHIN THE 90MINUTES.

    1. Thanks for the correction but still they did some good work and we pray our team kubwa to do the same USM Algers are beatable like last time we almost beat them in their home ground were it not for poor officiating.

  34. Courtesy of

    Gor Mahia team to face USM Algers named
    Gor Mahia team to face USM Algers named
    1 hour ago Zachary Oguda
    Gor Mahia head coach Steve Pollarck has named his side that will take on USM Algers in the first round of the CAF Champions League slated for Algeria on Sunday 15 September from 10 pm EAT.

    The coach has named virtually the same squad that dis duty against Tusker FC in their opening game of the 2019/20 Kenyan Premier League season.

    Mapingano maintains his place between the sticks instead of Boniface Oluoch who will once again be his understudy with Wellington Ochieng, Joash Onyango, Charles Onyango and Geoffrey Ochieng manning the defence.

    Protecting the Back Four
    Youngster Tobias Otieno will once again be charged with the duty of protecting his back four with Lawrence Juma and Kenneth Muguna joining him in midfield.

    Nicholas Kipkurui who was withdrawn in the Tusker game will lead the goal hunt and will depend on the likes of Dickson Ambundo in troubling the hosts’ defence.

    The aggregate winner of the tie will book a place in the group stage of the CAF Champions League.

    Gor Mahia Starting XI: David Mapingano (GK), Wellington Ochieng, Charles Momanyi, Joash Onyango, Geoffrey Ochieng, Tobias Otieno, Lawrence Juma, Kenneth Muguna, Boniface Omondi, Dickson Ambundo, Nicholas Kipkurui

    Subs: Boniface Oluoch (GK), Ernest Wendo, Maurice Ojwang, Joachim Oluoch, Sammy Onyango

  35. Whoever came up with the idea of streaming live football matches on this nonesensical thing called Facebook Page is a very antisocial and antifootball person. May anyone lucky to view our live game in Algiers keep on updating the blog as we stand together with the team in prayer.

  36. We need steady and very fast right fullback that can read the game well. Wellington let USM player to dribble into the box…..goalkeeper dived but fouled USM player that led to a penalty. Third goal was poor marking as the USM player shot 18 yard the hit inside the far post…the ball ricocheted off the far post into the net.

  37. From the game we played in the second half USM will be in trouble. The speed was high and we really pressed for a goal. I can still see Gor going through. Of only we had Philemon and Batambuze our flanks would be more secure but both Ochiengs will still deliver .
    Now we need to come back and strategize for the next leg. Keeper needs to be more alert. I saw the Tusker blunders again during this game, though he also made some critcal saves


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