Jerry “Jagoal” retained as captain as league kicks off

Gor Mahia have retained Jerim Onyango as team captain for the 2015 season. This according to a story posted on Musa Mohamed has been appointed as Vice Captain. Jerim was voted captain by the players last season.  The duo are the longest serving players in the team. Jerim who is 30 has been around since 2008 when he joined the club from KRA. You can spot the excited Jerim in the picture below.

In 2008, Gor Mahia won the KFF cup beating Posta Rangers 2-0


Musa Mohamed takes over as Vice captain from David Owino “Calabar” who departed for Zambia in January. Musa joined Gor Mahia straight out of secondary school where played in an excellent Langata high school squad that won the national schools title in 2009.

The captain’s armband is typically given to the most experienced player or the player with good leadership skills, is respected by most players or a combination of all three. Typically the players vote for the captain at the beginning of the season or the coach selects the captain.  Jerim possesses all these characteristics. He is experienced, is level headed and has good leadership skills. Which is why he was elected captain in 2014.

It is also usually given to a player who is almost certain of a first team place. However in the current configuration of Gor Mahia, and based on current form, there are probably only two or three players who are assured of a place in the starting line-up. Just ask “Gattuso” who was shell shocked to find himself benched for the Africa champions league tie this past Saturday. This being the case, Gor Mahia will likely need to select a second Vice Captain to take over the armband in case both Musa and Jerim are not on the field.

KPL Kickoff

Gor Mahia will kick off their league campaign this next Saturday, February 21 against Mathare. The match is being held against a backdrop of a tug of war between KPL and FKF regarding whom should run the league. FKF have already fined Gor Mahia and Sofapaka Ksh 200,000 for playing in the 2015 DSTV Super cup. The meeting between KPL and FKF that was held on Wednesday did not bear any fruits.

Ambrose Rachier who attended the meeting said the two sides could not reach an amicable agreement.

“There is no resolution from the meeting since we could not agree, the chairman of the meeting (Nyamweya) suggested that we take a vote. We could however not take part in it because the FKF team way outnumbered KPL team” according to

Meanwhile sports minister Hassan Wario vowed to take action is the two parties do not reach an agreement. But his options are limited. Should be remove Nyamweya from FKF, Sepp Blatter and FIFA will immediately ban Kenya football within hours. even reported that none other than President Uhuru Kenyatta phoned Blatter about the situation in Kenya but Blatter stuck to his guns and insisted that Nyamweya and FKF must be in charge of all football activities in Kenya. Remember that Blatter feels he must support local officials at all costs so that they can vote for him at the next FIFA election where for the first time in years, Blatter is running against credible candidates.

Meanwhile the FKF premier league kicked off last weekend with Shabana playing Nakumatt. It remains to be seen  whom Shabana and Nakumatt will play next.



9 thoughts on “Jerry “Jagoal” retained as captain as league kicks off

  1. It’s simple. If we get banned we can still play locally and Blatter will be minus one vote. At the same time we would have a credible caretaker committee

  2. Lets do what Nigeria did. If u cant persuade Nyamweya to use sense then sense can b drummed in his head. The man has a long history this history should be used to chuck him out. Even the Nigerian thought he was safe. Ask Nyamweya what became of him.

  3. I was xpecting wario to disband fkf like yesterday. What is he waiting. This nyamwya is the same person who destroyed football in 2005 b4 clubs formed kpl to run the league & we have a proffesionally run league. We need to retain kpl @ all cost.

  4. Rachier should not succumb to Nyamweya tactics. This guy is not going anywhere and will officially have dug his grave with his 18 member league. Obviously Blatter supports Nyamweya, all this is tied to his one vote. Blatter cares less about Kenyan soccer. He can always feed with it crumbs that fall under the table. I am also disappointed with Raila support for this corrupt fkf league without even taking into account that it is founded on corruption. It also tells alot the kind of calibre Raila management brings to the table. You cannot simply support wrong just coz you benefit from the Nyamweya. Football as I said before is not considered a ‘goverment sport’ like other African countries. I do not think the current ministry concerned will do much beyond disbanding FKF. Unless football management goes the rugby way then expect the continued aloof nature of goverment. Football is held hostage by Opposition(read Raila) politics and this has been a major reason why the goverment has kept off.
    Kenyans have two solutions;
    1. Go the rugby way; this means getting kenyans who reason well and can manage affairs without behaving like gorillas. Manage your affairs well and never beg govt for anything.
    2. get the goverment money support… This is not the better option coz it could mean exchanging one monkey(govt) for (opposition)another. The management style would still remain Ape like.

  5. Shida yetu ni Nyamweya na tusi danganyane. The man thinks he owns Kenyan football. For something to flourish it has to shrivel first. Nyamweya must go.

  6. why cant we football fans n teams hold national demonstration against nyamweya and co.this also should b a wakeup call to fkf office to b voted out at all cost.the prob is not the number of teams bt fkf have another broadcaster which intends to be giving teams 9m instead of supersport 7.5m.if we go the nyamweya way our players wil not get publicity the way supersport does.nyamweya must go!period


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