Kerr: Fatigue and off the field issues affecting the team

Coach Dylan Kerr was an unhappy man after Gor Mahia gave a up a 2-0 lead and ended up drawing 2-2 with Rayon Sports of Rwanda. So unhappy that he skipped the post match interview.

“I’m not happy at all.That is not Gor Mahia. My players are fatigued and there are a lot of off-pitch issues affecting them. They are worried of how they are going to get paid..”There is a lot of pressure on Francis Kahata because Simba are talking to my player and that may be affecting him. It affects other players as well because Francis is a good player ,”he said, to Citizen Sports.

Kerr was furious with Simba for tapping his player (Kagere), who left on free transfer.

What is also difficult to explain is how a club that has a sponsor, that received Ksh 3 million for winning the Sportpesa Supercup and Ksh 27 million from CAF is having difficulty paying players.

As for fatigue, K”Ogalo should have skipped the CECAFA club cup. Gor Mahia should have considered sigining more players during the June transfer season especially to replace injured players. And Kerr should rest some of his key players.

Kerr went on to say that the saga with the substandard hotel affected his players

“Technically I thought we played some good football though we were tired. The accommodation we stayed in wasn’t good.We got locked in the car park for 3 hrs because they wanted charges for the day we stayed.The players have got those things in their head…that wasn’t my team today but I like the energy and the effort.” he concluded.

Kerr posted his frustration on social media


Gor Mahia places price tag on Kahata

Gor Mahia are willing to part with playmaker Francis Kahata for ksh 150 million.

“We are ready to allow Kahata move because as a club policy we don’t stand in a players’ way when he wants to move for greener pastures. However, let it be known that we can only negotiate with a team that is ready to pay Sh150m.” said a club source to

Simba of Tanzania tabled a bid of Ksh 9.8 million. It is said that Bloemfontein Celtic and Free State Stars of South Africa are also pursuing Kahata. Former Gor Mahia ace Ali Abondo is currently at Celtic.



48 thoughts on “Kerr: Fatigue and off the field issues affecting the team

  1. Ata kulipa hamtalipa players we are receiving 68 million from sport pesa 27 million from caf 3 million from sport pesa cup that’s 98 million not counting the money we receive as grants and entrance fee 98 million is what the league gets to run it the whole season … as we are storing for future we should not forget the present

  2. Bloggers i got tired and bored when some if us went to the defence of EC looters and thieves for reasons best known to them.@ Teddy sofaset you said player boycotts were rumourmongers branch created sijui players never staged strike which left me dejected.If one does not know K’Ogalo happenings just ease out let those with inside information like me enlighten you.Everything that was reported happened and Ngala who is Rachiers looter per excellence never solved anything with the playing unit as reported to the media, instead him and Aduda Rachiers other cronie huffed and puffed with contractual breach threats especially to the Captain and senior players until they took a tactical retreat and went back to work.They Have still not been paid a single cent of what they were promised and are in Cecafa against their conscience and for that i wont blog or comment nothing about that tournament and Gor’s performance there whether we win it or get knocked out in the first round..

    1. @Jasego, my reference to Rumourmongers branch was in response to a question as to when Gor had returned to kisumu after having reportedly packing there bags , checking out of the hotel and leaving for Nbi , at the time the rumour was being milled , I have it as a fact that Gor was in kisumu .
      Secondly , I never said there was no issue , my words were overblown and exagerated , something the kenyan media is known for when it comes
      to Gor , if in doubt , look at how the media covered the hooliganism in kakamega by Afc supporters and try to imagine if it was Gor fans who did the same , it would be top and running news in both the print and electronic media for days on end .
      Lastly I personally no reason to support the EC when I believe they are wrong and at the same time when they are right I will support them , but putting aside the micro issues , I have consistently focussed and criticised the EC for their deliberate “inability”to establish structures for the club , to which I said that as of now the Gor office read AR is now in Russia and thats a problem .
      Finally , the only control I have is on what I write but not how it is interpreted

      1. @Teddy i understand it,thought it was a blanket denial of the happenings at the club read unrest and strife owing to delayed payments and player morale…

  3. If you guys check the last blog i already talked of the Kahata situation in terms of what Simba tabled and what Kerr demanded and the situation at hand.GM is cannibalised from within and there is a saying that states “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is when Good Men sit by and do Nothing”. I Jasego has always done something against the corrupt GM led EC by calling them out with their shenanighans time and again. As Kerr rightly puts it,where has all the money gone to that we are having difficulties even paying players salaries and winning bonuses?Why should Rachier be the single controller and signatory to clubs Account?Why is all monies to GM clouded in secrecy and diverted to someone’s personal business to spin the wheels then returned piece meal per month to offset club expenditure?So when the personal business stalls abit then club is stuck in debt since there is literally no money in clubs account.Are we now washing clubs cash akin to money laundering when we all know the proceeds are legitimately given to GM.Chairman did not go to Russia with his personal money even if that point is attacked some of us know him better.Ask him to account for clubs expenses so far by an independent audit and hear what he will say.Anyway Kerr i told you not to honour Cecafa but you are a good man and went ahead.I told you we push them harder they let me bring you continental maestro players they refused you yielded so things will be abit tough my Good Sir though i stand with you through thick and thin.EC pay players their dues and motivate them to do their best since this coercion you are trying will be the end of our good run.Wendo already has an offer from Zambia which is unsettling his mind with the club willing to buy him out but i have convinced him to stay,Aduda and Ngala are you even aware of such?They cant approach EC and always run to Jasego when unsettled and in strife.Bure kabisa nyinyi

  4. @Jasego, someone once said that we will be victims of our own success and we can now see it. The EC is not moving at the same pace as the TB and plying unit. Football management is still a problem to our EC. To them is about making the money and bragging that they are Gor officials. I wonder why they couldn’t meet Jomo Sono when he was around .. I am sure they would have learnt a thing or two.
    My thinking is that if we can hold to the players then do some good business at the end of the season then we would still have a strong team next year.
    I hear Kerr also has offers now from other countries but has offered to remain.
    On fatigue I wonder why some players like Samuel Onyango are not getting adequate playtime We tend to use Tuyisenge and Shakava more

    1. @Dan Yes Kerr has offers from Vietnam and South Africa which are concrete and offer packages uncomparable to what GM gives him.But he is a staunch believer in what he has started here and genuinely trusts that GM can transcend the heights of African Football.He is a very amiable and jolly chap hence why he doesn’t rub EC the wrong way.Infact today he spoke his mind about feeling let down out of desperation not because he likes being seen to challenge the office but becaude players are frustrated.I pray he hangs on in there and EC shapes up kabla punda ichoke

  5. My opinion.
    1. Did players work hard for two goals, yes.
    2.Was their any sign of go slow , no
    3. Was their willingness the win the match Yes.
    4. Did partnership/ chemistry between Tuisenge and Guikan work yes.
    5. Did let in two goals easily no.
    6. Can we blame anyone for two goals,no.
    7. Did our mid fielder balder by no giving tight cover for second goal yes.
    Let us accept that it was a good match considering arrival time for the same and issues with Hotel. Let support our players and accept that not every day is a winning day. I rest my case.

  6. Defend Him As You Wish But Rachier Is A Deadly Snake. What I Know Is That This Man With His Retinue Of Looters Will Never Take Gor To The Next Level.
    Rachier En Oyieyo Machamo Gor To Kudho. A Perfect Exemplification Of An Educated Fool.For How Long Are We To Allow Our Club To Be Subjected To This Sisyphia Tragedy Of Always Nearing The Summit N Then Rolling All The Way Back Down?
    Someone Tell Rachier To Shape Up Or Ship Ouy.

  7. Mr Kerr, you are in charge of the technical bench, you are it’s chief executive if I may put it correctly and I would like to believe that your recommendations on tournaments is taken into consideration.
    So pliz tell me how you can now bring in the question of fatigue. Even the common fan could see that this many matches would take a toll on the players. I mentioned that you cannot do a Manchester City within a season given that a club like Gor does not have resources to play many matches at a go.
    Wasn’t the Organising secretary, in this case Judith, aware of the type of accomodation cecafa was putting on offer?
    What means was going to be used for travel?
    Were the players happy?
    Had the players been paid?
    Where were they going to stay?
    Sadly most of these answers were known but the EC simply focused on the tournament prize.
    This is why I lament the the club(EC Management) is based on emotion and guesswork.
    So the club is purely in cecafa on a money hunting mission without caring whether the “Donkey” is drinking enough water. But what advise did the donkey handler give to the EC, that he now turns around and mentions fatigue.
    The players are now aware that they are being used… who wants to be paid another another measly 20%?
    Sadly Gor EC is taking the success achieved for granted and is now out to milk the situation.
    On this one Mr Kerr, I am not happy with you… you should have advised against this tournament and let it be known… unless you are now part of the greavy train.
    On the question of Kahata, I also beg to differ. The guy is still has a running contract so there is NOTHING Simba can do without Gor blessings. That this is affecting him does not hold. If Simba has the money then they should just produce the dough, on the other hand Gor should not entertain another tantrum. If Kahata wants this to happen then he can simply buy out his contract. If he is good enough as Simba seems to want us believe then they should finance him.
    On Kagere I again disagree with this player tapping theory. Kagere was lost on poor EC management decision. Way back during the S. Africa visa saga any club would have known that Kagere was on “labourer” contract. I again congratulate the Simba business accumen, they new it and acted.
    We are in July and we will be facing USM soon.

  8. Way back at the time Rachier took over the club, it was obvious that he was funding the club whenever it feel into financial difficulties. When he did this there were no protests then. The average Gor fan simply wanted to see results and was least bothered on how these results come about. The average fan is so naive that they believed the Chairman his Gor-stadium election pledge anyway.
    Questions we now should ask;
    1. If he was funding Gor was it for free?
    2. How much does the club owe him?
    3. Where is the prize money going?
    Start from there.
    Before these answers and others are given, I think it is unfair to accuse the Chairman of ‘eating’.
    If this is not the scenario then someone better go to the EACC.

  9. Some of us shouted hoarse against this CECAFA but apparently there were some other considerations within the team that was not made clear, now see fatigue was bound to set in and this may be the beginning of end of CAF. The playing unit is tired, period. Kerr should have declined this tournament

    1. The playing unit is not only tired but demotivated as well.
      I urge these players to continue with go slow, that is not a tournament you ought to die for, after all even if you win, you already know who’s waiting for the price money.
      Kindly, just participate, do not compete

      1. Go slow is not a culture to advocate for. We have enough players and they will manage the task with success.

  10. Those are excuses from the coach,he is just running away from the truth.
    Gor drew that match due to poor fielding…..
    Passenger No. 14 was brought in in the second half and game changed.Actually from then,Gor were 10 men on the pitch.
    The coach should not blame the EC……

    Awacho ayueyo……..Release passenger No.14 who is Zico’s cronie

    1. I agree with you 100%.k14 did not help at all. In fact Gor played like ten men after his introduction.

  11. There’s no curse here all that is required is pay salaries na bonuses then the rest can be negotiated with with agents and so forth buh first salaries and bonuses its a responsibility its a right and a must….racheir just knw ur loosing better opportunity to take the caf cup home all u think about know is how to become the best looter

    1. Gor is managed much better than other local clubs. This is the reason for its success. Too much whining from fans will not help. We don’t want to go Efusi way

  12. Where are the sycophants now, have they run out of vulgar language? Ati table facts?

    Yes, Jamigori Kingdom guard extraordinaire, please answer the head coach!

    What is also difficult to explain is how a club that has a sponsor, that received Ksh 3 million for winning the Sportpesa Supercup and Ksh 27 million from CAF is having difficulty paying players?

    As for passengers especially K14 why don’t you go and suckle them, until they’ve rediscovered they form or are at least not over weight.

    Why should the Shakava’s, Odhoji, Kahata’s and all the hard working players tolerate your slouch. There is a difference between being on a goal drought and being overweight.
    I hope Zico is not reverting to his past habits of being used by EC( read Mugabe) to sabotage the progress of K’Ogalo.
    I think EC allows contracts to lapse so that they can blackmail the players on renewal e.g it makes not sense why contracts of key players are not renewed 3 months before the lapse.
    The SPesa Prize money should have been paid out like so>

    15 first team players @ kes.100K = 1,500,000
    Head Coach 150,000
    Asst.Coach 120,000
    G.K Coach 75,000
    T.M 100,000
    Passengers (15 players @10k each) 150,000
    Retained by club 905,000
    Total 3,000,000

    Don’t be blind in your support for mediocrity unless as suspected you are a direct beneficiary of this exploitation of our players, the hardworking effective, committed ones.

  13. I went sabbatical when I said ” Tuwache kuwa kama fisi” . some of us went on roof tops to shout me down. Kerr the expert and the closest person to the players is now singing my song. Jasego kanyada is also dancing the tunes. Sadly Luis never see beyond their nose and we never learn from our past mistakes. We are back in the same hole year in year out. And we behave like angels when we shout that other people are corrupt. And that other people never saw the blackboard and the four corners of a classroom. Our very own big h ly educated is feeding on us and eating us to the bones? Cannibalism. Aruako helmet. Rachier very educated is a cannibal recycling the same mess year in year out.

    1. My people..let’s not loose hop at this point…sometimes things get ugly before they get better…let’s remain hopeful n positive for the sake of the players n technical bench n fans…the sun will sbine again…mournful expressions makes everyone heavy n bitter to perform…but when we speak with hope n correct the wrongs..we’ll go far as a family…are we helpless?

      1. Stop living in denial. Rachier and company are raping the club dry. Did the players not go on strike? Is the coach not confessing the same? When will we learn and do things right? Adieri en sum. Thooo

        1. From your responses, its safe to say that you the author has not understood what you yourself wrote , but the bottom line is that it was a thoughtless thought made without much thinking and my advise before you continue with your collective communal condemnation is that you need to emancipate yourself from mental slavery coz non but yourself can free your mind , avoid being the conveyor belt of stereotypes perpetrated by inferiority complexed communities to make them good about themselves

  14. Let that man not mix Gor Mahia EC issues with this great Community.He should direct his emotions to Rachier & team. He should not in any case whatsoever mention the Community.

  15. Immediate former Gor Mahia FC striker Meddie Kagere says that the Kenyan Premier League side did not show love like Simba did to him.

    The Rwandan attacker held late negotiations with Gor Mahia but opted to leave for Simba who handed him a two year deal.

    When asked why he quit he said:

    “I didn’t have a contract with Gor Mahia .It had elapsed. They took their time to talk to me when my contract ran out. Those who loved me the most got me…. If somebody lures you with something better don’t you take it?” he told Citizen Digital.

    “Love is when you get what you want. When people show you love and they want you, you join them.”

    Plz let kagere be advised properly! We have seen many players wasted by Tanzanian clubs! He is not special the like like wanga,sserenkhuma etc if he believes in himself he would aim at team in Europe otherwise there give him one year he will be nowhere!!! God luck for what you did while in kogalo.

  16. Meddie Kagere should now leave us alone. He should now focus all his attention on Simba. He is likely to find himself in very slippery and unfamiliar ground if he continues dwelling on Gor Mahia. Mwambieni.

  17. Am married to a Luo and I have never regretted it.I can’t change her for anything else and,If I were to be asked to chose again,I will definately marry her again.She tells me jamriambo means a dishonest person.That guy is a liar.He should start with internal assessment.He should asses his own mental faculties.

      1. Line up was : 29 Boniface Oluoch,26 Philemon Otieno, 2 Godfrey Walusimbi, 18 Haron Shakava, 12 Joash Onyango, 20 Ernest Wendo, 8 Francis Kahata, 30 Humphrey Mieno, 25 George Odhiambo,19 Jacque Tuysenge

        1. FT: Gor Mahia 2 Lidya 2. We are now two ( 2 ) in the group. Weldone boys you have made my day, from one down to 2 :2


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