Kerr: Gor Mahia going for a win in Algiers

Lawrence Juma in action against Rayon Sports

Coach Dylan Kerr says his side is determined to go for nothing short of a win when they play USM Alger.

“We have to go there with that aim to win and I believe we can do that. What I know though, it will be a difficult game.” he said to

Kerr also sought to answer those who said his fielding was questionable.
“Against Rayon Sports, I picked the best team to win and we didn’t win so now we have to keep the focus and go to USM and win,” he continued.

Unlike in the Yanga match, Kerr said his goalkeeper was to blame for the second goal.
“And yes…my keeper was at fault for the second goal. He has been excellent but his mistake gave Rayon Sports the advantage.”

Shakava wants KPL matches postponed

In the video above, Gor Mahia skipper Harun Shakava has appealed to both KPL and FKF to postpone one or both of their league matches against Sofapaka and AFC Leopards in order to give them more rest ahead of their crucial match away to USM Alger on Agust 29.

“I think fatigue cost us. We had asked FKF and KPL to reschedule some of our matches and give us time to rest, but they denied us. We have played many matches in the last few weeks, yet we have two big matches (Sofapaka and AFC Leopards) this week before travelling to Algeria,” Shakava told Standard Sports.

“Players like Tuyisenge (Jacques) were even forced to play with injuries.It is going to be tough in Algeria, but I cannot predict the result. In football anything is possible. We just need to cope up with the environment and tempo in Alger.

“At the moment, all the players are down after our unbeaten home run ended abruptly, but we are big players and I’m confident we will bounce back strongly,” he added.

However KPL Chair Oguda will likely respond by saying he has not received a formal request from the club.

Walusimbi’s departure

Midfielder Humphrey Mieno said Walusimbi’s absence was heavily felt on Sunday.

“I don’t think Walusimbi’s exit has affected the morale of the other players, but him leaving is a big blow. Everyone knows the kind of play he is and the in-put he gives whenever he plays.”

But I think we still have quality players, who can fill that void,” said Mieno.

“Of course it is a devastating feeling. We were at home and expected to win this game, but we didn’t turn up for the match today. We hope to pick ourselves up and do better away from home regardless of the history there.”

Eric Rutanga interested in joining Kogalo

Eric Rutanga who scored from a free-kick on Sunday, has expressed in interest in joining Gor Mahia.
Additional reporting from Capital FM

Rayon Sport left back Eric Rutanga has opened the door for a possible move to Kenyan champions Gor Mahia, a statement that would be music to K’Ogalo fans’ ears coming at a time when Ugandan Godfrey Walusimbi is edging closer to the exit.

On Sunday night, Rutanga might have scored the goal that potentially puts Gor on the verge of exiting the CAF Confederations Cup and his celebration infront of the K’Ogalo faithful did not help matters much, but he might soon be their answer to left back problems.

“If Gor Mahia want me, I can come. But, they have to talk to the club and pay the money required. I am ready to come here any day. Gor Mahia is a good team with good players and huge fan base. It would be great to come here,” Rutanga told Capital Sport on Sunday night.

Rutanga still has one year to run on his Rayon contract and with the transfer window of both countries already closed, the two clubs might engage in talks for a possible move in January.

Gor’s lack of a trusted left back was hugely exposed in their loss to rayon on Sunday with regular right back Philemon Otieno pushed to the left while Wellington Ochieng, yet to hit full match fitness after returning from injury started on the right.

K’Ogalo were left with a void at left back after Walusimbi left in a huff to South Africa where he engaged in talks with Kaizer Chiefs. Gor boss Dylan Kerr says he feels betrayed by the player but maintains life will move on even if he is gone.

“What he did was selfish. He left us without caring of the club, without caring of our league campaign, without caring about the Confederations Cup. It was selfish from him on his teammates and the club. He doesn’t care about the club; only the money,” an agitated Kerr said.

But Rutanga’s arrival might spell some new lease of life to Gor especially with his performance against them on Sunday where he scored a sublime set piece. He also scored the equalizer when the two sides played in the first leg in Kigali.

And his hope that both Gor and Rayon proceed into the Quarters of the Confederations Cup might even make him more loveable to the Gor faithful.

“I am very happy that we came to Kenya and won. The focus now is on the final game against Yanga which we will treat as a final and I know we will win. I also pray for Gor to beat USM in Algeria so that we can go through to the quarters together,” the left back said.

He added; “It will be good for two teams from East Africa to go through. I believe if Yanga can beat USM, then Gor too can get a win in Algeria.”

Rutanga has heaped praise on his teammates for their performance against Gor, saying they came in determined to go all out and get a win.

“It was a blow for us to be here without four of our first team players but I am grateful we could win. We worked hard as a team and Gor too did not make it easy for us,” Rutanga further explained.


34 thoughts on “Kerr: Gor Mahia going for a win in Algiers

  1. Two things today stand out: one- postpone all Gor matches between now and Algiers; two postpone all Gor matches between now and Algiers.My other word, start grooming Onguso to take up the left back since that is why he was recruited. Sam Onyango must find a place in the starting 11 in Algiers. Finally Jasego, think of Batambuze instead of this Rutanga, we can’t reward a destoyer

      1. Here is the draft letter:

        To who it may concerned PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL

        Gor is in a very very difficult position. They think they can still qualify if the matches against EFUSI and small EFUSI are postponed until they play USM in Algeria. Please grant them their wish to avoid being blamed for their exit from continental competition.

  2. The EC has to make it formal by writing to KPL requesting for the matches to be postponed.
    It’s going to be very difficult, if we blew away an opportunity to at least get a draw at home, winning away is almost a miracle.

    On Rutanga joining Gor, i think that would be a positive move if he gets the approval of the coach.
    I don’t know how old he is but he looks young and from the two matches i have seen him play, I think he has quality

  3. Rutanga is very good both defensively. Apart from him they also had this No 8 who was a darling to watch. Just wishful thinking since we cannot sign everyone. Plus I read in that we have re signed Muguna for 4 years but am waiting for confirmation from those who have attended the training sessions. Anyone confirm?

  4. A season that started with so much hope and optimism in now in tatters…..

    nonsense! To think that we should postpone the next two matches, for what ? Don’t we have a 30 man squad .

    Bullsh*#! to even think kogallo will win in Algeria. The algerians must also win to qualify. My realistic bet would be a loss for kogallo in Algeria and a draw in Rwanda for rayon sport. Just hope bribes will not exchange hands this time, we have seen all this drama before.

  5. Jakoyo are you mad or insane or janeko?You and EC sold Walusimbi corruptly akin to Eurobind Scandal and got us in this mess we are in. Why doesnt idiotic EC formally request KPL in writing to postpone matches or doesnt Aduda know how to draft letters. Yes we are disadvantaged but i will believe we can draw or win in Algiers impossible as it might sound. I would rather not leave our qualification hopes in the hands of Yanga who owe us No Favors after we humiliated them home and away. I blame alot for our loss but Must now rally behind my beloved chuor timbe for the final assault that will involve even jo ndhiwa helping us gi weche piny. I would prefer Shaffiq Batambuze for left back to replace his countrymate Walusimbi whom he already dispossesed of fullback 3 role in Uganda Cranes leading to Walusimbi being pushed upfront to offensive left. Eric Rutanga is 25 Years old and decent too. Finally BB you are talking about Kevin Muhire the rwandese holding midfielder a young prodigy in the making. Kenneth Muguna will put some people back in the bench where they belong next season going by what i saw on Sunday No One can still upstage Muguna in that holding midfield role…

    1. Muguna in a holding midfield role!!! I expect to read that from someone else but not the self acclaimed (chief recruitment officer) of Gor Mahia. I will let it pass since the pain of losing to Rayon is still too fresh in our minds.

      1. Le Pastre yes i said it right holding midfield role number 8. Or what would you have him play in a team that also encompasses Francis Kahata when both are traditional number 10’s? He can slot back since he is a very good possesor of the ball where Mieno currently plies his trade. What would you know of soccer my friend that i actually don’t teach to even Kerr himself when times call for it?

  6. You do not join a club out of emotions. So Rutanga scored a goal… so what. Are you taking into fact that Gor had a lousy keeper in place. Abondo took better free kicks than this guy but I can not rate him as an impact player. He did well coz of the presense of Kagere. BB shined when Wlusimbi was present.
    Gor shud instead go for Binyenimana, i thnk thats his name, the first goal scorer. He exposed Shavaka incompetence. This is is the kind of player who makes others look gud. I for one supported Odhoji, now i wud like him benched just like Bonny. The 3rd choice goalie needs his chance too. Bonnie and Odhoji are not the kind of keepers Gor need and just like Shakava, too much Kenyan attitude in them. The best Gor defence organization was during the Nuttal time, it made Bonny look gud. At first I credited Bonnie for it’s orginization…. but I was wrong.
    Gor local players have shown, mainly because of the anchor players like Walusimbi et Kagere. Apart from Kahata, Wendo, Wellington et Mieno who have the potential to stand out I do not see any character in the Gor local brigade. Joash Onyango is gud but he shud differentiate between kor gweng soccer that he was used to in Sony and continental soccer that he is now being exposed to. Blacberry is taking to long to learn but his potential is high. I do not thnk Alegeria will entertain his kind of soccer. Algiers encounter will be about character more than anything else. Rayon set an example. They planned for Algiers and Nairobi very well. They actually exposed USM for what they are. Does Gor have such character? Tuyisenge and Karim stand out.
    USM will intimidate… Kenyan players are known for talk big but no followup, Mieno will say there other players who can fill Walusimbi gap, so where was this player on the entire 90 min on sunday? Unfortunately since the 85-87 Gor team, current players only remain as high potential but nothing more.

  7. Ker did not field his best players. He fielded his favourite players. How does he explain leaving Lawrence Juma in the bench and starting with Wendo? The industry, talent and hunger in Juma far exceeds what Wendo can give even when he is at his best. We have great natural defenders like Momanyi, Joachim Oluoch and Onguso, but because they are not Ker’s favourites, he would rather destabilize Philemon Otieno from the midfield because he wants to create room in the midfield for Wendo. Ker must treat all players equally without favouritism. He must also drop this habit of falling out with players. At any one given time, there must always be a player he is sidelining. Cases in point: Philemon Otieno, Samuel Onyango, Joachim Oluoch and even GK Fredrick Odhiambo.

    Gor Mahia’s success demands that all players be treated equally and fairly and fielding be done on merit. It is only this that can see us come out of Algiers with a point. We should as well continue building on the ground ball and crisp passes that Ze Maria left in the team. Of late we are drifting very fast to the ineffective, traditional British style. This was evident against Rayon Sports on Sunday and even against Bandari in Mombasa. Against Bandari Shakava was deployed forward because the team had resorted to long, aerial balls. The plan was that the height of the tall Bandari defenders could only be countered by the height of Shakava. Gor Mahia traditionally is never comfortable with playing aerial balls. I did not return the helmet I borrowed yesterday from Jamiriambo.

  8. While still wearing this helmet, I wish to request Ker to be fair to Guikan. Guikan is another of those players that Ker naturally cannot stand. In fact it is unprofessional of Ker as a coach to tell the media that Guikan picked the injury against Chemelil GK out of a word I will not use here (out of Guikan’s *****)…..and he goes on to repeat the same during the team training at Kasarani. Excuse me coach, you are the same person who complains that GUikan does not give his all in 50-50 balls. In that instance he gave his all, but came out second best. Coach Ker, kindly drop this bigoted prejudice against certain players.

    FKF always knew that Gor Mahia would have to honour their Algeria fixture and therefore all travel arrangements should have been made earlier. This is certainly not the right time to write to the government requesting for Gor Mahia’s air tickets to Algiers. To me all this is crocodile tears. We know that FKF and KPL are hell bent on ensuring K’Ogalo does not win the 2018 league title. Instead of making the travel preparations early, they were busy mooting ways of ensuring we don’t retain the title, including looking for excuses to congest our fixtures.

  9. Barefoot is right in his comment,Philemon is the best holding midfielder, but coach is not recognises due his favoritism to some players ,Gor has 30players plus one in miguna give them chance weak ones to leave to club of their caliber, Ghuikan should be loaned out to give room for a quality foreigner ,foreigner should not be on bench,lastly I need feedback coach do fanny substitution ondiek was brought in as a strike eve against bandari shakava was deployed as striker does the coach practice this during training? Or he fumbles when it hard on the team

  10. Someone tell me how Walu can legally leave while on contract and how the badly exposed Onguso In esperance game will cope as a LB in Algiers.All blame to AR since the gap he allowed was thoroughly tested and found wanting

  11. BB tick all through,all you said is right and spot on. GM is drifting fast towards takataka display that is an eyesore to soccer lovers. One thing and the only thing Ze Maria helped us with was to introduce patient modern build up football which Kerr is now sacrificing for the old boring British long balls known as Yuora Nena in local Lingua. It is such tactics that has him deploying Shakava who can’t control ground balls to go strike upfront twice now against bandari and rayon which is laughable. Why resort to such ill advised moves when Samuel Daddy can deploy as a striker very well and Ade too is on the bench. Why play Philemon everywhere while his position in the midfield is wanting and costing the team?Kerr curb such shenanighans early for the clubs own good. Also yourself coach dont you know any foreign players you might wish to buy since you only wait for EC and me to bring then you sideline them while when asked if you have any ideas your answer is always the same that “i will work with what is available”…Am not happy but wishing Mighty Mayienga best of Luck against all odds and will be praying for a win until the fat lady sings…

  12. Yes, I also agree to this Phil Otieno. He is another great potential and unlike Wendo, Miano, Kahata he is young, and on the hands of a gud coach could turn into a gem. Infact Otieno and Wellington are two ace cards any coach would like to have.
    Gor has largely been betrayed by it’s EC more than the coach. My problem with Kerr is that he was part of the milking committee. He did not seem to mind the many tournaments Gor entered. Now Kerr has been left to fix the leakages, something he had not foreseen.
    And what is the Gor youth team in existance for i.e. If the team provided bulk of the under 17.
    Gor has ‘complained’ of many fixtures but only verbal. Gor Mahia was only 4 fixtures behind most of the time. That was not colossal in any way. A serious EC could have put it in writing and the matches would have been postponed. Why would kpl postpond for the sportpesa n not for the club? Kpl soccer is going nowhere and it’s Gor exploits which has given the league some relevance.
    Gor mahia shud not change its game to longballs, that was a sign of panic. Stick to your format but Gor needs speed in its game.
    I do not think FKF had anything against Gor and there is nothing FKF has done to show otherwise. Gor was done in by it’s own officials who thru’ the homeguards have done everything to divert attention. Example before the S.African trip the goverment was more than willing to finance the trip but withdrew when it became obvious that the EC had a bigger team than the players. Once such blunders are exposed EC lets it for the homeguards to spread its anti-this and ant-that rumours. These guyz can actually blame players on presenting fake club tax returns to KRA, you wonder what other claims they won’t make.
    Postponing Gor matches is not a guarrantee to anything, problem is about injuries. It cannot be managed well when you have matches everywhere. Wellington, Karim, Tuyisenge, Guikhan are exposed to injuries one way or another. But when you have the whole team playing as if they have not slept for two weeks, then we have a bigger problem in Gor than what we are aware of.

  13. What makes me point a finger at FKF and KPL is appearing elsewhere in the media today that Gor Mahia’s trip to Algiers is in limbo because the government has not responded to a letter requesting for air tickets. The letter was written late, at a time when each air ticket was going at KES 135000. Within a short time the tickets have now shot to KES 156000 and is still rising. Sorry, I was forgetting that Kenya is always a last minute nation.

    Dinga you are right that EC is now leaving Ker to fix the mess about player exhaustion. One unnecessary tournament was the CECAFA club cup. Well, the milkmen saw it as an opportunity to make money out of the players’ sweat. The carrot they dangled to Ker was an opportunity to play against Simba and Kagere. They knew very well that Ker was blinded with bitterness and unfinished business with Simba. Apparently his 2 – 0 win over Simba in Nakuru was not satisfying enough. He could not resist the temptation so he fell into the milkmen’s trap. The rest is history.

    If you ask me about this oft cited excuse of player fatigue, I would pose this question: who between the players and the technical bench are actually fatigued? With a squad rotation that sees each player resting for one week can they be that exhausted? The Tech Bench is the playing unit’s think tank and they wont think clearly when they have to field a team after every two days. I think it is our technical bench that needs some rest. Besides, with the team on the road always, they hardly get time to train therefore on match days they resort to digging from their reserves of experience rather than team work.

    1. Ok BB, I was only making a general comment not in reference to yours at all. I have not seen the papers today but as you say Gor has made a request to govt, that’s ok. I thnk Govt will go with the mood. Gor has somehow captured the mind of the nation and I thnk they will give support. My problem is when the EC gives a list of officials longer than that of players.
      We wonder when those in support of Walusimbi deal earlier said that half the money was paid and that it catered for the Rayon match. Now again only 3mill illegal approach fee was paid.In SA, KC are known for pirating players… that 10mill fee shall remain a dream that will never b paid. All KC had to do was to give Gor bribe money and once it accepted thats it. Walusimbi is ‘stolen’ cheap but propaganda will try to convince us otherwise.
      Gor Mahia nolonger has a case infront of fifa.

  14. @BB, did i not say we need money to honor both rayon and algeria match ? Now rayon match has consumed the little that was left and Walusimbi deal is yet to be completed 100% . KC just paid the kshs 3 million illegal approach penalty.

    We cannot count on it since KC to pay up for walu fully as they still have up to the last transfer day in august to make the payment which will be way past the date for the algeria match.

    Now can those who always complain that someone is eating, please stand up and be counted. we are short of kshs 7 million and we need that cash by this friday latest or else….the sonkos and AR of this world will come to the rescue as usual !!!

    1. OK!..then now what? will all these problems be solved? it a hopeless situation? constant mourning is equal to negative energy which is equal to losses. since Walu left..guys have been mourning. lets be strong, pick ourselves up and encourage the coach and players like we have been doing for weeks. lets be thankful to God for the good coach, players,fan and club we have. problems are normal in life. Lets now stop mourning and hopelessness. these players and coach who are in the dug out every 72 hours need our support and encouragement..then they will reward us with joy like they did before!

      1. Nyathiwa, we are actually not mourning. I can call it pointing out where the rain started beating us. Just a few months ago K’Ogalo was invincible, but not anymore. We are only saying that through poor judgment, we ended up biting more than we can chew. We are pointing out these pitfalls so that we don’t continue fallowing that treacherous path. We are suggesting a change of strategy so that K’Ogalo can steer back on course.

        Mum, you know and I know that right now Efusi is rubbing her hands in glee, just waiting for the second leg of the Mashemeji Derby. They have seen the mess we are in. The mess that was caused by human error. Efusi has smelt blood . The feel we are a lame duck, just waiting to be walloped. God forbid. We need to reconstruct as soon as yesterday.

    2. Jakoyo why do you say things akin to Mocking Gor? You said 5 Million was wired by KC and it catered for Rayons Sports expenses. Rayon travelled by road with a lean contingent of 15 players and arrived on Saturday morning. They rested and trained at Ruaraka Grounds of Tusker FC for free and were putting up in a small hotel at Kasarani Area. How does such above mentioned preps consume 13.5M that we had remaining from Caf Qualification money as Aduda is on record saying only half of 27M had been spent prior to Sunday? Jakoyo why did you as the Chief Homeguard colluding with crooked Kaizer Chiefs officials and corrupt GM EC sell Walusimbi at such a crucial hour? Did you not know we were in critical Caf stages? Jakoyo are you the same guy AR gives envelopes full of gor mahia diverted money to bank for him after withdrawing from clubs National Bank Account or what? Come clean omera you are finishing GM…

      1. I fear Wuod Asego..positive and real contributors like you are poison to the society. if we planned well, why did we go to cecafa? why throw all the money to cecafa? Okay, now if KC bribed the EC with mere 3M….the rich Arabs are calling. Will their resist the Arab temptation? With their Millions? Their are going to wire Millions to the EC coffers. Already somebody is screaming that the club has no money to go Algiers. Amelipwa ngapi? Creating excuses, laying grounds and to prepare the fans not to go for the return leg. Creating fear and mayhem in the playing/tech unit like their did when they sold Sebo at the hour of need. Working for their own stomachs. Arabs have alredy wired money to them.

  15. Does it mean we only talk positively f the club when we win? The same players we were praising a few weeks ago have become bad. Is it a situation of ‘you are as good as your last game?’. This thing of player fatigue has been managed successfully by letting Lukowan and Asudi have game time. In fact only the third keeper has not had playtime this year. Had Gor won or drawn and qualified we would be singing a different song now. Let us take this challenges in our stride, win the league and prepare for the CAFCL next season when all teams will be on the same calendar.
    As for now our fate is not on the players being tired but the character of the players as well as the TB. Barring injuries the advantage we have over all the other teams is match fitness since almost all re on recess. Rayon lost the league as well as the Cup final the other weekend but travelled with 15 players o the road but still beat us. It all boils down to character and playing for the badge. Another team going through all that would have come to Nairobi just to honour the fixtures, especially against a red-hot favorite like Gor.
    For tomorrow’s Sofa game, let’s go win it and then wait beat ingwe , win the league and go to Algiers with our tails up.
    The worse that can happen if we don’t qualify is to prepare and have another stab at the CAFCL.

    1. Ever heard of physical burn out at high levels of intensely involving physical/mental activity? FIFA website may be of some help to you or can one person educate me on this? Thing one, why sell Sebo at throw away price when we needed him most? Why accept the throw away bribe money? will they resist the Arab offer? Ayueyo. Thoo.

  16. Dan your post has prompted me to look at the flip-side of this saga, but first, let me add my voice to JTGJ’s plea by copy-pasting his comment;
    “Two things today stand out: one- postpone all Gor matches between now and Algiers; two postpone all Gor matches between now and Algiers.”

    Players led by their captain and coach should walk to Gor Mahia offices and leave only after assurances that a letter requesting for postponement of league matches has been written to KPL. Pleading through the media will not work.

    Now back to your argument, yes you may be right, but my point is that players should be fielded based on their form and not fame. On this point, I am now forced to have second thoughts. Perhaps the Tech Bench has no better way out of their dilemma. Given that these guys are always on the road, they don’t have adequate training time within which to assess the players’ fitness and output. Now come the next match, the TB has no choice rather than to field players not based on their match fitness (because they never had adequate time to assess them), but on their (TB’s) memory of what any given player used to do when they were at their best. The whole thing therefore boils down to fixture congestion. I think I don’t envy TB especially considering what they are going through now.

    Fixture congestion points fingers at EC. EC;greed. Greed; corruption. Corruption; disorganization. Disorganization; poor performance. Poor performance; low income. Low income; no remuneration of players. Lack of player remuneration; player migration and we are back to square one.

  17. I read through all the comments posted here and what I see is healthy discussion. Really, unless complaining and whining have new meanings. So sad that attempts at muzzling should be coming from the most unlikely source.

  18. Here is my 10 point plan

    1. part privatise the club and sell shares to gor mahia SACCO and other affiliated private entities milking the club.

    2. Sell established players or send them out on loan with an option to buy. gor should be a development club.

    3. ringfence CAF CC monies for CAF tournaments only not for office upkeep and other administration matters like salaries.

    4. Get a sponsor to take care of the other support services such as transport and accomodation for players during KPL matches. A reputable transport and accomodation service such as hotels and catering facilities provider will be a perfect match

    5. Sell Gor Mahia bus immediately and have the same either operated under 4 above or is leased on a season basis.

    6. Push Gor Mahia Tv on digital platform and have all merchandise, match day information, match day materials, match day tickets and any other information pertaining to the club ( local content) sourced on line at a small fee or commission. This can be a revenue generator that meets daily expenses.

    7. Seek established partnership with other sister clubs across the continent who can help build a platform for player development in the future. all our under 17s and under 18s and under 20s should be exposed to continental football much earlier before taking first team regular slot at the club.

    8. Keep pushing safaricom to be our corporate sponsor. As we continue doing the right things and become more transparent in our dealings, eventually they will but that requires patience, tact and diplomacy.

    9. Adopt the barcelona constitution and ensure mass countrywide fan enrollment for as low as kshs 100 bob where fans choose the leaders and have powers to hire and fire at will with elections every 3 years. but we have to be transparent from the word go. This is easy as most of us have mobile phones

    10. Engage heavily with social entrepreneurs and encourage them to take an active role in building the brand of the club at grassroot level as part of the bigger initiative to alleviate poverty and scale up social development projects across the country.

  19. What is this noise all about. We have have just lost the 2nd match in almost 30 outings. We are spittign venom as if we have been losing day in day out. Relax gentlemen. Once we beat Sofapaka you will all sing praises again. Beduru mos

    Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor. For God and my beloved Club – Kogallo

    1. @Albert Kosero ,And we did beat them. Now you will hear that this is the team to play ingwe and USM. Odhoji and Bonny are now in trouble because Fred Odhiambo kept a clean sheet and saved a penalty. Hope the circus won’t start. We sacrificed Bonnie and Guikan just to satisfy our egos.

      Kerr is in a better position to make the decisions though he is also human and therefore makes mistakes but the buck stops with him


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