Kerr: It was a good learning experience

One of the few bright spots: Shafiq Butambuze

Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr believes the experience of playing Everton will help sharpen the club as they prepare for next season’s assignments.

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Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr believes his players were overwhelmed by the occasion during Tuesday’s historic friendly match against Everton at Goodison Park.

But the Englishman is optimistic the experience his charges gathered in this contest versus the English Premier League side will come in handy in their continental engagements in the 2018/2019 season.

On the historic night at the 40,000-seater facility under floodlights in Liverpool, the Kenyan team struggled to compete in arguably their most important game of their careers. Gor Mahia were up against Everton in the SportPesa Trophy match, having won the SportPesa Super Cup mid this year in Nakuru which earned them a ticket to face the Toffees.

First-half goals from Ademola Lookman and Kieran Dowell assured the hosts’ full control at the break in this SportPesa Trophy match.

Additional strikes from Nathan Broadhead and Oumar Niasse wrapped up a deserved 4-0 victory for the second string English Premier League side in the last 10 minutes of the game.

“We can definitely play far better than this and at some point, my charges played a reserved game, offering too much respect to the opponent,” said Kerr.
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“Overall, it turned out to be a good learning experience for the lads though many people wanted me to field my strong team the whole game. I am happy to have given each player a chance to play. We look forward to take this experience to the next stage of the (Caf) Champions League.”

Gor showed signs of rustiness in this encounter, but still winger George ‘Blackberry’ Odhiambo, second choice keeper Peter Odhiambo and new signing Shafik Batambuze at left back were some of the players who impressed.

First choice keeper Boniface Oluoch, however, did struggle and in particular, should have done better with the second goal the team conceded. This was K’Ogalo’s third winless match against an English opponent.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan contingent in England which included opposition leaders Raila Odinga and James Orengo, Sports PS Kirimi Kaberia and SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauari on Wednesday toured English Championship club Hull City, a team which recently beat Gor Mahia on post-match penalties at Kasarani.

K’Ogalo are expected back home on Saturday morning.

Pictures: Gor Mahia tour Hull City facilities


17 thoughts on “Kerr: It was a good learning experience

  1. Do u listen to our suggestions some players should be offloaded ,Karim ondhonji ,bring a strong defensive midfielder plz

  2. Jo Gor as you well saw from a technical footballing perspective against Everton few points unravelled:

    1. We have lost elements of basic football principles which is control the ball…pass the ball…open into space to receive the next pass…

    2. Mobility on the ball is very poor…yes we tried tracking back to cover space and mark opponents but a simple check on which K’Ogalo player could hold the ball 5 seconds dribble into free space or better still take on an opponent and beat was non-existent only Batambuze and Blackberry went past Everton players with ball at feet

    3. Forward link-up play where the midfield can string two passes and find the striker was a prayer unanswered and Gor’s greatest waterloo at this point. Defensive and holding midfielders who can impact and dictate play totally lacking in our current set-up

    4. Strength and Conditioning…Performance and Fitness Trainer needed at K’ogalo asap. Our players must invest in gym time and develop lower torso power that enables them have tenacity and flexing power on off and on the ball challenges. We were simply bullied off possession akin to an adult taking candy from a child

    5. Some players we have loved and will continue to do so but to build a formidable side they must be released or go on loan. Gor is also but one team in the KPL and not all players can remain at K’Ogalo forever. Wesley Onguso…Kevin Ade…Karim Nizigiyimana…Eliud Lokuwam…Shaban Odhoji…Wellington Ochieng…Ernest Wendo…Shakava Captain…Boniface Oluoch…Others can be released and others loaned but Coach has final say i won’t push for any action other than suggesting

    6. Musymo…Barefoot Bandit…Jamriambo…Dan Original…OgangoTrailer…Jamigori…Oduor12…Dinga..Abok Nyamwanda Jathurwa…Janam…George and the Rest i have not mentioned…Amoso uu kata nogowa 4-0 pod wan jo K’Ogalo

    1. Jasego, I agree with your sentiments fully just with a double change on your list of players to be released.
      Kindly exempt
      1. Boniface Oluoch
      2. Eliud Lokuwam.

    2. Greetings to J’Asego, Oduor12, Musymo and other esteemed bloggers. My friend Oduor12, may I ask the same question: what is wrong with some bloggers here being older than Gor Mahia players? I decided to take time off this wall when a realised that one blogger has the unenviable gift of using her spinal cord to reason.

      1. Welcome back bro BB and stay around leave spinal cord reasoners to their own devices and interpretations as they are not worth making your valuable input disappear from this blog…

  3. My observation of the game, certain things came to me:
    1. The awesomeness of playing in Europe as a team. Remember you are struggling with the desire to impress some one with the hope that they can see you and pick you to play for some club.
    2. As footballers who have ambitions, suddenly finding your self playing on a pitch that is a 1000 times different from the one you are used to. You are actually wishing that you could remain here. The grass is much greener despite the cost of living.
    3. On a more technical side, how long does a team take to settle down? I think it is relative. Despite being hit two goals in first half, the team was able to pass the ball around.
    4. It was a game of two different playing styles. This was rather obvious. back home here, football is played in such a way that you get the ball and think about what to do with it. This of course slows down the game. That is the environment that in which Gor Lives. Though they play differently
    5. In the second half there was not much football. It was a matter of just being given the opportunity to play.

  4. Down and out: Kerr disappointed over unprofessional conduct at Goodison Park
    Nov. 08, 2018, 12:00 am

    Gor Mahia’s Joash Onyango slides in for a tackle on Everton’s Kieran Dowell during the SportPesa Trophy match at Goodison Park on Tuesday /COURTESY
    Gor Mahia’s Joash Onyango slides in for a tackle on Everton’s Kieran Dowell during the SportPesa Trophy match at Goodison Park on Tuesday /COURTESY

    Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr has registered his disappointment with the unprofessional conduct of some of his players during the 4-0 defeat to English Premier League side, Everton, at Goodison Park on Tuesday.

    Kerr took issue with some of the players, who didn’t buy or have their required playing boots. He said it was embarrassing to see the players interchange boots whenever he called for substitution.

    “On Monday we agreed that they get the preferred boots that will be used at the Goodison Park but clearly some of the players didn’t buy them and you could see them embarrassingly fall off whenever they had the ball or made contact and really, that is not professionalism. Even when I had to make substitution, they took minutes changing here and there,” a clearly frustrated Kerr said after the match .

    “We didn’t play as well as we do in Kenya and definitely not how we played in Caf Championship. The performance was way below expectations but we pick positives that will help us going forward, ahead of league that kicks off later this month.”

    The official admitted that they missed the presence of lead striker Jacques Tuyisenge, whose travel plans were complicated by a visa hitch.

    Kerr said: “Our finishing was poor and for sure, Tuyisenge was missed. I talked to him and I was alerted that his visa was still in Pretoria. Maybe I am to blame for the poor show because I gave every player a chance to play. I could have stuck with my preferred first 11. But all in all, we return home with our heads high having been the first African team to play on the European soil.”

    Team captain Haroun Shakava said their focus now shifts on the local league, which he expects to be even tougher.

    “We played well and had a few open chances but it’s unfortunate we didn’t score. We are aware it’s going to be tough season and I hope the exposure and experience we have picked here will go along way in aiding our campaign,” noted Shakava. Impressive Shafik Batambuze admitted that their opponents were by far a better side.

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  5. As they say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. And please if you can’t contextualize what I’ve written don’t start accusing me of calling anyone an “old dog”.
    Also, regarding the matter of “how old we and Gor players are” note most Gor fans may be younger than Mugabe but older than the youngest player, and still there are many more outside both age limits but all are still very much K’Ogalo fans.

    Next we cannot be “forever learning” and Mr.Kerr its time to face the fact that over the last 3 months your record has been appalling on all fronts be it CCC, the league, the Shield Cup or even friendlies. It’s about time you arrested this steady decline.

    Jasego, your points are valid but why can’t the technical bench (with the help of technical buffs like yourself) identify these players locally or even regionally surely at least 22 such talents do exist. Currently GM has the capacity identify and contract such players if only bloated EC keep vested interest aside and PGF (PUT GOR FIRST).
    The blame lies squarely with the bloated EC with vested interests that rushes (or delays) to renew the contract of a below par keeper but delays to renew the contract of a top striker only to sign an unknown walk-in striker whose performance is now wanting.

  6. If this is the squard that we have for CAF then its better we withdraw ourselves, because i dont see if we will perform, if a striker cant score in an empty net then why do we call him astriker this mustafa should pave way for alithal sriker who is serious and ready to render his full services to the team, the problem here is that we sign players without going through trials to proove that he is fit and of cs the best playing standrd. can we plz sign Dennis Odhiambo Of Sofapaka Plz Jasego Ineed Answer 4rm U?

    1. @ Obrah Callos..Yes i am pursuing Dennis “N’golo Kante” Seriously from Sofapaka and Cliff Nyakeya from Mathare and another foreign striker Bonfils Caleb Bimenyimana from Rayon Sports for whom Karim or Mustafa must make way. Being that Karim’s contract is ending in January i suggest we say our goodbyes as he is currently not worth the 1.5 Million signing fees he wants to extend for two more years. Mustafa Francis has a long contract so EC letting him go won’t be easy..I hope i will succeed in bringing the 3 to K’Ogalo

  7. BREAKING …….Gor Mahia will Nyasa big bullets in CAF champions league round 1 in two weeks time. The winner will either take Lobi Stars of Nigeria or US Louam of Cameroon in the first round and a chance to reach the group stage of the CAF Champions league.

    Over to EC for preparations and funding.


    1. @BB Karibu back

      As for Kerr (and bloated EC) its time to win and teach (teach them to win) as we are tired of losing and learning (its becoming like learning to lose).

  8. We live in interesting times indeed… contradiction here at its best!!today we say this,then tomorrow we say that… completely forgetting what we said earlier!!

  9. Of Kerr’s Comments that it was “a good learning experience for the boys” I totally agree. Every day in life, there is always an opportunity to learn something new. In fact no man has ever stopped learning something new in life. Weather it is a new experience, something about self, others, work etc. One only stops learning when they are dead. Sometimes it may happen in a split second, minute, a day, a week Months or years. Learning basically is an opportunity to be introduced to something that one has never experienced before whatever form it may take. Incidentally, having a learning attitude enables one to grow to higher heights. By the way, that is why even in a family, organization etc, there is always some one at the helm to provide leadership. There is something extra that a leader of any caliber has. I am therefore just adding my thoughts to this that the Team must never stop learning. It is this attitude that one day when they look back into their reservoir, they will realize how full it is. In life, any good thing that you learning makes you better.

  10. Yes Jaupanda learning never stops, everything that happens every new day is a leaning experience, so Kerr is right. I am however worried about our goal keepers who seem never to learn anything, Jasego what are you saying about the two “senior” keepers? I do not think we are safe in their hands as we head to CAF and even locally.


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