List of FKF rules to combat hooliganism

On Tuesday, FKF announced new rules aimed at combating hooliganism in Kenyan stadia.

• An independent Committee involving key stakeholders will be formed to handle all matches involving Gor Mahia FC and AFC Leopards SC. That these two clubs will no longer appoint security stewards for their matches

• That a player or team official who by their actions is deemed to cause or aggravate crowd trouble or incite fans, players or team officials to actions that could lead to crowd trouble, match disruption or abandonment will be banned for four matches and incur a fine of Kshs 20,000 for the first offence.

A repeat offender will be banned for three hundred and sixty five days (365).

• Any player or team official who attacks or attempts to attack a match official will be suspended for three hundred and sixty five days (365 days). The team that the player plays for will be liable for any and all damages caused to the match official(s).

• That the club whose players or fans are liable for causing the abandonment of a match will;

a) Lose the match on a 2-0, three point basis.

b) Be deducted six points

c) Will play its next home match in an empty stadium. In the event that the team repeats the offence it will be deducted six points and play its next consecutive three matches in an empty stadium. If the team commits the offence for a third time it will be relegated to a lower league and will be fined Five hundred thousand shillings (Kshs 500,000)

• That a spectator who causes a fight or incites crowd violence will be banned from attending all football matches in the country. It will be the responsibility of the team that he/she supports to ensure that the spectator is denied entry. If a club is found guilty of not enforcing this rule the Federation will take appropriate action against the club. This action could be a fine, playing home matches in empty stadiums or deduction of points.

• If a supporter of a particular team invades the field of play with an intention to cause violence on players or match officials, the club that he supports will be fined Kshs 100,000 and play three of its consecutive home matches in an empty stadium.

• These rules will be form the basis of far reaching regulations aimed at tackling the escalating vice of hooliganism and violence in our football. The rules will come into force immediately.

Ngala dismisses new rules

Gor Mahia official Ronald Ngala is unhappy that FKF is comparing Gor Mahia to AFC yet the incident with AFC fans in Mumias was much worse.

“The latest incident was only brought to light after what happened in Mumias and now people are trying to compare us with AFC Leopards yet  the incidences involved in our match was not that bad.” said Ngala to

Ngala also says that they have not officially heard from sportpesa.

“As a club we have not received any communication from the sponsors about the suspension nor have they engaged us before taking such action,” Ngala told

Seriousness needed

Ngala and other officials would be best advised to take seriously the threat from sportpesa and reach out to the sponsors. In addition to the rules outlined by FKF, the club should condemn the actions of hooligans and outline the steps it will take.

A suggested by this column several months ago, a portion of the sponsorship money should be spent on beefing up security for both home and away games. There is no reason a fan should have been allowed to accost the referee in the manner he did in front of TV and newspaper cameras.

Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri for his part has said that the sponsorship will be re-instated when the clubs meet specific conditions set by Sportpesa.

“We have summoned the officials of the teams to meet within the week and we will reinstate this sponsorship once we are satisfied that actions are being taken to curb this vice that has gripped football.

Sponsors will not just sit back and watch as our brand is tarnished. I think we have done so much to enhance security but all these will be in vain if the teams cannot control the fans” said Karauri at the presser

Gor Mahia will therefore need to work diligently and show a higher level of seriousness if they want the sponsorship re-instated soon.


30 thoughts on “List of FKF rules to combat hooliganism

  1. 1. What mechanism will Sportpesa & FkF use to screen/confirm hooligans belong to the club whose jerseys they wear?Replicas are sold everywhere from 600 she
    2. Suppose hooliganism sabotage takes root wea goons for hire wear jerseys of other clubs during matches to cause disruptions and lead to docking of points,how will the integrity of Spl be assured?
    3. Fifa recognizes KPL as the Official Body running the Top Tier League in Kenya-So how does Sportpesa & FkF meet and come up with unrealistic recommendations without the input of the KPL (Bonafide Stakeholder number 1 who matters most)
    4. Karauri says he has “Summoned” the leadership of the two clubs to appear and explain hooliganism curbing measures…Is that a respectful way to address your partners in a mutually beneficial arrangement?
    5. SportPesa makes money from betting on games,the most profitable being gor/afc matches due to high odds that can result in 300 Million profits by them if we lose,aren’t we then by extension sponsoring ourselves with the package they give us?
    6. FINALLY if a special committee formed by Sportpesa & FkF will take charge of matches involving gor/afc,why should we then face sanctions incase they fail to control the hooligans?If the government machinery can’t prosecute so- called goons disrupting matches and tainting sponsor brands/images…How can gor/afc civilian mgt be tasked with reigning them in & preventing them from accessing stadia for a year,with which resources are we supposed to achieve the above?

    1. Ja Asego, apart from those alarms that you have raised:
      (a) What disciplinary measures were taken to counter fan trouble at Harambee Stars matches or are those fans lesser criminals than the Shemeji fans?
      (b) What disciplinary measures were taken against the referees that were hired by sportchietha to award Tusker a penalty against Gor Mahia after assuming the handball by a Tusker player?
      (c) No mention has been made concerning the policemen who are hired to provide security in the pitch yet they watch helplessly as our stewards struggle to contain the protesting fans. Surprisingly, FKF will now hire these policemen purely for the Shemeji games while henceforth erase the existence of our stewards.
      (d) Will the above jungle rules apply solely on the shemejis or on all the other football teams in Kenya? the answer is cheaper to guess.

  2. @ja’Asego, I agree with your point number 2….goons for hire is not fully addressed in this measures and it appears like kogallo in future will be either have to increase gate chsrges to deter goons or better off playing all their matches in empty stadium or far away from nairobi.

    Secondly, you yell clubs to enforce this rules it comes at a cost. Who will bear the cost ? This clubs are dead broke.

  3. soprano man you are also faced with hooliganism in your harambee loosers .How will you apply these rules .You are busy digging your own grave

  4. Leave Soprano man alone. He will sink Kenyan football further than Nyamweya did so forget about him.

    In this NEW rules where is it written “team sponsorship will be withdrawn or suspended”. Sportpesa are blackmailing Gor and AFC.

    AR what kind of contracts are these that can be suspended, withdrawn anytime, any day, any hour on matters not related to club officials or players yet we say it is for five years? What is this? Can you spell out for all the fans how they action is incorporated in this sponsorship.

    Let us know even if ignorance is no defense I think all Gor and AFC fans need to know the little they can.

  5. @Jakoyo..if indeed there are goons for hire, raising entrance fee will not deter them in any way…afterall they are on hire!
    My opinion is that we abide by the laid down rules…violence will never solve anything.We will end up as the losers.
    Let both clubs embark on a serious campaign to sensitize fans on the need to avoid hooliganism at all costs.

  6. Those are silly rules passed by FKF . i said this b4 that this Mwendwa thing has nothing to offer kenyans in football now you can see. how can you start fighting AFC and GOR and you expect it to be normall . we will deal with your usiless administration .

  7. i think and its being manifested that the two teams are bigger than ***** to sponsor and even the expenses are huge. They only came rushing giving big moneis to bit Betway and now they have realised the burden is Huge. this is whythey are now gambling with hooliganism. these likes of people even in Uk they operate and no sponsor is seen withdrawn this politics of kenya . please ###### pack your things and go.

  8. Rubbish really, by your first rule the independent committee totally takes over handling of GM/AFC matches, then the subsequent rules elaborately expound how hefty penalties will be meted out to GM/AFC when FKF fails in its role. Where Do Fan With Bhang And Projectiles Pass Is It Not Throug The Gates With Security Checks?

  9. Do these rules apply
    to all teams in the kpl? I think no. In Mumias, one ulinzi stars official drew his gun on the pitch during the frucas. Any action from kpl or fkf? No action. ulinzi vs mathare, mathare united playets were cought on camera shouting at the referee, no action. Watu ya Kogalo and our shemejis, we should watch out. some one is out to finish us.

    Nairobi is full of haters. kindly consider relocating Gor to Kisumu. Relocating to kisumu will mean that only afew of our home matches will be live and hence the spotlite will not be on us. In kisumu, we never clash with hawkers or other road users.

  10. @ Mwendwa and FKF family please please Gor Mahia is not afather or Amother to any fan these fans come to the field to suport a successful team and eventually find Gor Winning so they support the winning side. by this i mean Gor cannot bear the blame on any fan not even by virtue that they wear Gor jersys. Let hooliganism be delt with with on individual basis But leave our gor Mahia Club alone.if sportpesa has no professional experts to mnage that company thati s up to them . they better pick their belongings in Gor if there is any and Go to Central where karaura heils from. we will struggle with gor as b4. Afterall we won league three times without a sportchietha sponsorship. please that karaura should keep of Gors affairs with immediate effect.

    1. Prevention is better than cure, stop these vices at the point of entry i.e frisk fans for projectiles and have sniffer dogs to sniff out bhang snorters and peddlers, Anyone caught with these should simply be arrested and taken to court, alcoblow should be use to turn away drunkards who are behaving in a disorderly manner. Club stewards are useless here coz of bribery. Then I ask “how is an attempt to assault/an an attempt to this and that” be measured

  11. So according to Ngala Sportpesa has not given Gor any official communication. So does it mean that sportpesa has the authority to make roadside declarations whenever they feel like? It is high time the so called sportpesa deal details were shared with us. As for Mwendwa he doesn’t seem to know so much about management! A manager should take his time to analyse sone occurrences not just jumping to the press with a high pitch tone.

  12. As we blame the ref, players, fans and clubs where do the police come in. The clubs pay the police to keep peace and I believe for the fans who invaded the pitch and assaulted the ref it should be the responsibility of the police to apprehend such goons. When Chelsea fans verbally/physically assaulted at a metro station an opposing fan they were apprehended and dealt with. How can Gor/AFC apprehend a fan and hand over to police? Do they have the capacity? NO. But they can volunteer info just like was in Jaro Soja’s case.
    On another issue Gor/AFC, and especially Gor, need a PR officer. I don’t think Kilo and Ngala are best suited for such tasks going by their comments on the press about the weekend decisions. At times they sound just like some of our fans here who are yet to understand how corporates ‘guard’ their image/brands

  13. Courtesy/Openness/Respect and Proper Channels of Engagement are very important in Corporate Dealings.Sportpesa signed a mutually-beneficial sponsorship agreement/contract with GMFC…why withdraw/suspend it without engaging the club at all and worse after Consultation with FkF which was neither a party or stakeholder in the process,even with their overall mandate to supervise football in Kenya notwithstanding?

  14. We must never forget why Kpl was formed and how far they have brought Kenyan football in 10 years.Do we rem how shambolic & backward FkF runs its 2nd tier league year in,year out?Points awarded in bars,open favouritism,points for non-existent games,relegation & promotion of shabana in two months etc?All am saying is SportPesa cannot bypass Kpl which is handling the hooliganism issue thru the IDCC & run to FkF as if they are saints and Kenya’s ethical saviour in matters football…

  15. Now that gambling by sportchietha is a lesser crime than protesting a referee’s bias decision, let our fans desist from betting on sportchietha.
    With Kenya’s elections around the corner, all the mud is being hurled at anything Gor or AFC. We are not dogs that have to bark so that sportchietha can throw a bone for us to chew. They better pack their sorry ass and move to FKF clubs where such rules apply. Gor has scaled greater heights without sportchietha.
    Must we lick their ass so as to be sponsored?
    Even the above rules contradict themselves. Now that Gor and AFC will no longer hire their own stewards, how then will they be accused of fan chaos?
    Sponsoring violence for three consecuve matches is the cheapest idea for nick mwendwa, so that Gor can be relegated and kariobangi sharks promoted. We know this too well. No mention is being made of the referees who made poor decisions against Gor vs Tusker match. No mention is made against the Harambee Stars match against Guinea which was marred by fan trouble.

  16. Rachier we dont want this sportchitha plz take it somewhere else. we dont want Eurobond money being used for Gambling we are tired of kikuyu issues. If Gor would be a lady they would have forced a rape on her . we dont want aportpesa plz pick it and go.

  17. @ Nick mwendwa keep off Gor Mahia we dont want to have wranges with you its clear yoou are out to spoil it for us . But dont be suprised when the FKF becomes immanageble for you. Afterall your are idearless to play football am wondering how you will manage the Game for the Nation.

  18. Admin you are disappointing, you can’t allow the kind of vulgarity of language such as am seeing here. Can I understand what this is meant to achieve? Its just too much, there can’t be any justification for this kind of language on a site like this one. I TOTALLY DISAGREE, even if you are going to hold me by the neck.

  19. ATI we are protecting our brand in suspending sponsorship,in the first place this Sportpesa company is very shadowy and opaque,why did they insert a corruption clause in the contract that deny’s fans the right to know how much they are sponsoring Gor in a year?Rem this 65 Million was not said by Karauri who said he can’t reveal but pundits who had insider information.I can tell you now for Free brothers,I know the person who engineered the overthrow of betway & brought in sportpesa,he is well connected in Gor plus he was given a 4 Million Kickback,a cheque I saw with my own eyes.Lets protect our team & not jump on sensationalism based on biased officiating & support well orchestrated conspiracy rules by FkF meant to take Gor Mahia to the lower leagues based on the new hot potato called “fighting hooliganism” which was started by none other than mwendwa’s harambee stars and nothing in terms of repercussions has taken place upto date

    1. @Ja Asego, you have made my day. Can you please name the official so that we can really know the truth that arm twisted the Betway from sponsoring Gor Mahia? Corruption, hooliganism and thuggery should be rejected by all but we should not be intimidated by companies which are fleecing Gor Mahia fans.

      What KPL, FKL, Sportpesa, police, internal security and department of sports need to analyse the successful case studies in countries that have succeeded in curbing the vice. They need to exchange ideas with football associations of these countries in order to implementing the would be findings in kenya and this will go along way in curbing the vice.

      Chest thumbing, counter accusations, threats, intimidation, suspension of sponsorship, blame games etc will not help. We need to know the root cause which is largely attributed to poor officiating, disorderly fans, bhangi smokers, drankurdness etc and come up with the best way forward.

      What is the role of police whose duties have been enjoying the game and thus too need to be addressed appropriately.

    2. @Ja’Asego, please let us know the person and be prepared with a lawyer in case you cannot prove the facts.

  20. @Jamigori & Dan Original…Nothing would make me happier that to Name the culprit here but being in Kenya where the corruption burden of proof is heavily stacked against the whistleblower I would rather keep my peace.Even the video I have of the signing ceremony and snapshot picture of the cheque I took will be declared totally inadmissible in a court of law and heavy damages of slander slapped on me.Twins Maga Pod Tin they need me financially stable and devoid of court mentions/summonses…

  21. ADMIN,
    Are you fatigued? Why are you not updating this wall as you used to? Some stuff take to long and are sometimes overtaken with events with news in other outlets and you still feed us with historical stuff. Please , style up.


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