Officials say players are being incited

Club official Ronald Ngala says that a club official keeps inciting players towards boycotts and go-slows while Chairman Rachier has vowed disciplinary action

Additional reporting from the Nation
Gor Mahia’s hierarchy has vowed to crack the whip on the playing unit following a boycott that led to 2-0 loss to Morocco’s RS Berkane in first leg match of Caf Confederation Cup quarter-final match on Sunday in Nairobi.

And a disbandment of the playing unit is one of the options officials are contemplating. The club’s leadership on Tuesday said that while players are right to demand money owed to them, the playing unit was being incited by a club official to arm-twist the office into acting upon ‘unreasonable demands.’

Deputy Secretary General Ronald Ngala told Nation Sport that some club officials have made shadowy deals with players with the aim of taking home part of the winning allowances and bonuses paid to the players.

Ngala said the players have conveniently forgotten that each of them received Sh100,000 last month as bonus for reaching the quarter-finals of Caf Confederation Cup.

The long serving Gor official reiterated Monday’s threat by club chairman Ambrose Rachier that players have taken the issue of boycott ‘a little too far’’, adding that ‘a drastic action’ is now inevitable.

“Do you know there is a time when the club operated without a sponsor for two years? Yet the players never complained as much as they are doing now. Let’s not go round in circles. These players are being incited by one of us,” Ngala said.
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“It is regrettable that some of us have sunk so low that they share these monies with the players. So they incite the players to go on strike so that they can also get their share. That is quite unfortunate.”

“We have noted this and have been keeping quiet as officials for long, but action must now be taken. If we follow the law, the players stand to lose big time,” he said.

Ngala’s comments come a day after Gor players candidly spoke to Nation Sport about the ill-treatment they have endured in the course of the current campaign that culminated in the poor performance against RS Berkane.

The rift between the players and the management is now growing wider, and there was an unusually sombre mood yesterday at Camp Toyoyo where the players converged to train for the first time since the Sunday’s match.

K’Ogalo is scheduled to play Bandari this afternoon in Mbaraki in a SportPesa Shield round of 16 match. The team leaves Thursday night for Morocco to play RS Berkane in return match on Sunday.


25 thoughts on “Officials say players are being incited

  1. My small thinking, why not crack down on such official, why not the inciting official? Disband the EC, I mean be brave and take the bullet, DISBAND the current office since it has failed spectacularly. Call special meeting so we can elect new office, Mr Chairman

  2. The problem with our team are two fold money and management.
    1. Money:- If we had been attending league matches religiously and ensuring that we pay our way through the gates the the coffers would be bulging. So, allowances wouldn’t have been a problem. But, just by looking at the sparse crowd the problem is truly illuminated.
    Management:- If and when allowances are due, why not sit the players down as a team and highlight this issue and make players understand the situation. The management of talking to one person to pass info down is so outdated. This way you consignthe naysayers, gossipers and agents of doom to the dustbin.
    The E.C must grow with the team and up their hame just as the players have been consistently doing.
    The issue of players sleeping on the floor in fairway lands is an abomination that needs to be exorcised if it is indeed true.

  3. I suggest Ngala resigns. Who is this one of US you are referring to. You are one of THEM. The worst of this rot has happened in a very embarrassing way. We need fresh minds.

    Them and us will not solve the problem. it is all of US that will present a clean start hence the need for the current office to resign enmass.

  4. I support the cracking of the whip but start with the EC. At which stage did you realize that there are officials trading(sharing) with the players. I have wondered why a player like Wellington can simply sit on the bench months after recovery. Why players like Cercidy can afford to switch of their phones yet he is a permanent bench feature. Why do such players players exist in Gor? While not stating that they are the culprits in any way, the scene does not add up.
    Gor Mahia cannot afford players whose job is to sit on the bench while others claim fatigue coz of fixture congestion. Are the bench sitters getting the same allowances with the player who’s keeps nursing ankle injuries every other time?
    Gor needs to enact the new constitution ASAP. We need officials who can talk and relate to club matters, not ones whose names we only read on the paper. We need a club Exec who does not trash players value when they(players) cry to be heard.
    I will ask again, If players had been paid March salaries then why would they take such drastic actions of ‘sabotaging’ a match? The club was not denying the money owed. The problem lies with the EC, I do believe there could be officials with a hand in this so called strike.

  5. The players were striking…they didn’t want to play in a match with 45million price they are going to Mombasa to play Bandari…shield cup with a price money if 1m…illiterate fools…honestly am disgusted with those inciters…i traveled from Zanzibar to watch the match left my commitments…then some fools refuse to play…shameful is an understatement

  6. Yesterday we had our long awaited SGM at Jukwaa Lounge. I Jasego Wuod Kanyada was called by Chairman after draft report was released two weeks ago. Using my vast international knowledge in football administration and development, i and a few others punched numerous holes in that document that was very basic and written in average prose. I pointed out that it was only better that the one we adopted in 2015 due to the fact that it structured the EC and Secretariat to meet the minimum threshold of FkF statutes and Sports Act 2015 and some aspects of Caf/Fifa Licensing requirements. We gave very clear guidelines on overhaul of many articles of the draft but Alas today we realize the Constitution Review Committee chose to totally ingore our directions and incorporated NONE of our inputs. Suffice to say that Rudimentary Draft was rejected and not adopted but instead sent back to the committee to put in our views through fine-tuning. We formed a transitional review committee to spearhead the process of transiting GM into a New Dispensation that will take the club to greater heights in posterity. Their ToR’s is to come up with a model constitution that is a game changer and doesn’t just meet bare minimum standards for licensing.They report back in a Month’s time at another SGM to be convened then. On players allowances Chairman is contrmplating scrapping it off completely so GM remains the only club in SPL that doesn’t pay players allowances/bonuses only Salary. Guess what that will do to player morale and winning titles? Let inciteful players be released and others signed but allowances cannot be removed we will never win anything that way

  7. Jerry, my small thinking is that this office can only understand that kind language, I am not an inciter, but this office is rotten to the core. All of it. DISSOLVE the current office, leave the playing unit alone, they are the major asset employed by the club in this production line. Without them, there is no CORE, if you understand that.

  8. There is a saying that goes like ‘You may not know the value of what you have till it’s gone’.

    I suspect and fear that our days at the top are soon going to be gone. The kind of infighting, insults, abuses, strikes, sabotage, politics currently being witnessed in my beloved club points to only one thing, we will soon be finished. Anyone who knows why Ingwe last won the league in 1998 can attest to this.

    We are attacking an office that has brought us success and joy. We are abusing players who just made us smile in Kisumu for four straight games. What do we really want? For sure we will soon get what we want. We once waited 18 years for the league and if any one of us is too young and not aware then i will excuse you.

    I fear for my club.

  9. Shouldn’t the real issue here be why players are not being paid their rightful allowances and on time?incitement and side deals for me here shouldn’t be an the players what is rightfully theirs and the other issues will sort themselves out!!

  10. Running a Club like Gor Mahia is not the easiest jobs. Any one who has been with the team and has the history since Rachier took over can attest to the fact it has not been a walk in the Park. I can compare this to a girl who is despised while growing up only for every man to start fighting for her with truths and lies ones she is grown and mature, with her beauty as her crown. Gor has come of age but I still think that the history must not be forgotten. There was a time when it did not matter when ever Gor was playing. No body cared to know because there was nothing to watch. At the risk of being an AR defender, since they took over, we are where we are. This may be hinged on may things.
    1. Good will from both the Fans, Technical Bench and the playing unit.
    2. Patience and determination irrespective of the Financial constrains.
    3. Disciple.
    4. Sacrifice.
    I therefore want to ask just like @Jonny says” The players were striking…they didn’t want to play in a match with 45million price they are going to Mombasa to play Bandari…shield cup with a price money if 1m” Surely, does it add up? I do not think so. As I asked yesterday, If they paid before they go Morocco, will they reverse the first leg result? I for see a case where some of these players are going to be haunted for whatever step they took. As a way forward, I think the disciplinary whip MUST be cracked. Let us learn from Hussein Dei who disciplined their player with a hefty fine for behaving in a manner that was considered anti sports. In our case find the apple
    (s) and do whatever it costs.

  11. Jonny I support ur post , why they going to Mombasa have they been paid if not ,if u call them fools no blame ,Rachier act on those players and officials who might organising go slow Gor is bigger than even Rachier put things in order if not fans will be on ur neck .

  12. Who here thinks that match was sold away. Ukweli usemwe our coaches since Kerr always have beautiful explanations for our losses.Let me repeat this:Gor Mahia philosophy is lump the ball forward to Serenkuma, Olunga, Kagere, Tuyisenge.We missed Tuyisenge on this as Oliech nowadays is more of the big drogba type attackers who use their body in the box to create chances but for him the ball must be on the ground.At his prime Oliech scored with his right foot.Our midfield problems meant strikers were not fed. If anybody wants to talk about sabotage please compare Berkane goals versus those Uganda conceeded against Tz.We lost this game because our philosophy requires a tall striker upfront and he was absent.

  13. @Jonny you miss the point. Those amounts you say are never seen by the players. They are like high school boys playing for pride of their school and a trophy to take selfies with.We urgently need Gor Mahia Ltd with CEO, CFO, CMO plus other junior guys like PR, Chief Scout etc.

  14. I totally disagree that we lost that game because our philosophy required a tall striker.

    It was not about the philosophy,or stature of our players but a combination of a myriad of problems that most certainly derailed our quest for a win.

    However,going forward there are several issues that need to be ironed out within the club to prevent what now looks like a catastrophe!

  15. Somebody is making me laugh however distressed I am.Some people are misleading these players.I think these players are on contract and their salaries are well taken care of by the sponsors.Why then should they be given money received from any tornament the club is engaged in.If their case is allowances & bonuses, then I ask where in this World employees go on strike because they have not been paid allowances & bonuses?
    I think indiscipline has outgrown itself on some of these payers and those dissatisfied should ask for release letters to enable them join KPL Clubs who will be giving them any tornament prize money.Remember they started embarrassing this Club last year in a Foreign Country during CECAFA competitions.The Club was operating with no sponsors sometimes back and these stupid events were not there.

    1. The players that will come after dismissing the current ones will still go on strike if their allowances are not paid.
      Find a permanent solution, most SPL clubs are paying allowances

  16. Anybody out there to translate this very useful Luo proberb
    ” Cha ogwang , cha gweno”. Everyone is guilty. It cuts both ways. Rachier should what is ultimately right.

  17. Gor mahia lose on penalties against bandari fc in shield cup tournament in mbaraki after settling to a 1-1draw.wadri scored and oliech restore parity .

  18. our scorecard reads..
    Super cup = Bundled out
    SportPesa cup = Bundled out
    CAF champions = Bundled out
    CAF confederations = Bundled out
    Shield cup = Bundled out
    League title = ?

    The worst year for the club unfolds………surely this is the year starting with the EC officials, player overhaul and fans registration.

    1. Whatever you mean by the worst year. There was a time we were actually ‘relegated’ and only saved from demotion on a technicality

  19. Were they paid allowance before that match ,I beg to know, if they were not paid and honored that game then we have players that want to make money ,they should quiet ,in kpl some good players are earning 25000/,and if Gor play againtst such teams we straggle to score agoal there good players in Kenya ,

  20. For has a very big problem, we claim that we pay at the gate BUT sincerely speaking that’s not true. I’ve been religiously attending the matches mainly the ones in Kisumu but I’ve been disappointed more so when Gor is the hosting team where we would expect the fans to pay but there are numerous groups claiming that they represent different branches. They always come in large numbers force their way through the outer gate then once inside they again bulldoze their way into the stadium so one would think that the club has made good money while in reality that’s not the case. Secondly those at the gate also play some game if the gate charges is kshs 200 for the terraces and kshs 500 for the main stand they allow people to go in at kshs 50 for the terraces and kshs 200 for the main stand and this is really eating into the club’s source of revenue therefore the fans should change and be ready to support the club and those are the same people who cause trouble in the field making the club to be fined. My proposal let the club have a system where members can subscribe and be given cards which they can use on match days to access the stadium then enhance on accountability and with that we’ll head somewhere.

  21. Unfortunately Bandari has knocked us out of the shortest route to CAF competition. We live to fight another day. All we now need to do is to step back and do some soul-searching. As much as our EC has not lived to our expectations have we as fans/supporters done so? A big chunk of us want to go support Gor in the stadium but do not want to pay gate fees. We bribe our way through or even jump through the fence. Others stay at home and watch on Telly. Yet when things don’t go well we are the first to castigate the players and EC, ‘pay them’ , ‘AR and EC must go’. Go where? And who are the EC alternatives so that we can do some background checks on them. We don’t want to jump from the frying pan to the fire, like we almost. Those who follow the happenings around will understand.
    @Jasego, we can’t wait for the new constitution dispensation as it is what will take us to the next level. But you will still find those of us who will claim that now the want to ‘steal’ the club yet they do nothing to help the club. We also need to keep politics/politicians out of our club as that is what has helped us and distinguished us from ingwe.
    On another note what is this thing about witchcraft belief. Everytime it comes up we end up losing. We lost twice to Bandari after refusing to either use the ‘official’ entrance or the changing rooms. We also lost to Azam for the same reason, amongst many other times. Is the Coach powerless to stop these STUPID beliefs and who is propagating them? How I miss Jerry’s Captaincy. He was/is a devouted Christian and would not allow such


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