Oktay wants to conquer Africa

Gor Mahia coach Hassan Oktay says that Gor Mahia has what it takes to be a force on the continent.

“As far as I’m concerned, Gor Mahia is a brand in itself and one of the best teams not only in the region but Africa at large,” Oktay told Standard Sports.

Oktay however says he will need to work hard in order to keep the players and the club focused unlike this season when everything fell apart against RS Berkane.

“But I need to improve this team and take it to the next level. We tried this season and even managed to qualify for the Confederation Cup quarterfinals. We had great potential but the problems we had couldn’t allow us to go further.

” All the same, I believe next season is the best time for us to conquer Africa. Remember, Gor  is one of the best 16 clubs in Africa, so with good preparation and recruitment everything is possible.” 

Oktay further revealed that he has turned down offers from Africa and Asia

Yes, it’s true I did get good offers from other clubs within and outside Africa before we won the league. Two Angolan clubs, an Egyptian club and two from Turkey had given me lucrative offers, but I told them I’m happy where I’m. That’s why I’m still here, I want to rewrite history with this mighty club,” he said.

Oktay went on to express his happiness at stearing the club to its 18th title.

“I’m happy to have won the league title with Gor Mahia on my first season at the club. After Asia, this is the second time I’m winning a title. Of course, it’s fantastic and I’m surely enjoying it. But I’m partially disappointed because I wanted to win it with a 15-20 points’ gap,” he said.

Kahata has not been approached for a contract extension

Meanwhile Francis Kahata, one of the main cogs in the Gor Mahia set up says he is likely to leave since the club has not approached him over contract extension.

“From next month I will be a free agent meaning I will be free to sign with any team that shows interest,” Kahata told Goal.

“As a player, I have won three consecutive league titles and it is time for a new challenge. However, that does not mean I do not want to stay at the club, it is just that the management has not approached me over a contract extension.

“I have been at the club and I love it, but the officials have to show they want me around as well.” he said to goal.com

Tuyisenge to Angola

Rwandese striker Jacque Tuyisenge, who has been at the club since 2016 and has been Gor Mahia’s main hammer upfront, appears set to join Petro Atletico of Angola.

“Petro Atletico has offered $150000 for Tuyisenge and Gor Mahia are set to get 20% when they finally sell him. His contract ends in December and he is expected not to renew the contract,” Gor Mahia organising secretary Judith Nyangi told goal.com

According to Nyangi, the two clubs have already agreed to terms.

“The two clubs have agreed on contractual terms defining the transfer of Tuyisenge and the only thing Gor Mahia is awaiting now is the money agreed to be wired into their accounts.” said Nyangi


13 thoughts on “Oktay wants to conquer Africa

  1. As i said it before it’s good business to sell Tuyisenge now instead of having him go for free. We surely cannot compete with the likes of TP Mazembe, Esperance etc when it comes to financial muscle. As for Kahata let him go make the money. A footballer’s life is quite short. He might come to retire at some later stage just like Oliech. Blaming the office for not matching Jausenge’s demand is not fair. How about the other 30 players. Getting the right mix of players locally and outside we can still conquer Africa. The fight/morale within Gor drives even rookies to deliver.
    Why did Jasego abandon us? Or he is working behind the curtains and will soon unveil the next Big Things in Gor?

  2. Good luck Tyuisenge and Kahata, you have served us faithfully. May God continue opening ways for you in your endeavours. Arocho is talking shit by supporting Mwalala’s sentiment. He is very bitter about Kogallo’s success. Wenye wivu wajinyonge.Meanwhile the orphans and widowers are badly missing their deity, if anybody knows the whereabouts of the lost god let them console its followers.However, we don’t recognise self proclaimed ‘officials’ but genuine Gor EC, TB and our dedicated and hardworking playing unit.

  3. Gor is bigger than any individual and personell,both from the playing unit and the management come and go but the brand will always remain.to those moving on,all the best,and to those staying on to make sure the brand continues to grow,all the best.I congratulate all players and the EC and fans ,stakeholders and shareholders for another great season of success.unfortunately am not a sucker for individuals,we all know who and what works for the team!!

  4. from the statement written, i think kahata still want to stay and he is open for contract extention, so why can the management sit him down and talk for the possible?? losing kahata and jausenge is lyke losing the whole team,, someone who knows to help me out here,

  5. @Obra, Kahata is no doubt a good player, the pictures which went round in the social media of Gor Mahia players sleeping on the floor at the airport en-route to Morocco might be the reason somebody want to punish him by not extending his stay at Gor Mahia. Remember Kahata was one of the players whose photo went round in the social media. Gor Mahia officials should know that any human being can make a mistake. These players are young. They can be talked to and rectify any mistake they might have made. The airport issue should not be a reason for not re-signing Kahata. When our children make mistakes in our houses, do we kill them or chase them away? the answer is a big NO. Instead we we guide them, we correct them. After all, those photos were not selfies, somebody else took them and circulated them in the media. There is no evidence Kahata participated in releasing those photos to the social media. That is my take.

  6. Get Kahata a new contract.someone needs to set a fire on Adudas behind.Its time to act. It’s that time of the season again ladies and gentlemen.We joke and we end up like 2016

  7. Jasego osiepa. Am disappointed. After enduring these journey? Iringo jotugo nang’o . Nyangi gini ematinde wuoyo. Yawuowi owuok en nga maikelo?*

  8. In modern football , movement of players from one club to another is so normal for reasons that are so obvious that it is foolhardy to assume that there is any capable and ambitious player whose career ambition is to stay in a transitory club like Gor Mahia and so it is a fact that players especially the very good ones will come and go and for reasons that are beyond our means but especially for financial reasons .
    That is why personally
    It is my pride that having served as so well , a player like Tuisenge should be signed by a club that can give him the millions that we at the moment cant afford to give him , just like Kagere got , just like Olunga got .
    I normally find it to be shallow thinking to argue e.g that the club refused to renew Kagere’s contract while the fact is Kagere had an offer from Simba that Gor could not match in whichever way , Didnt the club renew Walusimbi’s contract , did it stop him from going ? , and is it that he wanted to go coz he hated Gor Mahia or its management ? , ofcourse not coz this is not a love affair .
    In short , those who have moved jobs before will appreciate the fact that the reasons that made them move are the same reasons the players move , whether you are offered a new contract or not , when a better deal comes , you will wish to leave and it has nothing to do with love or hate for a place or whether you took photographs in an airport or not -Olunga and Kagere left and there were no photos involved .

  9. @Teddy, Kahata has not said he want to leave. He has said he has not been approached by the EC to renew his contract. The coach had said before the Kahata is one player he would wish to retain.

  10. @Teddy, Kahata has not said he want to leave. He has said he has not been approached by the EC to renew his contract. The coach had said before that Kahata is one player he would wish to retain.

  11. If it is true that Simba is interested in Kahata, then obviously Kahata will go. Reason? Simba is likely to give him a better offer than Gor Mahia. And we really can not blame Kahata for seeking for greener pastures.


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