Polack praises Oluoch as world class

Gor Mahia coach Steve Polack on Monday hailed goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch. Polack suggested that Oluoch was the key to Gor

“That was a world-class display from Boniface [Oluoch], he literally kept us in the game and also helped us to get the points,” Polack told goal.com.Mahia’s victory over Bandari.

Oluoch made a series of saves that helped Gor Mahia maintain a clean sheet. Most notable was his penalty save against Ugandan striker William Wadri.

“Bandari got a penalty and they could have staged a comeback had they scored but ‘Boni’ produced a world-class save to deny them, maybe had they scored, it could have given them the momentum to go for a second goal and the game could have easily changed the tide. “[Oluoch] played very well, he saved us, at 2-0 they could have scored from the penalty spot and then it could have been 2-1 and who knows, they could have kept troubling us for a second.” he continued.

Oluoch got a chance to prove himself during the International break when Gor Mahia played Al Ahli of Tripoli. And he has taken the chance with both hands.

“When your chance comes you have to take it whatever position, be it in goal, in defence, striking area, in the midfield and Oluoch has surprised me because he took his chance with both hands. He was terrific against Kakamega Homeboyz and against Bandari he has also performed well.” said Polack to goal.com

Oluoch lost his starting position due to some below par performances where he seemed far too nonchalant at times. So much so that coach Hassan Oktay insisted that the goalkeeping position is the one where the club badly needed a solution. Hence the arrival of Mapigano from Tanzania. It is this competition that created the spark that Oluoch needed to return to form.

“Remember in Gor Mahia we have three young goalkeepers who are very good and for him [Oluoch] to come back and put up such a good display is very amazing of him.” said Polack.

Polack Says Muguna is injured.

Explaining why skipper Kenneth Muguna did not feature against Bandari, coach Polack says that as far as he is concerned, Muguna missed the match due to injury.

“[Muguna] missed out because of injury, I had to keep the injury to myself and did not want to tell anyone,” said Polack to goal.com

Numerous outlets have reported that Muguna and Maurice Ojwang have requested release letters due to non-payment of salary which has not been paid in 3 months. Asked to comment on this, Polack responded that he is not aware of any release demands.

“I am not aware, all  I know is Muguna was out injured. Maybe he will be available when we face Ulinzi Stars in our next league match.” he said


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  1. Boniface Oluoch was splendid. He reminded me of his outstanding performance in Luanda against Angola when Zico was coach of our national team.

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  4. I wish to talk to Muguna and please the administrator of this site, do not deny me the opportunity to talk to captain fantastic with whom I like most.
    Muguna, I just want to remind you that Gor mahia fc is a football club with a record of giving the players an opportunity to play for the national team and excel in the national team. When you play for Gor mahia fc, there is a spirit (juogi) that supports you to give your best and you become a better player and everyone admires you. Remember the players who left Gor mahia fc with blessings of the club and are thriving very well, case in point is olunga and Erick ouma “Marcelo “. Some are Jacques tuyisenge who thanked the team for his time with the team. Remember those who left with madharau like Rama Salim, your former captain musa Mohammed, kagere, the list is long. What am trying to tell you is that when you leave with madharau, that spirit leaves you and you don’t do well because the spirit is not happy with you. Even coaches leaving like thieves after Gor mahia fc have put them in the world map like Frank nutal and Dylan Kerr, that spirit stays away from them and also torments them wherever they go. Remember that you were once a most valuable player but still you could not get a call to the national team, but when you joined Gor mahia is when you made a first appearance in the national team and played and scored your debut goal for the national team something which were who is a striker is yet to achieve. I know that football of today is job like any other job but when you are playing for Gor mahia fc, try to love the team and play with passion and scouts will come for you and pay Gor mahia fc for your service and the gor spirit will be happy and you shall thrive and make the money you want. But if you believe that you are the best and you will remain the best, then leave Gor mahia fc the way your agent wants you to. Even Zico knows very well that he can’t thrive away from Gor and he’s cheating you.

  5. Boni won that match for us.
    My two Westies were also impressive.
    I am happy to “eat my words” and to be chided “but I told you”. Please continue.
    Sadly whatever reassurances are being given, slow/delayed/non payment of players and TB salaries remains a ticking time bomb. We’ve seen reassurances before only for the opposite to happen the very next day.
    Luckily you and I can no longer pretend that we are helpless and point a finger elsewhere (remember the 3 fingers pointing themselves at you).
    The players and coaches are being so professional despite the very difficult circumstances, let us support them.

    GMAF Caring for K’Ogalo Boldly, Transparently and Directly.

    1. @Oduor12, please let us continue to contribute money and mobilize more members to join Gor Mahia Augmentin Fund. If we can hit 25K, all will be well and the club will go far.

  6. Hello Bwana Bandit,

    I remember offering to pay my gate fee to any reliable account for our players and suggesting that you lead the initiative. I’m happy to note that you finally accepted to wear the ‘BIG SHOES’. Kudos Sir. Congrats to all the ladies and gentlemen who have embraced this noble idea.

    To the real ‘Gor Player’, i was disheartened to read what you did in Libya. That is like a visitor being offered ugali and meat and when the home owner opens the fridge they start demanding the fish or chicken they saw in there. That was really uncouth. Part of the reason we lack sponsors is the fan base who sometimes lose their heads and it can only get worse when the playing unit becomes so unruly. That was sacrilegious

    Having forgiven our boys, i reaffirm my commitment to channel the gate fees to the paybill whenever i can’t make it to the stadium.

    Finally, i have registered but don’t have a number.

    GMAF Caring for K’Ogalo Boldly, Transparently and Directly.

    1. The please send the mpesa details to 0748844410 so that we assign you a number immediately. On the mpesa message indicate your name/ The villager.

  7. Am abit worried that there seems to be a disconnect if what gormahia facebook latest post is to believed concerning this GMAF drive..can someone update us what steps have been taken to inform and inco operate the GMF office?

  8. Just seen a notice on the Gor Mahia facebook page warning fans and friends of Gor Mahia to avoid our initiative. Bwana Oduor12, what austerity measures are in place to deal with such?

    Sent my message to the indicated number yesterday.

    1. Please, if it is not too much to ask forward the message again.
      GMAF has the blessings of none other then the Chairman of the club.
      Such distractions/uncertainity were to be expected but GMAF working hard to counter/ allay any or all fears.
      We have posted GMAF’s bank statement and contributors list on GMAF’s WhatsApp as part of being transparent and accountable.
      For those rightfully doubting just hold on, for soon we will clear any doubts then you can contribute.

    1. We hope to meet the EC soon and any doubts about GMAF will be cleared. There is a lot of discussion behind the scenes and all shall be well soon. I cannot give details here, but God will iron out everything. At least bloggers here know that we are not fake.

      My friend The Villager, please resend the M-PESA message to 0748 844 410 and include your blogging name. Please.

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