Rachier now says Gor Mahia searching for new coach

Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier has announced that coach Bobby Williamson has resigned as of the end of August and that Gor Mahia is in search of a new coach.

“Now that Williamson will leave the club after regional Cecafa Kagame Cup championships in Rwanda, we have no choice but to start looking for his replacement.” said Rachier to

This is a stark contrast to what we heard from other club officials. In fact it appears the club officials are contradicting each other. Bobby Williamson himself said he was still committed to Gor Mahia and that FKF would have to request permission from the club to handle national team duties. Secreyary general Chris Omondi said “What I can confirm is that talks have been on-going but nothing has been agreed yet.”

Rachier indicated that financial constraints will hinder them from signing a top tier coach. ““We have received a lot of interest from several coaches but we are afraid we may not get a top coach due to financial demands they may put on us,” Rachier told on Thursday.

There are reports that the club may entice former coach Zedekiah ‘Zico’ Otieno to come back. Former AFC Leopards’ coach Luc Eymael has also expressed interest in the job.

As much as some fans are unhappy with Williamson for various reasons such as not winning the mashemeji derby, he deserves credit for steering Gor Mahia to the top of the table even despite all the financial constraints and player departures that have plagued the club. Williamson deserves credit and it is incredible that the club would let him go right in the middle of the league campaign. With Harambee stars having been eliminated from AFCON 2015, there are hardly any other tournaments to keep Williamson busy. The only logical reason Gor Mahia would let Williamson go at such a crucial moment is the precarious financial situation now bedeviling the club.

However Jerim Onyango has averred that the departure of Williamson will not affect the club. “I don’t think his going should affect our title challenge. We will maintain a positive attitude and keep doing what he taught us to do.” said Jerim to

He however admitted that the playing unit will miss Williamson.

“Since he joined the squad, he has been like a father figure to all of us and we will miss this.”

He added: “I strongly believe that Williamson will succeed with Harambee Stars just like he did at Gor Mahia. This is why Football Kenya Federation settled on him.” continued Jerim.



10 thoughts on “Rachier now says Gor Mahia searching for new coach

  • This walk in walk out policy MUST be stopped.
    Especially by players & now TB @ midseason coz K’galo is a big club. Some still have hangovers of the low times equating GM to City Stars but remember that the same club was a continental/regional champ.
    EC can look 4 a non Kenyan but African coach who may not be too pricely but very competent.
    “Financial contrainsts” is now retarding the club’s growth yet some continue exonerating EC. Very lame excuse in my view.
    Kwaheri BW & thank-you. Good decision

  • Dan Original

    Instead of us members just talking and whinning let’s join the membership drive and the 350100 initiative. Us alone can make the best sponsors for the club. The EC alone cannot do everything. Sooner or later the players will also leave while we are busy castigating the EC.
    How many friends have we carried along to Chase bank to register? This is assuming that we are already registered. If you really love GM do your bit and when we all fo that we will have a stable and successful team.
    Otherwise as we criticise also inform us also what one has done to make GM a great team. And don’t tell us that you attend matches since even anti-gor fans go to watch our matches in anticipation that we lose.
    this mail is directed to no one in particular but to all of us as gor members/fans/admirers
    otherwise I wish the team all the best in Rwanda

  • Good riddance!

    This man BW leaves gor mahia with a very poor record…..he could not beat tusker and efusi, we lost in all the major finals we played in, we exited all the cup tournaments and I think the league last year was won by logarusic because bobby came in when the lead was a healthy 10 points!

    Tusker has already catch up with us in the league, If he does not deliver kagame cup, to hell with him …..he shall be forgotten.

  • Dan,I have registered -member number Gor-000143/2014.

    let us all do the same.

  • obondo jakababa

    why does this guy Rachier release the coach know and we are in mid season and to make it worse we are at the top of the league table.Really why couldn’t they allow the coach to be in gor upto the end of the season since there is no urgency in harambee.what is going round is that the guy want to bring back zico.i wont say anything but what we should know incase of anew coach let us forget the kpl trophy since each and every coach has his own principles.we should remember that it is bobby who signed most of our current players.i see Rachier selling the trophy to tusker indirectly,let him just tell us that he don’t want gor to take the kpl trophy.This guy is having very poor management skills though I voted him he is failing us teriibly.

  • james onjiko

    obondo am one of the branch chairman of the gor mahia branches and immediately the issue of bob was announced we went to rachier office plus other branch officials ,what you are saying is what we proposed ,booby should be left upto the end of the season to complete this years league in gor but seemingly our chairman is adamant ,The issue of zico is real and we warned him,the guy wanted to bring zico ever since but we have been warning him of the consequences.we warned him of wrangles throughout the season incase of anew coach since the players wont adopt faster to his principles since he is new but I want to tell you guys that if you want to know the guys wenye wako na madharau one of them is our chairman ambrose rachier but this time round we are waiting for him to mess us up and he will see the other side of the coin.we told him not to bring zico back in gor and we are waiting.

  • Barefoot Bandit

    Aye yawa. Changing coaches mid season?

  • Joe Riaga

    Removing a coach mid season can demoralize players. Williamson was doing well considering all the tribulations at the club. #1 Oduor12 is right regarding EC. They have gotten us into this financial mess. They need to work hard to get the club out of the mess before more players walk out

  • Magwar Ber

    Zdravko Logarusic has been released by Simba, I wish we could grab him, we won the league because of him, he led us to beat AFC in all the encounters, this man is the best to handle kogallo, Zico failed n will fail again, local coaches can not handle Gor at this time because they always sigh their friends and bargain good salaries for them to get a cut from them. Zdravko Logarusic!

  • ODUOR12

    Mimi sisemi kitu apart from restating that fish rots from the top (bloated EC), then spreads to the middle (TB) and finally the whole samaki rots. Some have been hoodwinked by cheap preservatives (e.g Membership drive,Paybill 350100 etc,etc) while those who stuck out their necks have been castigated and even labeled efusi sympathizers.
    I call on the likes of James Onjiko (one of the GM branch chairman) to seriously consider the cooperative option as a means of putting GM on a sound and sustainable financial footing. A membership of 5,000 (countrywide) each making a monthly contribution of 500/month will raise kshs.30M annually for our beloved K’galo. Cooperative structures will curb misuse of funds by encouraging transparency and accountability which can never be espoused by EC as long as GM operates as a society.


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