Rave reviews for Gor Mahia players in international action

Kahata in a previous match

National team coach Stanley Okumbi is thoroughly impressed with Gor Mahia midfield ace Francis Kahata. In Okumbi’s mind, Kahata was the engine of the team on Sunday driving forward and creating numerous chances.
“Kahata played so well created many chances and I am happy with him.” said Okumbi to futaa.com

Indeed Kahata likely registered more passes than anyone unlike the other members of the midfield who were less impressive. Johannah and Timbe scored but they have been accused of playing very selfishly as was Paul Were. Two of these players are transfer targets of Gor Mahia. The price tag that Bob Munro has put on Johannah is said to be Ksh 10 million. It must be said that Johannah’s lob over the advancing Congo goalkeeper was impressive.

Okumbi did not field Kahata in his first two matches against Guinea Bissau and must be regretting it.

Ninteen year old Eric Ouma, earned his first cap and passed the test with flying colours. He was solid in defence, not allowing anything through. None other skipper Victor Wanyama was impressed.
He had a good game and showed maturity despite his age said Wanyama to capital FM

Kogalo officials are in the midst of trying to convince Marcelo to sign a two year deal.

Rwanda striker Jacque Tuyisenge carried over his goal-scoring form to the international arena. He scored twice but was unable to prevent Rwanda from losing 3-2. Abouba Sibomana also played 90 minutes in that match.

Khalid Aucho was the hero of the day for Uganda. he scored the winning goal that enabled Uganda to beat Botwana 2-1 away from home. Geoffrey Walusimbi was a second half substitute.

Meanwhile Muhoroni Youth defender Wellington Ochieng, who is being pursued by Kogalo has himself expressed interest in joining the club.

“According to the information I received from the chairman (Adagala), all is going on well and I am sure that Gor Mahia will be my club in second leg. 70% of the deal is basically done because the two clubs are slowly agreeing on the transfer cash,” Ochieng’ told goal.com
Gor Mahia have offered Ksh 500,000 as transfer fee while Muhoroni Youth want Ksh 2 million. The two clubs have to meet in the middle

45 thoughts on “Rave reviews for Gor Mahia players in international action

  1. Kahata was superb and that is why in MY OPINION Gor does not need Mieno because what he can do Kahata can do better. If Aucho leaves we would need a like for like replacement. Ball winning, creative, box to box midfielder who is strong defensively, can create chances up field and chip in goals now and then. Locally none can be found so we need to go around the foreign quota rule and bring this Burundian Pier ot. On to something else IDAC finds that Gor have a valid case against IDCC. Tusker were the home team and should have taken care of security and the match was not abandoned but played to conclusion. Further hearing on Thursday. I will keep hope alive

    1. Please go ahead and give more briefs. Those buffoons- IDCC were corrupted. There is no way Gor could get such a double punishment by accepting a none existence penalty and deduction of the three points while Tusker was the beneficiary.

  2. We deserve our 3 points back and we also demand from FKF that the foreign limit quota be revised upwards for Kenya teams to contend for the champions league group stages next year . over to you mwendwa!

  3. Reading through the postings here, one is left wondering whether we are capable of winning anything without the influence of foreign players!! Why are we so fixated with foreign players!! Please cut our local players some flack by trusting them. Marcelo is a clear example that talent can be found within our borders if we try hard to locate them. Baron Oketch might just turn out to be another Marcelo if the coach can trust him.

    1. I think once a player is signed by Gor Mahia, he becomes a K’galo player period. Its upto him to play well and wherever he hails from is immaterial. Since GM’s inception we’ve never had those unnecessary categorization of local vs foreign players. To most fans these are just OUR PLAYERS.

    2. @False 9. While I respect your opinion,foreign players in local leagues is the norm the world over. EPL,La Liga etc so it is something we must embrace while also nurturing home grown talent. Jesse Were, Olunga, Marcelo have proved that we have talent but they are more an exception than the rule. Do you think Gor would have won three titles in a row with a purely local contigent? Why is Ulinzi with their policy of local players unable to win the league? I am not glorifying foreign players but is just alive to the reality of the times.

    3. Do you really follow modern football globally? Foreigners can play a big role in helping to develop and influence the mentality of the local players. Positions are fought for but not given on a silver platter. Positions are earned and this is what local players need to demonstrate.

      On deducted points, we need these points back ASAP as the match ended. But we as fans need to play the role of self policing and being our brothers’ keepers. We all love Gor Mahia and we need our fans to behave even if we are being provoked by poor officiating and decisions that may go against our team.

      Let us all abhor hooliganism, thuggery and barbaric behaviors that can end up making our club being victimized.

    4. Those who can do this are few and are not available. Need good team without looking where the players are from and that is maturity in football

  4. i have 3 questions i need answered by anyone here..
    1.Wellingtone Ochieng whom we are desperately chasing from Muhoroni and is a regular in their backline…who will he oust from our defence?or is he coming to warm the bench like Luke and Bernard and Saleh?
    2.Who will Thigo replace in the frontline and what happens to akina Keli,Agwanda and BB?
    3.If Aucho departs,which local box to box midfielder can replace him apart from Mieno who Tusker do not want to sell?
    With this EC and the way they work,i have stopped all manner of speculation!!

    1. I think our coach is a vivid believer in rotation of players. Wellington can be rotated with other defenders.

      1. Which rotation @Jamigori or do we watch different games? Gor Mahia has a first 11 under Ze Maria. Oluoch, Karim, Shakava, Musa, Marcelo, Gatusso Aucho, Walu, Omino(displaced by Wafula after poor displays), Berry and JaUsenge. Wendo plays when Gatusso is acting up or Aucho is injured. Kahata is a sub always coming around the 60th minute to spice up the creativity.Agwanda and Keli coming on in dying minutes. Calabar Junior has had only one full game and Saleh has been fielded only once ditto Eric Ochieng. So what rotation are you talking about Sir?

    2. @Oswozo i dont have answers but just to say that when the transfer plans for Gor announced i also asked why buy a defender when IN MY OPINION we had enough? I was almost lynched by a few bloggers who make it their job to shout “let the TB do their job. dont question!!, dont question!! , dont question!!” Aucho may leave and rumours coming from reliable sources say we are releasing another two midfielders and two strikers with one defender being fronted for sale(He has already been rejected by his transfer club of choice and may stay if we dont get another buyer) So why buy a defender and not beef up central midfield? i am confused but I will wait and see. The EC has surprised us with some good deals in the past and I hope they pull another masterstroke.

      1. @musymo Please be patient as we wait to see this BRAZILIAN SAMBA and flavor in K’ogalo…
        K’OGALO is slowly devolving soccer from each corner of the world. Ugatuzi wa kadanda.

        Just wait and you will see for youself..!! Patience Please ..!!,, Let the TB do their job .!!! And then we will appraise their decisions latter based on the outcome. Our comments remains opinion and it should not make you a lesser K’Ogalo fan than anybody else blogging on this site.

        Two Brazillian coaches, plus two Italian Fitness trainers plus a Brazilian striker… I wonder what else is cooking behind the scene. At this rate just let them do their thing and appraise latter.

        If it was my preference i could not have obliged to “THIGO” coming all the way from China/Austria/Brazil and to make it worse his higher wage bill demand and the demoralizing factor that it will pose to the rest our players? Imagine somebody plying his trade beyond Afrika coming to play pro in K’Ogalo. I thought china is where proffesional stars ply their trade prior to full retirement.

        WECHE GOR PEK OSIEPA..!! ” @okewkanango…….TIBIM……MARWA KORO EN BUL KENDE..!!

        I tried to google about their Soccer statistics and ended up in a club called Monte Carlo in China, Their origin is mara Brazil, Portuguese,Austria and ended up in China with no clear statisfics.

        Some of us have even declared Tom Ogweno jobless, next you will hear a goalkeeper trainer,Team Doctor/Physio and Manager from Brazil and before you demand or ask questions we are the very people who will tell you to style up and be in tandem with modern football management trends world-wide. Just like Mourhino is joining Man U with his entire staff/team that consist of the coaching,fitness,medical and dietician staff and so is Ze Maria with GM. LET TB & EC DO THEIR JOB. PERIOD.

        1. That will be a bloated TB and if you have been complaining about a bloated EC what has changed? If anything there is the financial implications and that money better be used to improve player remuneration. So I will continue criticizing if need be and praising when necessary while you will continue telling me to shut up. I am comfortable with that . I hope you will be too.

          1. @musymo it is not about a bloated TB but rather one that is comprised of fully professional persons with proper track record. Tumechoka na KPL SIJUI 4 Times in a row and we now want to win Kagame and CAF repeatedly. That is the EC strategy for the TB that is geared towards reclaiming our glory in the international competitions.
            According to AR (Chairman) : Gor Mahia is fully geared to become a complete professional club and that’s why we want to bring more trainers on board. We need to reduce the coaches – players ratio so as to realize better performance. In this regard, an assistant fitness trainer from Italy will jet in the country by Monday for appointment,” said Rachier.


            HEAD COACH: JOSE MARCELO FERRAIRA aka “Ze Maria”…………………Brazilian ex-international
            ASST COACH: MARCO AURELLILO…………….Brazilian trained (Understands Ze Maria Philisophy)
            TRAINER: SANDRO FANTONI……………………..Italian and worked with Ze Maria in Romania
            ASST TRAINER: NAME WITHHELD……………..Italian and worked with Sandro Fantoni in Italy.
            SUPPORT TEAM: Tom Ogweno and Nduta Maina……. from the previous TB regime.

          1. @okewkanango .Igolo muchi ma chunya okwe jakababa. Kwa kwe ei GOR ka……
            “Awinjo duondi jakababa koro amor matek kaluore gi nyawawa manyo go pacho ka mach liel ei kisumu mobimba.”

          1. @Trailer I stand corrected. That kind of investment should yield very impressive results. @okewkanango welcome back. Mach koro oliel aliela koa Busia nyaka Sirare. Venue for Top 8 Nyayo Sunday 4.15.

    3. We have defenders yes but we need someone who can play all positions in defence and learn in readiness to take over from Nzigimana. We can as well transform capable defenders into midfielder and strikers in the case of Walusumbi

          1. hahaha!!! @Jamigori, Luke is a fairly good defender but let us trust the coach. He knows best. So it seems Luke is going to warm the bench forever?

        1. Musyo you have hit the head of the nail. Our coach knows better and we just need to support all the efforts aimed at winning all trophies. I can trust with Baron, Eric, Nondi, Wafula, Wendo, Calabar Junior etc we have a young squad that can take us places for many seasons to come.

  5. A while back Bob Mugalia/ Elly Kalekwa (Sofameow) also wanted Gor’s 10million. So called Presda has since abandoned “batoto ba mungu” and where is Mugalia’s football now. These transfer fees are not realistic for kpl and i strongly suspect officials are “eating” and will soon vomit. Let Johana stay with Munro and our EC use the 10m to motivate the current squad.

    1. 10M divided equally amongst 30 genuine members of the playing unit and TB means each goes with kshs 333,333 (5/2m and each member gets 166,666/66,666) which i think the club/EC should this time reward our heroes when they lift the league,top 8 and GorTv. LET BUY CRITICALLY WHERE THERE’S REAL NEED OR LET’S PLAY HARD BALL AND PRECONTRACT OUR TARGETS SINCE ALL ARE BEING OFFERED BETTER PERSONAL TERMS BY K’GALO.

  6. False 9 what a name? Anyway welcome. The way football is all over the world, it is about imported players, that is if you care to look around even the big leagues. In fact they spice up the local game so much and pull up with them the local players, which is a good thing. I would even personally appeal to the powers that be to open it up so that we can bring in more. Ours must also improve their game and attract suitors from out there.

  7. I have watched Eric Johanna play, both club and national team, what joke are you guys cracking? Johanna is not impressive at all. Any inbound striker should be at par with Tuyisenge, surely you cant say that Johanna. 10 million asking price? What a joke. Statistics speak, can someone furnish me with Johanna’s statistics for the past two years and as a striker this should include goals and assists.

    1. Differentiate striker and midfielder bro. He is a midfielder who scores and not striker just like Abondo

    1. @A person that is Kogallo. Home for all shades of people. Those who can write a dictionary as you say, Those who blog in Engluo, Those who blog in our beloved vernacular tibim style. At the end of the day, a man is still a man whether……. Kogallo makes us equal. We must just learn to be tolerant of divergent views and support our team kwa hali na mali.

        1. @okewkanango mano doko wich!!! Kuome kata ………Peace at all times and NO to hooliganism. Donge wan together Jakom?

  8. Guys, please log onto soka.co.ke and vote for Marcelo as the fans layer of the month. We need to ensure that anytime our player/TB/club etc. are nominated for any award that requires voting we do so in large numbers. How else will people out there know that there is a Green Army locally.

    As we await the IDCC ruling tomorrow which I believe will favour us it’s actually a lesson to us that hooliganism is the only thing that can cost us the league this year.
    The charged ‘political’ atmosphere should also remain out of our matches and stadia , at all cost. Fans must know that not all soccer fans are into matters politics and that different fans believe differently when it comes to politics. So far we have done well and only concentrated on supporting our team. That should be the trend

    1. Dan Original, how do you know that the IDCC ruling will favour us? Can you explain comrade to arrest our fears.

  9. News in today…..Robert Ssentongo…Gor’s long time target and three times Uganda PL top scorer (including being the top scorer for just ended season with 15 goals despite not playing all the matches due a suspension by his club) has been put on sale by his club URA!!!

  10. When will the results be announced coz the last time I checked, Marcello was leading with 59.6% followed distantly by Sserenkuma at 37.6%. I hope Ouma scoops this award….

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