Sec Gen Chris Omondi resigns by SMS

Drama ensued within the Gor Mahia executive committee as club secretary general Chris Omondi resigned apparently in frustration.

The SMS message read thus

Hello Jakom (Ambrose Rachier), just wanted to inform you that your spitefulness has stretched my tolerance levels…..I consciously decided never to be confrontational with you….will be stepping down as Gor Mahia SG (Secretary General) within next week after informing the Executive…pliz (please) be informed….I am convinced am not being o ting (small creature) this afternoon…thnx (thanks) in advance Jakom, according to the post on

Omondi further confirmed to that he was indeed stepping down.

“It’s true I am stepping down effective next week…I feel I am not adding value to the club thus not at peace with my conscience…much will be pointed out when I make it official”

Ever since he became club secretary general, Omondi has earned a reputation for emotional outbursts especially on social media. Earlier in the year when challenged on accountability, he told off his detractors saying thus “Accountability is for members only. Stop deceiving yourselves” . Earlier this week he made another emotional outburst on social media that went as follows:

I have been receiving several invitations to attend End Year Parties organized by Gor Mahia Branches,n some have even planned to travel to other parts of the country na wengine outside the country….that is very good,……

As we hold such parties,i challenge you to pose for a moment n ask ourselves,what value have we added to the club this season worth celebrating?We are aware of the condition of the club,did we attempt to augment the efforts of the office-hata kama ni one day transport allowance of 12k,one match winning bonus of 140k,ama hata support to Junior team in whatever form?????

Pliz spare me the old crap “branches are not recognized”…..I choose to celebrate Gor Mahia FansFoundation,Nakuru Prestige Branch,Nakuru Korfan Branch,Away Branch n Face Book Branch….n the BBC CREW….I can comfortably attend ur parties.

He went on to say that rather than spend money on end of year parties, the branches should channel the money towards the club.
The post earned him a lot of ire from fans on social media with many threatening to vote him out at the next election. I suppose Omondi has pre-empted fans by stepping down in dramatic style.
As far as memory serves me this is the first time a club official has resigned while expressing frustration at both the chairman and the fans.
The person next in line to take over from Omondi would be either Naima Aketch or Ronald Ngala. When questioned on whether she would tale over from Omondi, Naima responded that she could not because “Gor Mahia ina wenyewe” perhaps a reference to the fact that some officials think Rachier has been running the club in a dictatorial manner without anyone else’s input.



7 thoughts on “Sec Gen Chris Omondi resigns by SMS

  1. This letter and this coward resignation exposes the following:-
    1. Disorganized office
    2. Dictatorship at the EC
    3. Coward as EC members can’t express themselves in an open manner
    4. Rot and decay at the EC
    5. Lack of accountability and transparency at the EC
    6. Lack of vision and strategy
    7. Dead EC with no focus may be chicken eating habit on the likes of Ngala, kilo, etc
    8. Lack of leadership

  2. “Genesis 11:6-7) So God made the people speak many different languages so they could not work together on building the city and tower. The He scattered the people around the world and the city was abandoned.”


    We have a bloated EC whereby the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.
    We have different vested interest in the EC which is akin to speaking different languages.

    How and what are “branches” celebrating when players have not been paid their November salaries.
    EC & more so Jakom why haven’t November salaries been paid yet club raised kshs.12M recently.
    Has Nutall signed up yet.
    Are we to be satisfied with only winning the local competitions at most?



  3. Thanks my SG for the bold step u have taken, i can remember ur word u said when campaigning that if rachier can not play as per the club rules the best thing u will do is resign and the true to ur word u have done it

  4. Nobody should blame Chris, we all know that what he has done is not popular with our leaders.
    Its evident that things are not right at gor. He must have tried a different ball game but the owners of status quo wont allow and cant allow.
    We all can remember the opposition that he met when he tried to introdunce the cashless or card system for our matches.

  5. I would suggest for the outgoing SG to see a way of resurrecting RE- UNION if Gor ina wenyewe… we are tired of this lousy kind of leadership. blessed

  6. Let’s not dramatize things, we are talking too much even before this fellow has himself explained anything. Bw katibu mkuu, some of us know nothing about your grievances kindly let us know. You knew what you were getting into as you sought the hot seat, I least expected that you would be driven by unseasoned emotions, some of these things require a lot of patience; changing people and situations is not easy and I had faith in you, now see you couldn’t wait and have your ideas take root. For JimmyAmimo where are you taking us? We seem to have mmore hot heads than thinkers and advisors, too bad.Jamigori do not pass judgement wholesale, provide positive suggestions.

  7. I think that for a person who was elected by the people, it was a bit too rush to resign in that manner. I do not think that the seat was that too hot. I think that the biggest thing that I see as most pressing is how Gor can secure sponsorship.So Mr Omondi, how I wish you consulted. Gor is not just the office, It is a family and a big one for that matter.I may be wrong but supposing Mr. Rachier is dictatorial in getting the job done could it therefor be a clash in leadership style? May be specifics will shed light and bring some of these speculations to rest.


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