Some Players support Coach Zico

According to a story by supersport, many Kogalo players are rallying behind Coach Zico who of late has been beseiged by angry fans.

Skipper Jerim Onyango says the players have full confidence in coach Zedekiah Otieno despite calls by fans for him to resign from his post.

Onyango who was harassed by a section of fans who claimed that he had conceded an easy goal against KCB has urged for calm from fans and reflection in both the good and bad times the team has undergone.

“I want to categorically say that the whole playing unit has full confidence in the coach and the results in the past few matches must not be used to judge us harshly,” skipper Onyango told

“Personally I was not happy on Saturday after some fans turned their attention from the coach and accused me of conceding easy goals. I feel it is important for our fans not to forget the times we made them happy with good results and they should remember that in football a team can have rough patches and Kā€™Ogalo cannot be an exception.”

“We want to continue working hard under coach Otieno since has helped steer the team to greater heights and its unfair to heap all the blame on him. We realize what the fans are feeling and we will do our best to rectify the problems but they should continue supporting us as usual,” he added.

(Reporting courtesy of supersport)

Nevertheless it is difficutt to tell if Jerim is expressing the sentiments of all players or even most of the players. It is unlikely that any player will step forward and critisize the coach.

Zico started to come under fire as far back as 3 months ago when the play of the team started to decline. Despite the fact that Kogalo were winning, the margins were narrow and fans deduced that the team was lucky. Teams seem to have figured out how to stop Kogalo. Zico for his part has displayed a “difficult eye” and has refused to step down despite being besieged by fans.


8 thoughts on “Some Players support Coach Zico

  1. Please admin, we really appreciate your reporting but i believe you can do better,why not talk to other players before your put up your article which is a direct copy cat from another blog?Its high time you update us on the clubs preparation for the big match without a coach and the players physical fitness.please note that your personal view of any fact is just an opinion and may not endear us to this blog which i believe belongs to the club members with varied opinions .kindly concentrate more on new stories from your research and happenings in the club not pasting stories which are stale in other blogss.

  2. I believe Jerry was speaking as the captain and from what I have heard is that while ZD has lost the backing from some fans and officials he still commands respect from the dressing room. That means that there are so many things an ordinary GM fan might never know about some of these squables. It’s a pity some of the fans are now going overboard to molest the players. Harassing fellow fans, motorists etc is bad but when we now harass our own players then we are going overboard. I only hope we can observe some moments of peace and all of us rally behind our team. AFC is really offering incentives to their players for only this match and even their sponsor is not left behind. What are we doing on our part? Not excluding our sponsor

  3. Dan have we not complained a lot of times about the EC handling of the team..i even mentioned here that someone declared that the team was not in camp prior to the KCB match.

    These incentives in AFC is led by their EC..let us ask you blind blind loyalists and supporters of the office to look for them (office) and tell them to take the team to camp and lead the incentive program..Dan what do you people take us fans for, why are you bent on politics and when we talk of ways to improve things you urge for stability and calm..lets take what is availed.

    If players earn maximums of 40k per month and do not go to camp whereas some earn lower then where is the Tuzo money,gate collections and Super sport sponsorship and other donations going to..i appreciate your support to the chair and the tech bench..but of late ZD has been complaining about Harambee not going to camp early enough..when did you ever hear him complain about GM not going to camp? Can you and others who are vocal against us seeking clarifications from office and tech bench now tell that office to lead in this incentive program..kindly do that i am ready and know a lot of people are!

  4. We’ve got the best brains in the country and yet we cant manage a simple club of 30 players. How then can we run a country of 30m. We are busy airing our dirty linen in public thinking that’s smart

  5. Lets be realistic,I expect very few and I repeat very very few players to have the guts to criticize Zico.(I think Awilo did and look what happened to him) Anyway my question to the players supporting Zico and themselves, if its not the technical bench thats below par then its the players and the players where recruited by the bench.With all due respect to Jerry his comments hold very little water and border on sycophancy.
    Why declare confidence/ support for Ziko who has been given a 3 match ultimatum.In case he’s fired as he will be,won’t these Ziko loyalists frustrate the new coach.
    This crisis is getting worse by the day and our Chairman is disinterested. The EC gave Ziko more time, he has used that time to concentrate on H.Stars and not GM YET WE’VE A IMPORTANT GAME ON SUNDAY.

  6. @ODUOR12 you are being petty. You have been shouting at the top of your voice about ZD killing talent. Now the very players say they have no problem with the coach. You now turn to players themselves calling them this and that. This is a pitty to say the least. Very very sad indeed. If you think you are better than the players you are calling names why dont you go and play in their position. Kindly desist from romour mongering. Wait until you get your facts right. Be slow in talking but fast in listening. Awilo was attacked by ZD goons according to you. Please give us proof. Kevin Omondi “daddy” is being frustrated by ZD. On reading another web site, I come to learn that the lad had been down with typhoid and has just resumed training. Surely nini mbaya na nyinyi. Why roumours and gossips kama ya wanawake. For God and my club Kogallo

  7. @Kosero read my comments carefully and you will note that I have always been consistent. The buck stops (at the technical level) with the Head Coach (who by the way is cleverly avoiding the Sunday Derby by engrossing himself with H.Stars) coz:
    1. He recruits the players and selects the squad for the game,
    2. He decides the tactics for the season and the game,
    See Riaga’s comment @6 he says the same thing but maybe mildly-
    Jerim’s outburst (if I may call it that) seems to be another of the unending/unnecesary drama @ K’galo. Administratively the buck stops with the Chairman. As for the Awilo incident the question is not WHO attacked him but WHY was he attacked? Sometimes try to reason out why we are 6th in the league playing very poorly and don’t expect everything to be revealed kama uko shule ya nursery. Even ostriches don’t stick the heads in the sand that long.


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