Sports Ministry declines to provide Algeria tickets

As has become the norm, Gor Mahia’s trip to Algiers has been thrown into dissarray as the Sports ministry is now declining to provide air tickets.

Story courtesy of the Nation

Gor Mahia’s traveling plans for Sunday’s first round Caf Champions league first leg tie against USM Algiers lie in limbo after the Ministry of Sports declined to grant their request for provision of return air tickets to Algeria.

Sports PS Kirimi Kaberia told Nation Sport on Monday that the government has no money, adding that Gor Mahia should have followed the due laid process according to The Sports Act so as to get funding from the sports fund just like other teams, instead of requesting for money from the ministry directly.

“The Ministry has no money and Gor Mahia management should have written to us through the federation to get money from the sports fund instead of the ministry itself. The ministry has no money and their request has fallen through as at now,” said Mr Kaberia.

“We have tried looking for ways to help them but it has not been successful. We shall have a meeting on Tuesday to find a way out but as you know, the ministry does not budget for funds to cater for such travels,” added Mr Kaberia.

In their letter through the The Football Kenya Federation dated August 30, Gor Mahia had requested the Ministry of Sports to facilitate traveling of a 30 member delegation including players and officials to enable them honour the fixture, whose return leg will be in Nairobi in a fortnight.

According to the letter, the delegation was to depart for Algeria on Thursday, though now that is in jeopardy unless the 18-times champions can find tickets elsewhere.


18 thoughts on “Sports Ministry declines to provide Algeria tickets

  1. “The Ministry has no money and Gor Mahia management should have written to us through the federation to get money from the sports fund instead of the ministry itself…………..” said Mr Kaberia.

  2. I don’t blame the Ministry on this.What has the Gor office done to get the money even from the fans? As Bamba sports says we have a lazy office. Then some officials are waiting to joyride to Algeria.
    Poor team

  3. Gor officials (we now understand 4 active and a volunteer) seem to deliberately choreograph this type of crisis to blackmail stakeholders. I am not implying they cannot afford but they can plan a lot better. Ministry action is justified to the extend that it may encourage, planning and accountable. However, it fall short of promoting sports in the country. Gor at this stage is a Kenyan TEAM and I remember KRA asking them to pay taxes to pay the same ministry.

  4. I said it and I’ll repeat… Rachier has done a good job but he has no room for improvement…we need a new chairman with fresh ideas

    1. @Johny , you have made a good point about Rachier and as good as Rachier may be , he has been a big let down at the most critical juncture and that is at the juncture of making Gor Mahia a structured entity that can seamlessly transition to a higher level in his absence and this is through an act of commision , a commision through an act of pursuing the easy option of tolerating acts of ommision for his own personal comfort at the helm by allowing the rest of his executive to run amok knowing there are no consequences .
      I say this because In his other life , Rachier runs one of the most structured and busiest entity that is his law firm .
      I wish to elaborate using an example that all of us are familiar with I.e our counties and it is vis a vis our Governors and MCAs , Whilst the majority of Governors have decided to play ball with our MCAs (Like Rachier ) by commisioning non pro people theatrics and hence being safe , one Governor put his foot down and called the MCAs bluff by putting in motions actions that would see the county goverment disbanded occasioning a fresh elections thereby forcing the MCAs to back down , whilst the former counties are uptil now witnessing sideshows and theatrics like bench marking trips to Congo , the latter county is witnessing unprecedented growth and development despite being amongst the counties that are the least endowed , now that is what leadership is all about and not excuses like oh Rachier is good but he is being let down by his EC .
      Now we have reached a level where we are being informed that despite the new constitution occasioning an election , we are being informed insouciantly that they will be no elections and this is informed by some misplaced sense of entitlement of Rachier being some form of Alpha and Omega .
      The worst mistake men can do is to give a fellow man , a mere mortal just like the rest of us , the assumption that Gor would die if not for him .
      Theirein lies my dilemma , if an election is called and it is my understanding that amongst the contestants , Rachier again emerges again as the best amongst the worst e.g like in the election where the alternative was a wash wash guy , the only thing would be to be pragmatic and so far , I would have expected interested parties to come out of their hideout for grilling but like we have noted , the only one who has pretended to come out has not shown us what he is bringing to the table but rather has been focused on enumerating Rachier’s failings as if we didnt know that already , reminding me of how some of our leaders have joined the Mau settlers in mass crying instead of going to them with solutions .
      Finally , to the fanbase , the Bolos , the Nyangis , the Omondis didnt force themselves on us , we ELECTED THEM and we may again re elect them seeing that all we do is cry on social media instead of taking responsibility and participating in electing those we believe have what it takes .
      Failure of all that I have talked about will once again see me voting for Rachier and that makes the future the same as what we are currently witnessing .

  5. Is as much as the PS may sound right is it true that the Gor leadership do not know procedures to follow to get funding? All these years in this business? Mr PS please try and sell another line. If they wrote to the Ministry why not just redirect the request to the right desk if indeed it is Govt responsibility? If it is not Govt responsibility, they would know this and would be mad to be writing to you. When Gor qualifies to play in the champions cup they do so as representative of the country, or am I not understanding something?

  6. What the Ministry is saying is that money is available at the Sports fund but Gor Mahia did not follow the right procedures to enable them get the money……………………….

  7. Fundraiser was a big flop…kshs 315,120.00 was raised with only a few ‘FANS’ bothering to turn up and the so callled politicans and the PATRON himself, were nowhere to be seen. one wonders, what is the work of the so called patron ?

    As it is, a phone call to state house by the right person, might just be the antidote. Weche Gor Pek !

  8. This Gor of ours must go the Simba way. look for some moneyed-influential members of the society, sell them 49% of the club shares and the rest to be owned by fans. Simba and Yanga are now building their stadia while we have problems honouring matches.
    The moment we raised the issue of club membership the EC just wished it away.
    We also need a non-political Patron who will advice and assist the team in terms of need. Not waiting for a crisis to do the needful

  9. It’s only a fool who don’t change the tactic. When sportpesa withdrew what did they expect? Miracle from Heaven? & everybody sits in the office waiting for somebody to knock the door & give them cash. The office have the mandate to find sponsors anywhere, gone are the days pple used to line at politicians doors for money to help a club with professionals for handouts. Can’t our pple learn to resign cos such blunders & shame. Last time players traveled in matatus to go & play in the north, any lesson then? Did they know that Gor had taken the league? Everybody starting with patron should clear the way & let the team have sober brains to make Gor compete effectively. Were local fans mopped up to support? Bure kabisa.

  10. Barely a week ago , a cool ksh 1M was easily available to give a striker (Makwata ) we didnt need , fortunately, fate conspired to ensure we saved that money .
    Now that is a reflection of how this club run , and these are the things that cause donor fatigue .

  11. Even before we talk about sponsors , lets try to compare ourselves with our peers e.g Simba Sports club , how much would Simba have made from matchday tickets e.g against the Burundians at Kasarani or a big game like against Tusker in Kisumu , Simba would have made over ksh 5M from each game , meaning ours coffers would be reading over 10M from just 2games but what did we make from the Kisumu game , a paltry 5M gross and a paltry just over 100k net , now assuming Bill Gates was the Patron , would he just dish money or even rope in his friends to contribute to such a casually run entity , there is only so much anybody can do to day in day out come to the rescue of an entity that is blessed with so much potential but have decided they dont want to work or think or have deliberately put in systems that gives excuses for not doing things expected of them .
    For such a dysfunctional organization plus all we have been told about it , how come the Villain , Nyangi has all of a sudden become a darling , simple , its because despite her unstructured behaviour , she is the one shamelessly ready to walk around with the ECs begging bowl to cover up for the deficiencies , ineptness , incompetences of the office with a sly wink from her bosses .
    But we the fans must also share in these sheninigans , because it is not the office that sends us with 50bob to corrupt the stewards who are definitely acting at the behest of the EC , a situation Rachier conveniently tolerates and then joins us in crying with a crippled excuse “that his hands are tied “, tied by who ? .

  12. Seeing elsewhere travelling team named with only 15 players, 6 technical bench, 3 officials and one Govt rep. No West Africans, no Miheso!! Why not reduce technical bench to three and raise players numbers to least 18? Lastly it appears then that the tickets is sorted, Jasego?

  13. It is very sad why can’t they start a bakery business for some in come if they can bake bread and sell it in the whole country it can bring some income for the team. Employ those who can bake bread and selling section to manage the business I think it can help and venture into income generating activities they are very many like keeping poultry
    and if a sponsor is found please negotiate for a stadium because this also will bring some income and save the team from loosing some money that they normally use to hire stadium when playing.
    I do pray for team that is leaving for duty far away from home a big success may the Almighty God stand on your way to victory in Jesus name Amen.


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