Tuyisenge thanks fans

Gor Mahia striker Jacque Tuyisenge who scored the all important goal on Sunday has said that the fans lifted the team and inspired nine-man Gor Mahia to fight.

“We did it thanks to their support,” said Tuyisenge, who has four goals in this competition. Their presence and cheering every touch and tackle keeps pushing us. This is what we need if we want to advance further, may they continue coming even in more numbers than Sunday so that we can make use of our home advantage easily,” he said to the Nation.

Attendance was slightly better than it has been of late especially considering that the match was played on Sunday at 7pm.

Oktay blasts referee

Gor Mahia coach Hassan Oktay is unhappy with the performance of Moroccan referee Redouane Jiyed .

“They (Caf) need to send referees who can understand both languages to control the game well and can manage to speak to both coaches without misunderstandings,” Oktay said to the Nation

“To me, Ernest deserved a yellow card but he gave a red and for Batambuze, he was fouled and went down, but the referee didn’t warn the Petro player then he makes a second foul and he is sent off because he was on a yellow already.

“For my send-off, I think he was a little bit harsh because he doesn’t understand English.” concluded Oktay.

5 Gor Mahia players suspended for next match.

Captain Harun Shakava picked his second consecutive yellow and will miss the next match. Boniface Omondi and lead striker Jacques Tuyisenge will also miss the next match after picking two subsequent yellow cards. Ernest Wendo and left back Shaffik Batambuze, who were red carded in the do-or die-clash will miss both legs of the quarter-finals.


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  1. Wendo needs not just to miss both legs of the quarters, he should miss a lot more. He is heavy, very poor tactically and sprays the most sideways and backward passes of all midfielders in the KPL. And here i disagree with Oktay, Wendo deserved a very red card. His tackle was reckless and dangerous in an area where there was no danger at all. On to transfers, i read that Oktay desires a striker, a wideman and a mobile central midfielder but he says out of the three he has only identified one so most likely the other two would be the usual Aduda, kickback signings. Hopes he gets good ones this time.

    1. @Musymo Osiepa nanyisi choon during Ze Maria days and i will re-quote my exact paraphrase which went like “Try as he may Wendo can’t and will Never replace Gattuso who has been dropped from the squad due to indiscipline”. My worry was that instead of releasing Gattuso in the belief that Wendo can be a better option we call Jolejo who know how to pray and quieten Gattuso’s Juogii. My advise went unheeded and we all see now how accident wendo is performing spectacularly akin to a derailed train…

        1. Nawacho ni idembe ademba gi weche mamuol to jolejo medo gi lamo thenge kapok ochich to juogii nego osedok piny…Kelo jo kandho koneno motingo msumaa emanako ni okobiyie obogolo ngwech mar hatari…

  2. Not it can be seen, these kinds of tournaments are not just about the score, one could lose it just by the number and calibre of players being sidelined. Our problems have started again. Where is Muguna?

  3. Gor players showed good work rate in this match but team technic remained poor. Tuyisenge is one player who relates well with the name professional. He knows his job.
    Kenyan refs continue to be a big let down to the local game. Kenyan players are left bewildered when refs card them in international matches for ‘normal’ tackles. We should ask ourselves why Kenyan refs can hardly make it to Caf or other international competitions. Maybe we should just blame it on tribalism.
    On coach Oktay, I am now convinced that this guy has no quality for Caf competition.
    Lawrence Juma, Boniface Ochieng, Momanyi, F.Odhiambo et Kipkirui…these guys have so far showed good dedication to the game.

  4. Can’t remember the last time Gor mahia head coach reached the caf quarters.Oktay has done it against all hatred and personal vendetta by some fans. Thank God the ‘experienced ever lamenting big man’ was overlooked in that victory. At least its now clear to him that Gor is bigger and even better without him.

  5. I agree with the fact that Hassan oktay have achieved what many good coaches have failed to achieve including Kerr. Kerr was in a better position last year to qualify for the quoter final but failed to beat rayon at home. Kerr also failed t to win against North Africa opposition and oktay did that. What remains for oktay to do is winning the league which he might win depending on the output of the players. What I would like to plead with those who are always having access to oktay like Jasego must tell him that the team is currently playing poorly and you can’t describe the play formation they play. On the much against petro even though we won, with less players, the players were loosing the ball easily and they could not even pass accurate as we always see them do. With the kind of play that we play, I will not give ourselves any chance of progressing to the semi finals even if we’re paired against Alhillal from Sudan who plays very good football and scoring goals at will.

  6. Thanks Jausenge. Though you had a slow start when we started you have earned your name and badge. It’s ufortunate that the monied boys will come for you but that is because of what you have done at Gor. If it so happens we will wish you ALL the best as everyone deserves to milk maximum from their talent. The latest is that AS Vita have promised to do whatever they can to get him next season. As a soccer team we have to accept that some things must/will happen.
    At some point i had suggested that we go for Hashim Sempala who will soon be a free agent at Tusker. The good news is that I have read that Gor have indicated their interest. That will fill the gap Aucho and Gattuso left for Wendo. We still need to beef up even if for short term contracts in order to win the SPL this season

  7. @Odhis muga, Gor also last reached quarter finals stage in 1993 under the old CAF format, so i dont understand this media hyped fuss that a foreign coach has made history. What history ?

    Nevertheless, the transfer season is here, if we can beef up our midfield with box to box defenders, then that could be the saviour to our trophyless season so far. Jodala affiliates is coming shortly….

    1. @Jakoyo , the fact that you have your own very personal issues with Rachier and Oktay is not reason enough to fight with the media hype vis a vis the history that was made by the coach and the EC who happen to be in office when it happened .
      In your post , you go ahead and quote 1993 and the OLD FORMAT , meaning you are aware that the hype is based upon the new format , and were it not for the change in format , 1987 would have been a better example to use than 1993 .
      Secondly , I wish somebody would educate me on how a person who has the privilage of having been a coach of Gor Mahia and Harambee stars , can be contented with being an assistant coach for close to 4subsequent coaches while his peers are handling and soaking pressures elsewhere e.g Baraza in Sofapaka , Pamzo , Mwalala in Bandari , Muyoti , Kamau etc .
      Back to @Jakoyo , based on your 360degree turn against Rachier , I want to put it to you that you care nothing about Zico , to you Zico is just but a convenient tool for fighting your wars , but if you or anybody else cares about Zico , please advise him not to fear responsibilty , get a club and do with it what your fake supporters are prodding you to do in Gor Mahia , those of us who are giving you this kind of us are the ones who really care about and respect you , Zico , you are too big a name in this country to be misused by characters who’s agenda is completely at tangent and in conflict with yours and your future , if any .

    2. What are this ‘box to box defenders’? Have they just been invented recently in modern football tham i am unaware of?

  8. As we celebrate our qualification to the quarters , I want to shift my attention from that excitement and focus on the EC vis a vis the issue the Coach has raised , and this is the issue of Technology .
    I think we as a fraternity have put the bar too low for the EC, that once they have paid salaries and bonuses , then we excuse them and turn our focus to the TB and the players .
    Secondly on the players , I wish the Gor players would look at how Tuisenge or even Kagere live their lives off the pitch , three weeks ago I had a conversation with Patrick Matasi on what changed for him from the Matasi we had long written off and the Matasi of now that is the best locally, he told me that all he had to do , was to do a 360 degree turn on his work ethic , change on how he spent his time , more time in the gym , the balance of the time for his family , combine with the 30% from the coach and finally appreciating that he only has to make maximum use of what God has given him to the fullest and a better life is guaranteed .
    Back to the EC , an experienced and commited management must invest in modern football technological infrastructure , all the opponents we played in our group have invested in technology to the extent that they had extensive intelligence of us and including our local games , our speeds , our heights , our temperements, our rough players , our lethal players , how we play at home , away , our weaknesses etc I.e their is a technological app that captures all these and it is a must have for all modern coaches except for ours , Oktay still has to rely on e.g some non technical expatriates in Luanda , Algiers and Cairo to Spy for him.
    Its ok to criticise a coach , but before we do that , lets ensure that we equip him with whatever is needed for him to be at par with his peers . The coach has also complained that camp Toyoyo is too exposed and is for everybody including the enemies .
    Finally , my appeal to Oktay is that it is very difficult to win matches using the energy sapping methods that we apply and by energy sapping , I mean that if you cant thread passes and keep on losing the ball so cheaply , then you will spending all your energy trying to win the ball back , energy you would have used positively if you had a plan , a pattern , a formation , transitional clause and clear supply chain and more importantly the ability to retain the ball , confortably passing it around , frustrating the opponents while runming down the clock , than using jua kali methods to run down the clock and risking avoidable yellow cards .ok you won , but you can better and also entertain your hard working supporters.

    1. It’s true that Gor has managed to go this far, more cause of energy reserves than cause of technical football.
      Oktay has all the facilities to introduce good technical soccer… what were Nuttal et zeMaria using. This is what Zamalek Boss referred to while calling Gor weak.
      Agreed Kenya needs to do alot to improve soccer, but it does not explain the current poor technics.
      The one about camp Toyoyo being exposed is one giant lame excuse.

    2. @ Teddy, just add how technology is aiding our opponents in launching attacks. From Angola, Algeria, Egypt and back to Kenya, the attacks were from FB3 (left back). Even in the next game I can bet that left back will be the route. Batambuze is a quality player and very strong when has a ball but weak in engaging an oncoming opponent. FB2 is a no go zone because of likelihood of picking an injury.

  9. Lets not forget this moment – in a few months down the line when our players will be crying over unpaid salaries and winning bonus. When we get there let us stand by them and for them. Do not see them as irrational, greedy, insensitive, worthy of nothing. Nimeona hiyo bajeti ya Kshs 37,000,000 imeanza kusumbua watu

  10. This is the time the EC should start contract negotiations with Jausenge in order to cash heavily incase there will be any willing buyers ,teams are angling for his signature or else he will leave freely vile Pacman left.Jasego I rest my just observation. Otherwise I 100% agreed with the Bare foot’s comments as far as modern football is concerned, general behaviour of players on and off the pitch, field that is training venue etc otherwise Mr Barefoot thanks for objective analysis.

    1. Tuyisenge has a year left on his contract. Let AS Vita bring Kshs 20 Million in June transfer window we sell then jausenge and I go bring two other first rate strikers from West Africa. Otherwise they should keep off GM and let us concentrate on Caf…

      1. @Jasego , what’s the status update of this guy Lokuwam ? , and why is it that he is not being eased even if slowly into the team , I ask this out of frustrations seeing the likes of Ondiek , Mustapha and Samuel Onyango being the ones frequently given opportunities that are in all likelihood going to waste .
        Why is this boy not getting a chance to show what he has or doesnt have ?, I will continue asking this question until somebody convinces me that Mustapha or Samuel Onyango are better than Lokuwam , because all my life I have never seen a talented unserious player like Samuel Onyango who plays like he has a mental block .

  11. I see it all over the print , electronic and social media that Gor Mahia is entitled to a cool kshs 35 million courtesy of qualifying to the quarters and yet I thought that the Caf website is open and available to all , including the media .
    Where the hell is the media getting this figure from , I think we have He said , She said REPORTERS and Not Journalists -Laziness at its highest

    1. Long long ago , there used to be a Gor Player , with the same height , the same playing style , playing the same position like Charles Momanyi , He was called Masanta Osoro .
      Once Charles Momanyi gets the confidence to overcome his fear of making mistakes , he is gonna be as great a player as Masanta Osoro .

  12. @teddy…I couldn’t agree with you more on Samuel onyango.He reminds me of one Luis Nani who used to play for Manchester United.

    One minute he is hot,the next minute he is cold.It’s frustrating seeing such inconsistency from someone who was touted to be the next big thing in soccer when playing for Ulinzi.

    As for Mustapha and Ondiek,it’s a classic example of players who have not lived to their potential!!

    However,am a firm believer in giving people a second chance and perhaps these guys deserve that…to either prove us wrong,or right!!

  13. Thank you Jausenge for acknowledging the twelfth man. This simply shows that the twelfth man has alot of responsibility in the club and every game. We must therefore hold discipline at all times.
    Secondly, I think that Oktay has instilled the kind of psychology that we needed. What you need to do when things get down to the wire. You can not always play the nice guy. This is Africa. You need some thing specially dramatic. The Northerners have always employed them and they have always gone a head of us. This to me include tactics that are not familiar. A classic example is between Kerr and Oktay. For Kerr we failed when we thought we had the car in the bag. For Oktay the dice was already cast to some. But who is laughing now? I am not oblivious of the way ahead. We must therefore look and expect unfamiliar displays as Kogallo matches on.

  14. When guys talk about Coaches , I think the fakest coach I have seen in Gor was Bobby Williamson , followed closely by Dylan Kerr , who was nothing more than a motivator and crowd loving pretender , The luckiest was Nuttal considering the squad he had at his disposal , Ze Maria INO never got the time and the support before he was subjected to ridicule from the EC and the all knowing fanbase , as for Oktay , so far , I aint seen nothing worth seeing , maybe I will , may I will not , I have not mentioned Awono amongst the others but for the sole reason that he was more of a cluefull clown than even a football fan , In the same breadth like the Brazilian Waiganjo .

  15. Their is a name that popped up in the fake money saga at barclays bank that is word for word similar to the name of one time Gor Mahia chairmanship aspirant , he was there in 2013 for the position , disappeared then reappeared in 2018 , with very “Brilliant” ideas but which to me sounded Connish even then .

        1. Guys , its confirmed , the Eric Adede arrested at Barclaya bank is the same guy who contested against Rachier in 2014 and lost .
          Was just Eric Adede in 2014 , by 2017 he had upgraded
          to Dr Eric Adede .
          So guys , always remember that God loves Gor Mahia , can you just imagine that 2days into our historic qualifier into the CafCc , we would have been confronted in all the Print , Electronic and Social media with headlines thus “GOR MAHIA FC CHAIRMAN CAUGHT WASH WASHING AT BARCLAYS BANK ” , Ouch , we dodged that bullet -narrowly.
          Sometimes last year I admitted on this wall that I voted for Rachier , it wasnt a very popular thing to say then , but my reason then and even now remains that so long as AR will stand against these shiny Jakoyo guys who disappear and appear around elections time only to disappear again , that I would still vote for AR .
          This Eric Adede saga is the sole reason for avoiding these shiny unknowns like a plague and always remember that a conman has the capacity to come up with a manifesto exactly like you want it e.g We will 5world class stadiums , No kenyan will never ever again die of hunger etc .
          Gimme again such Waiganjos and again I vote for AR .

  16. Gore to dhi. Ichwadowa to wachweto. No class, no entertaining soccer but we have the will. The will. We have the will. Jowi ratego nyale. Oktal for now….if we want class Jasego try next year.

  17. Mano berr Kabisa. Wadwaro hustlers like that mondo wangiewo referees like west Africans and North African do. Very encouraging now we have Pastor cha. We have Adede…saaa we need a hustler


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