Video Highlights: Gor Mahia vs Hussein Dey

Gor Mahia head coach Hassan Oktay said in a post match interview that it is too early to celebrate anything. Though Gor Mahia have won at home, they must pick a few points away from home in order to progress to the next stage.


On Dennis Oliech

Coach Oktay says the club could have used the services of Dennis Oliech who was missing in action after a disagreement with club officials over his signing bonus.

“I missed Dennis (Oliech) very much. He is a professional player and his presence could have been an added advantage. I love the player and I missed him. I will call him tomorrow (Monday) because I want the impasse solved as quickly as possible,” Oktay told Goal


18 thoughts on “Video Highlights: Gor Mahia vs Hussein Dey

  1. Teams are taking points off each other in our group and that shows the importance of taking advantage of our home matches which we have done well so far.As we go north let us go believing that we can come back with at least a point!!

  2. The fact that petro atletico of Angola have secured a draw away makes us in a very bad situation because, assuming that we fail to secure any draw away and Hussein dey and petro atletico win all their respective home matches, then even if we win all our home matches, we shall be out. Unfortunately our away record is very poor and the last time we won away was in Tanzania against yanga. Let’s keep believing that maybe zamalek can secure a draw in Luanda and we also secure a draw or a win in Algiers

  3. With the last set im the group having been played yesterday night , We are top of the log with 6p , Athletico and hussein 4p each and Zemalek 2 .
    Each team have 3games to go with Gor Mahia having 2urabuni away games and one home game , while athletico and Hussein have 2home games each with one away , Zemalek , like Gor have 2away and one home against Gor Mahia .
    From the above , we can clearly see that all our away matches are against 2hostile and desperate opponents , while we have prooved that we have finally demystified the fact that these guys are unbeatable on the pitch , what awaits as in Algiers and Cairo will not be solely on the pitch but right from when we get off the plane and in this respect , by now we should already been in liason with the ministry of foriegn affairs to mitigate that right from the airport to our hotel , at one point in time , we went the extra mile and airlifted one of us to cook our foods and with our own Unga , Pitchwise , its my very strong opinion that we need Oliech in that squad , somebody who has been in such an atmosphere is very important to the rest of the players , not only on the pitch but more importantly in the dressing room .
    Lastly , Game management , the theatrics that we witnessed here from hussein dey is child’s play compared to what awaits as in Algiers , while the one here was designed to kill time coz of altitude challenges and to break our momentum, in Algiers it will be to draw penalties , draw red cards and to force a reaction from our players to make them lose focus on the game , and in all these we dont know what to expect from the referees esp. in such high stakes situation .
    Finally , it is said that when you are riding high , never should you forget those you have left at the BOTTOM , and it is with that humility that I go back to the INGWE issue , and upon my request yesterday , suggestions of how we can help has began to trickle in , one of the suggestions was from @ Nyakwar Rahiti who
    advised that we Second @Jasego and @Zico to their rescue , I second that thought ,@Jasego watu husema serikali saidia but on this it is the same Sirkal that has said Saidia Efusi .

    1. How do you expect @Jasego to abandon his duty of guiding Gor mahia fc to great heights to waste his time on efusi. Jasego remember that the work of qualifying for quarter finals have just started and we are in the right position to qualify only if we manage to secure five points out of a possible nine and remember that even zamalek have a chance mathematically and group stages is a marathon and it’s about how you finish and not how you start. We can’t concentrate on efusi at the moment because we must also find a way to dislodge Bandari who have shown determination to win the league and we can only alow Jasego To Help any team that plays against Bandari fc. Remember that we can afford to lose the league because we belong to continental football and if we don’t win the league and also fail to win the shield trophy, then we will have lost on the gains we have struggled to achieve.

    2. Hehe @Teddy and @Nyakwar Rahiti my friends i think it is a split decision if GM fanbase is allowed to weigh in on efforts to rescue Efusi from going to the Nyasi that one ‘gor player’ aptly predicted would be our fate this season. All in all i wish them well but GM has a full in-tray that requires all personnel at hand…

  4. Wed 3.3.19 Hussein Dey vs GM
    Wed 10.3.19 Zamalek vs GM
    Sun 17.3.19 GM vs Petro Atletico

    The threats from Algeria are credible and as Teddy Sofaset says, the government of Kenya should be notified so as to mobilize the Kenyan consulate or embassy in Algiers to oversee our safe entry, stay and exit.

    J’Asego these threats therefore pour water on the earlier plan to camp in Algiers after that “war”. We must relocate our camp. These guys are in competition with us and will therefore frustrate us even after our game against them so that we perform dismally in Egypt.

    Finally in Enugu, it was alleged that Joash insulted the referee after the match and he was red carded. Yesterday Hussein’s jersey 11 approached the ref after match, gave him a mouthful and wagged his finger at the ref. Talk if double standards by CAF.

    1. @BB yeah about the plans to camp in Algiers which were at an advanced stage in collaboration with the Kenyan Consulate in Algiers we have to analyze the situation better after the unfolding events where a host country has declared ‘War’ upon a sporting opponent. Maybe going to Egypt earlier to spend 6 days might he considered for atleast with them no much bad blood ensued in our 1st leg tie here. We will see options available and chose the most appropriate…

    2. @BB, did you know that a Hussein Dey player cut himself with an object and then confronted the match commissar to suggest it was from a kogalo missile , fortunately for kogalo the commissar had been watching him all along , that notwithstanding I think that in our midst lie the most primitive people who cause trouble even when we are winning , for that CAF is going to fine us and then after the fine we are going to uproot the railway line in protest why there is no sufficient funds to play our players winning bonuses .

  5. @Jasego , thanks for taking my suggestion in stride , you did that only because you went beyond the literal or on the surface reading of my post to understand the context but the bottom line remains that for the growth of football in this country just like in Europe , South America etc , community clubs are the future I.e the Gor Mahias , Ingwes and the Shabanas and the lack of the same affects football , affects the fanbase and interest in football at large and a league without Afc or a poorly performing Afc affects even stadium attendance including for Kogalo matches .
    Clubs like Tusker or Mumias or Oserian have all won the league before but their
    fan base never grew beyond 50people instead the absense of competitive community clubs led footballers to the English premier league that is until Gor started shining again , there will be more Gor fans attending matches if the community was “threatened I.e by ingwe or Shabana or Mwenge and so yes , Afc must not be allowed to sink and Shabana’s rise must be encouraged .
    Teams like Barcelona , Liverpool , Man U/C are all community clubs as much as they now command global support I.e positive tribalism or regionalism hence in short kila mtoto acheze kwa mlango yao lakini isikue manyumba zingine hazina watoto ndio tuki toka nje tukuwe na watu wa kumenyana nao .
    Imagine the conversation was bumper to bumber on the log with a potential to take the bumper to the wire .

  6. *the absence of competitive community clubs led emerging football fans to the English football league contrast this with some of us who right from birth had a team to Love , a team to hate (Afc ) and teams to like (kisumu hotstars and blackstars ) -that was the context of my post .

  7. Teddy I can see your close friendship with Musymo is paying dividends. I totally missed an Arab cutting himself. Such detail cannot be picked by a hawkeye which only Musymo and now you possess. At least I did manage to see an Arab reserve player picking some crushed plastic bottle behind their dugout and rush to the 4th asst ref brandishing it like an exhibit.

    Now let us get back to our people. Disgusting is an understatement and to this end I sincerely sympathize with Gor Mahia EC. The club has not yet cleared the fine imposed on us by CAF for throwing projectiles in the pitch, then here we go again in the name of celebration. Talk of people who have the brain, but are reluctant to put it to good use. The other lot are ready to defy all odds, corrupt their way through all those checking points and then come to the VIP stand and when challenged by stewards manning entrance to this section to produce their VIP tickets, they give an arrogant and careless “bed mos” as a response and they muscle their way to sit at a vantage point.

  8. If as it is, NA Hussein Day have mouthed such threats openly then this begs the question as to whether CAF or even FIFA listen unless they are complicit in the whole Arab anarchy in CAF competitions. Must the Arab part of Africa always win these tournaments? Then why do the others register for these tournaments? If they had the audacity to invade Gor’s bench here in Nairobi the way they did, then CAF must wake up before a team is one of these days badly phisically harmed in one of these Arab Cities.

  9. Now look at this, guys:

    The next four matches for Gor Mahia read like this; Tusker (H), NA Hussein Dey (A), Ulinzi Stars (A) and Zamalek FC (A) all in the space of 12 days.

    Club CEO Lordvick Aduda has raised issue with the organizers of the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) for their fixture congestion.

    Gor have to fly away to Algeria for their match day 4 fixture against Hussein Dey before returning back to the country to face Ulinzi in a rescheduled league tie before again flying out, this time to Egypt for their match day 5 fixture against Zamalek. All this in the space of a week.

    J’Asego Mambo gani haya tena? I thought this was sorted out in good time.


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