Video: Highlights of 2015 DSTV Supercup

The goal was a result of a strong arm tackle from Aucho who immediately turnede brute strength into sublime skills with a superb pass to Abondo who scored with an equally brilliant finish. All in all a very solid performance by Gor Mahia.

Boniface Oluoch was very confident between the sticks and had several memorable saves.

The new defence with Sibomana, Glay, Nizigiyimana played well as a unit.

In midfield, Aucho, Omino, Abondo tear gas all showed high work rates and high fitness levels.

Michael Olunga worked very hard in attack and gave Sofapaka defenders nightmares. His big frame offers a big target. He will need to learn to be sharper in his finishing.


7 thoughts on “Video: Highlights of 2015 DSTV Supercup

  1. Plz nuttal never field jerry and oluoch in a high profile match like dat of yesterday.the reason for this is bcoz i dont want to carry my heart on my hands while watching da game i love.

  2. hahahaha. Maybe @COMPRESSER is a very good coach only that we haven’t given him a chance to coach Gor.

    I hear Nyamweya has fined Gor and Sofa 200K for playing in an unsanctioned match. The circus has gone on for too long. The CIC or CS needs to do something

  3. I think this FKF is acting with high handedness. What is the speed in giving hefty fines to teams that trying their best to raise the standards of soccer in this country? And they are doing this through very limited means.I think the status quo should stay so that as they discuss boardroom issues, soccer is running.


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