Violence was stage managed says Gor Mahia EC

Gor Mahia secretary general Chris Omondi has defended the club’s fans and vowed to appeal against decision to play behind closed doors. Omondi further insists Sunday’s violence in Machakos was staged managed.

The club’s Secretary General Chris Omondi says they will also appeal against decision to ban fans from watching their remaining two matches against Muhoroni Youth and Kenya Revenue Authority. This according to a story posted on

“FKF have fallen to mechanization of those who want to see us get punished for nothing. According to our investigations, the whole thing was stage managed.

“We had information that some people would be hired to provoke our fans to cause trouble and we raised the issue a day before the match.” said Omondi

Omondi said FKF should have carried out thorough investigations before coming up with sanctions. Gor Mahia have been fined Sh500, 000 and ordered to play their next two matches behind closed doors.

We need a stronger statement

The club now needs to make a stronger statement against hooliganism. We need the club chairman, the eloquent Ambrose Rachier to come forward with a strong condemnation of hooliganism, announce that the steward who attacked David Okello will no longer work for the club and to provide all the evidence they have that those who participated in the property destruction were not Gor Mahia fans.

And where is the Police report

It has been said on this blog by several bloggers that the Kenya Police are basically useless when it comes to addressing hooliganism. All they can do is toss tear gas canisters into the crowd. If there is an incident that demands a proper police investigation it is this one.


29 thoughts on “Violence was stage managed says Gor Mahia EC

  1. This is what i have been saying. When fans were leaving the stadium there was a gang that attacked us leading to the destruction that was witnessed outside the stadium. I however agree that hooliganism must be condemned and the club must hand over the steward. However, whether Gor hands him over or not, the police should arrest him becoz its their job to make arrests and not Gor.

  2. The issue of banning fans is out of order,Kogallo has to lift the trophy in the presence and full glare of fans who have offered lots of support since league started.
    Its like playing a grand finale or champions league finale on an empty pitch.Hapo Nyamweya amesema rongo.Haiweskani.

  3. I always talk about one thing every now and then POLICE MUST bear the full responsibility whether we like it or not,take 4 example the issue of machakos me i was seated just at the far end where the first teargas was lobbied honestly for heavens sake there was no reason for it,i always believe the police and the media are always playing politics with the issue since they want what to report the next day they must create one,a day we will see people arrested and arraigned in court,charged and jailed thats when people will take them serious until then will still have my reservations on this because these people always do this things in front of the media and police and the results is always the big headline of mara GOR this mara GOR that,mara AFC this MARA AFC this mpaka lini we will stop blame game the answer lies with the police YOU MUST ACT period.

    Many thanks and appreciation to my worthy comrades @Barefoot Bandit, @Ogango Trailer,@Ochigah ,@Eric and @Erico Jarae for your prompt response and earliest understanding in our quest to turn this very “NEGATIVE PUBLICITY” on hooliganism as an opportunity to sympathize and show solidarity with our players who happens to be the actual suffering victims under the prevailing circumstances.

    For us to be the role models and TRUE friends of Gor Mahia and in order to attain the highest level of integrity,transparency and accountability i have approached a well known media personality who also happen to be the pioneers who propelled the revival of Gor Mahia fan base by storm during those days when the team was in doldrums albeit minus hooliganism to propel our course.

    He is none other than the famous “CEO” who is the managing editor of the fast growing NAIROBIAN weekly newspaper publication to not only provide both print and electronic coverage of our very worthy course; but also to be custodian of all donations that will be contributed towards the small token for thanking our players for their achievement whether they emerge TPL 2014 champions or NOT. But the most important issue at stake is to pass the message that “OPERATION LINDA GOR MAHIA” SAYS A BIG NO HOOLIGANISM & FOOTBALL POLITICS OF NEPOTISM.

    I believe with help of “CEO” we can rope in CHURCHILL, JALASH, NYAMBANE,MAKOKHA and CAROLINE MOTUKO amongst many other celebrity to send the message home to all soccer stake holders to come to around table and find a lasting solution to this venom instead of passing the back and playing petty politics.

    AS of now the pledges announced on this site is as shown below:
    1. Okoth Jabilo 5000/= status not remitted
    2. Ogango Trailer 2500/= status not remitted
    3. Erico 5000/= status not remitted
    4. Barefoot Bandit……..Promised
    5. Erico Jarae…………Promised
    6. Ochigah…………….Promised

    Out target on this issue is to make our leaders understand that football is an industry and it can not economically thrive without adequate political goodwill and security stability.

    Targeted day for media publicity will be either on Friday of 7th or 14 th of November depending on contributors decision; but definitely before the TPL 2014 last fixture at Gor Mahia training ground immediately after closing their morning session.

    CEO can be officially contacted and reached on cellphone 0720323083 for official verification and you can quote my name “OKOTH JABILO” of for authenticity.


  5. Jabilo great initiative but why have you unilaterally decided on the “CEO” when several bloggers have already mentioned our very own Mwakio P.
    On the violence in Machakos, I may be wrong, but with every passing minute the chaos seems to politically motivated probably to create disCORD amongst certain perceived political groupings.
    A big shame since in my view Gor Mahia is about soccer and should be seen in only that light.
    Admin. surely how will AR “provide all the evidence they have that those who participated in the property destruction were not Gor Mahia fans.”
    Is that not the obligation of Governor Mutua who has made the allegation after all he has 500 CCTV cameras at his disposal.
    Finally though am against these adhoc harambees I am willing to make an exception this time and forward my contribution of kshs.500 (This what I’ve budgeted as my monthly sacco contribution) this once as soon as bloggers agree on whom the contributions should be paid.
    I prefer Mwakio as am sure he’ll keep us updated to the progress since better the devil you know than the angel you don’t. Or is it the other way round for “Bishop” Mwakio?

  6. with likes of Okoth Jabilo, gor mahia can easily become a bank just like equity, faulu and etc. thanks for noble idea. blessed

  7. @Okoth Jabilo and fellow bloggers, I am away on official duty to South Africa and I have just seen this proposal and since I am away for two weeks, can blogger propose someone else that will be available in Nairobi to do the collection? Let the email and telephone contact of the person be circulated. Since I will be away, I will ask my wife to Mesa my contribution.

    I sincerely support this noble objective by Okoth Jabilo and I salute you all for this wonderful initiative.

  8. Thanks MWAKIO for your response and we will keep you posted once we are in agreement on the way forward. @ODUOR 12 I had proposed both MWAKIO and Dan Original and Ogango Trailer seconded the same individuals. In the absence of MWAKIO the next alternative is @Dan Original if he can voluntarily agree to champion the project.

    Guys time is of essence , since this is more of CSR initiative to counter the acts of hooliganism that definitely will adversely affect none other than Gor MAHIA players.

    @ODUOR 12 personally I would prefer you to audit this project as part your contribution so that we can put to practice what we have been advocating on this site.

    Guys in the abscence of any volunteer from this blog site then we have no option but to turn to “CEO” because he is the GOR MAHIA brand that even the our EC, FKF leadership, media fraternity, celebrities and political players can not turn off.

    Please guys forward your suggestion and proposals so that we get started. Meanwhile I will post the previous email addresses of BLOGGERS BRANCH to reach out to all individual and agree if we can meet again and brain storm together. This also will provide the platform for us deliberate on many topical issue’s that have been subject of debate on this site.


    Lets stick with the CEO, this is money people……. bloggers don’t know each other at least the CEO is an individual with a face and a physical office that can be held accountable but somebody will have to confirm that ….@ Okoth Jabilo ?

    If you can confirm the above, you have my Kshs 3000 through MPESA before end of day.

  10. Guys, Sorry that I’m currently not around (In Dar currently) to be able to help to physically champion this but I’m definitely in since I will send my contribution to whoever we agree to be the contact. All the same we are in spirit with the boys and hope that God shines His wisdom on FKF to know that if Gor did something wrong then Muhoroni should not be ‘punished’ for it. This was a chance for Muho to make a clean 1 million from gate collections. The team actually needs the money more than us. I hope Adagala insists on his appeal for the match to be played in Ksm with fans else FKF refunds them all the expenses including loss of earnings. All the same with the knee-jerk decisions being made by FKF they make Oguda and co. look like saints.

  11. Let us stick to the CEO and Oduor12 to audit. It is true time is of the essence. Expect KES 2000 from me by tomorrow. Just give out the MPESA destination for the funds.

    Bloggers arise. The boys need us. Gor Mahia needs us. Tunayo kazi moja tu; Tunayo kazi moja. Kazi ni kuokoa morale ya vijana wetu. Bloggers arise.

    Migosi Okoth Jabilo find a way of roping in the administrator of this blog site because I believe he too could offer some credibility to those who are still 50-50 about this undertaking.

  12. Auditing will be very simple & digital.
    Just forward your mpesa message (not the money please) to me and I will keep bloggers updated on who has contributed how much & when.
    CEO/Okoth Jabilo will confirm the genuity of these mpesa messages or transactions.
    Mode of payment to be by mpesa and kindly indicate blogging name if different from that on the mpesa.

    Format of report:
    Date Mpesa Trans.No. Amount. Confirmed by Jabilo.

    Please ensure that you send the money to the correct mobile number.
    Jabilo will have the task of confirming that all the mpesa transaction are genuine (i.e the cash has been received). Any jokers will be listed.
    My only challenge is if we can do this, then what is so difficult about starting a sacco we contributions are 500/month and accountability and transparency are legally enforceable.

  13. Better still let all those sending money to the mpesa simply post the transaction details on this site for total transparency and accountability.
    Key details are the mpesa transaction no. & amount.
    I will do a summary of the transactions for Jabilo to confirm.
    This is to eliminate any oversights or doubts that any transaction will be overlooked.

  14. Thank you guys for anonymously endorsing “CEO” i have set the ball rolling with my earlier pledge of 5000/=.

    FW91IE confirmed Kshs. 5000 sent to CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083
    30/10/201 at 12.15.PM.

    Below are the previous email addresses gathered during our last meeting. Guys confirm or post your email address so that we can send an invite for us to meet the soonest and take stock. Venue, day and time to be determined by consensus. GOOD DAY.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “” ,,,

  15. The good thing with this initiative is that it is voluntary, efficient and direct. I wish to have the final custodian to enable me do my bit by tomorrow evening.

    Otherwise, its very important for all participants in a society to read signs of the times in order to act and react accordingly. Honestly, stones were hurled to Sofa players celebrating their third goal, was that stage managed too? To me those stones exonerates any political attributes to the whole saga..we started it!

    We could do better knowing that we have been branded to restrain and abstain from hooliganism, we said it here last friday that no matter the outcome of the Sofa game we would still be tops. We were reminded too that our hooligans could be worse than our noisy neighbors but may have been deterred by the recent K’ogallo performance on the pitch.

    Its time we admitted there are rotten brains in GM who don’t think at all. Soon the malicious haters of GM will begin shooting and be warned its that innocent child or passer by who will suffer.

    There are so many political pointers to the ‘happiness’ in the media and many quarters regarding the black Sunday at Machakos but truly when adults fail to behave just hiding behind anything for an excuse does not suffice. Something must change.

  16. Gor Mahia will be playing Mhrn Youth at Ksm county stadium with fans in attendance I take this early opportunity to welcome all of you in this great City of ours. Lets meet on Saturday. Meanwhile lets accept that CEO will be the driver and let the passengers pay the fare via M-PESA # 0720323083 mine by noon tomorrow Thank you great men and women of K’Ogalo Family

  17. @Jabilo and @ODUOR 12 i can confirm my Mpesa transaction of 2500 kshs as shown below;
    [1] FW 91IT994 confirmed kSHS 2000 sent to CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083 ON 30/10/2014 at 12.17 PM

    [2] FW 91OY633 confirmed Kshs 500 sent to CHARLES OTIENO on 30/10/2014 at 12.33 PM.

    I also managed to call the “CEO” and spoke to him in person. He has confirmed that actually @Jabilo was the first to Mpesa Kshs 5000 but unfortunately his post has been BLOCKED and it is hanging.

    @ODUOR 12 below are @Jabilo Mpesa transactions as per “CEO”
    FW91IE158 Confirmed Kshs 5000 sent to CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083 on 12.15 PM.



    …..According to the group treasurer Tony Anelka, the fans are going all out to ensure the team is not distracted at such a crucial stage of the premier league.

    “You realize the wind is blowing against us and this is the time we should move as a unit, a family and a group that has a common interest – good fans of Gor Mahia,” he told the website team.

    “We’ve had one of the toughest seasons considering the financial status of the club and now that the title is in sight, evil forces are all over to make sure we miss it. Our support as fans has been the main source of joy to a team that has shown great dedication and commitment to the club and followers at large.

    “Despite the tides since February, the team have remained focused with one thing in mind – winning the title. We are not far from realizing that dream and together, we believe the dream is achievable. Only two matches to go and as good fans that we’ve always been, let’s forget all haters and focus on our team.

    “We can put our hands together for a few days to collect something to motivate and appreciate the good work our team has done and is still doing. It’s been fans’ desires to do something and l think time is ripe to start off the drive that can see us collect the much we can. ”

    The initiative popularised on the fans facebook group – Gor Mahia FC commenced on Wednesday 29th October 2014 via mobile m-pesa contribution and according to Anelka sum of Ksh. 100, 000 was realised by close of the day.

    All contributions are channeled through M-PESA – 0716 373 503.

    Anelka also reiterated that the target is to reach and have as many fans as possible support the innitiative with no limits to individual contribution.

    “Whatever one can get hold of or whatever one can afford, will be of great significane and will positively change the figures and our players will for sure feel your love beyond the 90 mins of play,” he added.

    “We’ve done this before and we can make it even better if we concentrate well on it without taking sides. We will do it beyond Facebook and so spread the word and help us to make it big. The number is 0716 373 503. Feel free to dial it any time.”

  19. hooliganism is hooliganism , stop blame game , we know these people they are our brothers , friends and neighbours and this must stop coz Gor mahia is not a village team to be spoiled by villagers , we need to move to the next level of football.

  20. @jakoyo we welcome any other initiative to motivate our players whether by facebook, twitter etc etc etc. Now that we have our own ( bloggers) marshaled by the only CEO, please lets not bring in things which might end up confusing members yet from the look of things we have started well.

  21. @27 I agree. We all know many Kenyan communities have failed to reap the benefits of collective bargain because of small politics. This is a fundraiser, it doesn’t matter how many are held and how much guys individually contribute.

    Kila mtu anashiriki na kile kimepatikana kwa wakati huo.

    Remember branches are also preparing for next week’s harambee, all these are in support of GM.


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