Gor Mahia to fight until the last day

The destiny of the club is not in its own hands. Gor Mahia cannot finish lower than second position. But to win the league, Gor Mahia now finds itself in the awkward position of hoping that arch rivals AFC will beat Tusker next weekend.

But Gor Mahia coaches and players have vowed to continue their fight until the last day. If they do so, they will have done their part. There is not much they can do about the fact that FKF deducted three points. Some will argue that the decision was unfair. But not much can be done now.

Midfield maestro Francis Kahata who was in fine form on Sunday knows that the club cannot afford to drop points.
“There was not short cut in today’s game. The season is about to end and we still fighting for the title so today it was just getting the three points and I thank my teammates for the effort they put in because it was about team work from the coach to the fans so we are happy. We don’t have any short cuts in the remaining games, we can’t afford to draw or lose”. he said to futaa.com

Coach Ze Maria was happy with Sunday’s display and says that the fight will continue until the last day.

“We have to continue this way. Put pressure behind Tusker until the last match of the season.” he said to goal.com

Though he has no regrets, he wishes the club could have won one of the 12 matches that were drawn

“We have to keep going. We don’t know what will happen, but we want to win our matches and if it goes our way, it’s OK,” Ferreira said.

“We don’t have regrets, but we would have wished to win those matches (12 drawn games) but we now have to look forward.” he continued.

But this is how a league goes.

Gor Mahia edge Mathare United 2-1

Gor Mahia kept up their title hopes by beating Mathare United 2-1 on Sunday at Kasarani
Additional reporting from futaa.com
Gor Mahia reduced Tusker’s lead at the helm of the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) table to four points after beating Mathare United 2-1 at the Moi Kasarani Stadium on Sunday 30 October to keep their title hopes alive with two matches to go.

Francis Kahata opened the scoring in the first half with a long range effort that beat Robert Mboya on Mathare United goal before Jacques Tuyisenge ended a 12-match goal drought with a powerful header in the second half. Chrispinus Oduor headed home a consolation goal for Mathare United with ten minutes to go.

Johanna attempt

The first chance of the game fell to Mathare United in the first minute of the match when Eric Johanna had a cracker towards goal but his attempt missed the target by inches; he had another unsuccessful attempt minutes later.

Gor Mahia slowly took control of the game With George Odhaimbo, Eric Ouma and Godfrey Walusimbi running the show. Ouma had two dangerous crosses into the Mathare United penalty area cleared by the Slum Boys defense as they surged forward in search of the opening goal.

Kahata goal

Out of the run of play, Francis Kahata gave Gor Mahia the lead in the 19th minute. The midfielder cut in from the right flank before unleashing an unstoppable shot that Robert Mboya could only parry onto his own net.

The reigning continued pressing in search of a second goal. George Odhaimbo and Godfrey Walusimbi had long range efforts but they couldn’t just hit the target. They took a one goal lead to the break.

Mathare upped their tempo after the break in search of an equalizing goal. Boniface Oluoch did well to deny Robison Kamura from a free-kick after the defender had beaten Gor Mahia’s wall with a well curved free-kick.

Tuyisenge header

At the hour mark, Jacques Tuyisenge made it 2-0 for Gor Mahia, the Rwandan international powered home a Karim Nizigiyimana cross from the right flank to double Gor Mahia’s lead and end his 12-match goal drought. Despite having a two goal buffer, Gor did not relent and continue pressing in search of more goals, Tuyisenge nearly got his second but Mboya did well to deny him.


Chrispinus Oduor ensured a nervy ending for Gor Mahia when he headed home a Harrison Mwendwa cross in the 81st minute but the reigning KPL champs held on to pick maximum points.

Its down to the wire again for Gor Mahia and Tusker

Just two weeks ago, Gor Mahia fans were all but resigned to the fate of finishing second to Tusker in the 2016 Kenya premier League. However the derby victory last week has lifted the spirits and hopes of fans. Firstly because it was Gor Mahia’s first win over arch rivals Ingwe since 2013 when Logarusic was in charge. Secondly because it brought Gor Mahia back to within shouting distance of Tusker.

Coach Jose Marcelo Ferreira has said that the next two matches will determine the league.

“By the end of next weekend it will be clear whether we shall be lifting the league trophy at the end of the season or not,” he said to the official KPL website.

“I know that Tusker drew their last game and yes, I followed their performance every week, but I don’t want to be preoccupied with whether they win or lose their other matches. My mind will fully be on Gor and our upcoming matches.” he continued.

For Gor Mahia to stand a chance, Tusker must draw at least one of the next two matches and Gor Mahia must win both. This will set up the final encounter on November 19 which will decide who lifts the title.

Gor Mahia Fixtures

Sun 30-10-16 16:15 Gor Mahia vs Mathare United Kasarani Stadium
Sat 05-11-16 14:00 Muhoroni Youth vs Gor Mahia Moi Stadium

Tusker Fixtures

Sat 29-10-16 14:00 SonySugar vs Tusker Awendo Stadium
Sun 06-11-16 14:00 Tusker vs AFC Leopards Afraha Stadium

Final Fixture

Sat 19-11-16 15:00 Gor Mahia vs Tusker Nyayo Stadium

But Marcelo continues to insist that he is not focused on what Tusker does but only on what he can control.

“What is most important to me right now is to ensure that the team performs well in the remaining games and that means collecting maximum points. We just want to play our game and keep our focus on trying to win every match that we engage in” he continued.

Gor Mahia have shifted their base from camp Toyoyo to Kasarani as they prepare to play the slum boys on Sunday.



Chris Omondi describes the 2nd pillar of his manifesto

As Gor Mahia FC approaches the eagerly awaited Annual General Meeting and elections slated for December, this blog will give equal time to all the candidates. In the spirit of equal time, here is the second pillar of Chris Omondi’s manifesto. Omondi, a former secretary general of the club, is vying for the position of chairman

Morning fellow Gor Mahia followers;
As promised last week, I hereby submit the SECOND PILLAR of my campaign manifesto. As alluded to in the first pillar, there is an interdependence among these pillars with positive performance on one informing the “health” of the other and vice versa…

MEMBERSHIP in my opinion remains the only surest way of UNLOCKING our clubs potential…I have always attributed our underdevelopment as a club to our leadership’s failure to STRUCTURALLY HARNESS THE GOODWILL THE CLUB ENJOYS and it is on the same breath that I opine that structurally defined MEMBERSHIP remains a viable option out of our current mess….it is a high time we DIFFERENTIATE between FANS AND MEMBERS….I strongly posit that FANS should be partakers of the brand Gor Mahia, while MEMBERS should be the owners and decision makers of the club…let fans be “the clients” of the brand (by paying gate charges, buying club merchandise e.t.c.). BUT when it comes to decision making in such matters as elections, referendum e.t.c., then it is the members, affiliated branches and club leadership who should be responsible. The current scenario (which I can humorously refer to as “MANYWANDA OD OTENGA”) where everybody and ‘everynobody’ can purport to have authority on Gor issues should be overcome/transcended!!

In this 2nd Pillar, our manifesto proposes:
1. Direct registration of Gor Mahia members to the club OR through affiliated branches…..we shall spell out different BENEFITS that a club member would get over being an ordinary fan. Benefits that may include:
– Discounted match day tickets (home matches)
– Discounts on Gor Mahia merchandise (that will be centrally sold from our envisaged merchandise shop).
– Discounts on Seasonal Tickets once implemented.
– Eligibility to vote in club elections or other weighty club matters fronted the club Executive.
-In future, once we have such club facilities as gym, club house, museum e.t.c., members would use them at discounted rates
– Participation in monthly draws/ticket raffles of club merchandise.

The membership will be renewed annually with the exception of MAYBE LIFE MEMBERSHIP if passed by members during the debates on the new constitution. We propose that renewals and new registration be done between December and February 28th of every year such that by March 31st we have a verified membership register.

Cognizant of the economic classes in our society, we propose different levels of membership with attendant differences in BENEFITS….Put differently, it is foolhardy to have different economic class in one level of membership, I opine such differentials can be exploited for the benefit of the club….we suggest Gold/Life Members, Silver and Ordinary Members with each member having one vote. Benefits, Privilege, and powers to be enjoyed by these tiers of members, as well as membership fee, shall be determined in a Constitutional Conference.

From the foregoing, it is my belief that I have outlined the structure of membership, intended benefits, levels of membership and averred the One Man One Vote Principle as the guiding principle.

In our manifesto, the envisaged roles of the branches include-
1. Promoting the interests of branch members/supporters at the club level and/or,
2. Facilitating wider members’ involvement in club affairs and/or,
3. Promoting mutual supporters’ ownership of the club and/or,
4. Acting as recruitment sites for non-direct club members and/or,
5. Leadership socialization sites as it is envisaged ,ideally, that leaders ought to have “cut their teeth” from branch levels and/or,
6. Social roles such as CSR activities and related ventures as the concerned branch(es) will deem appropriate to them.

I am not afraid to share further, my opinion on the role of branches…..fellow Gor Mahia followers, we need A RADICAL RETHINK on the role of branches in Gor Mahia FC…I opine that BRANCHES AS CURRENTLY CONSTITUTED CANNOT NEITHER UNDERGIRD NOR CATALYSE THE ENVISAGED TRANSFORMATION OF OUR CLUB. Some radical changes need to be made to transform them from social clubs to agents of change in our club. I suggest that we need to INCREASE THE THRESHOLD of what constitutes a branch for such a body to be recognized and affiliate to the club. Membership and Branch affiliations SHOULD BE one major stream of revenue for our club but that isn’t the case because of lower thresholds in terms of fees paid. For instance, why should we have over seven branches in Mathare 4A, 5 in Umoja, 5 in Kibera, 3 in Huruma, 3 in Kariobangi North, 5 in the “Social media”? Personally, this does not add up. JoK’Ogalo, as stated above, Branches have greater roles to play in our club that include being the first markets for club’s products/merchandise. However, to maximize on their potential, things have to change. I propose that a minimum number be set on how many registered Gor Mahia members should a branch have as the first requirement. Regarding this I propose a minimum of 50 registered Gor Mahia members.The affiliation fee need to be adjusted upwards to make it prohibitive for “personality cults” disguised as branches. Kshs.10,000 is too little in my opinion and an individual can pay that and possess a briefcase branch. Adjusting the figure upwards would go a long way in “killing” such briefcase entities, raise revenue for the club and sound a death knell to branches that come to life only on the eve of elections.
A little mathematics would suffice:-
We currently have 109 branches that do not re-affiliate annually but when elections are called, some 80-90 will pay the 10k affiliation fee (mostly paid by aspirants) bringing in a paltry 800-900k to the club-there was no direct membership to the club in this scenario.

Scenario 2 has an increased threshold where each branch must have a minimum 50 registered club members e.g. at Ksh. 1,000 each and the affiliation fee is pegged at say Ksh. 50,000-100,000 if we have 50 branches we could be talking of Ksh 2.5 million in terms of affiliation and another Ksh. 2.5 million from their members. What of those directly registered!? Aren’t we talking of over Ksh. 5million per annum from Membership and Branches!?!? Just one revenue stream. On branches as the first market for club merchandise, are we not talking of a minimum 2500 kits, what of their households? Do the math.

Ladies and gentlemen, structurally harnessing the GOODWILL the club enjoys will call for SERIOUS DECISIONS and SACRIFICES to be made. Under our leadership we shall involve all the current members and branches so that they own this envisaged transformation process. I don’t think there are any other shortcuts unless we want to go the Roman Abramovichs, Glazers route.

Lastly, when the branches become restructured and are playing their anticipated roles, we can start thinking of a SUPPORTERS TRUST. with such we can pull resources and mutate to SUPPORTES OWNERSHIP of the club in which 50+1%-60% can be controlled by members and the remaining sold to corporate entities to INJECT the required capital for mega projects such as club house, gym and stadium. Here is an example, Bayern Munich is largely fans owned and only sold 18% to Adidas and Audi in 2009 in return for 165 million Euros that went into the building of the Allianz Arena and with the selling the naming rights to Allianz Insurance company, the stadium was built and the loan is still being repaid.

Put differently, it is obvious MEMBERS can own and manage a big club.

Structured Membership and revitalized branches are the panacea to the ills afflicting our club.

God Bless you and God bless Gor Mahia F.C.

Contestant Chris Omondi describes the 1st pillar of his manifesto

As Gor Mahia FC approaches the eagerly awaited Annual General Meeting and elections slated for December, this blog will give equal time to all the candidates. In the spirit of equal time, here is the first pillar of Chris Omondi’s manifesto. Omondi, a former secretary general of the club, is vying for the position of chairman

To the Gor Mahia fraternity; it is my pleasure to present the first pillar of my manifesto and invite you to critique it- an act that I want to believe would go a long way in not only refining it, but also building consensus on the transformational path the club needs to adopt…

I have always held the belief that we cannot talk of any transformation in our club without being cognizant of our key resource- THE FOOTBALL TEAM- which, metaphorically, I refer to as “our cow.” A cow that if well taken care of would enable us derive several products in its lifetime. I opine that it is by only having a successful football team on the pitch-sustained success that we can dare discuss other pillars like Membership, Revenue Collection, Professionalised Secretariat, Progressive Constitution e.t.c.
Without a perfoming football team, these other pillars that are equally interdependent become affected.

From the foregoing I humbly submit that our FOOTBALL TEAM comprising the players, technical bench and other “workers” become my 1st major PILLAR (focal point).

Getting the basics right in terms of developing our football would largely provide the BASE and catalyse the envisaged transformation of our club. I propose to provide a leadership that would adopt these measures to undergird the development of football within our club, sustain success on and off the pitch and thereby inform the implementation of the other pillars. On the FOOTBALL TEAM, I oversee the following:

a. Adoption of merit based recruitment policies on players, technical bench members and other football team employees.

On recruitment of players, we will reactivate the scouting networks the club had in the yester-years and build new ones with more emphasis on identifying young talents that would be nurtured n developed. We endeavour to go back to the days when our club was the domicile of national team materials/players. We will partner with selected Primary and Secondary schools in terms of identifying and developing such young talents. For a start, such partnerships will involve providing football equipment and expertise. But resources allowing, in the near future, the club will have a fully fledged academy.

Summarily, we shall adopt recruitment policies that would build into our vision of FOOTBALL AS BUSINESS where sale of players ought to be one of the major revenue streams available to the club.

b.We believe in internal capacity building and to this end, we shall endeavour to have our own conveyor belt of not only players but also members of the technical bench. We will seek to have U23, U20, U17 and U15 teams either through the initially stated partnerships with schools or as an Academy (resources allowing). We are greatful that, through our fans, we have a Youth Team we can build from/on.

On the technical bench, we opine that our senior players interested in delving into coaching will be supported and allowed to sharpen their skills with our junior teams. We hasten to point out that this would not only propagate club philosophy over generations but would in the long run act as cost cutting measure.

c. On player contracts, the already stated philosophy of FOOTBALL AS BUSINESS shall be the guiding factor. Clauses that protect the club’s business interests will be introduced to ensure the envisaged model that includes sale of players as a stream of revenue is jealously protected. Young promising players will be given full proof contracts such that we don’t buttress this notion of Gor Mahia as a platform. I believe that if we are to be a “platform”, then we ought to maximise on that by having contracts that protects club’s interests.
3.To enable the players and the technical bench concentrate on their business of winning and playing attractive soccer,we shall seek to provide incentives in the form of proper medical covers for themselves and their determined family members…furthermore we shall seek to provide the most competitive salaries commensurate with the expected performance levels and minimise huge disparities in their salaries as we endeavour to build one functional juggernaut…..

Ladies and Gentlemen,it is only when the football team is consistently perfoming that we can dare dream of its transformation….when winning and playing attractive soccer it attracts fans to the stadium hence enhanced revenues in terms of gate collections,merchandise sales,membership etc…..and that is why OUR FOOTBALL TEAM becomes the first pillar in our envisaged transformation……


Video : Profile of Eric Ouma “Marcelo”

After grabbing man of the match honours at the recent mashemeji derby, KTN caught up with youthful sensation Eric Ouma for an interview.

In the interview he says that hard work is what has enabled him to reach where he is in football and he realizes that he will need to continue working hard in order to maintain his place in the starting line-up and his place in the national team.

The interview also reveals that Marcelo has attracted offers from several teams within the country and possible outside since his contract is ending in December.

Ze Maria happy with derby win, gunning for title

Gor Mahia’s Brazilian tactician Ze Maria has been a man besieged for the past two months or so. But relieves a coaches pressure than winning a derby. It also helps that the gap between Gor Mahia and leader’s Tusker went from 6 points to 4 points. And with three matches. left, Gor Mahia havea shot at the title. For the time being at least, Gor Mahia fans have put aside their lack of faith in the former Gor Mahia international.

Ze Maria for his part praised the players and credited the win to the good preparations that the team had this week.

“It was a great performance for the team and I congratulate them. We wanted to win the match and to get maximum points which we did. The players were focused and we also prepared well this week where we tried different things so the guys did well and I am very happy for the win from the match,” he stated to supersport.com

Gor Mahia were the better side throughout the game and created numerous chances coming close several times with players like Blackberry, Tuyisenge and Kagere. Youngster Eric Ouma was arguably man of the match, completely bottling the AFC attacker Buko whiule making numerous forays upfront. His well weighted cross found Agwanda in perfect position to score.

Skipper and long serving defender Musa Mohamed also thought that Gor Mahia deserved the win as he praised his team-mates.

“The game was very tough and I want to congratulate my teammates we fought so hard today and got a result we deserved although it was not easy, Tusker drawing gives us hope, we now have a chance to win title and we will fight till the final day he said to futaa.com

Musa also stressed the need for Gor Mahia to find consistency in order to have any chance at winning.

“It is true we’ve been inconsistent this season but I believe we can win our remaining games.  If we play like we played against Leopards then I believe we will win our remaining matches” he continued

Gor Mahia beat AFC Leopards

Gor Mahia beat arch rivals AFC Leopards for the first time since the Logarucic era
Additional reprting from goal.com
Gor Mahia revived their slim hopes of winning league title after they beat rivals AFC Leopards at Nyayo Stadium on Saturday

Gor Mahia defeated their fierce rivals AFC Leopards 2-0 in a hotly contested match played at Nyayo Stadium on Sunday.

This is a match that usually attracts massive crowd and Sunday was no different as fans of both the Green Army and Ingwe came in large numbers to cheer their respective sides.

K’Ogalo came into the battle knowing anything less than three points would kill their bid to defend their crown, with AFC Leopards also aware that maximum points were all the side needed to at least make a step forward into the top eight positions.

Gor Mahia, who were boosted with the return of Collins “Gattuso’ Okoth, started a brighter side of the two, threatening earlier on in the third minute as George Odhiambo was left free, but Jacques Tuyisenge failed to connect the resultant cross with the goal at his mercy. In the sixth minute, Karim Nizigiyimana was at it again, crossing the ball but Edwin Wafula cleared it.

Ingwe finally had a chance of their own in the eighth minute courtesy of Paul Kiongera, who hit a long range effort that went wide. As the first half continued, it was Gor Mahia, who looked the better side, threatening regularly, but was unable to get the ball into the back of the net.

At the stroke of half time, Gor Mahia won a corner that was delivered by Francis Kahata, but Tuyisenge hit the cross-bar with keeper Lucas Indeche well beaten, and the ball was put into a safe position by Wafula. After the break, AFC Leopards came stronger trying to break a stubborn Gor Mahia defense, and in the 55th minute, Paul Kiongera did well to go past Haron Shakava but he hurriedly released a pass in search of Kepha Aswan which defender Musa Mohammed did well save.

Gor Mahia continued pressing, with full backs Karim Nizigiyimana, and Eric Ouma bringing crosses that troubled Ingwe defense. However, it was Tuyisenge, who was brought down in the danger zone, and the referee had the easiest of decisions awarding Gor Mahia a penalty.

Meddie Kagere rose to the occasion, sending Indeche the wrong way to give K’Ogalo a deserved lead in the 64th minute.

AFC Leopards coach Ezekiel Akwana responded by bringing in Alfred Wekesa and Yusuf Suf in places of Simon Abuko and Andrew Tololwa, but it was substitute Enock Agwanda, who had replaced Collins Okoth, who finished off Ingwe in the 83rd minute.

The former Sofapaka man hit the roof of the net, after Eric Ouma had floated in a wonderful cross from the right. The result puts the defending champions firmly in contention for the title, after Tusker were held to a 1-1 draw by Nairobi City Stars.

AFC Leopards: Lucas Indeche (GK) (C), Edwin Wafula, Cresten Mwanzo, Eugene Ambulwa, Joshua Mawira, Bernard Ongoma, Simon Abuko, Moussa Sissoko, Andrew Tololwa, Mungai Kiongera, Kepha Aswani.

Subs: Edwin Mukolwe (GK), Yakubu Ramadhan, Haroun Nyakha, Bernard Mangoli, Yusuf Suf, Alfred Wekesa, Jack Bruno.

Gor Mahia: 23. Bonface Oluoch -GK, 14. Karim Nzigiyimana, 5. Musa Mohammed (Cpt), 18. Haron Shakava, 21. Eric Ouma, 6. Collins Okoth, 8. Francis Kahata, 22. Maddie Kagere, 25. George Odhiambo, 9. Jacques Tuyisenge, 2. Godfrey Walusimbi.

Subs: 1. Jerim Onyango -GK, 4. Wellington Ochieng, 3. Abouba Sibomana, 11. Amos Nondi, 29. Innocent Wafula, 27. Jacob Keli, 24. Enock Agwanda.

Its all about the mashemeji derby now

With Gor Mahia’s hopes of retaining the KPL title for a record fourth time having been significantly dimmed on Wednesday, attention will now shift to the Sunday encounter between the arch rivals Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards on Sunday.

This derby is important for Gor Mahia fans as they have not actually beaten Ingwe since Logarusic left. Last season Gor Mahia were likely on their way to defeating AFC in the second leg. Gor Mahia were awarded a penalty. As Meddie Kagere stepped forward to take the kick, Ingwe fans disrupted the match by pelting the goalmouth area with stones. The match was abandoned and Gor Mahia awarded the match 2-0.

And this year the match occurred just as Gor Mahia were in a significant dip in form. AFC won 1-0. It is for this reasons that the derby will be important for Kogalo fans. Coach Ze Maria who is coaching in his first derby will have been told about the significance of this match. AFC for their part aare buoyed by the arrival of a new coach in Stewart Hall.

Kickoff: Sunday 23-October-2016 15:00 at Nyayo Stadium

Ticketing Information

courtesy of futaa.com:
Fans will pay to watch Mashemeji Derby pitting AFC Leopards against Gor Mahia slated for Sunday 23 October through Mpesa service and not through paper tickets as has been the norm, Leopards have announced.

Ingwe will host Gor Mahia in a crunch KPL match with the bragging rights at stake when the two rivals face off.

Leopards had however decided to go paperless in ticketing for the derby and fans will pay to watch the match through Safaricom Mpesa service as confirmed by Ingwe through their social media pages.


-AFC Leopards SC NEC officially announces the sale of Mashemeji Derby tickets as below:
Vip tickets will be sold at Kshs. 1000 whereas Terraces will be sold at Kshs.300.
Tickets can be purchased through Paybill number : 964850, Account number 2316(VIP) and 2317(Terraces).
Tickets will go on sale as from today (Thursday 20/10/2016) 1800hrs to Sunday 23/10/2016, 1200 hrs. No manual tickets will be printed, the SMS confirmation message with the ticket number is sufficient. No tickets will be sold at the venue, read the post.


Gor Mahia held by Western Stima 2-2

Gor Mahia were held 2-2 by Western Stima in a midweek clash
Additional reporting from futaa.com
Substitute Bernard Ondiek denied Gor Mahia a chance to close the gap to four points with his late equalizer that ensured a 2-2 draw as Gor Mahia and Western Stima faced off in their midweek Kenyan Premier League match played at Nyayo National Stadium.

Godfrey Walusimbi had scored at the 75th minute heading in from an Innocent Wafula’s cross leaving Gor Mahia poised to win the match until Ondiek’s header came in the dying minutes of the game.

First goal

Western Stima came into this top of the table clash seeking the first win and first goal from Gor Mahia ever since May 2013 and it was Kenneth Muguna who launched the attack setting up former Gor forward Hubert Kopany who floated in a cross to waiting Kennedy Agogo Otieno. Otieno never disappointed as he sent the ball into the net just before halftime.

It was Gor Mahia who had a strong start and Godfrey Walusimbi was the first player to get a clear cut chance but shot over the post. He later set up Francis Kahata who also missed to find the target from the edge of the box.

First Stima chance

Western Stima later started responding as the 20th minute mark approached but Brian Marita was unable to dribble past Boniface Olouch. Otieno tried his luck but Olouch stood tall once again in goal to deny him. Towards the end of the first half both teams came up strongly but it was Stima’s efforts that paid off first.

Five minutes from halftime, Gor Mahia won a penalty after Jacques Tuyisenge was brought down in the 18 yard box. Enock Agwanda took it and sent Gabriel Andika the wrong way to equalize for Gor Mahia.


Gor Mahia remain second with 45 points, six behind leaders Tusker FC. Western Stima on the other hand are fourth with 41 points from 26 matches.

Gor Mahia Starting XI:
Boniface Oluoch (GK), Wellington Ochieng’, Haron Shakava, Musa Mohammed (Innocent Wafula), Erick Ouma, Anthony Mbugua (Collins Okoth), Francis Kahata, Godfrey Walusimbi, George Odhiambo, Jacques Tuyisenge, Enock Agwanda (Jacob Keli)

Unused Subs:
Fredrick Onyango (GK), Abouba Sibomana, Amos Nondi, Meddie Kagere

Western Stima Starting XI:
Gabriel Andika [GK], Dennis Sikhayi, Wesley Onguso, Maurice Ojwang, Joash Onyango, (Bernard Ondiek) Fredrick Shimonyo, Brian Marita,Kenneth Muguna, Hubert Kopany, Wesley Kemboi (Raymond Murugi), Kennedy Otieno

Unused Sub:
Levies Opiyo, Fredrick Nyarombo, Daniel Makachi, Victor Oduor,Kevin Okoth