11 Jul 17

Story by Muroro-Pacho

Thigo was a brilliant playmaker in his heyday

Enock Obwaka seen here scoring against Schaffhausen. Behind him is Abdallah Shebe

This pic was taken before the Motokura cup final

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  • Great article that needed to be done. Just a point of correction on the Notts County tour of 1976. They began by first beating Abaluhya 2-0 then Gor Mahia 3-1 before travelling to Mombasa where they lost 2-0 to Kenya Breweries before finally losing 2-1 to Mwenge. I remember Francis Kasinde, he had a very good season at I think Transcom FC and so much was expected of him but it never came to pass

  • A person says:

    Thanks admin for taking us down the memory lane
    Anyway hata gor wakiokota ndani 10 Balls ni sawa tu. That Will also make history.

  • Mwakio P says:

    Great analysis. I was still a baby.

  • Joe Riaga says:

    Now lets see what the Kogalo defence can do to stop Wayne Rooney

  • INGO says:

    Everton will be fielding their youth team against Gor pwahahahahaha

  • oswozo moziek says:

    @jatingare…Forget the haters and those who are wishing it was their team playing Everton.It really doesn’t matter to us if its Everton A,B or C..fact remains it will be Everton and its Gor Mahia,the most successful team in this part of the world that will be playing them and not mediocre third rate teams like Afc whatever.They thought they would be the ones but got thrashed..not 1..not 2..but 3 clean goals to ZERO!!!

    For Gor this is an opportunity to rewrite the history books in our looooong line of achievements.Its a chance to rub shoulders with players we only see on Tv,a chance to network with them,enjoy the game(which will be televised),exchange merchandise and just enjoy the moment…Go Go Go Gor Mahia..that is why you are the most storeyed team in kenya and have the most fans amongst a long line of teams of pretenders!!@ A person…the most important thing here will not be the scoreline but the network and goodwill that will come out of playing an EPL team..Great ambition and opportunity!!

    • Oduor12 says:

      ingo lest you’ve forgotten:GM 3 efusi 0, twice in a row. To more pertinent issues methinks a win against Everton will be historic in that Everton will then always want and hope for a chance for a replay/ “revenge”. That said GMFC of today is a pale shadow of the Mighty K’Ogalo of yore in all aspects with the exception of sponsorship e.g player quality, TB and admin. I’ve noted that the players who lifted the Mandela 87 were there from 1983/84 but maturing under different coaches. That’s player quality. We have to start making an impact in CAF tournaments. Interesting who will make Ker’s 1st eleven, a chance for all players to prove themselves, a clean slate for every player. Best of luck K’Ogalo go ahead and upset Everton, this is a chance of a lifetime.

  • Jasego says:

    Oswozo is the game being televised on any local channel other than Everton TV which requires some payment for one to access the internet link?KTN Home having aired the SportPesa Supercup would do us a great favor to televise this one. I told this retard Ingo to go on post’s useless wall but i can see he is still persisting with his mediocrity here…

    • Jasego says:

      I have just read that both Supersport and KTN will ir the match live so we on to see the mighty mayienga roar,shakava die with wayne rooney apite aende wapi?Just mark him like your life depends on it

  • jaduong says:

    West Bromwich was the first to visit Kenya in 1968. Those days, weekends revolved around football in City Stadium or listening to the radio. I was in primary school and became a WBA fan back then.