Acid test for Frank Ouna against KCB

Frank Ouna in the orange jersey

Gor Mahia have appointed Frank Ouna as interim coach. He will be in charge of the match against KCB. Chairman Ambrose Rachier has indicated that Ouna will be in charge while the club seeks a suitable replacement.

“Ouna is the designated assistant coach at Gor Mahia and he therefore, takes over as we look at possible successor,” Rachier told on Tuesday.

Ouna has very little coaching experience. He has been on the technical bench  as team manager. He also stood in for Bobby Williamson in the Top 8 match against Tusker FC in Kinoru Stadium on Saturday 24 May.

We as fans cannot expect miracles from Ouna. We can hope he identifies the appropriate line-up to tackle KCB based on KCB’s style of play and that he comes up with appropriate strategies and in-game adjustments. Much also depends on the playing unit. And this is why the 12th man aka the fans will be once again critical. Much of how Gor Mahia performs in the last few games will depend largely on the 12th man.

Identifying the next coach

According to Rachier, they have received applications and will meet

We will meet on Tuesday as an executive and have a look at all those who have applied for the job and then talk to them and discuss our terms. We expect to have someone in place in the next one week.” said Rachier to

Since Bobby Williamson indicated that he would help the club identify the next coach, it is critical that each of these candidates is interviewed by Bobby Williamson.


9 thoughts on “Acid test for Frank Ouna against KCB

  1. First I really wish Sir. JBO good health / recovery because there is no way apart from health concerns that could have made EC opt for Ouna over him.

    It is only the legend JBO who would have deserved to be treated with “kids gloves” extended to the generally underperforming but highly paid & apparently popular BW.
    However I disagree with admin that BW should have any role whatsoever in the hiring of GM’s next coach. The overiding concern is financial. I don’t see the need for an expensive mzungu expatriate earning a salary head & shoulders above other TPL coaches but no such superiority being reflected in our style of play.

    Truly speaking the strange request of asking @ Ogango,Jakoyo and myself to apply for the position of head coach is akin to asking one’s grandmother to apply for the position. This view may seem rude & out of line but its the truth.
    Given a stable playing unit the work of a coach are there for all to see. While we are managing to top the league the results posted in the GoTv, CAF & CECAFA tournaments are testimony of BW’s achievements as K’galo coach. Anyway he found us atop of TPL league & that is where he has left us.
    Finally I still insist that EC clears all outstanding players’ dues.
    THAT IS PRIORITY NO.1 as I(we) can’t place any expectations on the new coach if the basics have not been taken care of. EC have really complicated the situation.

  2. The new coach needs to be interviewed by a knowledgable person in order to determine how much he knows about tactics et al. This way you can eliminate jokers who might derail the team.

  3. @ODUOR12, i think you need to get BW’s mobile number and let him know all these things you have against him. Even an ex is never hated the way you show your hatred towards BW. This is now more than personal and if hatred could kill then i dread to think what the results could be. Never at one time have you ever acknowledged some people. I thought that now that BW is gone you will leave him alone and concentrate all the remaining venom on AR. I still wonder why @Kosero apologised in his previous blog despite saying the truth about some bloggers.

  4. Good luck Bobby,you have natured talents in gor mahia.
    will miss you especially your clapping style.

    ouna is not a good bet for us.can we hire logs for six months then review his performance

  5. @Ogada, according to the EC Ouna will be in charge of the KCB game and hopefully next week there will be a new foreign coach of which Loga is the favourite. The ossue of finances though could determine alot

  6. Loga is very much willing to come back,he is the only man who can bring back our bragging rights over mashemeji.we lost the right under BW.

  7. we should engage Ouma from sofapaka to help uona. he more qualified, than most of the names being floated over here

  8. Stanely Okumbi of mathare or David Ouma of sofapaka are the best local coaches who can handle Gor.The only other coach is Mike mururi of Chemilil sugar.

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