13 Apr 12

Courtesy of Daily Nation

Former Kenyan Premier League Player of the Year, George ‘BlackBerry’ Odhiambo, is on the verge of making a sensational return to Gor Mahia.

This will happen during the transfer window in June.

Odhiambo, who won the best player award in 2010, left for Danish side Randers immediately after the season.

But he has found limited playing time at the Danish side and with an urge to rebuild his career and also win back his position in the national team, Odhiambo has been mulling with the idea of making a return to the KPL.

His agent Ed Stoner has been in close contact with Gor Mahia secretary general George Bwana and the deal is almost done.

Terrorised defenders

“I can work on bringing George (Odhiambo) back to Kenya and he is ready to play for Gor Mahia,” said Stoner. “I also have links in Asia but the boy wants his career back on track,” added the agent.

Contacted, Bwana confirmed he had made contact with the agent and they were discussing finer details about a deal to bring the 22-year-old back to K’Ogalo where he made a name terrorising defenders at will.

“Odhiambo is one player I believe should have stayed at Gor for longer. It’s our hope that he comes back to the club and rebuild his career. We are still in talks but we are optimistic all will go well,” said Bwana.

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    It is long overdue G. Bwana since we heard of this rumors. Let it not be another hype to lift up the spirit of our cracking house. Secondly his terms and conditions for playing iin GM colours will definitely be at higher level that I hope GM will be ready to meet. And lastly the boy will only be loaned back to GOR since you had traded him through his agent to the so called RANDERS F.C . But he could not make it to the first team due to the competition; thus implying that football standards in the country is still below par and my advice to this players is that your can up your skills by playing locally and continentally before those big moves to Europe.

    Our players are struggling to get noticed simply because of this hype of playing in Europe.

    Apart from Oliech Ayub Timbe Masika and Mugubi Wanyama of Celtic the rest of our pros are a pale shadow of their big names as much as our national team coaches will rate them highly in the name of “European Based Pros”.

    Mariga has been changing teams left ,right and centre until he returned to Parma. Jamal is back in Mathare,so is Wanga at AFC. Situma , Pascal and shikokotii saw what it means to go for trails. Osiako,Oboya and omollo are just wandering all over Europe seeking for low tier teams in order to survive in life where as the agents are milking them dry financially.

    What WUON PAP has been preaching still stands to be the solution ; develop players through the ranks from the active youth outfits to the senior teams and they will grow playing both creative and tactful football worth trading in Europe other shopping for clubs yet the do not have what it takes to be noticed as worthy player.

  • jakoyo says:



  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    Today is not April 1st? Its 13th so I believe there are no pranks here but serious news.I cant wait for June transfer window, the best news in months for Kogalo and let that be serious because the Berry went away before he could deliver anything to this club and his adoring supporters.But has he himself expressed interest in such a move? And what are the contractual provisions regarding such a move?

    Meanwhile dear brothers you have read the happenings in Uganda when SC Villa supporters caused trouble on Tuesday 10th? I have reason to be afraid if somebody might be swayed by that in whatever verdict they will deliver against us today. May good sense prevail and God guide the panel in what they will read today.Amen

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Administrator I want to thank you for being a quick thinker. You know what I am referring to.

    We welcome Blackberry home. As for the verdict let’s be prepared for the worst and we move on. One thing I pray for no matter the verdict is that EC sends Sir Bobby for further training in coaching as Zdravko handles the team for now, meanwhile mzee Siang’a to be appointed to handle our youth outfit.

  • omondi says:

    the prodigal son.

    the big BUT is what have we done to produce more blackberries, nothing

  • bachu says:

    This is a welcome move that I hope will materialise.
    The lad left prematurely as he should have played may be another season at Gor before making the move and this is the problem with our upcoming footballers.

    I think he will be instrumental in shaping up the striking department that at the moment is costing Gor dearly.

    Karibu sana.

  • Lukiyo lavoste says:

    East or west..home is the BEST

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Let the bench ave final say on players signed but BB is most welcome 4 trails,I say this coz Ngwa returned but is less lethal than b4 n is injury prone,so r the expensive Hugo/Midenyo,remember the Naija saga.On BBs terms its GM to call the shots given his recent form/record.EC shld start an agressive scouting system to facilitate the identification of potential talent 4 bench to evaluate particulary unattached players available immediately

  • Pundit says:

    Karibu Blackbery….anytime.


    A journalist from media house in Kenya visited Mbagathi Hospital to bring to prove how easy to enter and walk out of the Hospital because the management is sleeping on the job. There were simply no elaborate security measures in place to prevent strangers from accessing the institution as they please. No wonder we are witnessing horrifying incidents of patients disappearing without the knowledge of the management.

    Gor Mahia cannot be reduced to such an institution.

    I have much respect for Blackberry. I valued his contribution to the club before he left for Randers FC in Denmark. However , Iet every player fight for his place in the club. Let the
    technical team map out a strategy for the club. If the player, Blackberry incliuded does not fit the overall strategy, then he should told so.

    Genenal Bwana is a populist official . He has consistently played to the public gallery on very critical decisions. The issue of confirmation of coach Alaba Awono, the aborted buy out of striker Meddie Kagere of Rwanda and now BlackBerry. This is not the way such a club should be run.

    The work of Executive Committee is merely oversight. They should let the technical team to come up with names that fit our overall strategy. General Bwana should concentrate on the report of the KPL which was given to IDCC to implement .

  • felloze says:

    Hey guys,I really loved and adored Blackberry’s zeal of play while he donned GM jerseys.On Blackberry’s return,GM is stil missing the point.Our central focus should be on identifying talents and nurturing them as a long term objective as we reposition ourselves to where we used to be in football’s global ranks;cost cutting(increase revenues).We are still financially ‘young.’Does it mean the key to our winning matches is being held by Blackberry?I dont think so.We were pursuing Meddie Kagere of Rwanda during the last concluded transfer window and we failed to bring him to GM since he was too expensive for us then.We were to try pursuing him in this upcoming transfer window since he’ll be less expensive as his contract shall have expired with Club Police of Rwanda.Are we doing anything about him or we had shelved his business?

  • Blackberry is always welcome. He will return with professionalism which can help the other boys.

    There have been various issues raised for the EC and i have one more. How come Gatusso’s contract was to end in June? Isn’t this a new season? Do we still have players with such short contracts after the Masika saga? What is going on in this club? Even if he didn’t quit, are we to believe that he could have walked away for free in June?

    I now believe the reason our new coach is talking tough in the media is a message to the EC to shape up as it will not be business as usual with him.

  • wuo Ahero says:

    In his short stint at GM Blackberry became a legend. His skills, determination and self respect endeared him to the funs. And we all knew the time was still not ripe for the move, nevertheless he will always be welcome and am sure he can change so many things. When I remember how he disarmed ulinzi when we were ten men, the lad can do anything afterall he is Blackberry!!! this deal should go thru!!

  • David Ochieng Wamuoso says:

    At least one player who can think and run at the same time!

  • Mc Ochan mar Piny says:

    I would rather see it in black and white than trust what George Bwana says. Let me hope this is not one of his many lines and gimmicks. Jog your mind on simple coming soon tasks such as;

    Otherwise it would be the best news ever the whole of this year. I hope he comes and find a better team to work with to deliver on the field.

  • Mc Ochan mar Piny says:

    Parayeiyo @ 10 and partly Mc Ochan @ 15[though I differ with his militant style of comments], are right. I read nothing in what George Bwana and Faiz says. As you rightly put they are populist media crazy individuals. Did the tech bench ask the management to source for BB? How will he fit in our current set up and who is he replacing? If his level of play is gone down it wont help Gor. Search for other raw talents here that can be nurtured for a year or so. Stop getting excited with the past.

  • Mc Ochan mar Piny says:

    Sorry referred to @8 and not myself.

  • ochigah says:

    Karibu nyumbani BB………!


    @ Comrade Mc Ochan mar Piny today you are different from yesterday. I hope you keep it that way as we engage other soberly devoid of name calling,derogatory post and character assasination.

    This GOR MAHIA should be blamed when we all run nuts.

    @ Mc Ochan mar Piny are you the same person blogging at post 15 & 16. You seem to be contradicting yourself comrade.Just a point of concern as regards consistency.

    How do you suggest that;

    “BB” recruitment will be the best news ever the whole of this year. I hope he comes and find a better team to work with to deliver on the field on post 15.

    And then on post 16 you radically declare that;

    “How will he fit in our current set up and who is he replacing? If his level of play is gone down it wont help Gor. Search for other raw talents here that can be nurtured for a year or so. Stop getting excited with the past”.

    This two arguments do not add up to clearly articulate what stand you for on this particular topic.

    As for comrade Pareyio comments do not get irritated with his militant commands as he drives his point home. As you grow with the rest of the bloggers you will come to appreciate that it is their love for the club and dislike for mediocre performance that calls for tough wordings on certain circumstances.


  • capital G says:

    What we are lacking here in kenya is strength. we need to build and equip the gym for our players so that they can build their Muscle before they start working on ball controll. study these guys who play professiaonal football they are very strong and there speed is perfect. come to keny and watch our players, uuuuuuuuuuuwi pathetic.
    Gor need to do something on staminar on the side of players. otherwise long live Gormahia.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    The circus continue and this time supersports reports:

    Gor cracks the whip on troublemakers
    by Collins Okinyo 12 April 2012, 21:56

    Gor Mahia is set to crack the whip on players that have been identified as troublemakers in a bid to streamline its playing unit.

    Collins Okoth was the first victim of the new measures when he was indefinitely suspended from the club for gross misconduct on Thursday.

    Sources confided to SuperSport.com more players will be shown the door in the June transfer window with Dan Makori, Hugo Nzoka, Demonde Selenga, Donald Mosoti and Baldwin Ngwa earmarked for the chop.

    Investigations conducted by the Gor Mahia office have revealed that former team manager Jolawi Obondo has been meeting with some of the players who he helped recruit secretly and got monetary gains by setting the transfer fees.

  • Eblazing says:

    O. Trailer @ 19 and is the same guy who insults people here. He had very unkind words to me. I guess his world is not with us. He is like our turn coats politicians with no direction.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    My questions are strictly directed to the EC;

    1. Jolawi was loser in the last election and prior to
    that the former office had fired him due to
    incompetence. Who recruited him back as the TM?

    2. Is the EC implying that former technical bench was
    not involved in players recruitments? And if that is the true picture then also name Jolawi accomplices
    within the EC? He can not run the show alone without
    some good from the higher office?

    3. Did the EC had to wait for coach Zdravko to condemn
    the playing for them to claim “SABOTAGE FROM WITHIN?

    4. Lastly G.BWANA AND FAIZ you have terribly failed us.
    You have been outplaying each other on the media for
    too long and up to this their no tangible
    development to you have brought to your credit to
    merit your re-election.


    As much as the players are not up to the task; your management practices and decision-making is also lacking. This bloated office should cleaned before you wreck this club from within.

  • Eblazing says:

    @21. Jabilo Okoth, this is scary. We have always questioned the recruitment of these many players. There lies the answer. The officials and tech teams front some players, negotiate for them transfer fee and salaries and get a cut every month from them. Naija guy comes in play. In this kind of scenerio can you see a player being serious on the field? Talk of bleeding our meagre revenues. Cry my beloveth Gor.


    @ EBLAZING point noted. At times i tend to think that some bloggers are actually REHAB patients. Depending how they respond to there respective treatments. You will either read sense today and next time you see trash.

    @ OKOTH JABILO i have read the supersports story. Thanks for the update. What is happening with GOR EC. Have this guys stopped being reasonable. Why all this CIRCUS with the press and castigating players. At this rate which player will be interested with GM.


    Gor is just stinking FITINA. COACH , EC and we MA-FANS.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    @ Eblazing and @ Pareyio i still stand by your previous post when the so called “WHITE WITCH DOCTOR” was sneaked in to take charge of our technical bench.

    There has been a systematic mob-lynching of our players in the media since this “TOURIST COACH” was managed in from day one. If they have gagged players from the media coverage why dont they handle some confidential issue’s with best management practices. This EC is full of incompetent character worth caling MEDIOCRE.

    At this rate GOR is heading no where. Threatening players that come June you will be disposed is like telling the “THE FOOT SOLDIERS TO PREPARE FOR A MUTINY”

  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    I dont like saying, but now I must. Something is begining to come out; this trend of poor performance had something to with forces outside but well payed inside; I don’t have the facts but I said investigations ought to extend beyond the known. We are getting somewhere and I am happy.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    @Ja Thur gi ji I admire your sixth sense and intuition. You had actually smelt it. As things unravel don’t forget to give glory to God for exposing the rot.

    Remember Agwa Kassam called for prayers. Pundit cried to God about the smashed windscreens, the maimed, etc.

    Ask Okoth Jabilo, Agwa Kassam, Waxme, Eblazing, McOsweto and Arrumtiddi: guys went on their knees and stood in the gap for Gor Mahia and I assure you the prayers are still continuing in line with the scriptures that urge us to pray without ceasing. God truly works in mysterious ways.

  • Eblazing says:

    @26 Okoth Jabilo, thank God can start seeing what I said from day 1 about the Croat. That guy will dismember the team and eventually walk away after visiting Maasai Mara. How can you publicly castigate the same players who are to hold brief till that June? Yes you have aptly called them Foot soldiers. Which player will want to come replace them if this is the policy of doing things in public. I ask again; Have you heard Bobby’s or Tom’s voice since the new coach arrived? Overbearing, threatening, highhandedness and know it all. Those are the traits he is known with in his 4 continents he has trotted ‘coaching’. I wonder how many continents Sir Alex and the ilk has done in his long illustrious carrier. God rescue Gor from the hyenas of this world.

  • Eblazing says:

    NO WONDER WE CANT ENGAGE WELLS FARGO TO MAN OUR GATE COLLECTIONS. Where will they eat from? Check what Ingwe is collecting in a match compared to us. This EC needs NYAUNYO[actually to mean to be booted out].

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    @Eblazing so you know nyaunyo! In Mombasa they call it mkia wa taa (taa is a kind of salt water fish).


    G. Bwana now that it is in the know that Jolawi gets his cut from the mentioned players. Can you also tell us what cut you get from the NAIJA guy and BALLOTIENO whom you claimed to be ” THE NEXT THING” but is slowly becoming a flop.

    And how about this “Globe-Trotter” tactician that you acquired single-handedly with the support of FAIZ .O. Please also let us know what is the “un-official cut” before we send him packing after June.

    When i attended matches pitting GM and RANGERS it was FERRARIVO tickets on sale. Come the hurriedly organized friendly with “ESTATE BOYS” again it was the same ticket on sale. Do you guys think that we are quacks with deep pockets ready to milked like cows.

    AFC on a remote pitch like mumias can generate 900K where as K’Ogalo figures are never a true reflection of actual attendance. EC the back stops with you! NGOJENI TU KIDOGO!

  • Pundit says:

    @Eblazing….O Trailer…O Jabilo….thanks for bringing light to some people who have matusi mingi……@Mc Ochan mar Piny ….you need to repent na uwache matusi just for the sake of going to heaven. I’ll pray for you this sunday.

  • owinyo james says:

    Gud news. i want tel the young sec gen of Gor Mahia that those who are sabotaging the team are Colonel and Mwalimu through Ogallo and James. u peple should cal spade a spade so Take Jolawi out of This. the only thing that Jolawi got wrong is selection of players.

  • Dan says:

    GM advertised for some services e.g. ticketing, PR, etc. What happened? I think we need a professional PR person to talk on behalf of the club. G. Bwana and Faiz have no tact and I think they get excited when faced by the press. We are equally to blame as fans. Why not let the coach identify players instead of insisting that we want so and so. Now that BB has been sighted have we thought of the possibility of him coming back and being another ‘flop’. I seriously doubt that he can produce the same form he did when he was here. And therein our frustrations with him will start. So be cool and patient guys. We don’t seem to learn. What is it with us and this ‘mod phsychology’. For everything we support we must think of what if ..’. It is bad at this point to castigate the coach as fans and on the same breadth bash him for doing the same to the players. Two wrongs never mae a right. Personally I would urge BB to struggle out there make money, invest and continue with his life. Some of us now asking him to come back will abandon him when his footy is gone and life becomes unbearable, that is including g. Bwana. See what happened to Awilo.

  • ochigah says:

    I’m confused with what i’m reading about our beloved team. Can somebody wake me up. With the happenings only God can help us

  • Dan says:

    Let’s all meet at City stadium and support the team on sunday. Like @Kosero says GM has over 1000 coaches some of who cannot even narrate five of the 17 soccer rules. Let’s criticize but also acknowledge that it’s a difficult thing coaching GM.
    AFC is now collecting almost 1m which we used to do easily but we spend more time on things which will not help our team NOW. Some of the suggestions are for future. Current priority is to climb up the log, reorganise in June and then see if it works.
    G. Bwana now erfutes players’ sacking claim. I wish they could keep quiet, including the coach and concentrate on their duties. That way they will never be ‘misquoted’. In AFC only the SecGen speaks but rarely. They do the rest in the field.

  • TCAS says:

    My fellow fans,can someone tell me what happened to Edwin Lavatsa? I feel alot of pain when i imagine that such a talent can just go into waste.he can make a very lethal combination with Blackberry.When BB was leaving GM for randers,i felt like time was not ripe for him,if he could have stayed for another season,he could be playing in France Ligue 1 or even the first ever kenyan to play in EPL,that goal against Ulinzi stars where alipitia katikati yao is still fresh in my memory,the boy had talent,i hope he can come back and resurrect his fading career with GM and head to Ligue 1 coz age will also be an issue.
    I pray to God that we get a win on Sunday,nimechoka na draws na losses.Sofapaka is beatable.

  • I’m with the coach 100% He needs to scare the players even more. He needs to move further and scare the EC and lastly send shivers down the spine of fans. Gor Mahia as a club needs discipline and needs direction. If he can offer it, why not?

    The past few months have proven our true weakness. We are populist. All of us. Yes we are. Even if we replace our entire EC, we will bring in another group of populist media basking hooligans.

    Without a tough coach, this characters will never let this team work. Sir Alex is a manager who even publicly tells players to use their heads. Kwani? What should he say when they aren’t. Doesn’t he also praise them in public when they excel?

  • Let kogallo not b wrecked by populist politicians who suffer from superiority complex.

  • Eblazing says:

    O. Trailer, Dan. When the Naija guy came did you notice something funny. He said he used to watch Gor on Tv and decided to come all the way to feature for this team and that he dint know anyone. Do you think this guy just came without involvement of some official? They tried to force him down the throat of the team but to no avail. They then hurried to do a contract for him only to be put in the reserves. The clever Naija guy is comfortable earning a salary without kicking a ball. In my mother’s land we receive them with lots of caution. Ballotieno was recruited because he scored a goal against us just like Selenge and the others. Ticket Masters and their puffy bouncers is a raw deal. This EC is making hay while the sun shines. Our gate collections and the cut from players recruited by them oils well their extra income. No complains.

  • gem kendgi says:

    I beg to differ especially on Balotieno.The guy has not been put on maximum utilisation.the boy is a great talent if only someone would believe in him.In China once you leave your dad’s home you can only come back as a visitor.Berry should focus on higher leagues but if his heart is fixed on a comeback i can only say Gor is not in China,therefore he is welcome back.


    Hello sir.

    First, allow me to congratulate you for being elected the secretary general of Gor Mahia. I know no illusions of what kind of seat you hold. The first duty of the secretary general is be the custodian of all correspondence of the club. Recently , I have seen you taking a new role of public relations officer. Whether this role was bestowed to you by our constitution or
    assigned by the EC, i don’t know.

    To be frank to you sir, this is worst secretary general at K’Ogalo. I want to to introduce you to a man who I believe has undertake his mandate with zeal and rare passion. The man is the secretary general of COTU, Francis Atwoli. The difference is the SG of CoTu is an exexcutive officer while K’Ogalo SG has limited powers and responsibilities. The secretary general communicates effectively and defends the decisions of the EC. The way you do it now is very casual. Or how can you explain the Meddie Kagere saga? You did not even have the gut to tell us what actually happened. The issue just died as a dodo.

    Finally sir, as we enter a very crucial stage in our league programme, we do not want your good office to treat us with sideshows. We want a serious office that communicates effectively the decisions already taken by the EC. Otherwise the wrath of the delegates will catch up with you soon or later.

  • waxme says:

    I will.keep insisting the buck stops with the players. surely the word of God is clear work for men as if you were working for God himself for surely those whobfocus on pleasing men will always be a frustrated lot. players who do you focus on God or men if its the later then be sure to be disppointed coz today they shall praise you but tomorrow castigate you but if its God surely he shall stand with you no matter what. lets stop this business of critizing unnecessarily at this point in time rather we need to pray for the players to up their game.

  • Genge Oti says:

    @41 plus the Wells Fargo saga.

  • mwakio says:

    All the so called bloggers and fans have lost it. You either support the team or shut up from posting useless comments. The comments posted here are not going to help the club in any way. Why can’t we look for ways of helping the club to move up? Reactionary comments are killing the morale and spirit of the club.

    Yes, we all know there are problems but the way we are making nonsensical comments are further killing the club.

    After sampling several comments on this site, I have now hanged my boots by not having any further comments.

    Guys, we need to access ourselves first before we criticise what you bloggers voted. I can remember the postings I made on the fans’ expectations from EC but all these went to deaf ears. I had contemplated a possibility of offering my self for election but I was put off by Kosero and pareyio ole lelerue. Now pareyio ole lelerue. Is hollier thn thou in all his postings. Guys reap what you sowed.

  • Genge Oti says:

    Mr. administrator you cannot run away from the Wells Fargo issue which generated a lot of argument between Gor officials and KPL before the match between Gor and AFC. The argument was that Gor request came when it was too late and i thought that in our next home match Wells Fargo will be in Charge. Our official who were very vocal have never come back to tell us what happened.

  • odhiambo p. owuor says:

    With both Arms,we welcome Blackberry. Some of us Bloggers are just used creating Mountains out of Ant Hills! Let us critisize and praise where necessary. Long Live GM.

  • dinga says:

    with the kind of comments one reads here, this is exactly how the EC works. some of the bloggers here, obviously are in touch with the EC or tech bench. which by the way are the roots of the sec. gen and his assistant. gor is now being managed on panick mode. before it was just the tech bench but now its the whole EC. so pls, ‘coaches’, adidas guys,stadium builders, EC youth wingers and real fans, all of whom are logged here, let the gor management do its, job. you elected them so let them work. at this rate there is nothing much Blackberry will do coz right now the club is a tower of babel. so now the croatian coach is a ‘tourist’. the coach is simply seeing what those of us have been seeing even without sitting at the tech bench. the fact that some gor players have their heads up in the clouds is no mystery. as it was put ‘amateurs demanding pro figures’. the best thing that can happen now is to get rid of such players and move on. adidas guys and such keep yapping how gor is big as barcelona and the stadium builders are even ready to put up the 45k sitter. pls wake up. did you not see what happened in mozambique? can you see whats happening in the league. unfortunatley, as i said before, the EC is held at ransom by these fans, the only management style is what is evident on this blog sight and very soon the the adidas squad shall rise again and do what its good at. the ‘verdict’ from FKF will prove this. collins is a good player but heading the wrong direction. gor should not fear loosing such players, get players who show committment to their carriers, not those who ‘wallow’ on the screams of adoring fans. a good example of a focused player is allan wanga. as much as he plays in the local league, he knows that he has to do better to play out. i cannot say this of the gor players, BB gave his best and thats why he was very noticable. these players who thnk that gor is barcelona really need to wake up, if ur playing for ‘barcelona’ and living in umoja(no pan intended) then its time you figured out something is very wrong.

  • omondi says:

    however bad things look, Gor will never die. but many are paying the price

  • Genge Oti says:

    I think we have some of the best players in tn the league but only poor managerial structures are letting us down.

  • Dan says:

    Read that V chair was to take the players for lunch before the Sofapaka match and hear their side of the story amidst all these accusations. I hope it happened otherwise it will appear that our EC lavishes passing on press statements that they cannot fulfill. How long does it take to create a website, get am Mpesa number, update us on BB and Kagere.
    I think guys it’s time the EC is also taken to task to tell us what they have done in the 100 days in office. That’s usually the trend everywhere, and to make it worse our EC is made of generation X who should know the power of communication. At least the Chair is quiet hopefully doing the best for GM behind all the confusion at the front desk.
    Tomorrow we pray that we get a positive result and pick up from there but I still insist we need a PR person. We are scoring 5% on that front


    @ Dan on post 50 you have said it as it is. Let us do the needful by meeting tomorrow to urge our “ROTTEN POTATOES” on for at least a draw if we can not manage to get a win. But if we keep on with the LOSING TREND then be rest assured that heads will roll.

    I have decided to stand up against this blanket condemnation and prejudiced decision against players. The talk that so and so will be out by June is a clear pointer on lack of the best management practices within the EC.


    I have no problem with acing none performers if need be ; but the way this sensitive issue is handle matters a lot in the next two months. This is a disaster in waiting.

    Last year I met PAMZO paying a visit to BONNY after he let in two easy while they were playing ULINZI in the second leg. He went to pep talk him where he stays. He did not castigate him on the press, that is a coach with sound management skills as opposed to press activist . You can not succeed in this KPL while managing players through intimidation! YAWA!. Things will definitely backfire on you and at the end of the day you will go and players will remain. Look at AVB while at Chelsea and compare to Di Mateo. FACT!

    Guy what we are not seeing is that there is a systematic approach by the coach and EC to
    pass the back to the players so as to justify their incompetence. Let hope that his “RIPE POTATOES” FROM GHANA WILL CARRY THE DAY FOR K’OGALO COME JUNE .

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    @Mwakio in post 46 I urge you to rescind your decision. You are too young to retire from blogging. You are an asset here and you should not make major decisions while emotional.

    Bloggers are just expressing their frustrations upon realising that ‘what is’ turns out not to be ‘what they had hoped for’.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    @Admin of this blog MUHORO PACHO I thank you for allowing my post no:21 to whistle blow this story immediately it was posted on SUPERSPORTS.

    The immediate turn of events and denial by our SG confirms that this blog is really keeping GM EC on it toes. Keep it up guys! The Sky is the limit.

    There is no good reason to turn the story upside down so as to justify your direct attack on some prominent individuals on this blog simply because of your divergent opinions even if you disagree. All of us are in GM as a matter of choice but my view may not necessary be yours on issues pertaining to our beloved club. Let us be objective and not subjective.