Coach and captain confident about return leg

Veteran right full back and current Vice Captain Musa Mohamed is dissappointed that Gor Mahia did not take advantage of their home field to secure a win over AC Leopards.

“We all know we have put ourselves n a tight corner but that will inspire us when we go to the return leg. It will not be easy but we will give it our all. The tie is still open,” he said to supersport.

However Musa is confident that Gor Mahia can overcome the odds and defeat the Congolese side away.

“It is not over yet. When you look at the statistics of the game, we had a greater percentage in possession and we created the chances. We were just unlucky to concede. AC Leopards have been champions very recently, we are just rebuilding and I think we gave a good account of ourselves.” he continued

Musa called on fans not to give up hope as anything is possible in the return leg.

“Our fans should not lose hope. We will fight harder in the return leg”

Nuttall explains Ali Abondo’s absence

Ali Abondo had been in fine form over the past few games scoring four goals in six games. Fans were thus confused when coach Nuttall named a line-up that did not include him in the starting line-up. Fans were even more confused when Nuttall waited until there were only twenty minutes left before introducing Abondo. Nuttall now explains that the Kisumu lad was not in full fitness.

“Ali had a knock in our last friendly match against Rangers so we had to be cautious with him. Nevertheless we were confident that the team we chose could do a job and we are pleased with their output” said Nuttall to supersport.

Based on the way the team played, Nuttall is confident that his side can pull a miraculous victory out of the fire in Congo.

“I am happy with the way we took the game to Leopards. We created some good chances that on a good day we could have won by three goals. We also restricted Leopards to just a couple of chances and we would have gotten a penalty in the second half when Olunga was fouled in the box,”

The overall performance of the team was great and we gave the opponents only one chance. This is just the first half and we are hoping for a good result in the return match,” he said.

 Players gave up

Gor Mahia players seemingly stopped playing when they conceded a goal against the run of play. Building on this, AC Leopards will likely try to go for an early goal knowing that it will demoralize Gor Mahia players. It is therefore incumbent upon Nuttall to impress upon his players that a 2-1 for Gor Mahia can see them through. This AC Leopards side is beatable.

There have been numerous occasions even recently when Gor Mahia’s performance away from home was far better than at home. A case in point was when they played Anse Re-Union.


7 thoughts on “Coach and captain confident about return leg

  1. Gor need to practice a lot of set pieces and make use of their ‘ big men ‘ in congo. Olunga, jerry santos, Eric ochieng , Israel emuge and shakava must stand out and be counted in the second leg.

    Secondly, the coach must change the back four and play walusimbi, emuge, glay, shakava , musa …..all in the starting line up with musa given licence to roam anywhere in the back four closing gaps .

    Am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt gor mahia will beat ac leopards 2-1 in congo.


      It’s going to be quite difficult for Gor Mahia to make a come back really.
      The best option will actually be to play vertical long balls forward as AC Leopard will play high and will press aggressively in midfield. Gor must raise their fitness as well to equally press hard in this game as their opponents are not far ahead better on the ball.
      Play 4-3-3 with Abondo as one of the wingers who will drift inside with Walusimbi running into the space he leaves.
      Gor don’t pass very well so Aucho must be tasked with shuttling the ball forward as a box2box midfield. Meanwhile have Olunga and Timothy as interchanging strikers on the right side of attack.
      In defense keep them positionally disciplined in their zones as in the first leg

  2. Overal gor’s game was fair to both teams but what stood out was the confidence the A.C Leopards displayed and the self belief that they had. Gor was the better side but they were shaky and lacked the belief in themselves that that could take the ball and combined several passes as we are used to see them play normally, this gave away too many balls away to the opponent and reasurred the opponent that some fear had crepped into the home team. my advice to gor is that now they have seen how their opponents play they should calm their naives start the build up from the back thro the midfield and pread the balls to the strickers who will find it easy to control the ball get cross or even make something important out of it, fifty fifty balls are everybody’s balls and you cannt blame a striker for not winning it. i wish you my beloved team a good return leg and success too

  3. unfortunately we are going the AFC way…players allowances. we never learn from experience, always reinventing the wheel instead of developing further. We are busy fighting KPL/FKF wars yet our own house is on fire. And unfortunately at the wrong time. I thought Rachier assured us that we can move comfortably minus a sponsor…alas no.

  4. AN ATTEMPT TO ADDRESS CONCERNS OF THE VILLAGER’S AS REGARDS THE SACCO (Perhaps the only viable option to save our beloved Gor Mahia F.C). Please bear with the long post.
    Villager’s concerns are numbered and * are the response to the concerns.

    1.How do we get return on investment?
    *Discounted match tickets & merchandise be made available only to members (think outside the box and you will note that a saving especially on match tickets/merchandize is actually a return on investment.) The Sacco can insist that business opportunities be availed only to interested members. Ironically you have ably identified other sources of revenue (which eventually precipitate to ROI) below. Non members can be charged higher prices hence providing revenue to the Sacco/Club.
    Return on “emotional investment”. The villager can you quantify the joy of GMFC winning the league, a double (League and GoTV), a treble( League, GoTv, CECAFA) or even GMFC lifting one of CAF Cups again. This will not happen unless & until we provide GMFC with financial stability which STARTS WITH PAYING PLAYERS/TB ON TIME.

    2.The sacco idea can never be better for Gor Mahia (As constituted) than streamlining gate collection, negotiating sponsorship, negotiating tv rights and sale of merchandise. The officials just need to get their act together.
    *I’ve said before in exchange for sponsorship all these rights should be ceded to the GM Sacco i.e its members. A Sacco of about 8000 members contributing 500/- per month quarterly in advance means that the club gets kshs.12M at the beginning of every quarter. This totals to kshs.48M yearly. Unlike a society a sacco has the legal safeguards to ensure that these sources of revenue are properly managed and that officials are held accountable.

    3.Oduor12 wants to raise 500/- per month and the club takes all his money. SACCO?
    *Again think outside the box- The monthly contribution can be apportioned 350/- for recurrent expenses and 150/- for investment/development. 8,000 members contributing 500/- per month is kshs.4M. I acknowledge we may start with only 200members but when (not if) succeeds membership will grow. Then the issue of goodwill for the new members can be levied. That’s a form of a return on investment for the founding members.

    4.Finally, why can’t we sell the club and get owners who operate it as a corporate business?
    *Sell the club? To who? Nobody has refused but Villager where is this buyer(s), It’s difficult enough getting a corporate sponsor.

    5.The proponents of the SACCO idea need to look at how many initiatives have been started to save Gor Mahia from financial problems and take note how long each lasted. What were their challenges? Who was in charge?
    *I agree with you many initiatives have “failed” but then remember “a tool is only as good as the person using it” There are a lot of vested interests in GM, persons benefitting from the status quo e.g sale of fake merchandise, ticketing and match entry scam. But who suffers IT’S THE PLAYERS/TB WHOSE SALARIES ARE DELAYED YET WE COMPLAIN OF BELOW PAR PERFORMANCE.

    6.Oduor12, who will own the SACCO? Who will audit the SACCO? What will be its relation to a society called Gor Mahia? Has Gor Mahia ever been audited? Where are the latest audit reports? Are the same officials of Gor Mahia the SACCO officials? Will the SACCO collect money at the gate? Will the SACCO sign players?
    *The following sections of CAP490 are self-explanatory and should address your concerns. Take note of the timelines and the punitive measures provided for compliance/non-compliance.
    The amorphous GM Society (which owns GMFC) will be dissolved, members will own the GM Sacco which will fully own GMFC, Anything less will be a fraud whereby the GMFC Sacco will just be blindly funding the GMFC Society which can’t be held accountable.
    BTW Mwakio had explained that the current Sports Act prohibited Societies from running soccer clubs.

    Cap490 section 25. Account and audit
    (1) Every co-operative society shall keep proper accounts which shall—
    (a)be prepared in accordance with International Accounting Standards;
    (b)reflect the true and fair state of the co-operative society’s affairs; and
    (c)explain the co-operative society’s transactions including—
    (i)all sums of money received and paid by the co-operative
    society and the reasons thereto;
    (ii)all sales and purchases of goods and services by the co-operative society; and
    (iii)all assets and liabilities of the co-operative society.
    (2) The books of accounts shall be kept at the registered office of the
    co-operative society or at such other place as may be determined by the
    co-operative society and shall at all times be available for inspection by members
    of its supervisory committee and the auditor.
    (3) It shall be the duty of every co-operative society to cause its accounts to
    be audited at least once in every financial year by an auditor appointed under
    subsection (4).
    (4) The auditor shall be appointed at the annual general meeting from a list
    of auditors approved by the Commissioner, in consultation with the Institute of
    Certified Public Accountants of Kenya.
    (5) Where at an annual general meeting no auditor is appointed, the
    Commissioner may appoint a person to fill the vacancy and the remuneration of
    the person so appointed shall be borne by the co-operative society.
    (11) Where a co-operative society fails to cause its accounts to be audited
    within the prescribed period in respect of its business for the previous financial year, members of the Committee shall automatically lose their positions at the next general meeting and shall not be eligible for re-election for three years unless the Commissioner is satisfied that the failure was due to circumstances beyond their control.

    28. Membership and powers of the Committee

    (1) Every co-operative society shall have a Committee consisting of not less
    than five and not more than nine members.
    (2) The members of the Committee shall elect a chairman and a vice-chairman
    from among their number.
    (3) The Committee shall be the governing body of the society and shall, subject
    to any direction from a general meeting or the by-laws of the co-operative society,
    direct the affairs of the co-operative society with powers to—
    (a) enter into contracts;
    (b) institute and defend suits and other legal proceedings brought in the
    name of or against the co-operative society; and
    (c) do all other things necessary to achieve the objects of the
    co-operative society in accordance with its by-laws.

    73. Power to surcharge officers of co-operative society
    (1) Where it appears that any person who has taken part in the organization or
    management of a co-operative society, or any past or present officer or member
    of the society—
    (a)has misapplied or retained or become liable or accountable for any
    money or property of the society; or
    (b)has been guilty of misfeasance or breach of trust in relation to the
    the Commissioner may, on his own accord or on the application of the liquidator or
    of any creditor or member, inquire into the conduct of such person.
    (2) Upon inquiry under subsection (1), the Commissioner may, if he considers
    it appropriate, make an order requiring the person to repay or restore the money
    or property or any part thereof to the co-operative society together with interest at
    such rate as the Commissioner thinks just or to contribute such sum to the assets
    of the society by way of compensation as the Commissioner deems just.
    (3) This section shall apply notwithstanding that the act or default by reason of
    which the order is made may constitute an offence under another law for which the
    person has been prosecuted, or is being or is likely to be prosecuted. 94. Offences

    ****A cooperative is but rather a group of people coming together to raise capital for a common goal which would not have been possible if they acted individually.****
    The question is why does the EC avoiding this route instead the one of the 5 EC secretaries would rather expend his efforts claiming that Jakom is using his “personal funds” to pay players 300/- each instead of transforming GMFC membership structure into a more transparent and accountable one.


  5. Thanking you so much @ODUOR12, you are precise and clear to the villagers concerns. I had the urge to respond but this is not my area. So JoGORMAHIA ANY ONE STILL IN DOUBHT? NOW;

    For those who love GMFC – open your eyes.
    For those who cherish GMFC- Time to react
    For those who drink and sleep GMFC- Do you have any feelings for those loud cries?
    The ball is in your coat.


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