Dylan Kerr: Man of the people

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Images courtesy of Dylan Kerr’s social media pages.

10 thoughts on “Dylan Kerr: Man of the people

  1. @jasego who are the player’s in Kerr’s envelope that he wants EC to release to pave way for new arrivals?I gather that the envelope is causing some jitters at the EC.Confirm.

    1. Yes there are names alright including Ephrem Guikan and Mustafa Francis amongst other local players but EC having good affordable contracts with the mentioned players are sceptical.

  2. @Jasego,allow me to ask:Who signs players at Gor?The world over it is the coach who signs players or recommend players that he need.As one of those who has sides Kogalo in this respect,I pause to ask again;Is it not unfair to give to the coach players he don’t need and expect good results. The previous coaches would now holidaying in their countries and never bothered about reinforcements. But Kerr is around.Why can’t he be allowed to sign players?

    1. @Baba Travis…Yes it is the prerogative of the Head Coach to sign players in normal practice. GM though is unique and therefore things are Never that clear nor easy. Me i just brought two players i believe GM needed in Kenneth Muguna and Shaffiq Batambuze since i knew if i dilli-dallied mediocre replacements would be brought in by profiteers. Am rooting for him to have his wish on signing the strikers he wishes though. Am with him on that point but he is touching on some EC favorites hence the resistance

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