Gor Mahia launch Elliott, announce electronic registration

Gor Mahia officially launched their branding relationship with Elliotts Bread. This after they ended their relationship with Good Breads limited. The reason given for the termination was that Good Bread was not delivering as promised.

It is anticipated that the agreement with Elliots will yield better returns for Gor Mahia. Firstly the club will earn Ksh 2 as opposed to the Ksh 1 offered by Good Bread.

Secondly and more importantly, Elliots has a better distribution network. Elliots is known as Kenya’s original bread because they have been serving bread to Kenyan consumers since 1903. That is a staggering 112 years ! This means their distribution channels are more expansive and they have more relationships with known retailers. Therefore cases of fans complaining that they cannot buy Gor Mahia bread because it is not available in their neighbourhood will be rare. Cases of price gouging will be rarer and cases of fake bread being sold will be rarer. In addition, Elliot has a stronger marketing and sales arm. The new deal will see Elliots sell Gor Mahia branded bread, Scones, Mandazi and cookies which are part of the Uzuri Foods brand.

All this could mean more money in Gor Mahia’s coffers, something they will desperately need. They are already in danger of losing several players from this years squad and also could lose coach Frank Nuttall.

Since sponsorship will be difficult to come by, Gor Mahia should pursue other income generating schemes. There are other branding possibilities out there. Gor Mahia fans will buy anything that has the Gor Mahia name in it be it pens, jeans, T-Shirts, milk, or even data bundles.

Are Safaricom listening?

Electronic Registration

In the video above, Chairman Rachier also announced the creation of an electronic database to register fans and increase the clubs financial coffers and help the club stem the annual mass exodus of key players. Additional details about this new programs will be announced next week. However this author would like to ask the Chairman if the club has learned anything from the previous failed initiatives.

8 thoughts on “Gor Mahia launch Elliott, announce electronic registration

    1. There is also another way of contribution through gor mahia fan club Apps. Currently registration is kes 100.for six months. Target is one million members. I have registered but my membership has not been updated. Somebody is sleeping on the job.

  1. we have no excuse not to buy, bread, sacco, paybill number, electronic registration.

    let us not be just “odhoge” ie talkers talkers talkers

  2. If only there could be accountability the mpesa 350100 was probably the easiest channel to make Gor rich. But how sure are we on where the money ends. Gor needs to it’s accounts audited and published. Even if Gor is yet to be a company, start behaving as one now and win peoples trust early. But when I read that the club takes 23 players and 10 officials to Mombasa then I am bound to be skeptical.
    Registration would mean that I give you my details so that in some way you can ‘Bill me’ but why don’t you want to tell me how the money is being spent?

  3. Good Bread Company has moved to court to block Elliots Company from selling the newly launched Gor Mahia bread.
    Gor had terminated its contract with Good Bread and signed a new improved deal with Elliots Bread on Wednesday 9 September that would see Gor get Ksh. 2 from each loaf of bread sold.
    The deal would see Elliots sell Gor branded bread, scones, mandazi doughnuts, and cookies to help raise funds for sponsor-less Gor Mahia.
    Breach of contract.
    Good Bread has now moved to court to block Elliots from selling the newly launched bread citing breach of contract by Gor Mahia. In the deal with Good bread, Gor got Ksh. 1 from each bread sold by the company.

  4. Those people managing Good Bread do they read these Articals, we the Lover’S of K’Ogalo are posting here? how many times did Bloggers ask how much money do the Club got from this so-called Gor Biro Bread but they desided to keep quite. Let them go Court a hundred times, we need people who are transparence, they would cameout and tell the Republic of K’Ogalo what the Club has benefited from their Bread. Otherwise ELLIOTTE BREAD NYALE!! Elliottes is the Bread Champion in Kenya as Gor Mahiais Champion Club in Kenya.Now we want one of the Sugar Miller’s to support AFC Leopards, so that you drink AFC Leopards with K’Ogalo.” NA HIYO NI MAENDELEO”

  5. Some traders think they are gods in this country! They must know GM makes a difference in so many people’s life and that is a fact they can not defeat.

    If they’ve not been delivering it remains as such.

    ACCEPT AND MOVE ON regardless of who you think you are. Otherwise courts are public offices open to all.

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