Gor Mahia , KCB in scoreless draw

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KCB have overtaken Nairobi City Stars on the Kenyan Premier League [KPL] standings after holding Gor Mahia to a barren draw in their Thursday afternoon encounter at the Nyayo National Stadium.

It was an end to end game as both sides enjoyed control of the match and possession at various points of it in both the first and the second half respectively.
Gor Mahia started as the better side though with Timothy Otieno heading wide from close range from a Godfrey Walusimbi corner in the second minute.
David Calabar Owino then launched a quick break but Samuel Mwangi was quick to react and intercept the counter, Musa Mohammed however relaunched the attack on the right but the resultant shot went wide.
KCB then attacked for their first chance in the 10th minute but John Odhiambo’s cross to Benjamin Chaka was headed off the mark. Walusimbi then blew his corner off the mark in the 15th minute.
Daniel Onyango then looped the ball to Timothy Otieno but the former Talanta forward lost footing in attack. Kiongera then capitalized on the blunder and attacked for KCB’s first real threat but his cross towards goal could not reach Raymond Murugi in time.
Timothy Otieno then wasted two glorious chances towards the halftime mark with only the keeper to beat after Sserunkuma had done all the donkey work. He was nearly punished after Musana’s cross found Paul Kiongera who combined well with Benjamin Chaka but the resultant shot went wide.
The introduction of Simon Mburu early in the second half for Blackberry Odhiambo seemed to have worked as Gor won more ball in the midfield and attacked with more vigour.
Kizito’s attempt to find Timothy Otieno was fruitless in the 50th minute as the ball was headed away by Kevin Omondi. Kiongera then launched the first counter attack for KCB in the second half but Jerim was quick to react from the resultant one on one with the lanky striker.
Sserunkuma then lost an open chance from a one on one but Zachary Onyango produced a good reflex to save the day for KCB in the 60th minute. He then missed from yet another one on one after Mburu picked him out but Onyango punched it back to play.
KCB turned the tide against Gor with Murugi partnering well with Paul Mungaui who is headed to Simba SC in Tanzania but the eventual cross to Chaka was too long and was cleared by Musa Mohammed.
Patrick Onyango Oboya who had been introduced for Timothy Otieno then headed inches wide from the near post in the dying minutes of the match before he was caught by the offside trap a minute later in yet another attack.
Sserunkuma then missed the best chance of the second half after beating the KCB defence and drilling his shot inches wide with only the keeper to beat.
The draw leaves Gor Mahia at the peak of the standings while KCB piles pressure on Nairobi City Stars as the relegation battle gets heated even further.
KCB: Starting XI: 22. Zachary Onyango (GK), 13. Bethuel Warambo, 30 John Odhiambo, 27 Mark Odhiambo, 21 Kevin Omondi [c], 12 Tirus Omondi, 3 Ronald Musana [Kassim Mohammed], 8 Sula Bagala[17 John Macharia, 86′], 24. Ray Murugi, 5 Mungai Kiongera, 11 Benjamin Chaka [10 Samuel Mwangi 90+2′]
Unused Subs: 1 Sammy Okinda (GK),  18 Abbas Kiwaalabye, 14 Michael Oyando, 9. Chrispinus Onyango, 15 Peter Wainaina
GOR: Starting IX: 1 Fredrick Onyango (GK),5. Musa Mohammed 18 Harun Shakava, 15 David Owino, 2 Godfrey Walusimbi, 3 Geoffrey Kizito, 10. Daniel Onyango, 6 Collins Okoth, 25. George Odhiambo [7. Simon Mburu 46′], 8 Timothy Otieno [30. Patrick Oboya 77′] 8 Dan Sserunkuma

46 thoughts on “Gor Mahia , KCB in scoreless draw

  1. Lets keep soldiering on. Our boys tried but luck was not on our side.We hope for positive results next time.
    By the way where is the Ugandan striker we signed recently.


    OUNA can not steer this team to anywhere and the earlier we rope in ZICO the better. EC stop burying your heads in the sand and give us ZICO to uplift and consolidate our title defense. Otherwise with OUNA we will require a lot of damage control. DRAW OR LOOSE the next game and U R OUT of title contention.Let us not gamble the remaining fixture with OUNA.

    At times players perform due to influence and guidance from the coach and i doubt if they can do it 4 OUNA due to reasons that we are all know; LACK OF PRACTICAL CREDIBILITY. !!ZICO!!

  3. Like I said now the blame games can start.What if we had won and moreover is there guarantee that with ZICO or BW we could have won. This is how we crush our way to disaster.Have the players themselves complained about the change in guard. The few matches are going to be hard definitely. and the faster we recognize that the better.
    And by the way when did ZICO say he wants to come to Gor? Has he applied for the job? Is he that desperate to come where he was literally “stoned’ away. To be precise those who chased him away are still there. Let’s not be so desperate else whoever we appraoch will hike their cost knowing that we have no option.. Personally I think that with the right psyche from fans, players and |the EC the current composition of the club can still deliver it for us. The moment we stART PULLING TO DIFFERENT SIDES IS THE TIME sOFA AND tUSKER WILL SNEAK AND PASS KATIKATI YETU NA TROPHY

  4. my opinion,let GM stick wit Ouna,4the remaining matches -win or lose.Lets stop living in the shadow of past success & letting the past dictate how we view the present & the future.Lets rejoice in the past successes of zicos logas,bw etc bt let GM neva live in their shadows.Lets be thankful 4where we are & press 4ward 2wat lies ahead.Honestly av neva bin a suppoter of RECYCLING.Bytheway with all resources at sony what has zico done?,what position is his team with with his master tactics ?

  5. like i said before lets stick with ouna,if thats not possible i suggest MUSA OTIENO,He’s was an assitant coach at santos for while.i believe given a chance he culd do well.just an opinion,not trying to shove his name into pple brain that he is the messiah,”manna” that GM must have or perish.

  6. I was shocked when l saw a man with a register for okoa Kenya and fans were busy shouting That they want to sign,i thought it was okoa gor,my question Is why bring politics in the stadium yet we dont have a sponsor,not to Sound rude but i think the patron should have okoa gor by getting the team a sponsor. As for the Game we were not Just Lucky cos we missed two clear chances,but tht is football.

  7. even if gor won or lost, this coach will not go far. one of his major problems is that he plays to much for the gallery. i congratulate the draw but this is not a result to praise. measuring success by how many chances you missed is a receipt for failure. it also portrays luck of ambition. generally from this article and some of these comments here it is clear that gor is going nowhere in the near future. my point is that even if we could have won the game… Gor house is not in order.
    two local coaches i would put my money on are matano and zico. problem with zico is that he quickly plays into club politics and after the kind exit he was given it would be very hypocritical for him to make a come back… Zico is basically an ‘african’ coach. all the same i will give Ouna his chance.

  8. By the way i noticed mr Ouna taking the fans advice to bring Oboya in the game and realised That he Can easily be manipulated by fans.how do You look and listen to fans at the stand and make a change to whom they purport to be good yet u are the coach?

  9. I like the way we argue. If you attend Gor, Ingwe and HS games you will notice the fans calling on the coach to sub a player. Once the coach refuses to do like they want he becomes a poor coach. BW used to ignore that and some fans were not happy. That’s why local coaches like Nandwa, Ouna and Zico could be manipulated by the fans.
    On politics I really pity some of our fans. They take some things so personal yet their livelihoods remain the same. I remember b4 sabasaba they would shout themselves hoarse at every policeman and whoever cared to hear. It came and passed and their lives has not changed. Now this referendum thing we should leave it to the politicians. In fact like someone said we are actually suffering silently because of the percieved political leaning of which our fans and patron are much in. Were we apolitical someone like the Nairobi Governor and other stakeholders would play a big role in getting us a sponsor or a progressive Gor elders team. We all know that as Gor fans we are very first in destroying the goodwill we have from the larger football community. Right now some are talking very negative about Ouna and I wonder which guarantee is there that even with Zico, Bw or Loga we would have won yesterday’s match. Let us know that the next nine matches will be like finals and all teams will come hard at each other, meaning that all teams will lose points but some will lose more.
    So guys we have no option but support the team knowing that a new coach can/will come with new tactics which might not work for the next nine games.


    two games for Mr Ouna ! one draw , one loss ….1/6 points = success rate = 17% wuololooooo yaye !!!

    For the next two weeks, Ulinzi, Bandari, Tusker and Chemilil will come calling and with that success rate, I bet your days are numbered my brother.

    Will gor mahia win the league ? the coach and the fans have a chance to influence the next four games.

    Good LUCK !!

  11. I think any body walking around with OKOA Kenya register should not be allowed in the stadium.We are currently suffering because of lack of sponsorship highly attributed by the current politics inthe nation(inappropriate patron of the club).How i wish we could completely delink this great club with the politicians.

  12. pedigree, pedigree, thats what we lack. period!ouna cant take us anywhere, neither can the EC or even the team and the fans, the only thing that can win for us the title is pure lack FULLSTOP so guys, start praying….

  13. I think the reason why Gor does not a tract sponsors is because of the nature we take the level of politics to club. that’s the reason it will remain a small club with a big name. how on earth can you bring okoa Kenya initiative to the stadium while the whole world is watching? dismal thinking indeed… m sorry to say this, our patron is not someone who is development concerned. the earlier we learned this the better.

  14. My bet is that the EC should unveil ZICO and we retain the TITLE or retain OUNA as a temporary care-taker and we shall gradually slide back to number 6 with two matches to wind up the league.

    OUNA my free advise to you is that Gor is too big for your shoe and we can not take it for granted that at this 11th hour of TPL 2014; Gor will be your initial coaching career testing ground. If you loose or draw the next two matches you will be shown the door in the most uncouth manner. Go back to your role as TM and let us have a reputed coach be it ZICO or anybody else, so be it. BUT OUNA A BIG NO…..!!

    Experimenting last important matches with OUNA is very risky in our title defense since HIM and the players are one and the same thing. NO LEADERSHIP ,MENTORING OR GUIDANCE BUT SIMPLY CLOSE PEERS AND BUDDIES.IT’S NOT ABOUT PAPERS BUT ACTIONS.

  15. @one man branch. You are confusing me completely. Why do you want us to pray so that we get lucky? Do you know the meaning of prayer? Those who pray don’t do so to get lucky!!

    Meanwhile, yesterday was a very good game. The major negative point was the fear that Ouna was listening to fans request for changes and playing to their trap. Ouna should know that he is the coach and that fans are not the coach. That is why I consider Oboya’s sub as a flop and this is because he was pressurised to make that change.

  16. @Jakoyo, should Van Gaal’s days also be numbered in Man Utd? You are simply overacting. Give Ouna chance to make his team perform. He has only been in charge one match and he got us one point yesterday against a determined KCB. Stop broadcasting doom!!

  17. @Jakoyo, I compare you to those people who want to go to heaven but do not want to die (they want to live forever). You too are predicting doomsday for Gor Mahia but at the same time you don’t want to leave Gor Mahia. There are other teams like AFC, Tusker, KCB etc who can offer you better coaches and play classic football. They even win matches by wide margins. Their tactics are top notch. Actually I thought it was all about Bobby Williamson but now I think you hate anything Gor Mahia.

    Secondly, I hate to be called a blogger. What we do here is not called blogging. That name blogging makes me think I am idle.

  18. for those who are vouching for Ziko, must he be a Gor mahia coach??? does he have a club?? what is the performance of that team? how many goals has that team scored? kindly give us a break, some of us doesn’t want to hear the name ZIKO.

  19. @pmawego, we agreed this blog we post NOTHING personal and most of you will agree with me….we are simply championing CHANGE at this great club and one day it will come and we shall all be happy.

    Personally am simply advocating for a gor mahia coach who can bring top notch tactics to the club….nothing personal against BW nor Ouna, infact , I love them both but the reality is they simply can’t play tactical football .

    You asked us to nominate our ‘ preferred coach’ we have done but am. Not sure going by the developments at kogallo whether they will get a new coach with 9 games to go!!!!! They will keep OUNA till end of the season and that calls for ALARM especially with his success rate…one loss to tusker and a draw to KCB.

    Once again, GOOD luck !

  20. We are just shouting about Ouna, Zico etc. No one and I repeat No one is saying anything about our play yesterday. I think Gor played very well despite losing 2 points. KCB also gave as much as they received. In general it was an entertaining match. Gor managed to string so many neat passes. There was less “patia Serunkuma” if I may borrow those words from my respected blogger. It is just unfortunate that they could not get the back of the net. I plead with everyone on this blog to restrain from attacking Ouna. Let us give him a chance. Its too early to condemn him.
    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo.

  21. KCB has always been a tough nut to crack, plus the fact that they are fighting relegation. The single point is a very positive result especially now that every point counts. What if we lost? Am positive we will clinch the league. All other teams will also lose points at some point.

  22. DARK DAYS AHEAD, U WILL KILL GOR MAHIA WITH YOUR ZICO, also forget about TPL title and all Ugandans will leave.

    it will take again decades before you get another TPL trophy.

    just satisfy your ego with ZICO for now

    it will be a pity for Gor to be conned to hire ZICO , what kind of brand image is ZICO bringing to GOR absolutely nothing

    desperateness is now attacking Gor fans to an extent of letting the club go to dogs, but remember history will judge Gor fans and EC harshly in case Gor go down

    MY view is that judging by the current politics of central and south nyanza, ZICO will be the last person to handle GOR as he can be easily be manipulated to sink GOR, and urge EC and Gor fans for the sake of Gor club let them hire someone who is neutral or preferably a foreign coach.

    Remember it is this politics of central and south nyanza that is killing Gor slowly. IN PAST they tried to kill Gor in the same way atleast they managed. they same people calling themselves friends of Gor are the same killing gor by sabotaging its sponsorship.

  23. Give Bob Oyugi a chance,,,,Brazil trained, has excelled at youth levels and he prefers beautiful,entertaining flowing carpet football that the green army gets erotic about. He coached Gor last time and we dumped Cameroon league giants out of Africa cup.proven and tested…. give him a shot.

  24. very opposing observations from those who saw the match. one side claiming KCB were better one side saying Gor. what we can conclude that gor were not that impressive… half a glass performance so you may say. my argument is that HALF A GLASS performance will get gor nowhere. my other argument is that just cause gor wins one match shud not blind us to the poor technical approach that the players are displaying. I do not support Ouna but i surely pray that he can silence me. and this does not mean winning one or two matches.
    i want to see players who want to win by impressive margins,
    players who go down fighting,
    players who do not rely on crowd intimidation to win matches,
    players who can pass the ball like football stars and not std 3 class boys,
    players who do not score one goal then resort to defending. gor mahia does not need one million shillings in the bank so as to beat KCB or Tusker 4 nil scores but beat KCB or Tusker 4Nil and you will not even know where the one million came from. so players should stop hoodwinking the public about missed chances and hitting the post.you deliver and the rest falls in place, it’s that simple. you know ur a desperado when you start fighting for one point with KCB…is this how gor plans to conquer Zamalek or Esperance?

  25. One mistake …sub…sub…sub we shout, somebody sitting near me was throwing so much unprintables at some players at every turn so loudly and so bitterly, you would think he owns the team and those players

    One draw …Ouna must goo…go…go; you know very well the guy is not a coach and is just filling the gap in the transition; and yet some of us were already shouting at him

    Sponsors withdraw….let them go we can get others…afterall we can sponsor our team …350100?

    Loga threatens to go …coaches come in big numbers and they always go…

    Bobby goes …good riddance we say …in any case he has not won any thing

    Gor mahia supporters,A VERY DIFFICULT GROUP TO PLEASE,VERY BAD, VERY VERY UNGRATEFUL, VERY DEMANDING, but only with our loud mouths, very little action

  26. @JATHUR GI JI , I was even more disappointed that the fans were doing referendum in town. As gor fans we really need civic education to know the difference between community interests, club issues and political ineptness. In gor we don’t want issues to do with ethnic chauvinism or political posturing. These things are actually causing us more harm than good. The typical gor fan is a survivor on this town of Nairobi but is very fast at scaring away potential sponsors. Heard that Henri Mitchel is in town. Is it to take over at Gor?

  27. Former Gor Mahia head coach Zradvko Logarusic is among the top names who have applied to take over the vacant position at the KPL champions
    Former Gor Mahia head coach Zradvko Logarusic is among the top names who have applied to take over the vacant position at the club.
    Logarusic was recently fired by Tanzanian giants Simba. According to Gor Mahia Secretary General Chris Omondi, more than 30 coaches have applied for the job.
    “More applications are still coming. We have constituted an interviewing panel which will look at all those applicants and narrow it down to five before we pick the most suitable candidate,” he told Goal.
    Former Esperance coach Sebastian Desabre is another top name who has applied for the job as well as former Eritrea national team coach Dorian Marin.
    Among the local coaches who have applied to take up the position include former AFC Leopards coach Jan Koops, Bidco United coach Alfred Imonje and former Nairobi City Stars coach Tim Bryett.
    Gor Mahia are looking to replace former coach Bobby Williamson who left the club to join the national team Harambee Stars.
    The team has promoted Frank Ouna to take over in an acting capacity and are expected to put in place a permanent coach in the next one week.

  28. Good people,kindly request these people you are proposing here to apply for the job.Nobody will get the job just because his name is notoriously mentioned here.While we are very loud on who is taking over nobody is a giving a slight suggestion on how to pay the so called tactical astitute coaches/good players and to make the club financially stable.With current financial status we may not attract players who are able to carry the good name of our team as per our expectation.
    To be sincere what we are lacking is not the coach but options in terms of players leading to fielding of not so good players to make the number 11,our bench is pale shadow of our expectation and this can only be attributed to our budget in the June transfer window.Ec not withstanding,we have a responsibility as fans.



  30. @ja thur gi ji – You have hit so so many nails at the tops!! Thanks. We never learn. Too many coaches. Yesterday I saw why they didnt like BW, because he never listened to their demands for substitutes. Unfortunately, Ouna listened. But that should not make Ouna a bad coach all over sudden.

    In short, we need to learn to back our team, coach, etc. Sio kila mara hii na hii na ile na kuleta referundum signatures to the stadium. What a shame?

  31. Zico will never coach Gor again,not after he rebelled against fans,hired his own goons to beat up fans,never,hapana,oknyalre

  32. @ ombeng ombeng and suppose it happens that “ZICO” is the best option at the moment! uta do nini? You will have to swallow your pride and live with the decision since GOR is for all of us and not some of us. “OUNA” AWESMAKE. PERIOD.!

  33. There is no difference between Zico and Ouna,after all Sony is lagging in the mid table and may not even finish in the top 10.He has a fully company sponspored club and cant even compete in top 8,bure kabisa,i would rather the mathare united guy.Be informed that fans have a lot to settle with Zico,Zico himself knows that and cannot dare return to Gor.

  34. @ogango,tell us why zico has not won kpl with sony for the last 2 or 3yrs,if he is that a wonderful coach.i believe those are approximately 90 matches,what makes you think he can win with 10 matches?.IS SONY PLAYING THE MOST ADMIRABLE FOOTBALL?SOMEBODY SAID STATISTICS DONT LIE,SONY HAS PLAYED 23,W 6,D 10,L 7,SURELY IS THIS WHAT IS GOOD AT PRESENT.GIVE OUNA A CHANCE & PLS NO HIRED GOONS TO HAUL OUNA OUT AFTA 3 MATCHES.

  35. politicians shouldn’t be allowed to take advantage of our fan base to do politics. This club is going through hell and they cannot help. plse fans,do not entertain them.

    I have a feeling that this club is bigger than Ouna, just hope it wouldn’t kill his career prematurely.

  36. Ooh Laa la..! FOOD 4 THOUGHT PSALMS 118:22 IS AN EXTENSION OF LUKE 20:17

    ” The stone that the builders rejected turned out to be the main pillar”. And that what exactly will happen after ZICO is unveiled next week. Most of us will disappear voluntarily.

    @ombeng ombeng the difference between OUNA and ZICO is like a fish pond and an ocean. ZICO is a well known former Gor Mahia title winning player/captain, ex-international and harambee stars outfit, former Gor Mahia & Germany trained football coach, former H/stars coach and of course the local # 1 contender for the vacant coaching position. Now tell us who is this “OUNA” apart from……NKT.

    @ levemind and true to your words that is why @ Jakoyo has posted OUNA’S success rate at 17% statistically. while ZICO’S did attain position 5 in his first attempt as GOR coach before ending up in runners up position the year after. Now tell us what result do you expect OUNA to achieve in the remaining matches based on his recent statistical data as posted by Jakoyo. Below is my humble and honest prediction.



  37. @OGANGO I love your knack for identifying objects of hate and likewise those of love. As much as you love ZICO you hate OUNA with the same passion. The guy has won 0, drawn 1 and lost 1. LVG has the same record at ManU. I have not heard one ManU fan saying aende. Should ZICO come because @OGANGO likes him even though he has showed no interest and Ouna to leave because @Ogango doesn’t like him. Now that we have a list of tried and tested coaches having applied Zico should also submit his application.

  38. If Henri Mitchel is in town, he must have come to replenish his stock of roasted groundnuts. I bet the supplies he bought as he absconded duty last time must have run out.

    One word for him: Monsieur Henri Mitchel please keep off Gor Mahia. You never made any impact with our national team and I don’t know you to be a miracle worker. You will just cause Gor Mahia more heartache.

  39. We cannot just continue attacking the guys who were asking for referendum signatures maybe they were making something for living out of these exercise, my question is do you want them to go and beg in streets or rob public.

    If some are saying local coaches are the best why is that their talents cannot shine abroad, there contract are terminated soonest before they settle,

    Loga instilled some football in Mosoti, thats why though he was not wanted by TZ EC, the award winning coach phiri had to defend him bcoz he saw some football in him.

    Is not a must we win trophies each and every season but if we are able to manufacture talents and they get teams abroad thats fine with me.

    some are suggesting that if we could get another patron in the name A as they suggest we could get sponsors but my question is if the suggested patron presides over milking of Gor through gate collection at the city stadium and he knows Gor pays kes 20000 on hire and 20% on total gate collection why is he not intervening yet he has power to stop these behaviour. if the said patron is close and working with president uhuru why is he not requesting president to waive the KRA issues affecting Gor. If the said patron is close to president uhuru why is he not asking the president to reconsider his stand and sponsor Gor through TUZO. the last time i heard of him is when he gave handouts to Gor and kits which has only won one game aginst chemilil fc first leg.

    Gor belongs to all Kenyans you will see this if you seat at the VIP sections you get all tribes coming and watching Gor matches despite some goons intimidating other fans from different tribes.

    Not all foreign coaches are asking high pecks, some come to build their CVS and it doesnt mean they are not qualified, some have won trophies. so let us not be desperate in any case most of fans who are agitating for local coach are the one who do not pay gate fee i.e ODUOR 12, OGANGO TRAILER AND JAKOYO.
    they just bribe their way into stadiums.

  40. politics must be a NO NO NO in kogalo, it has done us more harm than good. perhaps we need to re-assess the way we do politics. the herd mentality and individual worship must stop, the individuals we worship have never taken us across any river, it has been heartache after heartache, marginalization after maginalization and iam left wondering, isnt there a single enterpreneur in the community who can have there companys sponsor kogalo? watu wangu, tubadilikeni

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