Gor Mahia 3 MOYAS 0

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Kenya Premier League champions, Gor Mahia, beat their midweek opponents, Moyas FC, 3-0 in a friendly match played on Tuesday 28 January at the City Stadium from 1500Hrs.

All three goals in the match came in the first half through Rama Salim, David Calabar Owino and former Kenyan Premier League [KPL] player of the year George Odhiambo.


Rama Salim opened the score line in the 22nd minute before Calabar  headed in a George Blackberry Odhiambo corner to double the lead in the 31st minute.

Dan Sserunkuma put the tie to rest eight minutes later, after he tapped in a Shaban Kenga cross.

This was Gor Mahia’s last friendly match of the pre-season.

Starting XI: Jerry Onyango, Musa Mohammed, David Owino, Israel Emuge, Godfrey Waluismbi, Baba Kizito, Anthony Akumu, Shaban Kenga, Rama Salim, George Odhiambo and Dan Sserenkuma.

Subs: Joel Bataro, Kevin Oluoch, Jared Obwoge, Dan Onyango,Solomon Nasio, Joseph Kariuki, Innocent Mutiso, Haron Shakava and Herbert Kopany.

Gor Mahia U19 to play Bondo United

The Gor Mahia under 19 side will on Friday 31st January face lower-tier side Bondo United in a friendly match in Bondo.

The development has been confirmed by the team’s Head Coach Charles Korea Omondi.

-Bondo United will host us in a friendly match on Friday to commemorate the life of Kenya’s first Vice President, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University, Korea told futaa.com,

-It’s a good chance for the youngsters and I believe they’ll make the best out of it, he added.


The match will be played at the Bondo University Grounds from 1600 Hours.

32 thoughts on “Gor Mahia 3 MOYAS 0

  1. 3 goals from Rama,Calabar and Blackberry…..then we are told….Dan Sserunkuma put the tie to rest eight minutes later after he tapped in a Shaban Kenga cross!!!what a misleading article.Can the author please get the facts right before publishing such to the masses!!!!

  2. Congrats to the boys and especially to BW ! The starting eleven is just like we predicted apart from eric ochieng who is nursing an injury and obwoge wo is still climatising. No doubt in my mind that the coach has finally found a winning formula and we are now ready to go! Sorry to patrick oboya and Kevin “ade” , unfortunately this time round they will be no excuse for players who cannot even make it to the bench.

    I also did ask why gor Mahia does not register 3 – 0 score lines in friendly matches and you have promptly replied with an astounding victory. What more can we ask for ? Please maintain that starting eleven that is gradually ticking.

    Bloggers, lets make constructive criticisms that improve the club . with jakoyo, huku ni kusema na kutenda…no mincing words.

    Now I can sit back, relax and enjoy the game!

  3. I dont think you can field Obwoge, Sserunkuma and Blackberry together. Such a team is unbalanced.

    I never understood why Rama was fielded as a striker by Loga. But a forwardline of Dan Flava, Blackberry and then Rama playing behind them as attacking midfielder will give any team nightmares.

    Just give Rama carte blanche to attack by fielding two DMs i.e Akumu and Kizito. Then give Kenga a roving role.

    Walusimbi and Jashirati at full backs. Musa and Emuge at centre backs. Ni hiyo ndio line-up.

    Now lets pray that there are no more injuries. To avoid this, Williamson should use key players only sparingly. Use the KPLC charity cup to test players like Bataro, Kariuki, Juma, Kopany

  4. Copy & Paste digital era which Is a trade mark of the unofficial Sofaset branch comments. This shoddy-type of journalism belongs to futaa.com. They even fail to notice how the build up for the the first and the third goals originated from the fullbacks and ended up with Kenga’s diagonal assists to Rama and Sserekuma.

    From my observation our TB must ensure that Calabar and Musa can be utilized in both Central and full back defensive positions. Our defense will be our weakest position whenever we miss our dependable players especially the position 4 and 5.

  5. @Jakoyo you will be surprised that “ADE”and “OBOYA” are the most skillful , intelligent and attack minded midfielders in GOR MAHIA at the moment. Just wait and see what will happen when they regain their forms. Stop demonizing players in this forum and for once provide positive energy that will drive our players collectively as a family.

    Even some of us have a lot of reservation on some players including those you prefer in your starting eleven based on their skills and style of play but we have let it to theTB to do their job. I for once defended you from bloggers mob-justice based on your past utterance but now you are going too far. Please is to early to make us throw barbs at each other.

    @ Jakoyo referring to players by name is detrimental to both their life and playing career as well. Please be humane and considerate to what bloggers are cautioning you against.


  6. @Okoth Jabilo, you are spot on Jakoyo. We all need to these lads support and encouragement because we have a very talented and skill full team. Let all bloggers consider this naked truth.

    The team also need to lay more emphasis on under 19 team that in future will act as the feeder club for the main team.

  7. Posting no. 10 has impersonated me. Who is this calling himself Mwakio P? This could be Jakoyo in darkness.

  8. Hi fellow bloggers! Would like to congratulate the team for the wonderful performance they put on show today. People like jakoyo will alwaysbehave like logo nd should be ignored at times.my biggest worry is the injuries we are getting every other game !Emuge got injured today nd think he’s out of Sunday ‘ s game. Nupdates onother injuries pliz! My broda simplicity sema jathurwa!

  9. @Ndugu Mwakio P sorry for the eventuality ; but it so good that you are quite timely and wise enough to detect this impostor a.k.a “WAINGANJO” of this blogsite.

    @ Ndungu do not forget that we once upon a time on this site we had one faceless being known as mr. Mac Ochan Mar Piny and Eblazing , who later on reincarnated as Eblazing Diva. But it came to pass when we realized that every market has it’s own MadMan year in year out. It took the genius of one Jackowili a.k.a Barefoot Bandit to separate the wheat from the chaff when the quack blogged itself stupidly. And the same very case now applies to this other Impostor in name of a respected blogger like @Ndugu Mwakio p .

    Recently when there was a lot of unfriendly fires on this blog, I did threaten to name a certain mad person in this blog but unfortunately i was restricted by bloggers based on the issue which was at stake at that moment. But I can categorical state that at this rate of @ JAKOYO’S theatrics on this forum I have no doubt about his actual mental status as regards matters pertaining to k’Ogalo.

    There is no reason as to why I should not name the number one contender for the 2014 “Madman Award” of this forum number contenderSHOULD I NAME HIM OR NOT?

  10. Eeehe!! yawa jokogalo uchako criticise players to pod gigo mana friendlies. Y don’t we give every player tym to prove why they are there instead of making the unpromissing utterances against your unfriendly player (umiya wichkuot anytime i open FB) Kogalo Tomit mar Adiera

  11. I watched the match, can someone correct this- third goal was scored by Sserunkuma and not Blackberry.

    Not being bothered too much with what Jakoyo says and noting that am also not a coach,I am a bit worried about the average height of our players especially at the back, perhaps TB could think seriously about pairing Emuge and Shakava at central defence, then Owino on full back right and Walusimbi on full back left.

    When competition begins proper I think a 100% fit Blackberry will shine again at Kogalo and with the way Walusimbi plays and Rama with Dan and Kenga, opposing defences are in for rough time.

  12. I’ve watched the last two games n am impressed more so with our attack. more so Blackberry, kenga, Salim n Danny, WALUSIMBI is a great revelation plus this ONYANGO guy, we can beat any team any day, my little worry was the height of the players we had but not anymore code we won most of the aerial duels

  13. This Jakoyo’s case is now serious. He started slowly and when we corrected him, some bloggers stood by him. His utterances is realy killing the club. This is not how we grow!

  14. This site should be more tolerant, accommodating and democratic to the views of all bloggers. It is full of dictators from Nyanza who do not want to hear any opposing views to theirs from their fellow bloggers like INGO, JAKOYO, BENSON DISI and others.If you hate my opinion, just skip it and read the next posting! WHY SHOULD ADMIN DELETE BLOGGERS’ DIVERSE VIEWS AS IF HE IS THE KANU SECRETARY GENERAL JOSEPH KAMOTHO IN THE 1980s????

  15. @ Kenneth wachane wuod dala. Was nt able to attend ths one so didn’t wnt to give uninformed comments. Bt on ths defense issue I wd wnt to draw some of my colleagues attention to the fact tht Calabar is a central defender n nt a fullback n tht is wea he thrives.It was Loga who insisted his philosophy required burly or/ and tall defenders in the centre n converted him to a full bk. My own PERSONAL preference wd b Owino n Emuge at the centre of tht defense n no other partnership. Bt I leave it to the TB. They knw best

  16. Guys have not managed to watch any game since we started the friendlies but according to what am getting from people who have watched like all the games its like we have a wonderful team n we r rearing to go,av been told Dan Onyango is another big thing at this club n its going to be serious competition especially at the mid coz that’s where we av many guys playing in that area,n i think its high time sorry to mention Oboya in particular must stop playing for the fans n be a team player n i believe that is the reason why the coach is not fielding him regularly he must not hold ball for long but just a comment bloggers

  17. The performance by our team is showing a steady rise to jellying together.Like yesterday’s was fast paced and well coordinated.Teams do not hit their peak instantly but move into it. It also creates a right frame of mind.But of course players always have something new to learn, and room for improvement. Every player at one time or the other gets out of form and this is normal. This means every player is a candidate for sitting on the bench.It is team work and not personality work.As far as Oboya goes, I would suggest that he changes his tackling style because that is what makes him prone to injuries. It is just my long time observation.

  18. Football lovers: I want us to remind ourselves of one thing: every successful team must have a lethal midfield, and am so happy to see bloggers state that indeed they are worried about who will be played. in short, I am saying it is better to have many players, rather than lack, hence I can assure you ni ” GINI WASERETAIN/ DEFEND” . . .purely based on the akina Wanyonyi prodding that midfield.
    Sunday, onere e pap

  19. As others have correctly pointed out, Shakava and Emuge cannot be paired in central defence if both are slow. You need at least one fast central defender. I think Musa Mohamed can play there.

    With regard to Calabar, if you play him in central defence, it will limit his forays upfront. Team needs Jashirati to make those forward runs. Remember the goal he scored against S. Sudan in December ?


    We can rightly say that the top 4 teams in the country have finalised their signings for the 2014 football season. An in depth look at the teams reveal the following:
    1)The TPL defending champions (Gor Mahia) have released a total of 13 players with 2 going out on loan (P. Odhiambo & A. Okukmu). They have recruited 12 new players with 2 making a come back (G. Odhiambo and R. Salim) A keen look at G. Mahia’s signings reveal that they have gone for talent, potential and ability rather than names. Its exciting to welcome back both Rama and Blackberry to Gor Mahia. These two are a special talent. LETS not forget that Mosoti was never supremely talented but he was a workhorse, industrious and gritty. As they always say- (Hard work and determination is greater than talent alone). Its worth noting that J.Kariuki, Herbert Kopany, H. Shakava, Kevin Oluoch, D. Onyango and Shaban Kenga have all made it to G.Mahia on merit as they are players bubbling with potential, Talent and ability. Playing for G. Mahia is the platform they needed to elevate themselves to the National limelight. You just have to look at Teddy, Gatusso, Daddy, Musa, Rama, Lavatsa, Wanyonyi and Calabar. They all became National Team players after signing for Gor Mahia. Eric Ochieng is the next on line. Gor have the best coach in the division and as such I feel they will be too strong for the opponents. My prediction- CHAMPIONS

    2)That Kimanzi is recreating another Mathare Utd over at Ruaraka (they have signed directly or indirectly at least 5 former Mathare Utd players) Yes, Tusker has gone for the tried and tested ala- promoted EPL teams. But the biggest question is:- When will the younger/new players have their chance?? Tusker does not need to play to survive in the league but they need to play to win the league! Hence they needed to sign quality players- an upgrade of the players that they had in 2013. They needed to put their vast resources to use in scout for talent and not to recycle players. A season ago, G. Mahia wanted to sign B. Mugalia and Le President demanded a cool ksh 1 Million! Fast forward to 2014 and he has allowed him to join Tusker on loan!!!Do you think he is still that good!!!! Kevin Kimani (TPL best player in 2011) left Kenya for Greece and since then nothing was heard of him until he recently came back and has signed for Tusker! Was he really playing football, and at what level? Kimanzi is killing talent just like his predecessor Matano did.!! The omens does not look good for Tusker. They will try but come short. My prediction- RUNNERS UP.

    3)Once again it seems like Efusi has fallen into their usual trap of going for the big names. I hope they wont chase them away in June when they once again would have flopped. A. Kimani’s absence due to knee surgery will affect the defence performance. He had been very consistent in their partnership with Saleh. Shikokoti, Keli, Kasaya, Situma and Mudde are sweet names rolling out of the tongue! But do they still have it in them to improve Efusi? Kasaya will constantly put in the sideshows/infighting while Mude will not last half the season because of injuries. The biggest disappointment for Efusi will be when Keli proves to be a one season hit wonder (the curse of TPL best Player the season after)while Wanga will demand a release to join the paid ranks. If they start the season badly and got eliminated from the Confederation Cup in ROUND 1, they will likely sack coach James Nandwa. This will destabilise the team. Most of their signings have had the big stage/platform and hence wont hold an element of surprise on any team. They have all played in bigger teams, so the big question is- (what did they achieve while there!!!!) My prediction:- NUMBER 3

    The President has done well to re-sign Mieno and to poach Miheso from Thika Utd. But are these two players enough to cover the weaknesses of last term? No. The two Burundians Habomimana and Razak Fistone will take time to adjust to everything Kenyan but the league will not wait for them. Odipo and Havenear Maloba have been here before and they don’t look to be an improvement to the team of 2013. They will struggle in the first half of the year. Improvement is expected in 2nt leg and coach Timbe will motivate them to come 4th. My prediction:- FOURTH

    It seems that the success of both Emuge and Sserunkuma over at Gor Mahia last year has influenced the influx of more Ugandan players into the Kenyan League. Thika United is among the teams that will be parading a Ugandan National Team G/Keeper in Abel Dhaira. 4)All the top 4 teams have @ recruited between 8-10 new players. Sofapaka and Gor Mahia have @ brought in 2 foreign players from Burundi and Uganda respectively. Habomimana and Razak Fiston for Sofapaka and G. walusimbi and G. Kizito for Gor Mahia. Efusi have gone for an Oga in Ekenna while Bandari and City Stars have also recruited foreigners. City Stars is now the home of Kevin Oliech, Kevin Ochieng, Moses Otieno, Midenyo, Milanzi.

  21. In my opinion Musa at the central.defence no no no the guy and Njuguna committed the highest number of fouls. Putting him in that position means we brace ourselves for penalties. I think the tournament will offer us an opportunity to test Emuge and Shakava as central defenders and David as the right back. It gives him options to rove and scores goals. If shakava and Emuge are slow then they cld be trained to better manage their weakness. We are lucky Walusimbi and Owino are fast players not forgetting Akumu who cld easily cover for them. Players can always be trained on speed after all.

  22. @ wuod kosema aka Gatuso leave us alone where do you expect to play in gor mahia we have kizito ,akumu and ochieng playing that role you used to play,please you left us when we needed you most,know it is our time we don’t need you search for a nother team where you can play.

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