Gor Mahia 4 Mathare United 2

Gor Mahia started the 2015 KPL season on a bright note beating Mathare United 4-2. Returnee Ali Abondo has been in fine scoring form since he returned. It was he who fired Gor Mahia in front early when a Mathare defender ended up in a mixup with his goalkeeper leaving Abondo with an easy task to put Gor Mahia ahead.

Mathare equalized via a Noah Abich penalty after defender Haron Shakava was adjudged to have committed a foul.

On the stroke of half time, Michael Olunga sent Gor Mahia fans into raptures when he reclaimed the lead for Gor Mahia by heading home a free-kick taken by Rwandese new signing Abouba Sibomana.

But Stubborn Mathare kept coming back and equalized. Once again it was Noah Abich who scored to tie the scores at two, this time via a free kick.

Gor Mahia pushed forward in search of  a third goal. The addition of Meddie Kagere added impetus to Gor Mahia. The Rwandese striker was impressive in his official debut. Their efforts were rewarded when once again Ali Abondo placed himself in the right place at the right time to score from a Godfrey Walusimbi cross. Michael Olunga sealed the score in the 79th minute following a pass from the impressive Kagere.

Olunga will be happy to have finally lived up to expectations and repayed the faith that coach Nuttall put in him. Ali Abondo appears much more focused than he was when he last played for Gor Mahia. His movement off the ball is good.  In midfield Khalid Aucho tried but was overworked especially when Harrison Mwendwa came on. He gave the Gor Mahia rear-guard plenty to worry about. Aucho will welcome the return of Collins Okoth who is likely serving a suspension.

All in all a good start for Gor Mahia which rarely scores four goals. The forwardline which looked blunt during pre-season is starting to gain a measure of cohesion. There is still plenty of work for Nuttall to do before the team hits top form.

Gor Mahia Starting XI

Bonface Oluoch –  Musa Mohamed –  Karim Nizigiyimana- Abouba Sibomana – Godfrey Walusimbi – Khalid Aucho – Harun Shakava – Ronald Otieno ( 86’ Simon Pierre) – Ali Abondo – George Odhiambo ( 60’ Meddie Kagere) – Michael Olunga (80’ Timothy Otieno)

Unused Subs

Jerim Onyango – Israel Emuge – Timothy Otieno – Kevin Oluoch – Eric Ochieng.

Mathare United Starting X1: Robert Mboya – David Mwangi – Noah Abich – Edgar Ochieng – George Owino – Vincent Okello – Roy Samba – Whyvone Isuza, (53’ Harrison Mwendwa ) – Eric Johanna (82’ Duke Abuya,) – Daniel Mwaura – Edwin Ombasa

Unused Subs: Charles Ouma – Robinson Mwangi – Eliakim Nyaga – Alphonce Ndoye – Eric Mmata.

38 thoughts on “Gor Mahia 4 Mathare United 2

  1. We played like champions. Olunga finally(contender for golden boot). Rwanda-Burundi triumvirate, worth every cent.Shakava ,strong on his return and the rock we are used to. Abondo yawa nyisa ajuoga manyo ilimoni. Mitna ng’enyne.

  2. Good job boys !!! Very good Job indeed ! 4 goals …that’s the type of score line I would like to see going forward. When was the last time 4 goals was used in the same sentence with gor mahia ?

    Oluoch the keeper still as impressive as ever, the Rwandese wing backs as usual keep doing their thing, aucho a natural leader and ali Abondo, impressive football brains- always getting to the right places at the right time and Offcourse the man of the moment- olunga, this boy if he can score with his head, his right foot and his left foot he will be the biggest thing ever to come out of kenyan football since hezborn omollo.

    And let me not forget meddie kagere, off the bench and very impressive display.

    And let me close by welcoming back LOGA ….the man who got us to where we are today . Good to have him the league Albeit with our shemejis – lithna, kelo wich kuot !!!

    1. @honourable Jakoyo, you been served your favorite food yah? am beginning to question your knowledge in soccer matters. You got to understand that no team in the world can consistently score four goals, so please be ready for any kind of results regardless of the goals scored

  3. At least this result should pacify some of our fans. With football today you excell tomorrow your opponents outdo you or you fail to click. The sooner we accept that reality the more we will enjoy our team.
    I hear Loga has talked like Mourinho.That he is the one who built our team, we have vety talkative officials, as opposed to shemejis who have mumias we have to beg to train at city stadium and we have a fitness instructor for a coach


  5. If I were Efusi, I would start looking for Logarusic’s replacement. The Log that I know is only a destabilizing factor and will destabilize further an already unstable club….unless he has reformed, which I highly doubt. The Log is not the type to reform. Watch this space….and wait till his nose is bloodied by that fitness trainer he is making fun of. Bure Kabisa.

  6. Congrats team….doubting Thomases when we told them the team can’t be judged with preseason games where we lost as compared to the victors.

    We have a great team.

    @Compresser, watch your posting on Blackberry was misplaced. We need all our players together and the league has just started. Let players gel together and I can see us winning the league this year. We have a great team and a great tactician.

  7. FKF, did you see the kind of football we want, wacha hata ya Kogalo, Sony jee? KPL iko juu yawa. Gor Mahia, keep it up and remain Mayienga…

  8. lets support our team in defeat.win n draw .good work by the lads .
    #ernest wendo shd play alongside aucho to provide defensive cover in the midfield
    #meddie kagere was top class ,football brain and i wd urge the likes of olunga ,timothy n omino to learn from this guy kagere.
    but all in all thnx guys for the victory.
    gooooooooooooooor gooooooooor mahia

  9. encouraging result.i highly doubt if it were jerry in goal,@5 wuld have posted that comment.I noticed Musa prefers long balls to the strikers bt unfortunately they r not accurate how i wish he culd change that.Aucho can do beta if he can learn to turn or change the ball easily to the opp. wing.kagere is fine,to all those guys who were saying that he is old,this is a lesson to u, learn to give others a chance lest ua comments betrays u & appreciate ones effort however pathetic u think he is.

  10. @7 kenneth and 12 nick i echo your sentiments on Wendo. We lacked defensive cover and you could see Aucho struggling at times which is not typical of him. In yesterdays formation, Abondo was the second central midfielder but he was very attack minded and was mostly in an advanced role( cant complain since he produced results). How i wish Nuttal would trust Wendo in Gattuso’s absence.But knowing Nuttal and as i have said here before he will always prefer Cantona. He is the coach and i respect his choices but if it were me, I would field Wendo ahead of Cantona every day.

  11. since i started seeing gor mahia matches against sofapaka,cnaps and the mathare one.gor has displayed a unique football where everyplayer is trying to impress and sooner watajua kogalo ni moto ya kuotea mbali.congrats kogallo!

  12. good football guys and thanks to God for that massive victory,the game against sofapaka was great as well,for nuttal keep doing your work and let loga keep yapping until we beat him in derby

  13. those human waste were at it again by forcing there way inside the stadium by force. I think whoever is a very,very,very important person who wud wish to enter the match venue shud leave their vehicles outside so as to avoid pple taking advantage to force their way into the stadium. Even Raila shud enter thru’ a smaller gate bcos he cannot agree to pay for pple forcing their way whenever he is ntering the stadim with his vehicle. Shame on those cow dung who come to stadium to get free entry to the stadium.

  14. It’s what is called a boodless coup. It has happened and FIFA will accept the inevitable in due course.
    1.The top referees are in KPL,
    2.The top teams are in KPL,
    3.The top sponsor is in KPL,
    4. and Mighty Gor Mahia has made a top/flying start.

    On K’galo issues, the truth be said the squad available for the league and the CAF cup are miles apart because of Karim Nizigiyimana, Abouba Sibomana, Meddie Kagere.

    I hope that the branches meeting today gets an undertaking from the EC that the “2015 wage bill” has be secured.
    The fact the Boniface Oluoch is the No.1 are subtle signs that TB is serious so let not the office let the team down by not anticipating any financial hurdles in good time and addressing them in good time.

  15. Congrats players, technical bench and fans for the sweet victory. We return all the glory, honour and thanksgiving to the Almighty God as this is a good beginning for better things in the near future.

    We have a great team that require unequivocal and undivided support from all our fans. With our able coach and fans support, Gor Mahia will go places and this year we will win the log.

  16. Congrats boys. A good start. 57 points to go!

    I am not worried, in Nutal I believe. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  17. I salute the team for wonderful display on Saturday. All departments worked so well I almost requested for extension but had to abide by the law 90Mins.

  18. Fellow bloggers we need to convene a bloggers’ branch meeting urgently to chart ways and means of how we can “come to the rescue!” of our ‘beloved” Efusi!. There is a multitude of trouble at the Den. First it was the players demanding their dues, now they are being sued USD 2 Billion for breach of contract and soon their recycled, mouthy, lunatic of a coach will start making unrealistic demands about I don’t know this and I don’t know that. God have mercy.

  19. Congratulations Admin, this is the way to go. The outlook is simply marvelous! Kweli, sirkal yawa.
    Am impressed, bwana/bibi Admin.

  20. The match was played with maturity both on the pitch and on the stands. Gor fans appreciated the Mathare team when ever they scored. Our team displayed patience and tactfulness and in the end they won. This is what Gor needs to continue cleaning its name from some guys who sneak in and give us a bad name. The atmosphere created indeed was sportish. Keep it up all who love good football.

  21. Kudos to players, technical bench led by Frank Nuttal, Executive Committee and fans. In this regard, I would like to return all the glory and honour to the Almighty God for the sweet victory over Mathare. Two sides played the best football I have ever seen in the recent past.

    We have a great team and with support from all fans and all stakeholders, this team can win many silverwares.

  22. As we emphasize with Ingwe is our team playing with the Joma kit as per the contract they signed? Please someone enlighten me. Otherwise that was a good display. Now what we need is to sanitize our game and have one strong league to encourage the NSL teams playing in the other league to be strong as well

  23. it’s sad that Nyamweya is resorting to divide and rule tactics of Nyayo. Claiming that Gor and Ingwe have applied to join his league. He knows that the league is an empty shell without Gor. Why can’t he just go on with his league and leave us alone. After all he already has a court injunction

  24. Sam Nyamweya should take a hard look at himself in the mirror. I am sure he has many in his house and even if he did not have he could still use those in his car or better still from the shop windows as he drives along or does window shopping. I mean why can’t he just see that he is stretching the bad manners a little too far?

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