Gor Mahia blank Bandari 2-0

Wesley Onguso whose cross resulted in the first goal

Gor Mahia beat Bandari 2-0 in a top of the table clash at Machakos on Saturday. The goals came from an own goal that resulted from Wesley Onguso’s cross and a tap in by Meddie Kagere.

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Gor Mahia has maintained the perch at the summit of the Kenya Premier League table after seeing off Bandari 2-0 at Kenyatta stadium on March 3rd. The Dockers were yet to lose a game before today’s clash.

A cautious start into the match saw both teams play around the midfield and Gor Mahia might have had their first shot on target were it not for the assistant referee flag that waved down Meddie Kagere’s surge. Wellington Ochieng went down after a collision with Bandari center back when Gor right back seemed to be in fine position to deliver  killer pass into the box.

Ochieng Out

Ochieng ws unlucky again when he was knocked down by Keegan Ndemi as the two went for a 50-50 ball. Wesley Onguso had to come in to replace Ochieng who was unable to continue with the match.

Godfrey Walusimbi was redeployed to the right back while the former Sofapaka full back took charge of the opposite flank. David King’atua had to be attended by the medics when he was harshly tackled by Joash Onyango.

Meanwehile, Jacques Tuyisenge was denied by Faruk Shikhalo as the Rwandan looked in open space to score the opener. Shikhalo stopped Kagere’s fierce header to concede a corner and parried away again George Odhiambo’s corner. Shikhalo was just in business and was doing it well.

First Goal 

Onguso who was picked from the middle of the pack by Francis Kahata volleyed in a cross that deflected off Bandari captain and center back Felly Mulumba. Shikhalo was well beaten in goal. That was the first goal for Onguso in the league and first goal for Shikhalo to concede since joining Bandari and stamping his authority within the goal posts.

Shikhlo made Kagere wait for goal yet again when he stopped his low drive after the Rwandan was teed up from the midfield and entered the box from the left flank. It did take long before Kagere scored, beating the former Posta custodian who left his line to clear an on coming ball but the forward had the easiest of work, rolling the ball into an empty net as no Bandari player was within vicinity to try and even clear the ball. Bandari were left ruing the goal as they deemed that Kagere was offside.

Bandari got tired as the minutes dragged towards the final whistle. Each pass failed to meet the target, poor runs from every player and conceding the ball easily under little pressure from the opponent.

Gor Mahia Starting XI: Boniface Oluoch, Wellingtone Ochieng (Wesley Onguso,), Walusimbi Godfrey, Harun Shakava, Joash Onyango, Ernest Wendo, Philemon Otieno, Francis Kahata (Boniface Omondi), Jacques Tuyisenge, Meddie Kagere (Kevin Omondi,), George Odhiambo,

Unused subs: Fredrick Odhiambo, Samwel Onyango,  Cercidy Okeyo Eliud Lokuwam.

Bandari Starting XI: Farouk Shikhalo (GK), Nicholas Mejja (Wycliffe Ochomo),, Fred Nkata, Dan Guya, Felly Mulumba, Anthony Wambani, Hassan Abdalla, Collins Agade, Shaban Kenga (William Wadri.), David Kingatua (Bonface Akenga ), Keegan Ndemi.

Unused subs: Joseph Ochuka (GK), Iddi Hassan, Siraj Mohammed, Wilberforce Lugogo.

20 thoughts on “Gor Mahia blank Bandari 2-0

  1. To Gor Mahia, the Bandari match was an unwanted distraction and we must call out Oguda and Frank Okoth on this. What these two gentlemen don’t know is that Gor thrives in adversity. Mathare, Ulinzi, Efusi or Sofapaka will not win the league even if you pile up Gor Mahia’s fixtures. We must now send out a warning to Oguda and Frank Okoth- we gave you the posts you’re abusing now. We have the powers to replace you with a team that will ring our football the right way. Wellington has sustained what looks to be a serious ankle injury, this would have been avoided had Oguda and Frank Okoth listened to our pleas to have these matches postponed until after we have played the two matches involving Esperance!!! We have a lot about these two blokes and they should not wait for us to start for their removal.

  2. @jasego uko wapi. I have always wanted Philemon to nail a starting berth because the first game i watched him play in Gor colours in Nakuru last season during the Super Cup against Tusker won me over and ever since in every match he has played thereafter has confirmed to me he is a top class act. Sadly he remains one of the most underrated. Today alongside Wendo he harassed the dockers robbing them of possession and distributing beautifully. He almost got a goal and crowned it with a over the top pass for Kagere for the second goal. With a little help from the turf of course but he is my MOTM!!

    1. Musymo,i watched the game in its entirety and must admit it was entertaining.Kagere i defended here saying he is still our best forward and needed to break his duck by scoring which he did,now he will be calmer and more clinical.Well Philemon aka Mbish is a tiger,fights tooth & nail for the ball & is scrappy when required.My only issue is playing him alongside Wendo limits creativity going forward.He is a top rate player but to me either he or wendo should with a typical number 8 either Lawi Juma or Bena Ondiek if we want to attack ruthlessly.But if caution is required they can both play like today.My MOTM today is Meddie Kagere who gave bandari defenders a nightmare to forget

  3. Impressive performance by the whole team. This man Walusimbi is an astute footballer and Gor Mahia did the right thing to retain his services! He performed admirably at right full-back after the injury to Wellington. Bonny had nothing to do the whole afternoon while the defense line led by captain fantastic, shakes Shakava were on top of everything that Bandari tried to throw at them. Shakes Shakava is slowly modeling his game to match the responsibility accorded to him. He is the Captain of Gor Mahia and he leads from the front foot. He is the sweeper and the stopper right now as he and Joash interchanged this role flawlessly against Bandari. Nothing much happened on our left side of the defense and Onguso had a very easy afternoon. He even had an assist as his attempted cross was turned in by Felly Mulumba (own goal). Kingatua did not have any joy attacking us from the center as Joash and Shakava proved to be very unforgiving, challenging for every ball and never pulling back from any tackle. Both had to be withdrawn as they had been rendered ineffective by our defense. The twin rock that is Philemon and Wendo just breezed past any obstacle errected by Bandari in the middle as Kahata continued to direct play both in the middle and in the final third. Blackberry has slowed down a bit but we can attribute that to the constant chop and paste method employed by Kerr so as to keep players fresh. I liked what I saw from Tuyisenge and I believe the sharpness and awareness will eventually come back. He ran the channels well together with Kagere and our long term hope for goals this season still rest with the pair. Lwanda Magere as usual was full of running and was rewarded with a goal that his hard work deserved. We are yet to get a player who takes shots and Kagere as the lead striker must begin to learn this art however late it may be in his career. He lost a glorious chance when on a one v one with Farouk, choosing to place the ball rather than taking a hard shot. We can now welcome Esperance on 7/3/18 hoping to win. The blunt striking force is still a worry, especially in a match where chances will be at a ppremium. Good luck Gor Mahia and may God make Gor Mahia great again.

  4. I want to femove my hat for one Francis Kahata who was Mesmerizing in that midfield role for 70 mins before being rested to await Esperance.Give us that performance on Wednesday and am sure waarabu Weslley Onguso congrats for solid display & Walusimbi hoyee for complete versatility,today you plied an unfamiliar fullback 2 with poise & composure like a collossus…

    1. Jasego please tell Jason this”we cannot keep n fighting Friendly fires forever” When we got rid of Gatusso all seemed lost in the midfield as he had no competion then. He even Captained the National team against the Ethiopians in the CHAN qualifiers in a match where Abondo missed a penalty!!! It has gone full circle for this once adored Kogalo blue eyed boy. He is now being accused by Efusi of refusing to train or even sit on the bench let alone play!! All because he missed bread on his breakfast table while in Madagascar for the return match against FOSA Juniors!!! Colin’s Gatusso Okoth is a sad case of not how to manage a talent. Labda if he had joined Ulinzi as his first club it would have helped shape his character hence his footballing career. One bright spot on his chequered footballing character is that he had the courage to take up any challenge!! He played well under one Logarusic and he deserved all the plaudits that he got. He once took and scored a last minute penalty awarded to Gor Mahia against Efusi. The boy had “balls” and was tough as nails. He played his best football in the Mashemeji derby. I can not remember Gatusso ever wanting to leave the field even when he was visibly injured. He would want to limp through the 90 minutes for the sake of his club. I miss you Gatusso as you used to wear your heart on your sleeves for the love of your life- Gor Mahia FC.

      1. Le Pastre,Gattuso was and is my good friend but i can’t pretend to ubderstand him all through.I mean efusi are known bread killers as in Mkate na Ingwe & add chai is a serious business but observing decorum dictates that if Gattuso was abit late to reach the breakfast table,other players shouldn’t have emptied his plate of bread like that actually they should have beeb saying bakishia gattuso anakuja.Now to devour everything and expect him to play tumbo kavu is selfish.It all seems childish i know,but wuoro moko sio poa,mnamalizia fellow player breakfast aje,where is Afc Leopards Team Spirit?Gattuso was irked by the gesture which reeked of discrimination

  5. Will GMFC’s draw against Tusker and win against Bandari prove costly for Kenyan football? Though it’s proving that we are head and shoulders above local teams and scheme to make us drop points locally, through fixture overload have largely failed. However losing 2 key players due to injuries are a low point and big blow. Today I have avoided using the term “brewkenge” out of gratitude to Tusker’s team doctor whose timely assistance helped save the life of our striker Gulkan when he suffered a concusson after colliding with Tusker’s GK. WHICH BEGS THE QUESTION, Is GMFC’s “team doctor” competent enough or is he/she just quack(s) masquarading as a team doctor? The question is directed to Mugabe and his bloated EC, coz we can’t put players live at risk with quacks! That pitch is pathetic but can we use it to our advantage against Esperance, do we know it well enough? Remember Bonnie’s howler? C’mon Gor Mahono pull out a surprise!

    1. The Big Question is in order and Must be answered.Who is GMFC Team Doctor and what are his Credentials?Or is he just a ”Ja Rwecho” whose solution to all injuries is Robb and aligning muscle tendons akin to 1970’s methods?We need clarifications on this after Tusker Team Doctor saved Guikan

  6. Now it time to go continental and am worried! Injuries to 2 crucial players, timid GMFC strikers, very poor attendance (beats me how EC/soccer adminstrators charge 200bob for terraces and 500bob VIP. Is the quality of entertainment and seating comfort worth even half that? The answer lies in the empty terraces country wide. The only time you get a sizeable crowd is when entry is free,so moving forward I urge Mugabe & Co. to review ticket prices drastically downwards. Forget the JAZA STADI HYPE/ NONSENSE. Then there is pathetic pitch(es) which may or may not work to our advantage. Read somewhere and I concur,poleni optimists, Kenyan soccer is all hype but K’Ogalo is only faint light at the end of a long dark channel

  7. BREAKING…wellington ochieng out for 6-8months due to broken leg.

    All the best during Esperance and you bet I will be there….

  8. I beg to differ with all of you in every totality my thinking is we have a squad of close to 30 players which were signed and others retained….starting line up 11 playable subs 3 those are 14 without involving the rest in a game… my worry is we signed players to fill the numbers or add value where required…. on saturdays game there we’re signs of brilliance but too few to say that it influenced the game in any way…. we sometimes in football need luck to win matches and that is what i saw on Saturday…complete mediocrity in bandari’s play poor decision making from the goal keeper that cost them first and certainly second goal and in my view we have long way to go to be anywhere near kogalo of 2015 or close to anything what we experienced during the international friendly with Everton i pray for luck for a win no matter the score buh not to be thwarted at home

    1. Playing every three days keeps the players fit and much ready and i dont agree with the fatigue bullshit. The squad is big enough and 3 days rest whlie not ideal is enough to replenish. On Wellington’s injury, I was close to where he got the injury. While trying to clear the ball after Abdalla player had slightly outpaced him and had possession, he stepped on the ball twisting his ankle in the process. There was totally no contact with the Bandari player and we cannot blame the pitch or congested fixtures. Anyone can get injured when you mistime the ball even if you are playing your matches months apart.

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