Gor Mahia chasing Croatian coach

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Gor Mahia FC is finalising talks with Croatian coach Zdravko Logarusic to take over the club’s technical bench.

Logarusic arrived in Nairobi on Thursday morning from Ghana where he has been coach of Ashanti Gold until last December when he parted ways with the club.

The 50-year-old, bald-headed Croat has coached in Croatia, Sweden, Germany, Australia and Ghana and says he has the capacity to change the floundering fortunes of K’Ogalo, 12th in the Kenyan Premier League table winless in the past six games.

“I have been monitoring what has been happening at Gor Mahia and I believe this is a great club which deserves to be fighting for the title and not struggling as it is,” said Logarusic when he arrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi.

“I have keenly watched their matches and I can say the team has great potential. The fans also have passion, which is quite good.”

More than 10 foreign coaches applied for the Gor job after the position fell vacant following the disbandment of the previous bench that was headed by Cameroonian Anaba Awono.

Club legend John Otieno “Bobby” Ogolla has been handling the team for the past month and, with the expected arrival of the Croat, according to the club’s secretary-general George Bwana, the bench will be stronger.

We are excited that he has shown interest to coach Gor Mahia,” added Bwana, who said Ogolla and team manager Tom Ogweno would be retained.

“Looking at his record I believe he can take Gor Mahia far and I just hope the Gor family will welcome him and give him all the support.”

Ogolla has indicated he needed assistance to handle the team, which has 33 registered players.

On Thursday, Gor officials were trying to tie some loose ends and discuss terms with the Croat, who is said to be interested in a one-year renewable contract based on performance.

In his application letter, Logarusic said: “I believe I can be an asset to your club in bringing fresh and different approaches, many new technical and practical innovations to bolster true soccer professionalism.

“My past practical experiences with various football clubs around the world and communication with many professional coaches strengthen my significantly different working style.”

He holds a Uefa Pro Licence and three other coaching certificates.

78 thoughts on “Gor Mahia chasing Croatian coach

  1. Machiegni. You have come at the right time and we know that you will deliver. We will give you all the support you require.

  2. kabisa nani ana guruma.mashemeji here we come.mafans stop al shabab style na turudi grow for our true love support of gor.kwisha.

  3. As an advocate of true and shear quality of those responsible for Gor Mahia, I feel great excitement to welcome you to Gor Mahia. We want to be up there wth the best. You must begin work now and seven matches later, we should be on top of the table. We are ready to support any positive move by the EC, like this one. Good luck Gor Mahia.

  4. I love the word, “who is said to be interested in a one-year renewable contract based on performance”. players must also now be put on performance contract. Even public service nowadays have that. if we just let players do what they want they will never perform. It is either you perform or you go. We work in private sector and this is the case.

  5. we highly welcome you here Bwana Odiero Ja Rachar, your experience will be highly valuable to this team and community, in fact, here in Gor Mahia we are a family, hence we would like o welcome you, feel at home and show your might in the pitch. Karibu sana.

  6. This is long overdue. i hope other teams will not run for him after turning the fortunes to GM. To all Gor fratanity, lets give the coach, players, Ec and all Gor stakeholders humble time to produce results which is requred. This time we want to utilise our potential by committing our strength towards the team. what i would request fron Gor EC are:
    1. come down to mashinani and meet the fans
    2. launch ricrutement drive for the fans
    3. All fans to register with the team and have an identification to show that they are true fans of Gor mahia
    4. propose subscription fee that every fan who want to support Gor should suscibe to.
    5. open Gor mahia offices where there is fanbase.
    6. All fans to properly indetify themselves with the team.
    7. Formulate rules and guideline for fans.
    i hope if all these and other propasals from other likeminded fans are considered, it will not take time to see the fruites in our team.
    Lets do everything proffesionally and behave well everytime.
    Long live Gor mahia.

    kogalo diehard from Kisumu.

  7. Thank you Okoth Jabilo and Vincent Ocampo for your support and willingness to counter Gor Mahia fans’ hooliganism and rescue the club from destruction.

    I reiterate here that our fans’ violence can only be brought to an end by you and I (the law-abiding and peace-loving supporters). We must respond openly to every act of lawlessness with double the equal measure of good and civilized deeds.

    Come out fellow bloggers and show your philanthropic side. Our interim chairman is waiting for you to pick a date. Jump on board friends. It requires the joint effort of all of us and not just three people.

  8. That’s a good move we only need to deal with those who want to spoil what we have built, say no to football thugs and hooligans. Thanks to loyal fans, we have done our best.
    Let us not also think that some people wameturoga, if this is true then the same people would have done their best for us to win trophies. let us move on with or without Ingwe. Our rating is not AFC leopards, kogalo we’ve come from far.
    Striking force need to be thoroughly looked into.

  9. Karibu Kogalo.

    It’s good he has been keenly following our matches and knows where to start. That has been my concern about hiring a new coach. It’s also good they are retaining Ogolla and Ogweno.

    Karibu Gor. Karibu Kogalo.

  10. Karibu Logarusic. Tough name lakini we will support you fully. And its encouraging that he already studied our previous matches and know quite alot about the mighty Kogalo. Funs lets give Ja rachar all the support he needs! Hope he will be present on Wednesday.

  11. Coach Logarusic snubs King Faisal for Kenya’s Gor Mahia
    Posted On Friday, 30th March 2012

    Logarusic has snubbed King Faisal to sign for Kenyan giants Gor Mahia.

    Croatian coach Zdravko Logarusic has snubbed Ghanaian second tier side King Faisal to sign for Kenyan giants Gor Mahia.

    This comes just one week after reaching an agreement in Kumasi to coach the club until the end of the season.

    But King Faisal bosses where shocked on Thursday when the Croatian was unveiled as the coach of Gor Mahia as he left Ghana without informing the second tier club.

    “Logarusic is seen by all of us as part of King Faisal and we had no problems with him at all,” King Faisal CEO Sowah Odotei said.

    “So for him to leave us like this without prior warning is akin to stabbing us in the back.”

    Assistant coach Stephen Abugri has taken temporary charge of the King Faisal first team while management are looking for a replacement.

    Gor have appointed the Croatian to help reverse their torrid start to the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) season where they lie 12th.

    They have followed archrivals AFC Leopards in turning to Europe for technical expertise.

    K’Ogalo who have only mustered six points have only won once in the league back in February when they beat Thika United 2-0 away at the Thika Municipal Stadium.

    The have lost to Karuturi, Tusker and new comers Muhoroni Youth besides drawing against perennial rivals Leopards, Rangers and Sony Sugar.

    The new coach will be deputised by Gor legend John ‘Bobby’ Ogolla who has been in acting position after the club’s management disbanded its entire technical bench led by Cameroon national Anaba Anono last month.

    This was in the aftermath of their Confederations Cup exit at the hands of Ferraviario de Maputo of Mozambique and subsequent league loss to Karuturi in Naivasha that invited protests from their vocal support.


  13. Thank you guys, this is quite lifting.

    I have rememebered this hooligan going by the name, PIER WINYO on his shirt, let him be aware that we have circulated his name to the right peolple.
    Indeed, let us give the new coach humble stay.

  14. Karibu odiero rachar.
    To eliminate hooligansm,police should be incorporated.we know the hooligans.i think these guy with these meaningless names on their jerseys should be bared from attending our matches:dady cele,blacky and bac mercy,there are the ring leaders.they lead those dirty songs and chants.

  15. Thank you bwana Isaac Babu for keeping us well informed about this Odiero only that you fail to read the part which say that he had not signed the contract which if you calculate well was to be for two months(March to May)Please bring something positive and stop copy delet and paste.
    Thank you.


    If you think I am the type to ululate at anything goes, I am not. The EC through this appointment, shows they are also suffering from inferiority complex. JBO is a great coach who I believe can rise further with support.

    But this argument is now water under the bridge.

    Coach Zdravko cannot answer all our woes. Hooliganism a habit acquired. I don’t expect his appointment will eradicate the vice. Under his tutelage we shall experiences losses and yes, wins too. Gor Mahia don’t want a white witch doctor. Kogalo needs a competent coach who will deliver the results we need.

    I will be waiting to see the reactions of fans if wevloose against Mathare United under his watch. Goodluck coach.

  17. Welcome Odiero[musungu]all K,Ogalo fans are with you,and we are going to surport you,fill at home and iknow GOD is with us.

  18. welcome coach i think we should now transform Gor mahia to winning team,lets ogolla and his bench co-operate to assist coach because they know team better than new coach

  19. violence is cowerdice ,its afake alternative to what someone may hav not achieved the right way.violence is never asolution to any problem and if it seems to be it never lasts,let everyone remember football is not a one day ivestement.

  20. @10 Capital G i realy like your idear and to add one point,we should mordenise the way we contribute to the club,ie amaster card which will be used during tickets purchasing or someone can buy ticket of home matches for the whole season,with this the cub will gain more how about that?.

  21. We salute you Bwana Odiero.Our cries have been answered at last. We should now concentrate on ridding ourselves of these good for nothing hooligans.At least we may now see some light at the end of the Tunnel.

  22. Welcome to the only darling club in Kenya and Eastr Africa that won Mandela Cup in 1987 (I was still in school).

    Logarusic appointed Gor Mahia coach
    29 March, 2012

    Footy-ghana.com understands that Zdravko Logarusic, who recently returned to coach King Faisal after losing his job with Ashanti Gold, has been appointed the head coach of Kenyan giants Gor Mahia.

    According to respected East African football expert Tom Legg, Gor Mahia’s General Secretary George Bwana confirmed that Bobby Ogola will keep his place on the Gor Mahia bench.

    Logarusic has put pen to paper on a one year renewable contract based on performance and his first match in charge will be against Mathare United next Wednesday.

    In his application for the job, Logarusic noted that he could become an asset to Gor Mahia.

    ‘I believe I can be an asset to your club in bringing fresh and different approaches, many new technical and practical innovations to bolster true soccer professionalism.My past practical experiences with various football clubs around the world and communication with many professional coaches strengthen my significantly different working style.’

    According to http://www.gormahia.com/latest, Logarusic, who arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi yesterday morning, says he has the capacity to change the fortunes of the club, currently lying 12th on the league log and winless after 6 matches.

    ‘I have been monitoring what has been happening at Gor Mahia and I believe this is a great club which deserves to be fighting for the title and not struggling as it is. I have keenly watched their matches and I can say the team has great potential. The fans also have passion, which is quite good.’

  23. Pareiyo Ole Lelerue @ you have spoken against the grain which I salute you. I thought the EC should have given JBO sometime to prove himself on this job. From my understanding the boys respect him. He is the club’s and country’s legend. He wanted to do all the best and it was showing. Are the three months really over? This white coach my friends! This guy never settles in a club for long. Check out his profile elsewhere on the net. As much as we are all excited I don share with you. Look he signed with some second tier club in Ghana [where my mum hails from and of course my dad is a Luo but do I say] in less than a week ago. When he heard that there is an opportunity at Gor he behaves as if though he knows the club than our own son Bobby. This guy has traversed many countries doing coaching. Some contracts never lasted six months, at most one year. Our EC who accorded Bobby with lots of praises are still playing to public gallery. I wonder how much they are going to pay him compared to what they had offered the Legend John Bobby. Am not against him but believing that a white man is a solution to everything. Whoever has watched KCB’s young coach you understand what I mean. The boy has swagger and passion similar to The Special one of Madrid. I pray all will be well but I strongly feel this is a fraud like the Naija guy. Preserve this space and refer to it in future.

  24. Its about time we got a foreign coach. There arent any suitable local coaches. IMO, Kogalo should have done this last year.

  25. Eblazing, it is people like you who will make him fail. The UEFA Pro license he has is the highest coaching qualification. The requirement for Champions league. (Just Google) It is good he came in early as even Bobby already indicated he needed help with the team. Yawa! What is it? Bobby simply came to try and help us out. It’s in the public domain that he is being retained to continue helping us.

    Many good coaches sometimes fail coz of many factors ie. Players, Officials, Fans, Lifestyle etc. They are human. Some coaches leave prematurely, some are fired prematurely, some stay forever, some go and come back. It’s the name of the game. Nyangweso for me is a good coach but look where he is. The other season he was replaced and hired again and won the league. Now he is fired.

    Why can’t we as fans for once stick to our role. Why can’t we just cheer our boys.

  26. @Eblazing and @Pareyio I admire your post and that is what justifies this blog to be truly democratic. Where as I chose to remain non-committal and let the turning events prove the worthiness of hiring a foreign tactician, you two wonderful people have stood up and spoke what is burning deep inside your inner conscience.

    And I will repeat that all bloggers are entitled to their own opinion irrespective of how we may internalize there comments. All comments posted are for the love and development of the club to aspire to excellence and ultimately bring joy and fun to the entire fan base.

    Since JBO has welcomed the appointment and accepted to be relegated and deputize Zdravko for the sake of moving K’Ogalo to the next level; i personally take this as a win win situation for both camps with divergent views.


  27. I believe all these contributions for and against have one thing in common: GM to go back to where we belong. Even Koops was doubted when he joined since he didn’t have any record/post on facebook. But look at how under him AFC have progressed. Let’s all pull in on direction and the results will surely come.

    Heard that the IDCC hearing on the derby was cancelled since AFC objected to what we were being charged with. Do I read more than soccer here. So should they be appointing the refs, police and everything yet they are also participants. Thought that was only happening in the gone era!!

  28. @ Eblazing I have been in ACCRA and KUMASI several times. I even watched the local derby between Hearts of Oak and Asante Kutoko at the national stadium in OSU, ACCRA.

    What made be like Ghanains is their loyalty to their club and how most decision are done through wider consultation with all stake holders. This are the qualities that you posses from the land of your mum of which I think is food for thought to us K’Ogalo nation.

    JABER you have the right to speak your mind if things don’t add up since we all see and judge issue’s from different perpective.

    You are simply asking the EC if their decision was based on both qualitative and cost effective factors. The glittering credentials and experience will count to nothing if performance trend proves otherwise,we shall be forced to do a way with the coach bearing in mind that the exit clause will entitle the guy to be paid his entire annual salary like the NAIJA guy. That is a soul searching inquiry worth demanding for an answer. Keep it up!

  29. a foreign coach normally prevail in kogalo history…the magician len julians moulded agreat side which was ajoy 2 watch..bob ogolla, bassanga, oswayo,virgo, makamu and solo were rock and solid in defence..zangi,charlie aka engine , fundi and magongo orieko were superb and incomparable in mid area…we had dashing n’roving wigers in obwaka, aziki jogoo n’ nassur….hesborn omollo n’shebe were so deadly n’lethal.4 sure they were adominant force all over african, then come jack johnson who combined experience n’ youth after singning the likes of juakali, kunde, suzuki ndolo, nyangi aka aterery hence making the outfit a complete side which conqured africa.ihave a grea feeling mighty gor are on there way 2 the summit.

  30. Let us always appreciate and respect people who have better qualifications. It is not a must that we win the league. Our greatest recent export Blackberry is struggling because of what his club calls lack of technical and tactical skills. It sounds unbelievable but so many Kenyan players have rushed to foreign leagues only to be told the same. The issue is that most of our local coaches are unable to instill the same in young players.

    Let our coaches work with Logarusic and together we can only get better. Let us also as a club look forward to exporting more Oliech and Marigas in future. One big break could change the face of this club. That is one advantage that West and North Africa seem to have had over us for a long time.

  31. this is what we call putting the cart before the horse.the office has bowed to pressure and resorted to playing to the gallery.we have questions we dont want to answer and we will continue to wallow in mediocrity.
    1)why is blackberry not getting enough playing time in denmark?
    2)why did mariga opt to rush back to parma when he realized that he could not hold a number at lowly real sociedad?
    3)why is it that players from south africa,west africa and north africa easily adapt to tactical football in portugal,germany,spain and holland?


    all these euphoria counts for nothing if our players are tactically inferior,are exposed to pathetic facilities like the highway pitch and we dont have a youth tier system to ensure perpetual success.
    The major problem we face in kenya is the lack of vision and patience to build institutions that ensure longterm progress and success.
    Im in no way rubbishing the new coaches credentials but am appalled by our shortsightedness and gullibility.

  32. Eblazing and Pareyio, you are not spot on for just raising the issue touching on the naijja guy debacle, these are real issues we are now stuck with! Creative village you’ve stood for the white coaches idea and you’ve got your desire but that doesn’t make others raising issues questioning this appointment detractors or anything close. The major question ever in existence is how different will things be after changes made? And anyone of us is capable and free to put questions and or reservations across! We all welcome any idea or change that will move GM forward in the short and long run. But remember its some of the changes like wholesale signing of players and bringing in the likes of k odhiambo in GM that compounded confusion.

  33. Creative Village my brother, I don know but I believe may am like your younger sister. The views I express here is to illicit some reactions not because am a lady but cos am a Gor fan and true that. My views @ 32 will remain so. A good employee sticks to his thoughts and philosophy. In some blog in Ghana this coach has been branded as a ‘tourist coach’ cos of his global treading from one league to the other his qualifications notwithstanding. Go back to your class. Its not necessarily the guy who scooped straight is the best at practicals. Its team work which from what have read this guy does not have thats why he doesnt last in a job. Believe in your own. Its psych! Bobby seems to have prevailed on the players. Black man can do who else can do. Compare the white men who have coached at Chelsea and at Barca… Don be drowned by a white man’s fallacy. The Leopards coach is a team player and nothing special.

  34. @ Post 42 Agwa Kassam it is very clear to me that Eblazing and Pareyio comments ate not objectively based on the NAIJA guy debacle but rather the subject matter is the management responsiblity and decision making within the EC.

    And this is exactly what will come to haunt us in the long run if the EC is not put to task. Time will tell if this current generation of EC will not go into our books as the most confused in GOR MAHIA F.C history.

    @ Post 39 josma wambugu your historical analysis is very factual but one sided. In fact your references and player’s profile speaks volume of your rich historical relationship with K’Ogalo since time immemorial only that you did forget one of our own who JBO can attest to you that his records are worth the glamouring trophies in K’Ogalo cabinet.

    He is a former player of Kenya police. He used to be a footballer and a cop by profession.’
    He tormented GOR MAHIA defence during his days as a lethal striker. He later on joined GOR MAHIA , Won the league with K’Ogalo as a top scorer with 21 goals and the record still stands up to this moment. He later on coached GOR under tutelage of LEN JULIANS and when GM had six of their best players suspended amongst many that you have mentioned on your post during the “ZAMALEK” fiasco he assumed the role of the head
    coach and took the team to Sudan and won the CECAFA cup beating AFC in Khartoum. He was and stool remains one of K’Ogalo legends that passed the button to JBO and team.

    This is non other Maurice Ochieng’ “SONYI” whose son is non other than Victor Ochieng’
    of AFC leopard, the ex-Chemelil player who scored more than nine goals in the second leg of last after joining the team mid-season from a second tier league.


    @ Eblazing and @ Pareyio are simply showing trust on what is practically tested just like the AMERICANS said “YES WE CAN” for the “OBAMA PRESINDENCY” so as to transcend “RACE and COLOUR” for the benefit of the land of opportunities.

  35. @Eblazing ya you have a right to question but for sure it does not change the fact as it is now the guy is already hired. me thinks what the team needs now is 100% encouragement from all quarters. one thing i have learnt in management is that you will always have sanballata’s and tobiah’s of this world people critical of any efforts to rebuild the broken down wall that is gor mahia (Nehemiah 4).
    Rather than being critical lets offer encouragement and pray that this will be the beginning of good things in the gor mahia family. Arsenal started the league in an awful and dreadful way but look at them now its all about patience yet detractors were many including one Kagame of rwanda calling for the sacking of wenga. please guys lets give the technical bench and the players all the support they need. i heard what gullit said jana and this is to the players; what efforts are they making to improve on their skills doing that extra training on their own is so critical to that.

  36. Sister Eblazing, i read the Ghana blogs three days ago. I feel you. There are issues with the coach yes but as @Waxme says above, he is already our coach. What is the responsible thing to do now? I tried to illustrate to you with Nyangweso’s case that coaches can at times leave or be sent away after even one game.

    I have checked the record of most great coaches and discovered that most face so much distraction from their employers (Owners, Officials, Players, Fans and even the Media) but if they get a good environment they excel. Ferguson took six years to win in England. Just imagine him in Kogalo. The other example is AVB formerly of Chelsea. Do you remember his record before they hired him? Were they ready to give him time like Wenger or Fergie? Hell No!

    The other issue is that Bobby asked for help and that’s why i support the EC for getting him help immediately. I twice suggested on this blog that the new coach comes in before the three months were over to ensure continuity. Part of the reason we are still struggling was the manner in which Anaba’s team was kicked out.


    To liken comrade Eblazing and I to Sanballat and Tobias is missing the point. We are not cynics. We have never betrayed this cause. However our viewpoint may differ.

    I have never regretted joining this great club. My jungle green Adiddas jersey is my fashion signature. I am a blogger. I am deeply honored to meet other bloggers who share my aspirations for this great club. These aspirations includes being the top club in Africa with great talents incubated here. I am only a chip off the old block.

    My contribution is small but significant . I educate comrades that to throw a stone an opponet is unsportmanship. To hoist or fly another country’s flag is unpatriotic. To force and watch games for free is immoral. To belief in white witchdoctors is myopic and low self esteem. To react angrily to a colleagues comment is intolerance and undemocratic.
    These are ideals that I hope for and achieve.

    Goodmorning All.

  38. Sorry your sister here will write a bit much. Be patient. If you read thru our comments we never intimated that we don want the new coach. Ogango Trailer @42 got our gist. We are critical of the decisions our EC TAKES. From the beginning some of us questioned the rationale of hiring a bloated playing unit and for sure many of you were very excited quoting that our team could play on the same day and raise three teams which by any possibility it was true. But a good manager should read carefully and its impact. From putting a heavy financial dent to the club in terms of signing fee, salaries, salaries and bonuses to low morale for those who wont be in regular line up. With not so clear insights of the sponsorship of the club, it becomes difficult in the long run to sustain this model. I don know whether our sponsors are not supposed to come and help in some projects. Since the signing of the contract we hear less of Tuzo involving itself or associating with us. All the time we hear about Mumias Sugar with Leopards. May be its the finer print details that says so or our officials are blatantly refusing to tell us what we need to know. These are inadequaticies of this EC. I still believe they made a haste decision not to give Bobby enough time. The Croat should have been under Bobby’s tutelage for the remainder of his[Bobby] contract as he learns about this country, its people, cultures and get to know much about other teams. Bobby has demonstrated his credentials from his playing days and as a coach in various clubs including leading Sofa as Champs in 2009. Since EPL started Nyangweso, Matano, S. Omollo and including Bobby have won the championship. Are these foreigners? I weep for our brothers when they exude excitement cos of a white man. This was a move by EC to hide their weaknesses and have successfully played with fans’ psychology. The truth is that what Leopards do, Gor watches and vice versa. Our fans believe that since Koops is white and leopards are at the helm of the log he is better. He is an old man respected by his players. He has a consistent 1st eleven and the sponsors are always there to determine and sort out any issues that might affect the club. Now compare that to our state. Let EC address some core issues than just looking at the Tech bench for solutions. I laud you JBO for being a true Gor lieutenant for accepting a lesser role so that you help our team. Am sure you will give the best. To our EC:
    Now that you have settled on the tech bench, address these which have been said before;
    1. Make our operations more transparent. Did we secure Wells Fargo to do our gate collections or what happened?
    2. The Mpesa line you were to get what happened?
    3. Arent there some time when the sponsors should come in and even welcome the new coach and encourage our players? What are terms with our sponsors? I don agree that when a sponsor comes in a team has to change their traditional kit colours to their brand. Check the teams around the world. They never.
    4. Can you the EC come up with initiatives some of which are always addressed here and lead from the front like fans hooliganism education?
    5. Still on these sponsor issue. They cant secure even if its silver medical cover for our players? Why would Mumias cover Leopards upto Gold status and ourselves nothing is being mentioned?
    6. EC, are there proper structures put in place to motivate our players? When they win key matches whats in for them? Apart from when the group of G. Bwana donated air tickets to the team cos they were interested in elections have not heard any official coming up with a motivational offer.
    7. There was a talk in the media about renegotiating with key players and offering them better terms and tying them down. Has that been ongoing? If yes why is it secretly being done? If its done secretly some players might get raw or better deals subjectively.
    Am sure my fellow bloggers, you got enough issues to raise with this office but would wish these guys to be proactive, innovative, efficient and effective in their duties. I would like to see the chairman more. The other day I saw Magelo on the brink of the stadium fence whipping his players to play further upfront. And for sure they scored two goals from one down. Pls EC all rise and up your game. Iko down. We are GOR MAHIA!!!

  39. I love it Jotene mag Kogalo when you talk calmy like this but what you normaly do in the pich during the mach and even after the match isnt right. We should be dealing with those who want to embaras us on our own.

  40. I look at this clip:
    http://www.michezoafrika.com/kpl/gor-mahia%E2%80%99s-new-coach-ready-to-roar-back-the-greens/5567.aspx and I am left praying very hard that God should make the new Gor Mahia coach turn out to be a team player.

    This new guy in town arrives on a Thursday and by Friday morning he is playing a leading role in training as if there was a vacuum. Great. Honestly he should have taken some time to study the situation while assisting Sir Bobby before getting into the thick of things fully. If I am not wrong, this is what Creative Village has been consistently asking for-whoever takes over from JBO to come in early and understudy him before his 3 months’ term elapses.

    Looks like lessons were not learnt from mistakes made during the hiring of AA. Before our new coach was finally picked, were shortlisted applicants interviewed? Who were the panelists? But as Waxme puts it, “he is hired already”.

  41. Jackowili @ 49, what you have observed is sheer common sense. This is a coach who according to many verifiable sources on the net is bigger than life. He is not a team player. Watch this space on how copes with his assistants. His assistants will cut lonely figures both on training as well as during match time.

  42. @eblazing now now now common now . i still insist those who are of little faith read nehemia 4. do i read resentment between the lines please lets stop all these negativity, players and the technical bench read this site. for ur info someone does not have to be the head coach to give results, i know from my life experience being a deputy to someone getting the results and the boss getting all the credit. does it kill my spirit noooooo never why? coz i look at the larger picture. how can u term someone is not a team player before you even experience him surely lets be real. personnally what am offering to the team and technical bench is my humble prayer and encouragement and i tell them dont listen to detractors rather continuing building the wall and once complete they will come to u like one subdued. someone was trying to compare us with AFC please i think technically our players have the skills but what is lacking is team work but this does not come easy it requires patience and just like you would with a child who is a slow learner adding lots of encouragement. Guys this team is wounded and hurting but slowly gelling lets not make things worse please i beseech you all.

  43. Eblazing @48 Spot on! George Bwana please read what sister has addressed to you.

    Jackowili thank you. Like sister says it’s good to understand the working environment. He is yet to meet the green army. I think its his enthusiasm and also Big Bob’s cool nature.

  44. Waxme, what you are advocating is status quo. We will not sit around and watch EC do things the way THEY like and keep quiet. When questions are asked how the coach was hired you feel bad. When we search about his credibility you feel bad. When we say the new coach should take a bit of time to understudy Bobby you feel bad. You you you WANT US to be YES PEOPLE. No. Never! Unless you are one of the EC in a blogger’s identity. EC be accountable and tell us how you settled on this guy. Were interviews done and who scored what. Stop this nonsense of he is already here so don ask questions! This is a community club and we will continue criticizing.

  45. It’s good that we have divergent opinions on this issue.That’s healthy for the club but let’s not overcriticise as it can demoralize everyone. Let’s also give suggestions for improvement and not that pointing the problems. What we need to note is that we elected the EC to do things on our behalf and we have to have faith in them. Remember the saying that you get the leaders you deserve. Our Ec currently is the most sensitive on fan issues ever. They are actually implementing the things we asked for e.g. bus, coach, transfers etc. Surely we don’t want them to discuss everything they do in that office with us. Some of it is confidential.

    Tomorrow we have a friendly at the City stadium. Let’s all turn up and cheer/motivate the boys.

  46. Ole is a jaluo in all style. your english sets you apart from the rest. I think you must have shakespeares student. anyway a man without pride is like a door without hinges.
    I believe we must never be sycophants.

  47. @Eblazing i dont give excuses for medicority and i dont vouch for anyone even the EC but gor mahia. questioning the EC is within ur right but i can i assure its heading nowhere so long as we have weak structures that is the club, my sister am just being realistic. look at the EC, its bloated like what, deputy that deputy this please my sister we dont have adequate structures in place and to jog ur memory its the reason this country wanted a new constitution to end the cycle of impunity, imperviousness and individuality. you want us to question right lets relook at our constitution and review it pronto. meanwhile i still insist lets focus on what matters most and that is how best do we give support to the playing and technical unit the rest are side shows. am gonna go out there pray for this team and be called the son of encouragement rather than be a sanballat and tobiah to the glory of God almighty. i trust God will listen to all our humble prayers and i hereby rest my case. Finally my apologies to you @Eblazing just in case my choice of words are misplaced. Be blessed y’all.

  48. hi lads i have gone through the opinions of all of us the issue here is that we are a divided house anyway mine is clear the odiero guy is better tactically for players like teddy who have stalled due to poor guidance look at musa mohamed 2 years ago the issue in gor mahia to me is that players are not gagged on airing their views through thugs even when they are non performing we must stop this now players can only talk through the clubs channels ,nation media group should be banned by kogallo until they show reason why they should be allowed to cover gor issue finally more suggestions ou our PR repair

  49. @ Post 55 nyaruanda calvince you have cunningly summed up the main issue at stake with one word “SYCOPHANCY”. And true that is the theme behind the debate tabled by both Eblazing and Pareyio.

    Let all bloggers on this site embrace individuals rights as regards freedom of expression and accept to accommodate divergent views however much we might feel offended.

    And just like mentioned by Ogango Trailer, i also beg to support that all this opposing views are truly constructive criticism meant to post a “A WAKE UP CALL” to our EC to engage themselves with realities on the ground and stop playing to the fan’s gallery.

    What pains me is the true nature of club; some of us have already set their ambitious projections to the new coach by expecting a win for the next seven consecutive KPL matches in order to prosper GM to be amongst the top contenders and if the guy will fall short of this demand then my guess is as good as yours.


    The word “Patience” is one vocabulary that do not exist in K’Ogalo fraternity. Hence i do not see why we should not look at the other side of the coin suppose our expectations fails miserably. We will end up being the laughing stock in kenyans football at large.

  50. I think even the EC needs to be put on short term performance contract that if they are not doing what they are suppose to do we as fans sent them away the earliest. The EC should learn to be sober and do things in bedroom and only throw them to the public when they have come to a conclusion. Our current EC members are just trying to un do each other. This has made them to be rushing to the media when there is a new developing coming up in GM even if they are not sure of the outcome. Please can you go for management skills.

  51. Leave alone being the laughing stock, we will have to do it all over again. Now that will be more time and resources wasted.


    I take great offence from your assertion that I am a Luo just because I write good English. I am a proud Maasai K’Ogalo fan.

    English is a foreign language which came by the boat and is not a preserve of any tribe or class of persons. At one time in parliament, the late vice president, M. Wamwala was asked to withdraw the word unbwogable as it was though to be unparliamentary language. In his reply, Wamwala argued that if the word chai can find it’s place in the English dictionary , then the word unbwogable is an English word because it is a progressive language. Perhaps we have gone through the same system of education and syllabus. I have also gone a litlle further to master the English language.

    As a sign of comradeship, I would aslo you to withdraw the offensive words’ ole is a luo in style’ and apologise to me for the same.

    Football, as they say is a universal language. I urge bloggers to desist from these stereotypes that are detrimental to cohesion and intergration. Let’s speak sports and always be mindful of other’s feelings.

  53. Fan violence send Gor to the gallows for a year as Football Kenya spits fire

    Almost thought it was true only to realise it was 1st April


    Fan violence send Gor to the gallows for a year as Football Kenya spits fire

    Updated 6 hr(s) 18 min(s) ago
    Gor Mahia has been suspended from the Kenyan Premier League for the rest of the season following chaos that marked their match against perennial rivals AFC Leopards two weeks ago.

    Scores of fans were injured and the Nyayo National Stadium was tattered after Gor fans disputed a penalty awarded by referee Davis Omieno on Ali Abondo after a tackle on Amon Muchiri.

    The Sports Stadium Management Board was the first to slap a ban on Kenya’s oldest and most popular club from playing on its facilities, Nyayo and Moi Kasarani Stadium.

    Football Kenya Federation (FKF) held a meeting on Friday evening where they resolved to suspend K’Ogalo from the league for the rest of the season.


    “We want to be very firm with clubs who cannot control their fans. We shall mete out sanctions without fear or favour, to the mighty and the lesser mortals,” said FKF Chairman Sam Nyamweya.

    “We appreciate the colour and entertainment Gor fans have brought to our stadiums, but their fans’ behavior is unacceptable,” said Nyamweya. He regretted that hardly a week after the chaos at Nyayo, the same fans stormed Afraha Stadium in Nakuru without paying at the gates to watch their club against Sony Sugar.

    “We want to send a strong message to football fans and hooligans that we shall bring them down on their knees,” said Nyamweya.

    “Making Gor or such clubs play in an empty stadium won’t help. They must remain in the cold for the rest of the season,” said a firm Nyamweya.

    Nyamweya added that part of the problems is caused by female fans, who call themselves Divas. He added that they will ban female fans who stoke violence in the stadium by wearing provocatively. But Gor officials received the announcement with shock.

    Gor chairman Ambrose Rachier termed it a “travesty of justice”.

    Secretary George Bwana declined to comment even after promising to respond to our enquiries.

    “Who said those who rioted were our fans? When you meet people wearing Gor jerseys, does it mean they are Gor fans? These could easily be saboteurs our to wreck our club,” said Rachier.

    “We shall seek justice from the right forum if FKF won’t overturn that draconian decision,” said Rachier, who called on “our patron (Prime Minister) Raila Odinga’s intervention.”

    “Raila should bring his influence to bear on these FKF officials not to punish our beloved club,” said Rachier.

    When reached at their Nyayo Stadium offices on Friday evening, Bwana promised to issue a statement, but did not call this writer.

  54. April 1st Fools? Nimekutwa but SO LONG AS IS AS put it. April Fools day. There is no Kenya Premier League without Gor.

  55. This would have been the best news in disguise so far. These morons in the name of fans would have learnt a lesson. I don know where they would be going for drug abuse in stadia. Otherwise its good as Eblazing says Kenyao league cant survive without this history loaded club.

  56. After sleeping on this supposed April Fools subject, I take issue with Standard Newspapers for ridiculing this club. Why would they focus on us and put words in the mouth of FKF officials? Is it a scheme to influence the outcome of IDAC yet to sit? There is purely a sinister motive in this article. Am disappointed.

  57. Though a fools day,the post came at a wrong time.media are catalyst to give Gor Mahia bad publicity.otherwise the paper has tried so as it may sell coz without Kogalo things are doom.WE ARE A BRAND.

  58. That is a joke taken too far.
    If you read in between the lines do you see the insinuation regarding the PM? That article is simply bad and is meant to cast aspersions on the person of RAO. It is not even any respectful to Gor Mahia.

  59. Gor Management – Kindly take action against the Standard News Paper,hii ni kutuzoea vibaya.I almost collapsed when i read the newspaper.I Love Gor Mahia.

  60. For real that was in bad taste when i read it in the morning and with all due respect why drag the PM name in this subject. please give him the respect he deserves as a senior citizen in this country. i wld have been ok but the moment you bring his name in all this after he has severally condemned violence is disrespectful of the writer. we can fight our own battles without you bringing his name into it. shame on you i am so so so dissapointed on this day and may the good Lord allow me not to go to bed angry. see you all at the friendly.

  61. Admin bwana changamka na u update this site reqularly wacha kutegemea site zingine ku update hii yetu tuambie tulishinda mabao tisa bila jibu

  62. i am soo happy our prayers have been answered lets pray the more that we finish the year well. and I agree with capital G if the Gor commitie.is serious they should impliment those as laws just they do In England.this will curb criminal fan who throw stones and they have nt even removed 2k to get a Gor mahia shirt.yet they spoil 4us our game and turn it political.

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