Gor Mahia edge Petro de Luanda 1-0

Gor Mahia are through to the next stage of the 2018-2019 CAF Confederations cup after beating Petro De Luanda of Angola 1-0.

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Two red cards, a sending off for both coaches and two ferocious shots crashing against the post was the story of the evening as Gor Mahia sealed their spot in the quarterfinals of the Caf Confederation Cup after a 1-0 win over Petro Atletico in a dramatic match staged at the Moi International Sports Center in Kasarani on Sunday.

The final whistle saw Gor fans storm the pitch to savour the historic events of the night.

A penalty was all that the hosts needed to fend off Petro, who had come out guns blazing and, who had numerical advantage in the match.

“We have to congratulate the players for playing well despite being disadvantaged for a long spell,” said Oktay.

“What we have achieved today as a team without football technology is fantastic and I’m proud if each and everyone of my players.”

In that highly combative clash, Gor’s moment of grace came in the 56th minute when Boniface Omondi was felled inside the box, promoting the referee to call for a penalty.

Jacques Tuyisenge took the spot kick and sent the ball directly inside much to the jubilation of the sizeable crowd that had turned out to watch the match.

The game itself was highly dramatic from the get go, and Gor seemed to have everything under control both on the pitch and in the stands until that moment of madness in the 36th minute.

Hassan Oktay, Ernest Wendo and Shafiq Batambuze never saw the end of the match. The first two never even saw the end of the first half as they were sent off in the 36th and 44th minutes of the game for infringements of different kinds.

Wendo was sent off for an unnecessary high boot into the waist of Petro ‘s Vladamir Eston, who had to be pulled off shortly afterwards.

Oktay was given the boot 10 minutes later for dissent.

He seemed irked with his boys’ output and demanded more in the early stages of the match where he kept making highly animated gestures during the match.

But that was not the end of the bad fortunes for K’Ogalo.

Shaffiq Batambuze was shown red in the 77th minute of the match after recording a second bookable offense.

That wasn’t all either. Petro coach was also ejected from the match for dissent against the referee.

The players donned black arm bands in honour of the Ethiopian plane crash victims and a minute silence observed for football administrator Swaleh Mtetu who perished in the crash.

Oktay had unleashed his best available charges for the game, with star striker Dennis ‘The Menace’ Oliech starts from the bench as Rwandan Jacques Tuyisenge leads the team’s front line that also has talented up starter Nicholas Kipkurui.

In the absence of injured goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch, Peter Odhiambo stood in goal and he will be covered by Philemon Otieno, Shafik Batambuze, captain Harun Shakava and Charles Momanyi.


51 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge Petro de Luanda 1-0

  1. YES ! history repeating itself. in 1993 when we reached the quarterfinals, ZICO was the defensive stalwart. Fast forward, 2019, ZICO defensive masterclass and trademark 1-0 scoreline steers the team into the first ever quarter finals. I rest my case.

    Next is Al Hilal………

    1. @jakoyo, why Zico here? What love affairs do you always have with Zico? Even where there is no glory, you are always causing confusion? Puga wewe?

  2. Hehe what a day and what a show…We are through despite madness…craziness and hysteria that got the better of a section of TB led by Head Coach..Ernest Wendo and Shaffiq Batambuze. It is a case of history made yet again by #MightyMayiengaChuorTimbeKogaloNyamNyam

    1. Do not be too harsh on Oktay he is simply personifying the old adage of “When you go to Rome do as the Romans do”. He realized hooliganism is part and parcel of Diehard Mayienga True Bloods just like Sandro Fantoni Onyango then he has now upgraded it a step higher to resonate perfectly like leading from the front in the Pitch Invasion today…Kogalo Hoyeee sisi ndaaani ndaaaani..Tufurahini majamaa hizo kesi zingine na mblainer za Caf baadaye jo tumetoboa

    2. well done cogallo,we are happy as a country kenya.countinue doing us proud.Harambee stars to emullate cogallo team spirit.

  3. Brilliant…this game was not for the faint hearted.Congratulations to the bhoys.Today’s performance with nine men and against a good side like Petro was fantastic to say the least!!

    1. @Oswozo, what good side are you talking about? May be you better say 14 players against Gor Mahia. Wendo almost messed the team with high boot which was avoidable. When will Wendo learn?

  4. The following brief about Gor Mahia vs Petro referee appeared in the news media on Friday and a wise coach should have used it to prepare the team, himself included on how to behave during the match:

    Moroccan referee Rédouane Jiyed will be in charge of Gor Mahia versus Petro Atletico Caf Confederation Cup match on Sunday.
    The experienced Jiyed is known for the appetite of dishing out yellow cards.

    According to Worldreferee.com , the 39-year-old Jiyed has dished out 212 yellow, eight red cards and 20 penalties in the last 56 international matches as of December 2018.

    He officiated a Caf Champions League match between Ah Ahly versus Mamelodi Sundowns where he gave out four yellow cards.

    Though he has given only one red card since November 2015 – the Fifa World Cup qualifiers between Namibia and Guinea, the whistle blower has dished out 37 yellow cards since then.

    In the last Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier between Senegal and Equatorial Guinea in June 2017, he cautioned five players in a match Senegal won 3-0.

  5. I want to side with jakoyo when he talks of zico during his playing days….. He was a beauty to watch….mgala muue lakini haki take MPE waswahili ama ni wahenga wanasema??alikuwa beki was kupanda na kushuka he was good … find the videoz if u can.Today we won remember football is about goals and this…is Gor Mahia Kogalo or Sirkal …the record champions or The Kenyan glamour club if u want and there is nothing you can do about it!!!!!

  6. Congrats tuko ndaaani. Once I saw Oktay out and Zico in charge at 1-0 I knew the great wall of Zico will be impregnable.Tactics bado ni Patia Jacques but talent and tactics only Uko. Kazi Kwa Oktay.

  7. This team called Otoyo d’Oyoo ndio gani , is it like the Afc leopards of wherever they come from , anyway the team I feared most Raja Casablanca is out and we are most likely to meet Sudan’s Al Hilal , brings back memories of El Meriek , I think guys can now appreciate why from yesterday I have been making early preparations for the Semis , and if anybody
    dares me on this , then I will go even further and make preparations for the finals

  8. Congrats team Gor but poor show. This was not a convincing performance by any standards. The Gor game has continued to deteriorate. I am convinced that Oktay deliberately got himself the red so as to get sympathy in what he believed was going to be a defeat. Oktay has left me with a poor representation of his character. I am not expecting Gor to lift this cup, but I believe a better coach could have made Gor reach the finals.
    It is cheaper to make war cries and shout that Gor has reached the knock- out stages but I have failed to see character in this team. A team reflects it’s coach.
    The Gor bench should have also researched on ref. What BB has posted above was on the press. Players should have been advised accordingly. Emotional reaction by Oktay only contributed in aggitating the fans who responded by invading the pitch to jeer the ref.
    So will CAF penalise Gor???

    1. I agree with you Dinga. Gor Mahia has quality players. What the team lacks is a head coach. This Hassan Okriek guy is a huge miss. I believe he contributed to some extent to the misbehaviour of those hooligans calling themselves Gor Mahia fans. If people were serious then our coach should pay for the seats that fans ripped off. I wait with baited breath for hefty fines from CAF and Kasarani Stadium management.

      Now that the hooligans don’t care whether the team is fined or not, perhaps the only message they will understand is for Gor Mahia to play our home matches in an empty stadium. They are a totally unnecessary burden to the team. As Sam Muga says, they bribe with 50 shillings and cause damage worth I agree with you Dinga. Gor Mahia has quality players. What the team lacks is a head coach. This Hassan Okriek guy is a huge miss. I believe he contributed to some extent to the misbehaviour of those hooligans calling themselves Gor Mahia fans. If people were serious then our coach should pay for the seats that fans ripped off. I wait with baited breath for hefty fines from CAF and Kasarani Stadium management.

      Now that the hooligans don’t care whether the team is fined or not, perhaps the only message they will understand is for Gor Mahia to play our home matches in an empty stadium. They are a totally unnecessary burden to the team. As Sam Muga says, they bribe with 50 shillings to gain entry to the stadium, but cause damage worth millions. Simply bure kabisa.. Simply bure kabisa.

    2. Dinga, any serious football follower will agree that the team has had too much distraction in the lead up to most of our games. The coach has really tried to get results in a toxic environment. How many days did they train after the Egypt trip. Mara boycott, mara allowance, some injuries, a KPL game in between. All our group opponents had a week to prepare. I have seen some very good games from the same team and i believe the distractions are the reason for some poor performances.

  9. Kudos to kogalo, I remember after the Lobi star return leg match, my prediction is Gor will qualify for quarter final and I will only speak after that.
    Now listen, if we start by playing away game first, Gor Mahia mahono will trump to semi final. What we need is a happy camp of players ie pay the bonuses and other dues prompt.

  10. Congratulations to the team, this was the toughest home game. The risk now is the yellow cards and those likely to miss the quarter final. I believe someone is reviewing the case of Batambuze coz the first caution was unnecessary nor was the second, it can be appealed. As for Wendo, konye tek. Finally my hero of the day … Goal keeper Odhiambo, keep it up young man

  11. Whoever is saying that this game was a ‘poor show’ should note that what was required in this case was a win, whichever the circumstances. Also note that Petrol has scored in 10 of the 11 of their away fixtures. Of all the teams we have played of late they look the most solid team, no wonder they drew with Zamalek in Egypt. On our Coach i think he should have read the mood of the ref especially after being cautioned two minutes earlier. Poor judgement from him. As for Wendo that was the most unneccesary foul, there was no danger and he had miscontrolled the ball but Wendo believes in a physical game but looks like at the continental stage this is not required. On Shakava’s card i still wonder why he was bothering about the supposed dive yet the ref ignored the opponent.
    All in all we have never played under so much tension but it’s good we qualified. On the behaviour of our fans i still wonder what we drank. Recently we were fined for fans misbehaviour (throwing objects into the field) but seems we don’t learn. Even the pitch invasion should have been done once the refs and opposing team left the pitch.
    Anyway kudos to whoever made the evening a success

  12. Congratulations K’Ogalo! Now when it reaches n’giende like knockout stage only the strongest wills, character and skills carry the day. You obviously need strong belief in yourself and strength to tower above the rest of African teams because what do they have that you lack? Prove all the doubting Thomases wrong. Good job Oktay

  13. Versus Petro we were looking for a result not a performance and we got what we wanted but under very difficult circumstances.
    Congratulations to the team.It wasn’t easy.Let’s now focus on maintaining our league status as we strategise on how we can conquer africa

  14. Congratulations to the TB, Players and the good fans. The fans who invaded the pitch, I don’t know if that;s what you call supporting your team. Do those brainless know anything about football? You bribe your self in with 50Bob, just to rob the team millions of shillings. Then you are the first people to blame EC for not paying the players signing fee. NKT

    For those who have less love for Oktay, he will remain in the book of records as the couch who guided Gor to the CAF Confederation cup quarter finals, whether you like it or not.

  15. For the 9 men who fought gallantly, for the Fans, the Hooligans, the pitch invaders, the Inept EC, FKF, jojaga, commanders of the green army, the shemji – AFC who are languishing in the local scene. Congratulations.

    The EC must now learn fast how to handle a team at that stage……respect contract and pay all salary, winning bonus, allowance etc Also the EC must learn to recruit players for this BIG stage

    Gor will always surprise you.

  16. @Sam Muga , you are very right on how we need to balance our opinions on Hassan Oktay , It is a fact that of all the last so many coach in as many years , it is on record that it is only Oktay who has reached the stage we reached yesterday and so as we point out at the wrongs , lets remember that the rights far outweigh the wrongs .
    Having said that , were I to be a neutral football fan , I would never attend any Gor matches because they are so so boring , no artistry , no flow , no imagination , no pattern , just kick and go na tukutane mbele kind of football , I believe what people like me are unfortunate about is that we have had the privilage to see a Gor that is what we want the present Gor to be , when from the moment the ball left the keeper , you would know what pattern ,what flow and speed in transition the ball would move from the back to front , for those we may wish to argue that the result is all that matters , we are to some extent saying the same only that what I mean is that with better organisation , better transition etc the results would be better and safer .

  17. Let everyone celebrate this huge achievement, but as we do so, I hope that necessary action is being taken to reinforce the weak departments. The current transfer window closes in the first week of April. From what we have seen, I want to believe that both the Tech Bench and the CEO agree on the need to strengthen the squad, hopefully with players that the coach has identified.

    1. Barefoot Bandit, unfortunately the new signings , if any, will only assist us in the league and not CAF. But all in all we need to beef up as we endevour to retain our SPL title, and if possible, win the Shield/Cup after a long time

  18. Having taken a look at the teams that got through to the CafCc quarters , one notable absentee and whom I feared so much is Raja Casablanca , and with them out , I believe its now an Ok time to predict who I believe our likely opponents will be in the FINALS , and it is mostly likely to be Zemalek .
    @Jamigori , you asked me to excuse Oktay and instead focus on the pitch invaders , well , guess who was leading the invading ochestra , it was non other Oktay , who by the way , according to Fifa rules , was after the red card , just but a fan with no permission to be anywhere inside the pitch , but its true , that he is on record as the most successful coach ever internationally in recent history-FACT .

    1. Breaking news!!!! Gormahia official lead by Aduda has written a latter to CAF requesting them to field 9 players in there quarter final match having realized fielding of 11 llayers is a waste of man power,,,, how i wish there wish is granted coz i support that…

  19. It’s so sad that we will miss Tuyisenge, Odhiambo keeper and Shakava in the next match while Batambuze and Wendo are off for the quarters. The first two either got unncessary cards or the ref was overzealous with the cards. Shakava didn’t need to get the card but why exchange with a diving opponent, Tuyisenge was alleged to waste time after the score while celebrationg and Odhiambo for wasting time in a free kick.

    Too bad but let’s hope for the best

    1. That referee is one of his own kind. Perhaps Ni utoto unamsumbua. Akikuwa atabadilika.

      Meanwhile: Peter Fredrick Odhiambo, the Toothless Diamond. Ratego Paka ywayo tek, Jino Moja Mswaki ni wa nini.

      The sky is the limit.

  20. Whether it is through fate, coincidence, sheer luck or or his genius as a coach, I think we have to accept that history has been made during his tenure as a coach. He has probably improved on his CV. But overall, Oktay should always try to remain calm. Yesterday’s match was not an easy one. I also invaded the field in my own way. I was in the living room and when the match ended and I celebrated by running to the other rooms shouting to my clan who could not stomach it any more after the second red card and had left. I actually also found myself in one of the rooms which had no one. This was not a game for the faint hearted. Emotions were super high. The technical bench must also work on team composure, discipline and psychology.
    Now that Kogalo has qualified, early planning and good preperations are necessary. We dont want to see the EC with begging bowls at the last minute. All the best to Kogalo in the quarters.

  21. This idea of invading the field I think is the highest order of sabotage in the pretext of joy and disappointment. I believe that before one can react to certain situations and levels, the first thing they should do, is to think and take control of their emotions. It is only then that one will act responsibly. Like I intimated earlier, it is not wisdom to cause damage then say that I was expressing my feelings which ever side they may be.
    Look at how expensive it is. You pay two hundred Ksh to watch a Match only to attract fine for example Ksh 100,000.00 I think loving a team does not mean causing distraction but striving to save every coin that can go towards the development of the club. The other day players were on a go slow, why didn’t these people crash the office with bundles of Money for the players?
    Secondly, should dire consequences be given to the team, what value will they add? Will they be standing somewhere on a tree watching with solutions or helplessly.
    People must never allow themselves to be carried by emotions. At the end of the day you will still be you and not anybody else. You still go back to your house and not anybody else’s
    The bottom line is that it is disheartening that the players are doing their best and such a scenario happens.

  22. Talk of poetic justice. NA Hussein Dey with their Malian referee conspired to rob us of a goal in Algeria. Where are they now? Lobi Stars and Enugu Rangers: Where are the Nigerian dogs with their inept South African referees? Our God reigns supreme over Ogbunabali and Amadioha and because of him we now celebrate while NA Hussein Dey and Lobi Stars and all other Nigerian dogs are coiling their tails between their legs.

  23. All manners of vitriol are being pumped and poured into our great Coach Hassan Oktay. If you guys have nothing top post, then please spare the coach that has made history after a very long time. We wanted results and we got it in a very toxic environment. There was too much toxic in the fields and none of our own fans is talking about poor officiating. All 14 officials including the match commissar were playing for Petro De Luanda of Angola and extension of Zamalek and Hussein Day.

    Can you bloggers and so called expert football fans analyse what led to the fans running into the pitch after the final whistle than coming up with nonsense blame games? The yellow card to Tuyisenge and Shakava were not genuine at all and none of the bloggers here are talking about these two cards.

    Nyinyi fans ni bure kabisa and I repeat you are all useless in posting rubbish of castigating the coach Hassan Oktay that he lacks leadership. You good leaders why can’t you take over the mantle of leading the club. Nonsense nyinyi wote. You are all like dogs eating their vomit.

    I Jamigori do swear that I will side and stand with the Gor Mahia fans and Coach Hassan Oktay on this matter after frustrations in the terraces caused by the poor officiating referee that was working for Arab teams – both Zamalek and Hussein Day. This was an emotional match and fans were incited by the referee in dishing out yellow cards unnecessarily and at times threatening our players with cards. The only deserving card was matching order red card flashed to Wendo for his school kid stupid mistake.

    Let CAF fine Gor Mahia for doing the right thing to ventilate their anger over the poor officiating.

  24. Congratulations team K’ogalo and all those who made our match day a success. I want to specifically point out the output of my first choice goalkeeper Peter odhiambo for being able to prove to the doubters when I kept pleading with them that you are the Kenya one I know and should be our first choice goalkeeper. Keep it up Wuod luo and sky is the limit for you. For those who have been calling for signing up of a top goalkeeper, who do you believe is better than odhiambo locally, because with me, I don’t see any goalkeeper I can compare with him including Boni. Now that we’ve qualified for the quoter final, we must learn to keep a clean sheet at home and at the same time be ruthless in front of goal, so that when we go away, we can at least concede one goal and hang to win on aggregate. Keep it up team Gor mahia.

  25. It was a good game , but I still believe that something should be done on our speed on the ball, especially when attacking, with the kind of our speed on the ball, we always give our opponents time tore organize, so our technical bench the ball is fully in your court

  26. Semeji ja nyiego

    “Several teams from the Kenyan Premier League have so far congratulated Gor Mahia for the latest achievement but bitter rivals AFC Leopards have gone silent as if nothing has happened.”

    Those who thought they would care think twice before you start wondering why they are languishing in KPL.

  27. @Jamigori I agree with all you have said except for Ernest Wendo’s case, from my bush football it takes a player to see off the opponents’ playmaker.
    Just like when Teddy Akumu picked Red card for the team in a home match after counter attack, the striker was sprinting to our goal solo, Akumu chased a hacked him down just outside our penalty box then proceeded off the field even before the referee could rich him to flash the red card
    For Ernest Wendo’s case he went out with the playmaker forcing the opponent to do unplanned and non tactical substitution. This made their midfield weak

  28. I stand with the coach, that game had a lot of pressure and putting myself on coach sandal I could have acted like that, if coach could have not acted like that we would be accusing him for reactant.


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